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COBRA | Prepare for Change Interview -- August 25th 2016

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Source - Prepare For Change

by Prepare For Change Staff

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.
Our intention is to dissipate fear, clear up any misunderstandings, and add insights into what is really happening behind the daily headlines. For more background you are invited to read his blog archive totaling 754 entries to this date.  See:

Live From Shasta -- August 25th 2016 (Enhanced Youtube Archive) | Corey Goode, Laura Eisenhower, Dr. Michael Salla and Robert Potter -- Looking out from Within

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Here is an enhanced version of the Live From Shasta roundtable hosted by myself (Justin Deschamps) and the Groovie Bean, Yvonne Palermo.  Joining us on the panel for the first hour that evening was Rob Potter, Laura Eisenhower, Dr. Michael Salla, and Corey Goode.

For the second hour, we were joined by Emma Gold (Roger) from Full Disclosure Now, Kauilapele, and briefly towards the end, Derrick Faust (ET orb watcher) and Eric Raines (Implant Removal specialist). In our usual Looking out from Within style, we discussed the deeper meanings and interpretations of the data presented in the first hour. We especially focused on the meaning of doing the inner work as well as the shockingly small number of 300,000 people ready for ascension or harvest, as disclosed by Corey Goode in a recent update.

Here is a youtube archive of that show.

Huge Sunspot Coming, Big Quake, Hurricanes | S0 News Aug.31.2016 - Suspicious0bservers

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Draco Moon Base - Discussing Solar Systemic Changes, Military Abduction, and More

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) For other Wisdom Teachings summaries click here.
- Justin

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal

This episode of the Wisdom Teachings series seems to mark a point of special significance for myself and most likely many others. It seems that in recent times, events have been aligning in unexpected ways beyond those of previous instances of synchronicity. Events now seem to synchronize on a multidimensional level—not simply consisting of two points of correlation, but of multiple points which are situationally independent from one another.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mainstream Soft Disclosure | Not a Drill: SETI Is Investigating a Possible Extraterrestrial Signal From Deep Space

Jodie Foster as a SETI scientist in the film Contact, based on Carl
Sagan’s book about E.T. communication. (Image: Warner Bros)
(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I saw this story broadcast on Fox News in passing today and was shocked by the seriousness of how it was presented. 

A team of scientists from SETI is investigating this mysterious signal first discovered last year. They recently began monitoring it in a full-time capacity, as the star next to it is very similar to ours in composition and age. 

The fact that the mainstream media is actively covering this story as if the signal could be extraterrestrial in origin leads me to suspect that this is yet one more soft disclosure data point the powers that be are using to prepare the masses for a grander revealing. 

This is something we should keep an eye on.

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- Justin

Source - Observer

by Robin Seemangal, August 29th 2016

If the signal is truly from an alien world, it’s one far more advanced than ours

An international team of scientists from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) is investigating mysterious signal spikes emitting from a 6.3-billion-year-old star in the constellation Hercules—95 light years away from Earth. The implications are extraordinary and point to the possibility of a civilization far more advanced than our own.

Leaked FBI Alert, Admits Hackers Penetrated US Election Systems

Source - Activist Post

by Matt Agorist, August 29th 2016

On Monday, an official FBI alert from August 18 was leaked to Yahoo News. The alert stated the FBI had uncovered evidence showing that at least two state election systems were penetrated by hackers in recent weeks. The FBI quickly issued warnings to election officials across the country to ramp up security on their systems.

Major Bank Official: Banks Are “Preparing for an Economic Nuclear Winter”

Source - The Free Thought Project

by Matt Agorist, August 29th 2016

After years of giveaways to megabanks, marketed to the taxpayers as ‘quantitative easing,’ the crutches shoved under the banker-controlled global stock trade are about to snap. Bankers now say they are preparing for the collapse.

Volcano Alert, Major Hail, Plasma Eruption | S0 News Aug.30.2016 - Suspicious0bservers

Visions for a Better World: Private Cities, Freedom Cells, Free Communities – The Solution to Hegemony

Image Source.

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) We've been conditioned via institutionalized education and propaganda media to think that there's no choice but to conform to the status quo within our respective national regions. 

Enculturation is a process of making an individual or smaller group like their parent culture, usually by quashing free thought and critical thinking. But we have always had the power to create new social agreements and related institutions that are more in harmony with the ideals of a truly free society. 

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Signs of Change -- Week 4 August 2016 | Gaian Eye (Video)

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) For more go to his youtube channel Gaian Eye.

- Justin

Benjamin Fulford -- August 29th 2016: Germany makes game changing move, prepares for war to defeat khazarian mafia

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Update - The full report is provided below.

In honor of Ben's wishes to withhold posting the full update here is a portion of his report.

This post will be updated after approximately 3 days since its initial release; usually on Thursday.

Added links below.

- Justin

Source - Benjamin Fulford

For the past few weeks the wheels of geopolitics have been churning the mud during a summer “ceasefire.” That is now ending.

The German government has made a decisive break with the Khazarian mafia and has ordered its citizens to stockpile 10 days worth of emergency food supplies in preparation for a war of independence, according to both CIA and MI6 sources. In addition, the German government is mobilizing 600,000 militia members in preparation for this war, the sources say. The trigger for this mobilization was a request by the Khazarian controlled US government for Germany to accept a massive false flag attack on its territory as an excuse for totalitarian Khazarian rule. The Germans have decided to refuse this request and are instead allying themselves with the Russians and effectively joining the UK and Turkey in a Western led move against the Khazarian controlled American government, the sources agree. 

Big Quake, Killer Weather, Europa | S0 News Aug.29.2016 - Suspicious0bservers

Soros Group ‘Trained’ Socialists to Combat Will of the People

Image Source.
(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Social Justice movements along with other grassroots efforts have gained increasing popularity of late, most likely due to the advent of the internet. 

But how many of these movements were organically inspired from a population of people seeking redress of grievance?

George Soros is a known globalist and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that overtly makes no claim to power, other than as an advisory board; but in truth, this group works from behind the scenes to manipulate the consciousness of humanity. Part of that manipulation is the creation of social justice movements, or any institution in general, with the goal of altering the social climate so as to align with the aims of the NWO agenda. Divide and conquer is arguably one of the most easily recognizable programs of manipulation and control. 

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How To Grow A Limitless Supply Of Anti-Inflammatory, Alkalizing Garlic, Ginger & Turmeric At Home

Source - Collective Evolution

by Alexa Erickson, August 17th 2016

Take one look in your kitchen, and you might find a plethora of herbs and spices on a rack waiting for you to add a dash of them to your food for flavour. But have you ever thought they offer benefits beyond simply adding excitement to bland foods?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

FBI Files Linking Hillary Clinton To “Suicide” Of Vince Foster Vanished From National Archives

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Source - We Are Change

by Aaron Kesel | Aug 24, 2016

More troubles for Hillary Clinton, and this time it involves her long time friend and speculated love affair, dead Clinton counsel Vince Foster.

FBI documents linking Hillary to the botched “suicide” of Vince Foster have vanished from National Archives according to Ronald Kessler, a New York Times bestselling author.

15 Places You’re NOT Allowed To Visit on Earth

Image Source.
Source - Ancient-Code

by Ivan, August 17th 2016

They say ‘Free World’… but the truth is that it's not as free as you may think.

In fact, there are over a dozen places on our planet which you CANNOT gain access to.

From top-secret military bases to exclusive clubs and Armageddon bunkers.

In this article, we take a look at the FIFTEEN most restricted places on the surface of our planet.

A Visit to Ancient Extraterrestrial Outposts on Venus & in Saturn Orbit

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Source - Exopolitics

by Dr. Michael Salla, August 24th 2016

In this final article in a three part series discussing Corey Goode’s August 22 update, I focus on his claims of having been taken to Venus and near Saturn to visit Ancient Builder Race facilities. Goode’s experiences and the information he received appear to be part of a coordinated effort by the Sphere Being Alliance and an Inner Earth Civilization to help raise the consciousness of surface humanity in order to better prepare for both “Full Disclosure” and “Ascension” related events.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Facebook is Categorizing You Politically — Here’s How to See What They Think of You

Source - The Free Thought Project

by Matt Agorist, August 24th 2016

Imagine a computer system in which people voluntarily submit personal information about everything in their private lives from the type of perfume they like to their worldly and political views. Then imagine what someone with access to that information could do with it. The implications are horrifying — yet this system exists, and more than 1.7 billion people readily submit to using it. It’s called Facebook.

Every time you hit the like button, react to a post, click on a link, like a page, scroll past something, or update your status — Facebook is watching and recording it.

Secret Negotiations & Space Battles over Full Disclosure

Source - Exopolitics

by Dr. Michael Salla, August 23rd 2016

In this second article in a series discussing Corey Goode’s latest update about his meetings with representatives of extraterrestrial groups, Inner Earth civilizations and the “Secret Space Program Alliance,” I focus on what he claims to have been told about ongoing negotiations and battles between Cabal/Syndicate groups, and the “Earth Alliance”.

The Earth Alliance comprises BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa), Asian secret societies, and “White Hats” within the military industrial complex of the U.S. and other nations, who desire to have full disclosure of extraterrestrial life and advanced space technologies, and expose crimes committed by Cabal/Syndicate groups.

AI Journalism | Mainstream Media Now Literally Using Robots to Write News

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) With the rise of alternative media and access to information via the internet spreading to every corner of the planet, the need to control the narrative via propaganda is growing day by day. 

The powers that should not be of this world know all too well that manufacturing a false reality for the people to believe and accept is a central part of the matrix of control. The people themselves, via social engineering and mass-mind control programs, have become agents of the system, just like Smith in The Matrix Trilogy. The risk of losing control of the people is ever present, and of late, alternative media has been a major part of freedom movements gathering steam the world over. 

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Corey Goode Vlog Update -- August 24th 2016

Corey Goode Long Beach Family Vacation 2016

Is the Joy of Giving Our Way to a Moneyless Society and Golden Age?

by Justin Deschamps

This is an article from 2014 that I think is pertinent to bring forth at this time.

Often without being able to envision a new way forward, we get trapped in old habits and belief systems. As such, taking the time to imagine what a positive future looks like is an excellent way to begin making it a reality. Once this image is clear within our minds, especially if infused with pragmatic insights, we can start to change our behavior to align with it, literally bringing this new world into being.

A golden age is within our grasp, we need only set our minds to the task of manifesting it with everything we do.

Original Text (January 12th, 2014):

A moneyless society is something I think that is totally attainable within a short term period because we already are doing so much for free in our lives already simply for the reward of giving.

Remembering Jovan Julian Robles, Co-founder of Stillness in the Storm

Julian and Justin at Superball Phish concert in 2011. 
by Justin Deschamps

On August 25th, 2015, Jovan Julian Robles passed away or transitioned into spirit. He and I founded Stillness in the Storm in March of 2013, after spending several years in deep study and research, learning about the problems we face on our little blue planet.

The Seeking Begins

Julian and I knew that part of the reason we were waking up to so many hidden truths was so that we could play our role in making a difference. He was aware that once we receive knowledge of something, it transforms us, laying the foundation for who we will become. He knew that knowledge gained within the mind empowers us to do something; it gives us the ability to respond.

We were scared by these realizations at first as we didn't feel we had what it took to make a difference. And yet at the same time, we knew in our bones that it was no coincidence we were learning about these things.

Another Big Quake, Habitable World Nearby | S0 News Aug.25.2016 - Suspicious0bservers

10 Signs The Global Elite Are Losing Control

Image Source.
(Stillness in the Storm Editor) This article is from a few years ago, but I found it interesting that most of the points are still valid. 

What do you think?

- Justin

Source - Activist Post

by Eric Blair, September 8th 2013

Karma is coming for the elite in a big way. As the Powers That Be head toward a devastating defeat in their war plans for Syria, signs are emerging that their rule over humanity is rapidly diminishing.

Over the last decade the global elite have been on a mad dash to consolidate power over the world. It’s always been their plan like some evil villain in a comic book, but after 9/11 the plan went into overdrive and then turbo charged during the financial crisis of 2008.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Second Snowden? New NSA Leak Raises Several Questions

Source - We Are Change

by Aaron Kesel, August 23rd 2016

There have been hints throughout the media and various releases that a second Snowden may be lurking at the NSA. Whether he/she is still employed at the agency is the remaining question.

With the recent leak of NSA (TAO) Tailored Access Operations tools being auctioned on the internet by a group calling itself The Shadow Brokers and Snowden making a cryptic call to action
just mere weeks prior, are we witnessing the beginning of a major operation to expose secret hacking practices and cyber weapon tools used to do so? Is someone trying to highlight how vulnerable software and hardware is to the NSA?

Creating the Optimal Time Line for Full UFO Disclosure & Ascension

Source - Exopolitics

by Dr. Michael Salla, August 22nd 2016

Whistleblower, Corey Goode, today released the second part of an extensive report about what he claims are a series of recent meetings he has had with representatives from different extraterrestrial groups, an “Inner Earth” civilization and a secret space program alliance. He provides additional information to what was presented in part one about the possibility of massive solar activity, which global elites (aka Syndicates/Cabal) are convinced will have devastating effects on the planet.

Goode’s claims, which are quite rich in detail and scope, can at times be very disturbing. Those new to his information may be tempted to dismiss it as sheer fantasy. However, after more than a year of closely investigating Goode’s claims, much of which was presented in the book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances, I have yet to find anything that makes me suspect that he is being untruthful in any way.

Students Fight Back Against Political Correctness - The Rise Of "Cultural Libertarianism"

Source - Zero Hedge

Submitted by Harith Armstrong and Kassy Dillon via, August 19th 2016


In both the United States and the United Kingdom, conservative and libertarian viewpoints have endured censorship on the Internet and on college campuses.

This has given rise to a new generation of animated and impassioned students keen on partaking in what’s been aptly described as the “cultural libertarian” movement.

Big Earthquake, Florida Alert, Deadly Hail | S0 News Aug.24.2016 - Suspicious0bservers

Tesla’s Anti-Gravity Research in Use in Dozens of Secretive Military Projects

Source - Waking Science

by Christina Sarich, August 15th 2016

Doctor Richard Boylan, and numerous others have already let the cat out of the bag when it comes to anti-gravity space flight, so why do Boeing and Lockheed, two of America’s largest military industrial contractors, and the recipient of trillions in tax payer ‘black budget’ dollars still hide that they are operating at least 12 anti-gravity aerospace platforms?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure Season 5 - Episode 14: Clifford Stone's Bio | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

Sargeant Clifford Stone is a former secret space program insider and whistleblower well known within the field of Ufology. His testimony reaches back into the 20th-Century, and in one instance is featured in The Disclosure Project in 2001, headed by Dr. Steven Greer, another prominent figure in the study of exopolitics. 

A 1995 Disney television documentary, allegedly broadcast only once with limited syndication in five major cities in the US, featured Stone and his testimony. The film was part of a promotion for the amusement park's New Tomorrowland ride Alien Encounters. His segment beings at the 08:08 mark.

Sunspots Surge, STEREO is Back, Lightning and Surge in Sunspot Birth | S0 News Aug.23.2016 - Suspicious0bservers

Brazil Health Officials: Zika Virus Is NOT Responsible For Rise In Birth Defects, It’s Something Else

Source - Collective Evolution

by Alexa Erickson, August 18th 2016

Fear surrounding the threat of Zika virus has plagued the media, and its steady spread across Latin America and Pacific island nations — along with its inevitable arrival in parts of the continental U.S. — has many worried. The mysterious virus, suspected of causing birth defects, has provoked the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to update its recommendations on pregnancy and sex. But there are plenty of skeptics wondering what we should and shouldn’t believe. Now, there seems to be a breakthrough.

Lord Rothschild Reveals World Is Currently Witnessing The Greatest Monetary Policy Experiment In History

Source - Activist Post

by Amando Flavio, August 19th 2016

The uncertainty of the global economy, which is mostly led by powerful countries in the West, has prompted concerns from many financial analysts.

When the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, the global financial market experienced fluctuations. Some even predicted that it was the beginning of the end for the people of the United Kingdom. Since the Brexit crisis, the majority of people without the financial eye believe things have returned to normal.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Corey Goode Intel Update Part 2 | First Contact with Golden Triangle-heads, Merging of Timelines, Data Dumps Update, Visit to Venus and Saturn Ancient Builder Bases, with Comments by David Wilcock

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Source - Sphere Being Alliance

by Corey Goode, August 22nd 2016

Raw-Tear-Eir greeted me in the normal fashion. Raw-Rain-Eir, Raw-Mare-Eir and the Golden Triangle Head Being stayed in position about 30 feet away and seemed to have their attention focused in my direction.

Tear-Eir then began to communicate with me using similar wording as seen in the Law of One.

When I was in Joshua Tree for the conference this past summer, I had an experience that caught me off guard. It began when many of the attendees at Contact in the Desert saw a blue blinking light in the sky for some time, at a high altitude. There was no corresponding red light as you would normally see with an airplane. The “blue blinker” did not move at all like a plane, going forwards and backwards and side to side in different patterns. I called David in excitement when I saw it myself and soon he went outside and observed it for an extended time as well.

Benjamin Fulford -- August 22nd 2016: The main factions in the battle for the planet earth and their current status

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Due to my trip to Mount Shasta later this week, I have provided the full update below. 

In honor of Ben's wishes to withhold posting the full update here is a portion of his report.

This post will be updated after approximately 3 days since its initial release; usually on Thursday.

Added links below.

- Justin

Source - Benjamin Fulford

Notice to readers: Unless there are major upheavals, until August 29th, this newsletter will contain non-time sensitive, pre-written material as your correspondent will be on vacation.

The ongoing battle for control of the financial system, and thus control over the process of deciding what we as a species will be doing in the future, is reaching a climax. For this reason, this might be a good time to look at who the major players are and what their position is.

Incredible Tornado Video, New Sunspots | S0 News Aug.22.2016 - Suspicious0bservers

Ames Research Centre (NASA) Scientist Says Giant UFOs Within The Rings Of Saturn Are “Proliferating”

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) One additional data point I'll add to this already compelling article is that according to several secret space program insiders who have reached out to David Wilcock, the rings of Saturn are a remnant from an ancient spacefaring civilization.

They had an interplanetary society that was transhumanist in nature, deeply connected to AI and machines. Being warlike, they produced advanced moon-sized weapons systems, much like what is described in the science fiction series Star Wars.

Joshua Tree 2016 | David Wilcock & Corey Goode on the Secret Space Program’s ‘Alliance for Disclosure’

SourceEarth Mystery News

by Sid Goldberg, August 19th 2016

"Up until this alliance formed in the space program, the people running the space program are really not nice. And they are, what you can essentially call, the Illuminati but in the defense contract version of that."

One World Governance and the Council on Foreign Relations.“We Shall have World Government… by Conquest or Consent.”

Source - Global Research

by Joachim Hagopian, August 18th 2016

New World Order propaganda rules and shapes the world. And there’s no more powerful propagator of propaganda that rules and shapes US global hegemony, world events and major geopolitical developments than the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). On its own website, the CFR describes itself as “an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher.”Two weeks ago the powerful organization celebrated its 95th anniversary since it’s been the most influential force dictating US foreign policy throughout the 20th century chauvinistically called “the American century” right into the present 21st aptly called the New World Order century. The CFR is financed by highly endowed, tax exempt Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie foundations.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Federal Reserve Just Made A Facebook Page … And It’s Getting Destroyed By Trolls and Ron Paul's Commentary

Source - Activist Post

by Carey Wedler, August 20th 2016

The Federal Reserve bank is well known for its secrecy. But in an attempt to reach out to the people it claims to serve, the monolithic bank just created a Facebook page . . . and it’s probably really regretting that decision.

Unlike Twitter, where the Fed decides which comments to reply to — and, therefore, which show up publicly on its page — its public Facebook page, launched Thursday morning, is not as restrictive. In fact, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System page has been relentlessly trolled since it went up.

Gaia Portal -- August 20th 2016: Merrimacs enter, where calcifieds have failed | with Interpretations by Justin

Due to my upcoming trip to Mount Shasta on Wednesday, and preparations related thereto, this will be the last Gaia Portal interpretation until I return the following Wednesday 31st of August. 

The raw Gaia Portal update is first, followed by my extrapolated meanings in black. For other interpretations of these reports see Rosalie Parker and Kauilapele. 

Source - Gaia Portal

Merrimacs enter, where calcifieds have failed.

Steadfastness of the Higher Light dissolve all blocks.

Mortifications are annulled.

Uplevellings are embraced.

Necessities are only of the Light.

And now the analysis:

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. The meanings provided are not the only ones that can be gleaned; in my view, all meanings have value, especially when shared and discussed openly. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Interpretations: "Merrimacs enter, where calcifieds have failed." - The term merrimac has no official meaning but is the name of a native American tribe that lived in the Merrimack Valley along the northern coast of Massachusetts. Merrimac means swift water place, according to the natives. Interestingly enough, I've lived not too far from this valley and much of my father's side of the family lives in the post-industrial city of Lawrence, near Lowell, both of which are located along the Merrimack river. The point of interest with respect to this term is most likely the reference to swift water place, which is suggestive of a high energy area. Water is often used to represent symbolically something that is deeply penetrative. Within astrology, water signs have excellent intuitive and emotional abilities. Water is also an excellent media in chemistry for dissolving various compounds so that they may be combined with other substances in solution. In light of these qualities, the term calcified refers to a hardened material which has accumulated dissolved solids via a process of electromagnetic attraction.

Consciousness Universe vs. Simulation Hypothesis | Are We Living in a Computer Simulation Created by an Advanced Civilization? Elon Musk Says ‘Yes’

Image Source.

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The notion that we are living in a computer simulation has gained increasing popularity of late. It suggests that everything we think, feel, touch, see and interact with is actually code in an ultra advanced computer program run by an equally advanced alien civilization.

An Organized Universe

It sounds like a compelling idea for several reasons. When we look at how the universe is organized, from the very small to the very large, there are systems of motion and energy expressed in scales. The Scaling Law Nassim Haramein derived from observations of energy as a function of radius demonstrates that the same general geometric relationships (proportions) are repeated throughout the cosmos. 
Abstract. From observational data and our theoretical analysis, we demonstrate that a scaling law can be written for all organized matter utilizing the Schwarzschild condition, describing cosmological to sub-atomic structures. Of interest are solutions involving torque and Coriolis effects in the field equations. Significant observations have led to theoretical and experimental advancement describing systems undergoing gravitational collapse, including vacuum interactions. The universality of this scaling law suggests an underlying polarizable structured vacuum of mini white holes/black holes. We briefly discuss the manner in which this structured vacuum can be described in terms of resolution of scale analogous to a fractal-like scaling as a means of renormalization at the Planck distance. Finally, we describe a new horizon we term the “spin horizon” which is defined as a result of a spacetime torque producing boundary conditions in a magnetohydrodynamic structure. — SCALE UNIFICATION – A UNIVERSAL SCALING LAW FOR ORGANIZED MATTER, Nassim Haramein, Michael Hyson, E. A. Rauscher.
Wading through the science lingo, what is essentially being described here is that the same geometry (a torus) appears at all scales of universal expression. The hydrogen atom has a toroidal structure. The human body produces a toroidal electromagnetic field via the piezoelectric liquid crystal oscillator of the heart. The Earth's magnetosphere is toroidal. The Solar System is Toroidal. And so on. 

Torus Geometry at small and large scales. Top middle, hydrogen atom.

These observations describe organization, at massive levels, all throughout the known universe. Everywhere we look in the cosmos, we see a precisely unfolding dynamic of organization, which mainstream science still hasn't really come to terms with. 

Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics involved in the study of how slight changes in deterministic systems compound over time, making long-term prediction impossible. But unlike the name suggests, it is a theory based on the premise that if one knew all the initial conditions of the universe, they would be able to predict everything that happens thereafter. While we could debate the validity of such a premise, the important point to note is that it is a theory founded on holism—although that isn't explicitly stated. By this I mean, slight changes have holistic effects therefore, everything must be interconnected via some process. Thus, the universe isn't chaotic at all, it just appears chaotic because our capacity to determine what it looked like in the beginning is lacking. 

And there are more examples of universal organization, leading some to conclude that antiquated theories about the universe being fundamentally chaotic and random are in error. But most of the big thinkers for these theorems are not of the opinion that there is a creator, a supreme and ultimate intelligence that caused the universe to begin unfolding. As a result, a somewhat short-sighted, yet interesting theory has emerged, the Simulation Hypothesis. 

Simulation Hypothesis vs. Creationism or Intelligent Design (a Conscious Universe)

We've already covered the key components of this theory, but for the sake of discussion, let's list them again. It contends that the universe, as we know it, is a vast computer simulation, with each one of us as stimulants or variables random elements able to change the system from within—to a certain extent. The universe is organized by the rules of the computer program, but the stimulants provide a random factor.

Now let's compare this with a creationist or intelligent design theory. 

Note: I will refer to a universe founded on consciousness as the prima materia, as Creationism Intelligent Design, or Hermetic—but none of these should be confused with any religious belief or dogma, despite the fact they are somewhat related. 

The creator of the universe, at some eternally distant moment in the past, made reality as we know it, with a built-in system of rules known as Natural Law. This reality is ultimately an illusion when compared to the primal reality of the creator. Within this universe are aspects of the creator, we know of as souls, who can eventually realize their true nature and manipulate the fabric of reality from within the creation. The universe, in this theory, is organized by the rules of Natural Law, with each soul contributing the random element via free will. 

Sound familiar?

Simulation theory suggests that the ultimate creators of the simulated universe are aliens. Creation theory suggests that the ultimate creator is a transcendent personality. All the remaining components of the theory are almost identical. Computers have rigid programming rules that cannot be broken. Creation has Natural Laws that cannot be broken. The computer has stimulants (people) that cause change in the system. The creationist universe has free will (souls) that cause change via choice.  

Simply put, Simulated Hypothesis is an atheistic euphemism for creationism or intelligent design. If you can't buy into a belief that the universe was created by "God" then you have an excellent replacement that is essentially the same, with a few significant problems. 

Who or What Created the Universe?

For confirmation of this supposition that Simulation Hypothesis is appealing to those who can't or won't entertain creationist theories, consider this quote from Musk in response to the question "is there some master intelligence [that created the simulation]?"
"I think probably not because then you have to say: Where does the master intelligence come from? So it sort of begs the question. So I think really you can explain this with the fundamental laws of physics. You know its complex phenomenon from simple elements." - Source
Although Musk doesn't say he is an atheist, the answer he provides details a belief system that denies the existence of an intelligent creator. To be clear, I am not casting judgment on those who reject creationist views—I was an atheist for 28 years of my life, so I know from first-hand experience how this belief alters the perception of reality, just like any belief.

Musk has a valid point in that there can't be a master intelligence, " ... because then you have to say: Where does the master intelligence come from?" From this perspective, there has to be a creator to create this "intelligence." In one example the rationale can be deduced from the observation that reproduction of some species occurs through coupling; people come from other people. In this way, it's logical to conclude that an ultimate theory of the universe can't be founded on intelligence without also wondering where it came from. 

A transcendent creator solves this paradox because ultimately this personality is both creature and creator, the observer and the object being observed. Hence a transcendent personality. We could discuss this one point at length, but suffice it to say, the great thinkers of the past acknowledge the paradox Musk raised in his commentary. The solution for this seeming inconsistency is that reality, at its ultimate level, is a singularity, a grand harmony of oneness.

Consider that within a dream or imagined reality, we can observe an envisioned scene as a single observer (a person) while also having the ability to watch and experience all other objects in the scene. Within our imagination, we are everything and have omniscience, as well as omnipotence. Therefore, within our own minds, we can create an analog that is equivalent to the transcendent nature of the creator. In other words, the best way to explain the ultimate reality of existence, within a creationist view, is that the universe is a dream within the mind of the creator, and we are dreamers within that dream. 

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Simulation Hypothesis: Intelligent Design-lite

The theory I am putting forth is that those who ascribe to Simulation Hypothesis do so because it is a theory they can buy into without having to let go of the rejection of an intelligent creator—because it is a theory of intelligent design. They get all the benefits of an intelligent universe, from personal life purpose to transcendence of the material world, without having to explore ideas of a spiritual creator. But there's some apparent inconsistencies to consider.

Simulation theory, like other materialist theorems, has built-in circular logic. For example, if the universe was created by an alien civilization, who created the aliens? Musk's answer alludes to the fact that there is no "master intelligence" and that intelligence itself emerged from "the laws of physics." But that leads to the next question, who or what created these laws? 

A similar discrepancy can be found in the Big Bang Theory: if the universe was created 16 billion years ago from nothing, who or what caused that event to be set in motion? Did the fundamental laws of physics exist before the material of the universe expanded? If so, what existed before? And why is it that conservation of momentum and energy—sacred principles within physics—ceased to exist at the moment of the big bang?

Plus there's another problem, what is the ultimate purpose of the universe? Within materialist viewpoints, there isn't any purpose. The belief is that everything we see unfolded randomly, whether in a Big Bang universe or a Simulated reality. 

On this question of is the universe a simulated reality, a computer program? I think the answer is, maybe. 

Simulation and the Hermetic Universe

Studying hermetic tradition and Natural Law describes a universe that is just as organized as a simulated reality, but with fewer inconsistencies and poor logic. All the key elements are there, from definite rules and principles (Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Causality, Gender) except there aren't any irreconcilable paradoxes. Interestingly enough, the hermetic universe—which, by the way, is effectively equivalent to a great many other ultimate belief systems about  reality—has been described as a dream within the mind of the creator. 

Everything, from time, space, matter, energy, electromagnetism, gravity—literally everything—is a thought-form within the mind of the All. So if we substitute the word thought-form for computer code, we're essentially discussing the same overarching concept. 

In other words, reality is—for all intents and purposes—a simulation, just not one buzzing inside of an alien computer. At least this is the most logical explanation I found thus far. 

The Search for Truth

One interesting point I'll leave you with is that ultimately what makes the most sense, what explains all the observable phenomenon, in reality, is usually the simplest and true. This is what forms the basis of Occam's Razor. The only difference is that unlike reality, the human mind can divorce itself from the universe. It can pick and choose what to accept and in the process distort perception. From this distorted place we can concoct all sorts of theories that will feel true from our limited point of view. Thus in our search for ultimate truths, we must not fall into the trap of thinking we know it all. Untested or vetted assumptions will compound into significant errors that eventually make any resulting theory untenable. 

Errors in thinking plague nearly every field of science on Earth today. Assumptions about reality, which have not been properly verified, become sacred cows that block the imagination in its ability to transcend such limitations. We tend not to think outside of the boxes we place on our consciousness. The rejection of an ultimate creator—without a valid cause—is one of the biggest blocks to overcome. 

All this being said, I bear no ill will or judgment for anyone who entertains materialist theories of creation. As I said earlier, I spent most of my life in that camp, and combined with my inquisitive nature, have explored a lot of these ideas looking for the best one to explain everything. Eventually, I had to set aside my atheistic views because they just weren't good enough to explain everything I was observing. 

Ultimately, if we want the truth, we need to follow it wherever it leads. But the good news is, there's no rush—at least when it comes to the big truths of reality and existence. So don't feel pressured to swap one set of untested beliefs for another. Instead, explore these ideas like a child explores a bedtime story, just be honest with yourself when they no longer provide answers to the questions your asking. 

- Justin

by Anna LeMind,  June 6th 2015

The idea that we may be living in a computer simulation is not new. It seems that it just got more support as Elon Musk, one of the greatest visionaries and inventors of our time, said in a recent interview that we could actually be characters in a highly advanced civilization’s video game.

At Recode’s Code Conference, which took place last week in California, Musk was asked if it is possible that our world is nothing but a huge simulation created by some advanced alien civilization. To answer this question, he used the history of video games as an example.
Just think about it: 40 years ago, we had games like Pong, which were based on two-dimensional, black and white graphics. Today, video games approach the level of virtual reality with their photorealistic graphics and millions of users simultaneously playing the same game online. And with the quickly developing augmented reality technology, they will soon become truly indistinguishable from the real life.
This is the progress we have made in just 40 years, which, as a matter of fact, is a tiny period of time in the history of a civilization. So just imagine what kind of video games we will have in 500, 1000 or 10,000 years!
“So given that we’re clearly on a trajectory to have games that are indistinguishable from reality, and those games could be played on any set-top box or on a PC or whatever, and there would probably be billions of such computers or set-top boxes, it would seem to follow that the odds that we’re in base reality is one in billions,” said Musk.
Thus, it makes no surprise that a civilization that has reached a tremendous level of development could create a whole holographic reality based on a computer code. How do we know that our world isn’t such kind of simulation? Given the fact that we still know too little about the universe and the nature of reality, this possibility is quite likely.
Musk went beyond suggesting that this scenario is, in fact, one of the best options we have.
“Arguably we should hope that that’s true, because if civilization stops advancing, that may be due to some calamitous event that erases civilization,” he explained. “So maybe we should be hopeful this is a simulation, because otherwise we are going to create simulations indistinguishable from reality or civilization ceases to exist. We’re unlikely to go into some multimillion-year stasis.”
Here, Musk talks about a well-known thought experiment by Swedish philosopher Nick BostromVox reports. Published in the journal Philosophical Quarterly in 2003, his paper entitled “Are you living in a computer simulation?” suggests that at least one of these propositions has to be true:
  • There is a high probability that the human race will go extinct before reaching a so-called posthuman stage of development (i.e., being capable of running high-fidelity ancestor simulations); or
  • Posthuman civilizations are very unlikely to run ancestor simulations; or
  • The human civilization is almost certainly living in a computer simulation.
A “posthuman” civilization would have such a great computing power that even if a tiny percentage of them decided to run reality-like simulations of ancestral life, the number of simulated ancestors would significantly exceed that of actual ancestors.
Simply put, we either will become extinct before we reach such a level of technological progress; no advanced civilization was ever interested in running “ancestor simulations;” or we are most probably living in a computer simulation.
According to Bostrom, it’s difficult to choose between the three options, based on the data about the reality that we have today. But Musk seems to be quite confident that the third option is true. In any case, all of this is just speculation and we are yet to unlock the mysteries of the universe, reality and our own existence. Who knows, maybe we indeed are living in a sort of Matrix.
Watch the full length interview with Elon Musk in the video below:

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August 21st, 2016: Minor grammar corrections were made throughout the introductory text of this article. 


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