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10 Ways To Identify A Fake User Account On Facebook

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Social media is quickly becoming the dominant form of information dissemination and review for the common person. More people are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram than those watching mainstream news outlets. As a result, certain government agencies, corporations, and other groups have a keen interest in finding ways to manipulate public opinion.

Propaganda, in an age of pandemic disempowerment, ignorance, and enslavement, is absolutely necessary. In the past, individuals relied on mainstream media such as television, radio, and newspapers to receive their social programming or mass mind control manipulation. But today, with the advent of the internet, the individual has more freedom of choice with respect to media than ever before.

In response to the paradigm shift of how information is accessed by the public, our would-be masters have instituted all manner of manipulation tactics. Censoring information on social media is commonplace but a more nefarious practice is the use of fake accounts by paid government disinformation operatives—called trolls. The police are also creating fake accounts to monitor the activity of potential suspects, in which case, no interactions with other users need occur. 

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Now not all trolls are paid government shills. Anyone can make fake user accounts on social media, and often times, users who want to protect their identity, do so. So while a knee-jerk reaction to fake accounts is to assume they are made for nefarious purposes, not all are. Those stepping into the truther movement or waking up to the corruption of this world often don't feel comfortable sharing or commenting on posts that are controversial, as such, the use of fake accounts with this population has gone up.

In other words, there are no magic bullets. Some fake accounts are government trolls, some are trolls in general, and others are just people trying to protect their identity. So in our efforts to weed out disingenuous people, taking things on a case by case basis is probably a good idea. And that is essentially what Greg Prescott suggests in the below article. 

- Justin

Source - Gateway To Victory

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Have you noticed an increase in friend requests? Have you ever wondered if any of those are REAL people?

I have a suspicion that many people, especially those of high profile, are being bombarded with a plethora of fake Facebook friend requests.


If you are disseminating important information that goes against the Cabal’s agenda, then flooding your 5,000 Facebook friend limit with fake accounts would prevent your information reaching REAL people who would benefit from it.

I check each and every friend request I receive. Numerous times, I have seen at least one Facebook friend listed as a “mutual friend” by such requests. In many of these profiles, the first and most recent post is porn related. When this happens, I notify the mutual friend and will remind them to take the time to see who they are friending.

But there are other reasons why fake accounts are being created.

According to a report on Tech.Mic, police departments around the nation have taken predictive crime prevention to a new level by building fake user accounts, as well as posing as genuine people to gather information about local events. (1)

10 Ways To Identify A Fake User Account On Facebook
  1. Account was made recently 2015, 2016.
  2. Account has no history published for earlier years, but Facebook says they have been a member since 2009, etc.
  3. Most fake accounts have 1 image or no real profile photo of the person. Some may only have a select few photos over a long span of time. A well seasoned user would have more photos posted over a long period of time. A fake account may have 7-10 photos posted on the same day.
  4. User has very few friends in common and or friends in general.
  5. There is little to no interaction on their page with friends, no comments, likes or responses over their long time line.
  6. Profile picture seems to good to be true, that hot model added you today! They even messaged you and are interested in you!
  7. When in doubt use reverse image search. Take their image and see if it is a real person or not.
  8. When in doubt deny, deny, deny.
  9. The user doesn’t “like” any bands, books, or movies.
  10. The user doesn’t belong to any groups.

A few Facebook tips:

I am probably more judicial than most Facebook users. I won’t add anyone who I can’t see their page, nor will I add anyone who floods their wall with political posts. If they haven’t posted in at least a month, then chances are, they’re not active on Facebook, so I won’t add them either.

Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule but in general, these trends seem to weed out inactive profiles and political clutter on my Facebook feed.

If you go through your friends list, you will see some profiles without a picture. Many of these users are no longer on Facebook but are still counted against your 5,000 friend limit.

If you click on their name and they are no longer on Facebook, then you will be redirected back to your personal Facebook page. At that point, you can officially “unfriend” them and free up more room to add more people.

Take the time to see who is friending you. Facebook is a numbers game to a lot of people, but I’d rather have a small number of quality friends than a maxed out 5,000 limit of fake profiles or a plethora of people posting crap I don’t want to see on my newsfeed.

Reference: (1)
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