Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Updated | Hillary Caught Using Green Screen to Fake Audience ... AGAIN (Staged Speech)

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Update -- Additional content added, see text below. 

There are now two Hillary Clinton appearances that are suspected of being staged. The first was several weeks ago on the 25th of August in Reno Nevada. And now a second appearance from a few days ago in New Mexico has all the same hallmarks. 

In the following there are two videos that break down the events, in a sensational YouTuber fashion. Setting aside the sensationalism the evidence is fairly compelling. In both speaking events, audience members hold up cell phones to capture video of Clinton's speech, revealing to the camera an absent Hillary, along with other evidence suggesting she wasn't actually there.

In addition, the theory that a body double replaced Clinton is gaining traction. After her collapse during the 9/11 memorial, an obvious body double was used. In another appearance, analysts suggest that a second body double was used. 

Of course, discernment is advisable. 

Update -- September 20th, 2016, 4:13pm: I received data from a reader suggesting that Hillary's Greensboro, North Carolina appearance did, in fact, take place and that the theory of the cell phones not capturing her on stage can be explained by wide-angle lensing of the cell phones. 

Here is what he provided me:

Photographs from the appearance can be found at Heavy.com article. 


And more photos here.

- Justin

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Source - The Real Strategy

by Lestado Codicus, September 17th 2016

Hillary Clinton Using Green Screens to Create Fake Audience in North Carolina Speech

Just two weeks ago, Hillary Clinton was caught faking her audience in New Mexico. Now her trickery is in the limelight again because she made another speech to a fake audience.

Half of Hillary’s Audience in NM Was Fake?

That’s right, half of Hillary’s audience wasn’t really there! They were added in as an aftereffect. What better way to hide that you have no support than use special effects to fill the gap?

Was she afraid of seizures being triggered? Was she afraid of hecklers calling her out? I think she probably just didn’t have any real supporters.

We encourage you to watch the full speech and verify the data presented for yourself. Some things are off about this video. Hillary had to fake the size of the crowd for television. After the DNC walkout half of the Democratic party don’t even align themselves with Hillary.

Always remember to SHARE important information! We can change the world.

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September 20th, 2016: In an earlier update of this article, a reference was made to a Reno appearance when it should have said Greensboro, which as been corrected.



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