Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Looking out from Within – Transhumanism | June 30th 2016 with Yvonne Palermo and Justin Deschamps

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I will be joining Yvonne Palermo to interview Jim Nichols discussing Transhumanism and related topics.

You can post questions or comments in preparation for the show here, in the Facebook Group Looking Out From Within

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Jim Nichols UFO Illustrator/researcher

As of 1980, an association with a world renowned UFO researcher, Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (Ret.), inspired Jim to launch into serious UFO illustrations, producing an extraordinary body of work that has since been published internationally in magazines, articles, books and the internet. His art was featured on “The History Channel’s “UFO Hunters” and Unsealed Alien Files Season 1, Episode 10: “Nazis and UFOs” features his art also.

The notoriety he gained as a UFO artist earned him a co-host seat on a weekly, Tucson Public Access Television program entitled, "UFOAZ Talks". This popular award winning program ran from 1991 through 1997, and was aired across the country.

After more than thirty years of UFO research, Jim has become a prolific writer, posting many blog essays on his web site, examining the political and social impact of a possible extra-terrestrial reality.
More recently Jim has devoted his creativity to video journalism producing numerous video documentaries based on his blog essays. One of which entitled, “The Aldebaran Mystery” earned two EBE-Awards at 2010’s International UFO Conference in Laughlin, Nevada.

Since his 2010 video debut, Jim’s 12 UFO video productions for UFOTV Youtube have reached an audience of nearly five million viewers.

His latest production is: UFOs, Kennedy, Nixon, and the Alien Presence 

These presentations can be either viewed on UFOTV Youtube or read as blogs on his website: jimnicholsufo.net

As well, Jim has recently posted an ‘Exopolitics’ video mini-series at: Jim Nichols UFO Video, now on Youtube!

Since 2012 Jim’s research has evolved beyond the UFO enigma into the mystery of human consciousness itself and other topics that he engages each month at his Tucson meet-up called “Quantum Horizons”.

Looking out from within is a live 2 hour show Hosted by Yvonne Palermo and Justin Deschamps on the last Thursday of every month 6pst pst/9pm est. The show will focus on a single topic for discussion. 30 days prior to airing, a feed is created to generate community questions and information on the topic. The format of the show is to feature a guest relative to the topic that can lend both their personal insight while also engaging with the community through conversation and questions. First hour we will look at the “nuts and bolts information” available to the general public, discuss this with our guest with the intention of educating the listening audience with some grounded facts regarding the topic. In the second hour the shows format moves to how this topic and the information in the first half relates to the hosts, guest and listeners on a personal level while also fielding live chat questions on the topic. The intent for the show is to bridge the gap between the literal information about a topic with the internal personal experience regarding how the topic affects you directly. Please join us and follow the page.

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