Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando Shooting Crisis Actor Caught in Fox News Footage? Red-Shoed Man, Carried Away on Camera Stands Up on Wounded Thigh and Pushes Good Samaritan

Courtesy of Texas Shrugged Book.
Screenshot of good samaritan giving cameras a thumbs up
after setting a victim of the Orlando shootings on the ground.

During the June 12th Orlando Shootings, a Fox News crew captured what presumably was a severely injured man being carried away to nearby paramedics. But just before reaching them, the group carrying the man sets him down and they all appear to enjoy a moment of jubilation for their temporary fame on the news.

Fox News aired the footage of the victim (wearing red shoes) who stands up on his injured leg shortly after passing by news cameras.

The key moment in the video occurs when good samaritans set the red-shoed man on the ground after they think they're off camera.

At this point, he pushes against one of the good samaritans to the right of him, in the black shirt and pants. When he makes that push, he squats down slightly showing no sign of injury on what should be a highly damaged thigh muscle.

Here's the video:

Looking towards the left (the side obscured by another good samaritan wearing a light blue shirt and white pants), the injured man squats down momentarily when he pushes the man in the black shirt, putting all his weight on his legs, forcing the upper leg muscle to flex from the strain. This was on the same thigh that was apparently injured by the lone wolf shooter Omar Mateen's AR15 assault rifle.

Just to the left of the man in a light blue shirt and white pants, the red-shoed man (wearing blue jeans) is leaning forward and exerting pressure on his leg, which forces the thigh muscle to flex from the shift in weight. This would have been
extremely painful if it was a genuine injury. 

It also appears that the red-shoed victim tried to give "daps," or shake hands quickly with the man in the black shirt as a show of mutual accomplishment that they had successfully shot the scene.

This man's leg, if shot with a weapon of this strength, would have sustained considerable damage. If an artery was hit, which it seems to have been given the tourniquet, then why would they stop only one block away from responders?

In addition, the man who is pushed in the black shirt looks back at the camera, appears to smile, and then gives a "thumbs up" gesture.

What is the explanation for what was just seen in this footage? 

I think it's obvious. This is clearly staged news footage involving crisis actors. But despite this example, there appears to be genuine victims involved.

For more on this developing story see the following.

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- Justin

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