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Orlando Hospital Staffers being FORCED to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements over Gay Nightclub Shooting

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) This article is from the 18th, but still has several points of interest worthy of consideration. 

I was unable to confirm if hospital employees were in fact forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. If anyone has more information to corroborate this, please contact me

At the bottom of this article is an alleged photograph of a victim of the shooter, Omar Mateen. Apparently, the original is a complete body shot, including holes from bullet entry and bloody underwear. If this photograph is valid, it confirms that there were, in fact, actual victims. 

Some have contended that the entire shooting was staged, but I received reports from friends that they lost people in the attack. As such, take care not to radicalize your point of view insofar as declaring this whole event a hoax. 

It appears people did really die, that much we seem to be able to confirm at this point; but there are still more questions than answers.
- Justin

Source - Superstation 95

by Newsroom

In a strange twist to the mass-murder at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL last weekend, SuperStation95 has learned that Emergency Room staff are being coerced by federal agents into signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement for all aspects of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting incident. Anyone who refuses is allegedly walked right out the door by federal agents!

What are they hiding?

The HIPAA law already protects patient privacy, so staff are already forbidden to discuss patient injuries or treatment. What else could be going on in that hospital, connected to this incident, that the feds want to keep secret?

Too bad for the government that the harder they try to conceal the facts, the MORE INFORMATION flows to us in the media! Like the photo above [moved to the end of this article]; and a lot (really a LOT) more!


For instance, when will the authorities in Florida reveal that an individual allegedly named Byrion Parks was arrested as a "second shooter" in a bathroom on Floor 6A of the Orlando Regional Medical Center on the night of the Pulse Nightclub shooting . . . only to be RELEASED by police?

It was, after all, this person who allegedly triggered the "Silver Alert" inside the hospital causing it to go into lock-down.

A Silver Alert is the code at the Orlando Regional Medical Center for "active shooter in the building."

Was Byrion Parks a second shooter or was he just another victim?

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The Media Relations telephone at Orlando Police Headquarters is never answered by a person. All calls go to voice mail and at the end of the greeting, media callers find out "This mailbox is full and cannot accept any messages." It's been this way for about a week.

Why isn't the Orlando Police Department cooperating with the media?

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A number of the people being shown on television as "victims" of this incident have been shown to have profiles as "Actors" on the IMDb actor registry web site . . . including the alleged Shooter, Omar Mateen!

How is it that so many "Actors" just happen to be involved in this "attack?"

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Video broadcast by the media has showed several "victims" with blood coming out of a pants leg, being carried past an MRI facility and a Dunkin Donuts, both on the same side of the street as the Pulse Nightclub, but both of which are several hundred feet away from the Pulse Nightclub, and nowhere near the police line set up near the club. Yet these "victims" are shown on TV being carried back toward the Pulse Nightclub, WHILE THE SHOOTER IS STILL ALIVE!

If these people were actually shot, how did they manage to get several hundred feet up the road -- where there were no police -- just to be carried back through an active shooting zone, be conveniently walked past the cameras, then loaded onto pick-up trucks to be removed from the scene?

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The former wife of alleged shooter Omar Mateen has publicly stated Mateen was gay. She has also publicly revealed that federal agents repeatedly told her to keep that information quiet! The feds were allegedly emphatic with the first wife, that she not reveal Omar Mateen had gay tendencies. Why?

In whose interest would it be to conceal the fact that the guy may have been gay? Why ask the first wife to keep it quiet?

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The questions above are just SOME of the questions that the media is confronted with and authorities are not only NOT answering, they're compelling Hospital Workers to sign non-disclosure agreements!

A number of folks in the media are now quietly saying to each other that something stinks about this "mass shooting." This is compounded by a firestorm of claims rampaging through the Internet which claim that the entire "mass-murder" was some sort of "false flag" perpetrated by government to provide an excuse to impose gun control. Those claims are raging and the refusal of authorities to provide answers is only compounding the problem.

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Photo was originally at the top of the article.

Oh, one more thing: About the photo at the top of this story . . . . we edited it. We actually have the entire body photo, complete with bullet holes in the chest and the bloody underwear still on the body, as it lay on an examining table in what is presumably the Medical Examiner's Office; we chose NOT to publish that complete image . . . yet.

Stay tuned.

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