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SENSATIONAL: WABC-TV Ch. 7 in NYC Reports "Hillary Clinton's DEATH" -- she was Replaced by a Body Double?

Alleged Hillary Clinton Body Double on left.

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I received this rather sensational story from a reader that Hillary Clinton died in NYC yesterday. 

After reviewing the footage from Ch. 7 it appears that the local news outlet in NYC may have let slip that Clinton passed away yesterday. Whether or not this was just an error in script writing or something else remains unclear. But in case more evidence materializes I wanted to post this ASAP to serve as a repository for related information. Please comment with anything you find. 

The following article covers that story and suggest that she was replaced by a body double. There is some interesting photographic evidence to review for this assertion, but nothing definitively conclusive in my view.

I can not confirm she died, but I wanted to post this and see what the readership is able to uncover in their research. Anything of substance I receive will be added here or an update article will be posted.

Get your research skills primed and ready!

Update -- September 12th 9:44pm: I have added additional information to this article below. 

Update -- September 13th 11:07am: I added a screenshot of an ABC story reporting that Clinton died at Montefiore Medical Hospital on September 11th. Thank you to the readers who sent this to me. Please send additional information to

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- Justin

Source - Super Station 95

by Newsroom Staff, September 12th 2016

A video clip of WABC-TV Channel 7 "Eyewitness News" in New York City opened last night with Anchorman Joe Torre saying "more on Hillary Clinton's Death." The opening line, however, seems edited-OUT of the video archive!

Did Hillary die after leaving the 9-11 Ceremony in New York . . . and the information is being concealed? A whole slew of irregularities have cropped-up indicating that may actually be the case!

Here is the video segment from the 11:00 PM "Eyewitness News" broadcast of September 11, 2016 in which Anchorman Joe Torre seems to say Hillary Clinton is DEAD:

Related Hillary Clinton video: THE WALKING DEAD... collapses into security van... 'medical event'... diagnosed with 'vascular dementia' and Parkinson's... 'one year left to live' says doctor

As most of you know by now, Hillary Clinton attended the September 11 Memorial Ceremony at Ground Zero, the World Trade Center in Manhattan on Sunday morning. Despite a heatwave which had BROKEN overnight, allowing temperatures in Manhattan to fall into the comfortable mid 70's, Clinton was forced to depart the ceremony early due to a "medical episode." The videobelow shows Hillary leaning up against a security barrier waiting for her motorcade to pull up.

As it arrives, Hillary had to be helped to move toward the vehicle, and her movements were stiff and unsteady. As her security detail grabs her under both arms to assist, Hillary collapses forward and is literally dragged into the motorcade; so abruptly, she even lost one of her shoes! Watch the quick video below:

For ninety minutes after this took place, the media was forced to cease all recordings at the 9-11 ceremony and were also prevented from leaving to follow the Clinton motorcade -- both very unusual developments. Later, the Clinton campaign said that Hillary was "overheated" but had been taken to her daughter's home on East 26th Street where she was "doing fine." Shortly after that, the campaign released a statement from Hillary's Doctor saying she had been "diagnosed with Pneumonia on Friday, was given antibiotics and told to rest." Strange how the storychanged.


A short time later, a person ALLEGED to be Hillary, is seen leaving the East 26th Street home of Chelsea Clinton, but there are problems with this person.

First, the person who was allegedly Hillary Clinton, looked about thirty pounds lighter in body weight than the Hillary who was at the 9-11 ceremony! Here's the video of "Hillary" leaving Chelsea Clinton's home on East 26th Street:

Notice the body weight? Clearly, this person is significantly thinner than Hillary appeared just two hours earlier at the 9-11 memorial ceremony. Moreover, the gait of this person is dramatically different than the gait of Hillary Clinton seen just two hours earlier. It's almost as though this "Hillary" is ten years younger, with a strong, assured stride, versus the slower, meandering walk usually displayed by the real Hillary.

Oh, and did you see her embrace the small child on the street? How nice . . . . wait . . . . she has Pneumonia and she's embracing a kid? Way to spread the Pneumonia germs! ! !

Next, this person is carrying her handbag over her RIGHT shoulder, whereas Hillary typically carried her handbag over her LEFT shoulder, and did so at the 9-11 Ceremony. Why would a woman who typically carries her handbag over her left shoulder, suddenly be seen carrying it on her right?

Still-photos of the "Hillary" seen leaving Chelsea Clinton's home provide even more questions.

The "Hillary" who left Chelsea Clinton's home has different length fingers than the actual Hillary Clinton! Here are photos of the person alleged to be Hillary, leaving Chelsea Clinton's home. Note the length of the index finger versus the ring finger. On this person, those two fingers areidentical in length!

Here's a better view -- equal finger lengths of the Index and ring finger. There's no question about it:

But these other photos of Hillary Clinton, taken at other events, show that the real Hillary's Index finger is longer than her ring finger! Clearly longer. See for yourself (Click image to enlarge):

So if the person leaving Chelsea Clinton's home on East 26th St is Hillary Clinton, how did her fingers change length?

This last photo of the person leaving Chelsea Clinton's home not only dramatically shows the change in finger length, the face of this person is clearly NOT the real Hillary! See for yourself:

Then there's the side profile comparison of the real Hillary versus the "Hillary" seen leaving Chelsea Clinton's Apartment. Compare the nose and chin:

Then, there's an issue about the Wedding ring on the finger of the "Hillary" seen leaving Chelsea Clinton's home. Look at the Wedding ring on the "Hillary" leaving Chelsea Clinton's home (Click image to enlarge to see it better):

Now look at the Wedding ring worn by Hillary Clinton in the past; (Click image to enlarge for a better look at the ring):

Why the different wedding ring? Who do YOU know that wears different Wedding Rings?

As an aside, a bit of Journalistic investigating turned up an interesting fact about Chelsea Clinton's "home" on East 26th St:

It used to be a . . . New York State HOSPITAL!

Here's a link to the old web page for the old hospital at that exact same address:

Apparently, Hillary has her own private Hospice, paid for by the Clinton Foundation no doubt, that the "deplorables" are not allowed into. And it is conveniently located in the building where her daughter Chelsea lives. HMMMMMM.

It Gets Even Stranger!

A few months ago, the London Daily Mail Newspaper did a story about a woman who earns $10,000 a month as a Hillary Clinton Impersonator. The woman's name is Teresa Barnswell. Here's a photo of Ms. Barnswell:

The London Daily Mail, one of the oldest, largest and most well-respected newspapers in London, England, called her "greatest Hillary lookalike in the world" and you can still read their story HERE

Teresa Barnswell has her own Twitter feed, and guess what she Tweeted late Sunday afternoon? Get a load of this:

Yes, she's hinting that she's in New York City . . . and what is the building in the background? Chelsea Clinton's Home on East 26th St!

Lest anyone accuse us of being "Conspiracy Theorists" it should be noted that late Sunday, the Clinton Campaign announced Hillary was canceling campaign activities for the next two days -- to get rest. Shortly after that announcement, MSNBC Reporter David Shuster tweeted that the Democratic National Committee was "expected to meet in Emergency Meeting to "consider" replacing Hillary as a candidate for President." Here is Shuster's Tweet and below it, a link to OUR earlier story on this stunning announcement:

SuperStation95's earlier story about Emergency DNC Meeting to replace Hillary, HERE.

You don't replace a candidate for President who is merely sick. But you sure have to do something if that candidate is DEAD. And last night, on WABC-TV, Channel 7, Eyewitness News in New York City, Anchorman Joe Torre seemed to say "more on Hillary Clinton's DEATH."

Is Hillary dead? Did the Clinton Campaign use a Body Double to make it APPEAR that Hillary is still OK? Did the Body Double screw-up by carrying her handbag on the right instead of the left shoulder? What about the differing finger lengths? What about the different Wedding Rings? And how about that Tweet from the Hillary Impersonator showing she's in NYC, in front of Chelsea's House?????

Is the country being kept in the dark that Hillary is actually DEAD, until the powers-that-be can figure out what to do? Would any of it surprise you nowadays?

Stay tuned.

** [Additional Updates] **

[Added September 13th 11am]

SourceEarn The Necklace

Hillary Clinton body double Teresa Barnwell.

by Naveen Rao, September 12th 2016

Hillary Clinton’s body double pics are available on the Internet. People can’t stop marveling at the striking resemblance between Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s double. The double’s name is Teresa Barnwell. Teresa Barnwell pics are available on her Twitter account and it is clear that she is a spot-on Hillary Clinton lookalike.

Goodbye to her Day Job

Barnwell was told for the first time about 25 years ago, that she looked exactly like Hillary Clinton. When Bill Clinton became the U.S. President in 1992, Barnwell’s fortunes changed rapidly. She started getting mobbed everywhere she went, by people who mistook her for Hillary! It wasn’t long before Barnwell spotted commercial opportunities due to her resemblance to Clinton. It was then that Barnwell decided to chuck up her job as an advertising executive and become a full-time Hillary Clinton look alike.

Raking in the Money

She struck gold almost immediately. She got invited to corporate events, TV commercials, political rallies, and parties, where her job was to impersonate Hillary Clinton. Sometimes she would have to give speeches, as well! Barnwell did a good job even though she had to be very careful that she did not insult or sully Clinton’s reputation in any way.

Meeting the Real Hillary

She met many celebrities while doing her gigs as the Hillary Clinton lookalike. But the highest point of her lookalike career was when she actually met Hillary Clinton face to face in 1996! They met at a book signing stop and Barnwell says Clinton “was very lovely.” Since then, Barnwell goes out of her way to avoid meeting the real Clinton because it gets embarrassing!

Confusion Galore

Some real interesting things have happened since Barnwell has decided to become a Clinton impersonator. Everyone mistakes her for the real Hillary Clinton, and people have even taken selfies with her. Once, a Japanese tourist group believed her to be Clinton and were deeply honored to meet her. Oddly enough, Barnwell has gotten some very strange requests while impersonating Hillary. She once received a request to perform a “dirty Hillary strip show!” She turned it down of course. Apparently, she can’t even buy groceries without people getting shocked to see her, assuming that she is Hillary Clinton.

Good Times

Barnewell’s Hillary Clinton look alike photos are so close to the real thing that anyone would have difficulty telling them apart. From some angles, Barnwell looks like she is Clinton’s twin, and she seems to be quite okay with it right now, especially considering the money she is raking in!

To see Top 10 photos of Hillary Clinton’s body double, Teresa Barnwell just click

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