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Transhumanism vs. Ascension | The Skingularity is Near – Free eBook by William Henry

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Update - I have added a downloadable pdf version of Henry's book below.

The following is a video introduction to a free eBook produced by researcher and presenter William Henry. 

Henry is known for his work in deciphering iconic art from antiquity as well as researching the hidden techniques of ascension or the Rainbow Body as described by eastern philosophies. 

I have yet to read Henry's book but one might assume that the lines between ascension and transhumanism are being blurred. However, I think the idea of merging with machines to gain super-human abilities is the Cabal's way of trying to appeal to the primal urge to evolve and grow within each of us. 

Transhumanism in this sense, is a kind of lame version of ascension, also known as enlightenment, spiritual awakening, self mastery, transfiguration, to name a few 

In case one concludes transhumanism is beneficial, I offer the following.

The idea of upgrading biology and consciousness via merging with machines is similar to ascension. But the major difference is how one achieves transcendence. If it requires dependence on technology, it's probably not desirable in the long term.

I would argue that transhumanism is a short-sighted attempt to avoid humanities current challenges in an effort to skip ahead in the evolutionary plans of creation. It is the idea that humanity is a flawed organism and has no hope of overcoming this without the aide of technology. But this view does not acknowledge the power of consciousness and our innate ability to evolve via free will choice. 

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The price of walking down the path of transhumanism is great. 

According to Corey Goode, a secret space program insider, and whistleblower, there are many extraterrestrial civilizations that have fallen as a result of merging with machines. 

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Research and careful consideration should be done in an effort to avoid any choice that causes the further loss of sovereignty and inalienable rights in the name of false progress. 

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Henry's work in highlighting the similarities between transhumanism and ascension, in my view, underscores the insanity of avoiding the latter in favor of the former.

Why would anyone want to destroy the natural body in favor of a cybernetic existence, when simply doing the spiritual work imparts the same abilities, but without the limitations? 

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- Justin

[Download – The Skingularity is Near – Free eBook by William Henry]

Source - William Henry

by  William Henry

Can you imagine replacing your skin with a superskin, a translucent ‘robe of light’, composed of digital technology that shines or is illuminated in rainbow colors?

Can you imagine revealing a rainbow light body from deep within yourself?

THE SKINGULARITY IS NEAR: The Next Human, the Perfect Rainbow Light Body and the Technology of Human Transcendence documents the emergence of a new or second skin for humanity and with it the ‘next human’. It is an era in which we radically enhance and transform the human body and transcend skin and biology. It is expected to happen within one generation.

The transformation or transcendence of humanity has long been prophesied, especially by Christianity. Most people in the world are not aware of recent advances or what is to come. Explosive change has occurred. Massive change is ahead. The book title is a word play on ‘Singularity’, when the machines we are making become artificially intelligent, totally aware and take over. It is the ‘elephant in the room’ few are presently talking about, but everyone soon will be discussing.

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This work is intended as a primer, a brief introduction to a vast, rapidly evolving subject and larger work. It is a starting point for readers wishing to catch up on where we have been and on the path before us.

As William sees it, two ‘elephants of transcendence’ are now before us. One grey. One pink.

Grey. We will enmesh a spectrum of inorganic digital technology in our skin (and everything else) and entangle (some say enslave) ourselves further in a ‘smart’ synthetic brain (or invisible prison) that clouds our home planet’s atmosphere with technology and eliminates Free Will. The world’s largest corporations are developing this technology. Millions have signed on. Incomprehensible benefits and challenges await. Trillions of dollars are at stake.

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Pink. We will remain natural or organic beings and spiritually craft a rainbow light body that insures our freedom, and also leads to a post biological future in a consciousness of heightened awareness in which humans transform the earth into a planet of light and love. Before you say, ‘yeah right’, one should realize that millions of people who practice yoga, meditate, visualize and study methods of ascension are on this path. Their ascension can save our world.

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Grey or pink? We each can only make one choice. Doing nothing is not possible for reasons that will be explained.

We are living THE TURNING POINT all of history has been rushing towards. The future of humanity IS IN OUR hands.

To receive your free copy of The Skingularity Is Near send an email to William Henry at
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