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COINTELPRO 101: Pizzagate is Being Used to Cover up Pedophilia and Destroy the Alternative Media

by Jordan Sather, Guest Writer, December 6th 2016

The wars of today are not fought with boots on the ground or gun in hand. They are fought through the minds of people with information. COINTELPRO is a military intelligence acronym that stands for Counter Intelligence Programs. This term and concept gained popularity after the FBI had used the programs to infiltrate and disrupt domestic political organizations like the Civil Rights Movement and Anti-War groups of the 1950s and 60s. These concepts are still employed against the American people today, and this is how it is playing out in real time with the Pizzagate scandal.

The buzz has been growing in alternative information outlets for the past month regarding the pedophilia and child trafficking divisions of the Satanic Cabal. The data regarding the inner workings of this dropped in various online forums just days before the election, in an effort to stifle Clinton’s success in attaining the presidency, as this circumstantial evidence stems from the Wikileaks emails, and revolves around her cabinet and organization. This evidence runs deep and implicates many high-level officials from all branches of the government and corporate world. The Pizzagate story gravely threatens the Cabal, and the buzz has steadily been growing about it.

So the Cabal cronies need to quell this insurgency of truth and thus create a false narrative to muddy the waters. 

Enter: The Patsy

On December 4th, 2016, approximately a month after the grassroots investigations first surfaced, a man entered into the Comet Ping Pong establishment implicated by the Pizzagate scandal. The man fired a shot into the ground, leaving patrons unharmed, and was quickly rounded up by D.C. Police. Media outlets around the country quickly wrote breaking news stories, such as CNN, with the headline “Gun-brandishing man sought to investigate fake news story, police say,” and NBC's article “Gunman went into Comet Ping Pong to investigate fake news."

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Here is how they are using the COINTELPRO.

These elitists have been using their mass media outlets to seed the "fake news" meme into the collective consciousness of humanity for roughly a month now. But the definition of fake news propaganda outlets are using can be summed up as anything that is counter to the official mainstream media position—which includes real and true news stories. The mainstream media began using the fake news term to refer to anything that conflicts with the government's agenda, including the claim that the Russians meddled in the U.S. election process. Any alternative news outlet that shared damaging information about Hillary Clinton has been labeled a "fake news" organization.

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Now, with information being exposed and the story spreading about official involvement in child trafficking, the patsy card is being played. Whether the Comet Ping Pong attacker from Sunday night was a hired man or a CIA MK-Ultra patsy (as most of these mass shooters probably are) is up for speculation. With this man only shooting the ground and leaving individuals unharmed, it is likely the former. 

This man entered the establishment and caused a ruckus. This gives the social engineers who manage the propaganda media a story they can run in mainstream outlets to further discredit the alternative media, associating them with "people radicalized by fake news." In this way, the mainstream media will further downplay the real issue of child pedophilia and the Comet Ping Pong establishment, while also villainizing alternative media and garner public support for suppressing independent investigators and news outlets. 

The Comet Ping Pong attacker, who is being painted as a radical conspiracy theorist will be used as a patsy and red herring. The story allows the general population to begin learning of the real crimes of pedophilia and human trafficking but is then told that it is a “conspiracy theory” cooked up by “right-wing nuts” who were deceived by “fake news” stories online. The New York Times called it a “baseless online conspiracy theory.” This is a method of silencing dissenters through ridicule by brainwashing the public into accepting a false story, leading them to instantly dismiss anyone who takes the Pizzagate scandal seriously as a conspiracy theorist.

NBC Washington: Comet Ping Pong Gunman Arrested, Said He Was Investigating Conspiracy Theory: PD 
Edgar Welch told police he was there to investigate a fake news conspiracy theory known as "pizzagate" involving the pizzeria, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta

As it turns out, the shooter, Edgar Maddison is also an actor, and could be what is known in the alternative media as a crisis actor. Crisis actors have been used in other false flag psychological warfare operations, such as Sandy Hook. But at this point, there is no hard evidence to confirm that Maddison is a crisis actor.

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Psychological Warfare and Pedophile Cover up

It appears that this “fake news” psychological warfare tactic might not have been meant for the election. It may have been intended to cover up pedophilia through Pizzagate. 

Although there is a mountain of circumstantial evidence to suggest Comet Ping Pong and other establishments are involved in child trafficking and pedophilia, no hard or direct evidence has surfaced yet. It is a perfect candidate to lead the public to dismiss all talk of pedophilia in government and officialdom as a wild conspiracy theory. Therefore, objective reporting and investigation, is essential so as to derail the CONINTELPRO operation. 

And most importantly, the alternative media and those who believe that Pizzagate is a real story should not allow themselves to be radicalized into violence. Any such radicalization will be used to justify further suppression and cast anyone researching these things in a bad light. 

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About the Author 

Jordan Sather is a passionate truth-seeker from Washington State. His calling is to build individuals into stronger versions of themselves as a holistic health coach. When he isn’t working with clients, he devotes time to understanding classified sciences and the true nature of our reality. He is committed to assisting in the evolution of consciousness that humanity is currently undergoing. You can find him on Facebook or through his website, www.jaysather.com.

Additions and editing by Justin Deschamps.

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