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2 Police Officers Turn In Badges In Support Of Standing Rock Water Protectors -- Cosmic Initiation: Light from Darkness

Hearts are opening.

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Cosmic Initiation is the idea that everything that happens in life is part of a process of offering a chance to grow and evolve. While inviting calamity is obviously not desirable, when hardship, oppression, and suffering exist, it provides an opportunity for those on the fence to realize a potential hidden away within. If there was no pain, then no one could experience the joy acting as the healer and helper of others. But through hardship, the opportunity to remember we are ultimately all brothers and sisters in life can take hold.

The Dakota pipeline protest is providing a venue for the darkness of this world to come to the surface.

The things that the oil companies are doing, and have done, is deplorable. The average person is largely ignorant of these crimes against humanity and our Earth-mother. Thankfully, a situation has presented itself that is drawing these crimes into the light. For those who are standing witness, an activation of cosmic consciousness is taking place—exemplified by the growing number of people joining the ranks of those who fight the Dakota Access Pipeline. The harder the nefarious forces in this world push, using their minions in government and law enforcement to do so, the more opportunities there are for these same people to switch sides and join the light. 

When good people stand up and do something, evil and darkness loose their grip. While this might seem like a big pie in the sky concept to some, the inner drive to be a positive force for change—that exists in almost everyone—can blossom when seeing others in need of help.

The fact that two police officers turned in their badges to support the protesters at Standing Rock is a shining example of the cosmic initiation-principle. 

These two individuals have made a great stride and step forward in their desire to abandon the tyranny of the state and take up the enduring call for truth, freedom, and justice—all those who love the truth want and need. And in doing so, they helped set the example for all others in the police force and elsewhere who recognize the inhumanity of what the state is doing yet who might not have the courage take action.

So while we need not invite hardship, we can recognize that during this time of the apocalypse, all of the darkness that is rising to the surface is here to serve an incredible spiritually uplifting purpose. From light, darkness is revealed, and through that darkness, light can be born again, if one is willing to take up that role of change agent.

The following quote from the Emerald Tablets exemplifies this concept of cosmic initiation well.
First I shall speak of the fetters of darkness which bind ye in chains to the sphere of the Earth. Darkness and light are both of one nature, different only in seeming, for each arose from the source of all. Darkness is disorder. Light is Order. Darkness transmuted is light of the Light. This, my children, your purpose in being; transmutation of darkness to light. ~ Thoth
In short, we are here to be the change. But most of us have forgotten, and as a result, situations are being presented so as to compel us to remember. 

Be inspired in knowing that when you see darkness in the world, you are being given a chance to transmute it into light. It is your chance to live out that sublime and ever uplifting desire to help others and love them—the purest kind of love that possibly exists. The same kind of unselfish love a parent can give to their child. During these times of the great revealing, there will be many opportunities to shine your light, thus do so freely and for all who would receive it, and help make this world brighter in the process.

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- Justin

Source - The Mind Unleashed

by Lance Schuttler, November 3rd 2016

Earlier today it was reported by Redhawk at Standing Rock in North Dakota that two police officers have turned in their badges in support of the water protectors.
“There have been at least 2 reports of police officers turning in their badges acknowledging that this battle is not what they signed up for. You can see it in some of them, that they do not support the police actions. We must keep reminding them they are welcome to put down their weapons and badge and take a stand against this pipeline as well. Some are waking up.” — Redhawk
With actions from militarized police continuing to be seen as extremely violent and dangerous, this news is a big win for the water protectors and for humanity as a whole. While the actions of some police officers are not appropriate, we all must continue to visualize and intend/pray that the hearts of all involved in this situation continue to open. Police must be held accountable for their actions, though we must continue to welcome them over to the side of the water protectors.

Having the police lay down their weapons and join the people is the goal. It is also a win-win solution, which is the best case scenario. So what is it that opened the hearts of these two officers?

At the time of this writing, the answer is not known but we can speculate on a few different items.
  • Word is spreading quickly that there are 17 multi-national banks funding this pipeline and that the propaganda being spread about this deal “creating American jobs” or “helping America’s economy” is being seen as just that, propaganda. The American people, as well as people of the world, know that the big banks and U.S. Government does not care for the people, but only themselves. These banks and the government showed their hand in 2008 when they were bailed out after the stock market crash, leaving the public to bear the economic and social burdens. Even the police are becoming aware of this fact that the government and banks do not care for them and see the police only as pawns in a bigger game the government wishes to control.
  • Water is life is not just a meaningless slogan in many people’s minds. It is becoming understood by more and more that water IS indeed life. If water becomes toxic, all life that depends on that water becomes toxic…including the families of these same police officers who are currently protecting the construction sites. They too would be affected by toxic water.
  • It is innately traumatizing for humans to hurt other humans. While we have been seeing this for some time now with this situation, police officers are realizing the harm they do when they assault an unarmed, peaceful water protector. In essence, peace is wanting and needing to be established.
Take a look at what happened in Frankfurt, Germany in May of 2012. The police removed their helmets and began marching with the people who were protesting the big banks, while also safely escorting them down the streets.

The world continues to awaken.

Let us all use this latest news as a big step forward towards peace and resolution of this pipeline issue. The pipeline construction needs to and must stop. With the announcement from Barack Obama yesterday that the White House is considering “re-routing” the pipeline, we must continue to demand that it’s construction cease entirely. We can also view that statement as a buckling of the Establishment. Continue on, water protectors. Truth and love is spreading.

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Lance Schuttler graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Health Science and practices health coaching through his website Orgonlight Health. You can follow the Orgonlight Health facebook page or visit the website for more information on how to receive health coaching for yourself, a family member or a friend as well as view other inspiring articles.

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