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Cosmic Disclosure Season 6 - Episode 1: The Earth Alliance Strikes Back - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

This is the first part in a series of updates provided by Corey Goode. In this episode, Goode shares information regarding the ongoing battle for the freedom of the planet and beyond, which according to him, involves altercations that took place in Antarctica sometime during the first quarter of 2016. 

Goode begins the update by stating he had received reports saying that strange spheres about 90 feet in diameter with small portholes along the circumference were seen near Antarctica. The artist depiction shows white spheres with black holes wrapped around the object in a parallel orientation with the surface of the Earth. Where these reports came from Goode did not say, but he did reveal that the SSP Alliance confirmed them. The spheres were apparently gathering reconnaissance over the southernmost continent for some unrevealed purpose. 

The battle apparently began when six large pumpkin seed or tear-drop shaped craft were seen coming up through the surface of the water off the coast of Antarctica. They were most likely Dark Fleet faction craft. This company of craft appeared to be attempting to leave the Earth for some unknown mission. Previously, Goode described that there were two energy barriers erected by the Sphere Being Alliance that prevented anyone from leaving the Earth and solar system at large. 

However, the former impediment was lifted somewhat recently and a blockade was maintained by the Earth Alliance and SSP Alliance, presumably using non-energetic means to establish a perimeter around the Earth. The spherical spacecraft that Goode received reports about could have been part of this human-run barrier. Goode suspects that they were attempting to leave and take refuge in another part of the solar system, which if true could be an indication that the Cabal power structure is crumbling and their grip on the surface population and related systems of control is slipping. 

David Wilcock adds that Pete Peterson told him of an account wherein Peterson saw a sphere similar to what was described by Goode, who said they might be Cosmospheres—highly advanced Russian spacecraft developed in their own secret space program. Goode confirms Wilcock’s supposition and said that he was also told that the spheres mentioned earlier were most likely Russian in design and origin. 

Goode goes on to say that two of the Dark Fleet cruisers were attempting to leave the atmosphere when dozens of previously unknown space craft, he refers to as chevron in shape (acute-triangular objects), began attacking the Dark Fleet ships. The chevron-shaped craft were about the size of a standard jet fighter. As the battle took place, flashes of light and explosions could be seen, which caused the much larger Dark Fleet vessels to retreat under the icy water. 

The SSP Alliance was surprised by what they saw because apparently the chevron-craft had highly advanced weaponry. Goode was unable to say where they obtained technology that was comparable to the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, which to his knowledge, had the greatest advances out of all the SSP factions. This altercation provided a venue for the Earth Alliances to reveal their superior fire power and military might, which presumably the Cabal-run factions did not know of and thus likely thought they were the strongest force on Earth—until now. 

Both the Cabal and the SSP Alliance were not aware of this hitherto unknown defensive strength and Goode shares it sent shock waves through their ranks. Both groups fully assumed they were aware of the major players on Earth, and as a result, it was a humbling event for all involved, save the unknown defenders. 

Goode suggests that the Cabal or syndicate groups on Earth, along with the Dark Fleet, were trying to escape some kind of event. They probably thought that leaving the Earth and hiding in some far-flung area of the solar system would prevent them from feeling the impact of whatever this “event” might be. What the event is, Goode cannot say for certain but could be the release of large amounts of damaging information that would cause an uproar against the Cabal and their public figures, not unlike what some of the Wikileaks releases have during October 2016 but on a much grander scale.  

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In previous episodes, involving what Goode describes as the Wrangler, he said that both he and Wilcock were in trouble with the SSP Alliance for not releasing information about Goode’s inner-Earth reconnaissance mission fast enough. 

Earlier this year, while on a reconnaissance mission facilitated by the inner-Earth Anshar, Goode learned of Cabal and Dark Fleet bases under the Antarctic Icecap that could have provided actionable intelligence to SSP operatives in the field who were poised to take actions—if only he had leaked the information quickly. Goode clarifies that no one was suppressing either himself or Wilcock from releasing this intel; it was merely a failure on both their parts. 

Goode changes the subject to talk about an event that transpired at the Contact in the Desert Conference where he saw a blue light while in his hotel room. At first he wasn’t sure if it was a play of light on the glass from the window— it just appeared as a solid blue light. Upon going outside to look closer, he notices that the blue object is now blinking as it moved across the sky. At this point, he sent a text message to Wilcock that said something like “go outside, now!” 

Goode thought that the object was so striking that a mass UFO sighting might take place, and he began capturing what he could with his camera phone. There were about 5,000 people in the area that he thought would see the blue orb in the sky. Wilcock watched the object for over an hour and the next day many people reported seeing it as well. Goode was told later that those who witnessed the event had received some “download” while it blinked in the sky. 

The following morning, Goode was lying in bed and heard a chorus of voices of what seemed like a mix of all ages and genders. A clear message was repeated four times saying “We are the messengers and facilitators of the One Infinite Creator.” As Wilcock points out, this is most likely a reference to the Law of One, which uses the same type of statements to refer to Ra, the social memory complex LL Research made contact with during their channeling work in the early 1980s. Goode went outside, looking to see if he could notice anything out of the ordinary only to find nothing there. He came back in and started to read the Law of One book, which he had been carrying with him but was previously unable to comprehend. But now—apparently after whatever transpired—he was able to understand the book clearly. And Raw-Teir-Eir—a Blue Avian and member of the Sphere Being Alliance Goode is in regular contact with—started speaking in a similar way as the being known as Ra in the Law of One books. 

Goode recalls his first meeting with the SSP Alliance in early 2015 when he saw Raw-Teir-Eir for the first time during an assembly with a host of SSP Alliance council members. One of them asked the 12-foot tall being “are you the Ra from ‘The Law of One’?” To which the being responded telepathically using Corey Goode as a mouthpiece “I am Raw-Tear-Eir.” Both Goode and Wilcock conclude that this implies the being was suggesting he is a member of the social memory complex known as Ra, which is a planetary consciousness made up of an entire race of sixth density beings. Thus, while Raw-Teir-Eir is not Ra from the Law of One in totality, he could be one of the many individuals who comprise the social memory complex made up of their entire race. This would explain why all of the Blue Avian names begin with “Raw,” such as the two other beings named by Goode in his reports, Raw-Rain-Eir and Raw-Mare-Eir.

Goode moves to an update provided by Kaaree (an inner-Earth Anshar priestess who offers guidance and intel) during one of their “etheric conference calls” regarding the Wrangler, who made contact with Goode after his failure to release intel about the inner-Earth reconnaissance mission discussed earlier. 

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In previous Cosmic Disclosure Episodes Goode said that he was abducted and heavily intimidated by the Wrangler, who is an SSP Alliance man responsible for ensuring assets in the field perform their duties. But this individual was unable to complete their task of forcing Goode to participate partially because Lt. Col Gonzales was compromised and taken to the Mayan breakaway group where he received healing. This left the SSP Alliance in a weakened position as both of their main contacts—Goode and Gonzales—were not available to continue their work as delegates. Kaaree said that the Wrangler was attempting to use his connections in the SSP and elsewere to further a personal vendetta against Goode. And Goode also said in the past that the Blue Avians informed the SSP Alliance that neither Goode nor Gonzales would be available for some time, which most likely exacerbated the Wrangler even further. 

Goode shares that had he and Wilcock provided the intel as desired by the SSP Alliance, some kind of attack or mission could have taken place against these Cabal bases in Antarctica. 

Kaaree also revealed that the Cabal security groups responsible for maintaining the Antarctic bases were also distressed because they were unable to detect the inner-Earth Anshar shuttlecraft used by Goode for the reconnaissance mission. She also informed Goode that Gonzales—who had previously been outed by Goode during an abduction by the lower-level SSPs earlier this year—was with the Mayan group, receiving healing. She also said that they would be in regular contact due to their late 2015 “mind-meld,” which had established some connection that would last the rest of his life. 

Goode moved on to the next major item in this update regarding a meeting that took place at 3:40 am on July 10th. It was an unexpected meeting in that he usually receives an advanced notice through Kaaree or dreams. Goode was lying in bed and awoke to see a small blue orb moving about the room, in a typical fashion that indicates he should make himself ready for transport.

After arriving at one of the large spheres presently dampening solar and galactic energy in the solar system, he encountered Raw-Teir-Eir and a much smaller human-type being standing next to the Blue Avian. Goode looked outside of the sphere and noticed all the other massive planet-sized spheres in the solar system, which would normally not be visible from outside his present location inside the sphere. There was crackling energy ripping though the sphere network coming from the Sun, which was also moving away outwardly in all directions from the solar-center in a slow, careful fashion. Goode speculates that the spheres were moving to different positions in an effort to better dampen increasingly high energies coming from the Sun. 

After taking stock of the solar dynamics, Goode moves closer to Raw-Teir-Eir and a man who later introduces himself as Ambassador Mica. This Mesoamerican resembling man with a more African-looking nose was five foot five inches tall in height, had short-cropped, salt and pepper hair in a bowl-cut fashion, and his head appeared to be more round than oval shaped, unlike humans from Earth. He had brown eyes and a compassionate facial expression with wrinkles on the side of his eyes approaching his ears. He wore a shimmering green robe with light-brown sandals and was human-looking enough to not be noticeable if moving through a crowded area on Earth. 

Mica said that his people were from a star system within the local cluster—an area previously described as the stellar neighborhood close to Earth. His people were enamored with the culture of Earth, enjoying our music, art, and entertainment. They had similar things on their planet and had been following radio, television and internet media since their beginnings. Mica spoke perfect English with no trace of an accent whatsoever, Goode said. 

Mica said they are the cosmic cousins of native human beings on Earth and shared about 94% of the same genetic makeup. He stated that his people had been through a similar process of liberation from oppressive forces about three generations ago. Their people’s life span is over 300 cycles around their star, implying that they live longer lives spans than Earth-born humans. His people were interested in visiting the Earth after the people here had liberated themselves from oppression. Mica said that he had been in contact with Raw-Teir-Eir during the latter portions of their own self-induced liberation, similar to what certain forces are attempting to encourage the people of Earth to do now. 

Mica went on to say that his people had been refugees on Earth when they were still under the yoke of oppressive forces. Different groups from their civilization—which can be considered breakaway civilizations from Mica’s parent culture—lived here for extended periods of time. He also said that many different refugee groups were coming to Earth in the past as well, not just from his planet. It wasn’t clear if their people had gone through an ascension event or were still at the same level of the population of Earth—third density in the Law of One evolutionary system. 

Mica said that the people of Earth still had much to overcome and have a disturbing propensity for violence. They also suggested that much of this was due to propaganda and mass-mind control or social engineering. His demeanor and way of speaking were very matter-of-fact but compassionate as well. He introduced himself to Goode as a contemporary in that he acted as a similar intermediary between guardian groups and his local people in the same way Goode is acting now as a Sphere Being Alliance delegate. 

Mica wanted Goode and the people of Earth to know that they have family in the stars and that when all of this is over, a large community of stellar cousins is waiting to make contact‚ and help their Earth-born relatives. 

Goode feels and was told as much by Mica that they can offer humanity experience in healing after overcoming tyranny and that they were quarantined on their planet much like Earth is now. They went through a similar process of liberation, but Earth is more complicated due to several factors, one of which is the diversity of belief systems and cultural divides on Earth.

Shortly after this last discussion, a blue sphere appeared to take Goode back home. He was disappointed that he did not get more time to speak directly with Raw-Teir-Eir. 


The attempted escape of Cabal and darker aspects of the SSP appears to correspond with other developments during that time, one being the movement of gold assets by billionaires in the early part of 2016. 

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If these accounts of Goode are accurate, then it suggests that the Cabal expects to lose the battle for the surface of the planet, and as such those working towards its liberation can breathe a sigh of relief. However, as has been stated before by Goode and Wilcock, the Cabal is a group of deeply traumatized and sociopathic individuals who would rather "burn down the house" than let it fall into the hands of humanity unblemished. As a result, one would expect increasingly troubling events to continue to be manufactured in an effort to derail the organic evolution of consciousness currently unfolding at this time. 

The arrival of Mica—who claims to have gone through a similar transition during his planet's liberation—indicates that the enterprise of assisting evolving worlds as maintained by the Guardian races or Sphere Beings has a history of success. This would imply that so long as the people of Earth learn to raise their consciousness, set aside behaviors that are self-serving only, and work towards collective healing and harmony, all coming events will be productive—even those efforts to hinder the evolution by the Cabal.

In later sections of this update series, Goode said that Raw-Teir-Eir provided an estimate as to how many people are ready for harvest or ascension into fourth density, a shockingly low number of less than 300,000. Without delving into a deep analysis of that subject, it suggests that many on the path are not yet ready; therefore, individuals would do well do well to continue the inner work as if they had not "reached the mountain top." 

In other words, there is much yet to do for one's personal and collective upliftment, and while this can be disappointing if one already assumed they were ready, it can be encouraging to know that more time is still available to continue the work of self-mastery, personal cleansing and group preparations. After all, if the Ascension event is for those aligned with a service-to-other modality, then it would stand to reason that a personal desire for ascension should come second to the restoration of collective harmony so as to end to the destructive habits currently running rampant within all fabrics of society on Earth. Those who are willing to accept this sobering status will find it much more empowering than those who reject it out of a belief they are currently ready for harvest. 

Much of what is discussed in the Season 6 Update sub-series was covered in two of Goode's August reports, listed below.

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PS: There have been delays with releasing these analyses for several reasons. One is that I am trying to work on other projects that I feel will be important during this time, and two, I have been unable to find a reliable source of transcription for the episodes. As a result, I will now be using portions of the transcripts provided by Corey Goode on his website, as I have done for this episode. 

Shem from Discerning The Mystery usually offers an analysis of these episodes as well. 

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Overview of Corey Goode, the Secret Space Program Alliance, and the Sphere Being Alliance:

Corey Goode is a Secret Space Program (SSP) insider and whistleblower that began disclosing information in 2009 under the pseudonym GoodETxSG. In 2014, he started revealing a great deal more information in an effort to prepare humanity for what he calls data dumps, set to occur at an opportune moment in the future. Much of the information he provides comes from Smart Glass Pads, iPad-like devices supplied to SSP personnel for information dissemination purposes. This will be a groundbreaking event, revealing the totality of Earth's history and the activities of the Cabal which will ultimately lead to a truth and reconciliation style tribunal to hold criminal elements accountable for wrongdoing. Additionally, the SSP Alliance intends on releasing all of the hidden technology to the people in preparation for a Star Trek-type golden age civilization.

According to Goode, the Cabal or the secret Earth government and their syndicates (as termed by the SSP Alliance) have enslaved humanity under a false paradigm of a technological advancement, while secretly developing incredible technology (a Star Trek level of advancement) used to colonize the solar system and beyond, engaging in trade with thousands of extraterrestrial races.

Space programs have been developed in secret all throughout Earth's history, and in many cases, groups broke away from the main culture forming what is called a Breakaway Civilization. Some of these civilizations have existed in secret, on Earth and beyond for, thousands of years. The Agartha Network is one such group that claims to be the original human race. It was this group in addition to the Draco Alliance, that made contact with a secret German space program in the early 20th Century.

In modern times, the Germans were the most advanced of the SSP groups, beginning their efforts in earnest during the early 1920's and 30's. The Americans were also developing a SSP, but were much further behind in technological advances. Later, the American SSPs were infiltrated and taken over by the Germans after the end of World War II. It was after this forced merger that the SSP, under the direction of the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), expanded into the solar system and beyond, setting up dozens of bases and mining facilities chiefly using slave labor.

In the early 1990's, a faction within the SSP known as Solar Warden slowly began to go against the ICC, allying with a group of highly evolved extraterrestrials known as the Sphere Being Alliance in 2012. Since then, more factions have joined the alliance which is actively working to free humanity on Earth and beyond, known as the SSP Alliance. Despite their good intentions, the SSP Alliance is a group of highly damaged and morally ambiguous individuals, according to Goode, that recognize at some level the need to change the status quo, but are hardly angels.

The Sphere Beings are a group of five extraterrestrial races, one of which is known as the Blue Avians, that arrived in the solar system during the late 1980's. Two of the races remain unrevealed; however, there is also a race of Golden Triangle Head beings and Blue Orb beings made of light. Over the course of 20 years, they began bringing massive spheres into the solar system and surrounding area, some of which are the size of Jupiter. This is in an effort to down-step galactic energy waves, which are slowly changing life as we know it. These spheres are cloaked and not detectable by the surface population of Earth.

According to the Sphere Beings, a massive shift in energetic expression is now occurring in the solar system, as the result of a natural process of consciousness evolution, assisted by our solar system's movement through the galaxy and increasingly coherent energy fields encountered as a result. The Sphere Being Alliance specifically asked for Goode to represent them in SSP Alliance meetings as a Sphere Being Alliance delegate. Presently, the SSP Alliance is negotiating with the remaining cabal aligned programs, as well as innumerable races that have lived in the solar system for millions of years, and even breakaway civilizations once resident on the Earth's surface. The Sphere Beings have erected an energy barrier around the solar system preventing ingress and egress, trapping many of the negatively oriented groups that have been loosely allied with the secret Earth government syndicates for thousands of years. Since this event, the pyramid of power known on Earth known as the Cabal or Illuminati has fallen into disarray, because the Draco Alliance attempted to betray their underlings to the Sphere Beings in an attempt to gain passage out of the solar system and escape the coming justice of the SSP Alliance.

SSP factions encountered many intriguing things as they ventured out into the solar system. Apparently there are remnants of extremely old settlements and technology from what is called the Ancient Builder Race. These beings were incredibly advanced, using a type of consciousness technology that appears to be an inanimate object until activated by a user. They are also responsible for building ancient stargates found on nearly every major body in the solar system. According to the Agarthans, the Sphere Beings are in fact the Ancient Builder Race, although the SSP has yet to confirm this directly from them.

The dark side of the Moon is home to many different groups, including the ICC, the Draco Alliance, the SSP Alliance, the Dark Fleet, and more. The Moon is apparently an artificial object, and has become a neutral zone for all of these groups, which have maintained a peaceful armistice for thousands of years. The Moon serves as an observational outpost for over 60 groups of extraterrestrial races engaged in 22 genetic programs and social experiments on Earth. Some of these programs conflict with each other, yet all of them have influenced Earth's history for millennia.

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Show Description: 
Corey Goode returns with an update of his adventures off-world amid reports of unknown ships with advanced technology, flying over Antarctica. They were attacking Dark Fleet ships in a bid to tip the balance of power between Alliance and Cabal forces. It seems that factions of the Earth Alliance are creating their own secret space program with assistance from an unknown source. In addition, a new ally has emerged from a nearby star cluster to provide assistance with our continuing covert conflict with reptilian invaders.  
This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast September 6, 2016.
Summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green bolded brackets]. Alterations to the transcript for ease of reading will be in [brackets], but the original content of the dialog is always maintained. The images with black letter boxing were captured from this episode on Gaia TV.

Partial Transcript provided by Commentary by Justin Deschamps.

Images for this episode are courtesy of via

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode.

  • DW - All right, welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. I'm here with Corey Goode, and we're going to get into some of the episodes that you consistently have told us you love the most—updates about the latest and greatest, and weirdest things that are happening to Corey. So Corey, welcome back to the show.
  • CG - Thank you.
  • DW - So you and I have actually gotten in a lot of trouble because we had gotten information about a war that was taking place over Antarctica, and we had not disclosed that. So could you start out by telling us what was the nature of this war? What happened? And what were the consequences for you for not reporting on it?
  • CG - Well, it had to do with the war and what was found under the ice shelf of Antarctica.
  • DW - Okay.

  • CG - It had been reported to me that, for some time, they had seen these strange spheres that were about 90 feet in diameter that were . . . that had little port holes around it that were being seen over Antarctica.

  • CG - I had gotten several reports of it, but it wasn't confirmed until I talked to members of the SSP Alliance.
  • DW - Hmm.
  • CG - These appeared to be just reconnaissance. They were just watching what was going on down in Antarctica. Well, what led to the battle was that six of these Dark Fleet cruisers [The Dark Fleet is the military branch of the Secret Space Program, the SSP] that were teardrop shaped, very large, had left the water off the coast of Antarctica and were headed towards outer orbit as if they were leaving.

  • DW - Now, is there a barrier around the Earth at this time? Could they theoretically have left?
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - But the outer barrier around the solar system is still there?
  • CG - Correct.
  • DW - So for some reason they might feel that Antarctica isn't a good place for them to be anymore.
  • CG - Right. They were trying to leave to go to one of their other bases in the solar system.

  • DW - And I remember one of the really fascinating correlations with Pete Peterson was that, when I mentioned to him these spheres with the port holes around them, he actually saw one of those inside a hangar at some point in his career and said that the port holes were glass, that you could see inside the ship through the port holes.
  • And when we discussed it, he was fairly confident that they might be these cosmospheres that Peter David Beter reported on that the Russians have.
  • CG - That's what was reported to me, that they were most likely Russian.
  • DW - Oh! Okay.
  • CG - Yeah.
  • DW - So that was one of the things that fascinated me, because we got two independent points of correlation on this whole . . . what the spheres are.
  • And so this would be, apparently, part of what we're calling the Earth Alliance that . . .
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - . . . was taking action against these Dracos.

  • CG - Well, and it continued, because as the two lead craft were getting in the upper atmosphere, all of a sudden dozens of what were described as Chevron-shaped craft about the size of a normal jet fighter, began to attack these vessels.

  • CG - And there were flashes of light, explosions. and then these cruisers that were trying to escape, went right back down, went into the water where they had left from, where they had come out.
  • DW - So what we have here is you have the spheres, which may be Russian. You have Draco, teardrop shaped craft that are attempting to leave the Earth from Antarctica. And then you have these very new and unexpected Chevron craft that arrive.
  • CG - Right. And the teardrop shaped cruisers were Dark Fleet.
  • DW - Oh, they were Dark Fleet, not Draco.
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - Okay. So I remember you telling me that there was something really unexpected about the arrival of these triangular craft, which they're calling Chevron craft even though they were basically triangular in shape. So what was it that was so surprising about that?
  • CG - Well, they had very powerful weaponry, and no one knew who they were. It turns out that these were craft that the secret Earth Alliance had obtained. And they were using them to prevent these Cabal groups from leaving the surface of the Earth.

  • DW - This is essentially something that changes the game, right?

  • CG - Absolutely.
  • DW - This is a very big game changer. Why was it such a game changer?
  • CG - Well, now some of these Alliance groups on the Earth have advanced technology. They basically have their own secret space program now.
  • And these assets are the ones like you would get from the ICC. They were very advanced, very new technology. And these craft were built by defense contractors.
  • DW - But those defense contractors in the ICC are not necessarily working with the ones that built these craft on Earth.
  • CG - Right. And it's unknown how they obtained them, but there were dozens of them that attacked these craft.
  • DW - So what was the effect of these ships being shot down? That's obviously some kind of a tipping point in a war.
  • CG - Well, it sent shock waves through the Cabal. It also sent shock waves through the SSP Alliance. They're not used to things popping up on the radar that they don't have a full understanding of.
  • DW - Right. What do you think is the greater socio-political struggle that's going on? Why would the Dark Fleet be trying to leave the Earth now?

  • CG - The same reason why so many of these syndicate groups have been heading down to Brazil and Argentina to go into these underground bases that are sending them below ground through fissures that are filled full of water. They travel all the way to Antarctica.
  • They're looking to escape from something. So they're expecting some sort of an event to occur, and they're trying to escape from it. And apparently they decided that it was better to get off of Earth and out into the furtherest part of the solar system.
  • DW - Do you think that there are changes going on that could lead to some sort of data dump or some sort of big epic shift in all this geopolitical struggle that's going on?
  • CG - That's been the rumor or the threat for some time, but the Cabal groups have taken steps to minimize the impact of any massive data dumps.

  • DW - So this was a curious situation, because you and I both got in trouble – big trouble – for not revealing this battle intel to the public, but yet most people would say, “Well, what does it matter?”
  • CG - Well, it wasn't the battle intel that was so important that we deliver. It was everything that I had reported on my tour under the ice: the location of these bases, what was under there.

  • CG - Because at the time, obviously, we had Alliance assets in the theater operating.
  • DW - Oh.
  • CG - So that was a perfect time for them to take further action.
  • DW - So are you saying that, because we didn't leak the intel fast enough, that the Alliance could not make moves, because they didn't know where these things were that you had seen?
  • CG - Right. Correct.
  • DW - What was the Alliance's opinion of you and me as a result of that not getting out?
  • CG - Well, shortly after that is when they sent in The Wrangler, who, as you said, tries to convince underperforming assets to perform.
  • DW - So one of the things that the viewers have said is that in some way this network was suppressing our release of this information. And could you just address that for a moment as to whether that's what happened?
  • CG - No, Gaia had no idea of the details of the information yet because we hadn't reported them in a release or an update. So it would have been some days or weeks after that Gaia would have had us, you know, do an episode on it.
  • DW - And I was equally as guilty as you because I was very preoccupied with finishing my book, and I had shoved everything else off to the side. I was working sometimes until 5:00, 6:00 a.m. in the morning. I just didn't have any time to write these updates either. So there was no written form of them, and we also . . . the way that the taping worked, it just didn't work out.
  • CG - Correct. Yeah.
  • DW - So very shortly after The Wrangler was turned down, we had the Contact in the Desert event. And this was the first time that you had actually gone to a conference where people knew who you were other than Conscious Life Expo.
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - This was only the second time that you'd been out there in front of a live audience.
  • CG - Correct. Yeah.

  • DW - So, could you walk through for us some of the strange things that happened once you got to Contact in the Desert?
  • CG - One of the nights – evenings – I was sitting at my desk and, out of the skylight, I saw a blue light. And I looked at it, and I thought maybe it was a star that the curvature of the glass was refracting and making it look blue.
  • And I stood up, and I looked, and I decided to go outside and take a look. And I went outside, and I saw the blue light. I came back in, got my phone, went back out, and then it was moving and blinking, heading across the sky.
  • DW - And it hadn't been blinking before?
  • CG - No, it was solid blue.
  • DW - Really? Okay.
  • CG - Right. So I went . . . I think I texted you or called you.
  • DW - Yeah, you texted me. and you were very, almost ridiculously pressuring me to go outside.
  • CG - Yeah. “Go outside now!” kind of thing.
  • DW - And I'm like . . . and you didn't say what it was.
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - And then I went outside not knowing what to expect. Let's start with you. What was your observation of it from there?
  • CG - Well, I mean, I had seen blue spheres many times – you know, blue orbs.
  • DW - Right.
  • CG - But this one was obviously going to be a . . . I thought it was going to be a mass sighting event, so I was pretty excited. So I recorded what I could, with my iPhone, of it. And it shows it a little bit.

  • CG - It was exciting, because it was occurring when there were like 5,000 people down below.
  • DW - This is something that I also saw, and what was interesting was that I had someone staying with me as an assistant, and she saw a cloud of blue energy over my head, more like a spiritual sighting, right before you had sent me that text.
  • CG - Yeah, that's pretty weird.
  • DW - And I ended up going outside, and I observed this object for over an hour. And had you heard that a lot of other people saw it, because I certainly . . . ?
  • CG - Yeah. The next day we had a lot of people report seeing a blue sphere or orb in the air.
  • DW - Right.
  • CG - Some people saw it blinking. Some people saw it solid.
  • DW - What do you think was actually going on with this blue orb?
  • CG - At the time, I really didn't know, because it didn't seem really that interested in me.
  • DW - Was there something that came out later on that made it more obvious?
  • CG - Yes. Later on I was told that during that time period, that certain people, including yourself, had gotten some sort of a download from it when it was blinking.
  • DW - Suggesting that, maybe when the person I was with saw this blue energy over my head, that that could have been when it was happening perhaps.
  • CG - Yeah, it was a weird correlation.
  • DW - So what was the next thing that happened to you after you saw the blue blinker?

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