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Hidden Meaning of Mortgage, Corporation, Money, Promissory Notes, Debt, and more | The Occult Definition of Mortgage: Why You Should Never Get a Mortgage

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I have included both the video and original article, The Occult Definition of Mortgage: Why You Should Never Get a Mortgage, in this post. I also included related links and an expanded definition of legal instruments or fictions and how they represent metaphysical things or ideas. 

The meanings provided by PL Chang below are only one perspective, and in my view, reflect a high degree of understanding. But unlike other subject matter, legal and lawful systems can be described in many different ways. It is the concept itself which is the most important to comprehend, not memorizing the words associated with one description or another. And while the legal system is used to create many problems for humanity, it is only a tool. 

A tool can be used properly for the benefit of humanity or it can be used improperly and cause issues we are presently dealing with as a people. The key differences between these two states are knowledge and willingness to use a tool honorably, in ways that do no harm

As a people seeking to gain freedom from a world filled with deceptions and tyranny, dispelling our personal ignorance of all things is essential. Most especially the legal system that is the interface between metaphysical realms of consciousness and the material world of objects and things. It is this metaphysical reality of agreements, contracts, trusts, and so on which facilitates cooperation between creator beings (humans). As such, we would do well to ensure we understand these systems completely so as to take steps to stop any participation in things that are harmful to ourselves and others. 

PS - is another excellent resource of information related to all these topics and more. At present, it is undergoing construction, and will be available again as time goes on. 

- Justin

Source - Omnithought

by PL Chang

On December 3, 2015, I wrote and published an article titled The Occult Definition of Mortgage: Why You Should Never Get a Mortgage. On December 15, 2015, Youtuber Chua Chye Koon turned this article into a video. If you have not read this article and are interested in the forbidden secrets of the mortgage industry, I encourage you to watch the following short video. If you would rather read the article, visit this page.

Here is a short summary of the video below that explains why a mortgage is a pledge to the dead:
The word mortgage/mort-gage originated from two Old French words, which are mort and gage. In Old French, mort means dead and gage means pledge. The word pledge comes from Old French plegier, meaning “to promise” or “to solemnly promise or guarantee”. defines pledge as “a solemn promise or agreement to do or refrain from doing something”.

To connect the dots, when you take out a mortgage, you unknowingly make a pledge (promise) to the dead. This is the general occult definition of the word mortgage. So, what is the dead? The dead represents the Dark Forces (groups of demons) and their corporations (corpses or dead bodies).
[Also, mortgages, and all "legal instruments" are "dead" (corporations) because they cannot make decisions or take actions without an individual acting as an agent. Consider that a corporation without employee's, shareholders, corporate officers, and so on, can't do anything. The corporation itself is just an organization created by other living things, and as such, is "dead" unless a living person performs an action in the name of a corporation.

I offered an in depth analysis of legal instruments and fictions in the below linked article. It describes more generally how fictional concepts are used to facilitate co-creation or manifestation in human society. And that legal documents are adorned with filigree because they are meant to represent metaphysical things (ideas) on paper. Mortgages are one example of a legal instrument, or a metaphysical object that only exists within the mind and therefore has no living body in reality. I will also include some excerpts that are relevant to this article]

Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 5 - Episode 4: Symbiotic Relationships of Ascension - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

>>> Begin Excerpt <<<

Connection between Blue Border of Official Documents and Blue Orb Symbolism 

Before we begin this analysis, all references to mind and consciousness below are integrative of emotions and intuition. The mind is not only intellectual it is also creative, intuitive, and holistic. As such, when referring to mind, it is a reference to both analytical and logical processes, as well as emotional and intuitive processes. 

The use of filigrees on adorned official documentation, often employing the color blue (in the examples below), represents a portal or gateway into the realm of mind or the metaphysical universe. Official documents normally bear these artistic borders on certificates, bonds and negotiable instruments for a specific reason. The realm of causes, also known as the causal plane, is where ideas, desires and the methods for achieving them reside. The causal plane is primary to the realm of effects—the material or physical world.
"First things first" – is a reference to the realm of causes or mind, that before we can accomplish something in the physical, the proper internal state of consciousness must be invoked. This is one of the core allegories or teachings of the iconic art presented by Henry. 
The blue orb beings and depictions of blue portals or stargates are also connected to the realm of mind and consciousness. The Sphere Being Alliance, according to Goode, is a high-density order of life, which has ascended so far up the scale that they no longer need physical bodies. They exist in a state of pure consciousness. For human beings, the closest thing at hand is the realm of imagination or mind. Only within imagination can we conceive of life without a physical body. Also, consider that the body itself is a community of other living things and that, as higher order beings, we inhabit or indwell the body; again suggesting the mind and consciousness can exist in a pure form. 

Consider that when we imagine doing something (normally referred to as setting a goal, forming a desire, concocting a plan or objective), it initially exists in a state of pure consciousness, the same realm where these high order beings apparently reside. In other words, a part of us is already operating within this realm of pure consciousness or mind; but unlike higher evolved races, we use a physical body to gain experience which catalyzes the mind, triggering growth. For example, the body observes and the mind generates meaning. But these higher orders of life are able to catalyze their consciousness without using a physical body, existing beyond space and time, just like the mind does.

The Color Blue and the Metaphysical Realm

The third density, according to the Law of One, is represented by the color yellow. The fourth density is represented by the color green. And the fifth density is represented by the color blue. As such, the symbolism within this model suggests that the color blue is of the mental or metaphysical planes of existence, where life is more mental than material. Therefore, these higher order beings are associated with the color blue because they hail from a density of life that is above the fifth. 

The color blue is also connected to communication, within the Vedic chakra system as well as the Law of One. Communication is a metaphysical enterprise; the fruit of successful communication is the transmission and receipt of ideas, an agency of mind. These are metaphysical things or constructions of thought, which once received, change the being in their perspective and resulting desires. This is one reason why the color blue is intimately connected to the metaphysical realm, and also why it is used as a key element within iconic imagery. The overarching message is that what is contained within the ring of blue, or sitting atop, is partially meant to represent a deeply symbolic or allegorical message. The scope of the messages transmitted in this way is not singular but contains many layers of meaning, each with a specific message or element and often connected to each other.

On Earth, we use legal instruments (documents) in the same way iconic painters did, to refer to the realm of mind and consciousness. What is contained within the document is a communication, a set of ideas that are metaphysical, existing in a state of pure consciousness—just like ascended beings do. 

This is important to understand because it relates specifically to higher density realities which are represented in iconic art pieces. Before we analyze that we shall review how these symbolic portals or stargates are used in our world today.

Image Source. Blue portal symbolism drawn around official documents.
Image Source. Blue portal symbolism drawn around official documents.

Briefly, the world of fictions or metaphysical things is the foundation of the legal or justice system. The parts of society that are metaphysical are contracts, trusts, legal codes, policies, corporations, governments, and so on, and exist only as ideas within the mind. Anything that is metaphysical, like a name, is known as a legal fiction within these schools of thought. The concept of legal fictions (which again is simply a metaphysical thing that exists only within the mind) is a crucial concept to understand for many reasons, especially when deciphering iconic symbolism.

Metaphysical Things, Contracts, Legal Fictions, Corporations and the Mechanics of Co-creation

Fictions are metaphysical things (ideas) that the mind employs to represent other things, which could be physical or metaphysical in nature.

Your name is one example of this, an arbitrary metaphysical thing (a thought-form) that represents an entity in the material realm, your body. It is fictional because there is nothing about your physicality that reveals an association to this name, save the fact that you choose to use it. This name is not printed on your forehead, it is not encoded in your DNA, it was arbitrarily given to you by your parents at birth, and by way of social convention, you continued to use it after gaining self-awareness.

The point is, a name is fictional or metaphysical, but our use of it has real effects. We use legal fictions to facilitate co-creation. When two or more embodiments of consciousness come together to affect reality (a general definition for a contract), they use fictional or metaphysical things, ideas, to facilitate the process. Words are also fictions because it is a physical symbol that has a metaphysical meaning. Without a mind and consciousness to assign meaning to the symbol, a word is meaningless; it is some just lines on a piece of paper or a sound-wave ringing through the air. What we're discussing is the mechanics of symbolism or that things (whether physical or metaphysical) can represent other things. This ability for an observer (an embodiment of consciousness) to recognize the metaphysical properties of a thing—its meaning—facilitates co-creation with other embodiments. Without a capacity to know and comprehend meaning one cannot participate in certain activities.

For example, a dog can understand symbols to a certain extent. It can be trained to know that one hand signal or another means sit down or stay. However, a dog is not capable of understanding complex metaphysical things, like sentences or written words. And if we look at all known forms of life, the greater the capacity for metaphysical comprehension (the ability to decipher meaning), the greater one's capacity to co-create with others. In other words, the more expanded and integrated a mind becomes, the more powerfully it can realize what it desires or imagines—increasingly empowered skills of co-creation.

The key concept to understand here is that in our world, the more one evolves in consciousness, the more the use of fictions or metaphysical realities takes place. The more consciousness expands or evolves, the more powerfully it can be used to see far or plan and coordinate with others to affect the physical world. And the primary tool we use to navigate the world of metaphysical things is the mind.

Consider that everything that has been created by human hands was first an idea held within the mind. When two beings come together to create something, they plan or coordinate their physical movements by using fictions or representations to do it: language. And once they find a harmony of minds, or, once both their intended goals are in agreement, they bring forth this metaphysical thing into manifested reality, an idea becomes an object.

The symbolism or analogy of the blue sphere, in this case, like in the realm of legal fictions, represents realities beyond the physical. A corporation is also a legal fiction, a metaphysical thing. The word corporation within an esoteric interpretation of its phonetic components means,
Corp = Corporeal, of or relating to the flesh or material world
Oration = Oration, a formal speech, especially one given during a ceremony
Corporeal + Oration = Corporation, to make real through speaking, or to affect reality via communication.
In other words, corporations are metaphysical things created by an individual speaking or performing a ceremony or ritual that generates physical effects in reality. As we discussed earlier, communication is a metaphysical ceremony or act, a form of co-creation between two or more minds. And if we consider what corporations are on Earth, then it becomes obvious that without communication (oration) a corporation cannot exist. 

For example, all contracts, trust arrangements, promissory notes, money, negotiable instruments, mortgages, and so on, are metaphysical things, a creation of one or more beings endowed with a mind capable of consenting to an agreement. The paper document we normally associate to these things is only ever, a receipt, a copy, analog or representation of an originally metaphysical thing. Let me say that again for clarity: a contract is an agreement between two beings of consciousness, which can be expressed as a written document, but the document itself has no power or authority other than what individuals agree to. Without a living being breathing life into a contract, the piece of paper is meaningless. 

In other words, all contracts can be renegotiated or "canceled" if one's mind has changed, because the mind is the foundation for all agreements. If one signed a contract without truly understanding it (without properly reflecting what it contained within their mind) then it would be null and void in its creation. This is why the second element of a binding contract is negotiation or offer—the phase where one mind is transmitting ideas to another and the end result of which is agreement, the same idea reflected in two minds

The word agreement, again within an esoteric interpretation, means:
Agree = Aggregate, a whole formed by the combining of two or more parts or elements
Ment = Mentis, of or relating to mind
Aggregated Mentis = Agreement, the same mental image (an understanding) reflected in at least two minds, forming a unified mind. 
As an aside, in our world today we are taught the reverse, that the world of representations, receipts or paper documents we use to codify metaphysical agreements is more important than the minds of the individuals that gave them life in the first place. This is the idea that even if we didn't understand what we were agreeing to, we are still beholden to it. But this is a fallacy. The truth is, the mind and consciousness is the backbone for all fictional or metaphysical undertakings. Therefore, if no real agreement (a meeting of the minds), took place, then there was no valid contract. And, because experience changes the mind, all contracts can be renegotiated in ways that are honorable, fair and transparent. The ability to renegotiate contracts honorably is the quality of a sovereign, one who understands natural law and the fundamentals of a universe based on consciousness. 

The importance of these concepts is much deeper than the dry tedium of legal documents. What is acknowledged by the legal system in deed but not in name is that the mind is the foundation for all change, and it is this element which is codified within the iconic works presented by Henry in this episode.

The Occult Definition of Mortgage: Why You Should Never Get a Mortgage

Source - Waking Science

The Occult Definition of Mortgage: Why You Should Never Get a Mortgage

by PL Chang

Every year millions of people all over the world go to the bank to apply for a mortgage, so they can use it to purchase a home. What they do not know is that a mortgage is one of the financial instruments that the Controllers (the leaders of the New World Order) and their masters (the Dark Forces) like to use to enslave them and drain their energy.
The overt definition of the word mortgage is “a conveyance of an interest in property as security for the repayment of money borrowed.” OxfordDictionaries.comdefines mortgage as “The charging of real (or personal) property by a debtor to a creditor as security for a debt (especially one incurred by the purchase of the property), on the condition that it shall be returned on payment of the debt within a certain period.”

The Occult Definition of Mortgage

The two definitions of mortgage in the previous paragraph only define mortgage at the surface level. To find its deeper meanings, you need to use an etymology dictionary to find the origin of the word mortgage and split it into two words “mort-gage“.
The word mortgage/mort-gage originated from two Old French words, which are mort and gage. In Old French, mort means dead and gage means pledge. The word pledge comes from Old French plegier, meaning “to promise” or “to solemnly promise or guarantee”. defines pledge as “a solemn promise or agreement to do or refrain from doing something”.
To connect the dots, when you take out a mortgage, you unknowingly make a pledge (promise) to the dead. This is the general occult definition of the word mortgage. So, what is the dead? The dead represents the Dark Forces (groups of demons) and their corporations (corpses or dead bodies). As defined in my article titled The Occult Definition of Convict and the Hidden Role of Judges.
Did you know the word corporation (corp-o-ration) has the word corpse in it, and therefore its hidden definition is “a dead body“. The word corporation can also be written as corp. Phonetically, the root word corp sounds similar to the word corpse, which is defined as “a dead body, usually of a human being.” Do you still need more evidence? According to Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Edition, a corporation is “an artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of a state.” An artificial person is considered a dead entity, because it does not exist in the real world.
The word mortgage also has a strong connection to the words morgue and mortuary. This is why the place where dead bodies are stored is called a morgue. Mortgages are created in a way that makes them hard to pay off, so that the people who sign a mortgage (a pledge to the dead) agreement have to work most of their lives to pay it off. This allows the debt-based monetary system to drain their energy to charge the dead with currency; the currency that people make from many hours of working at a corporation (dead body).
The word currency and the medium currency are two of the most effective things that the Dark Forces like to use to drain our energy. Here is an excerpt from an empowering article that I wrote about how currency is used to drain our energy.
To find the covert or hidden definition of currency, you need to use phonetics and separate the word currency into two words. When spoken out loud, the word currency sounds similar to “current-sea”. What does a current do in a river? It flows to the sea! Sometimes you have to rely on the phonetics instead of the letters to find the hidden meaning of a word.
What are the things that cause the current to flow? The forces of nature (i.e., gravity) and the elevation of the land. defines current as “something that flows, as a stream.” The flowing movement of currents is what causes the freshwater in the river to flow to the sea. Once the freshwater is in the sea, the water is now part of the “current-sea,” or the “current of the sea.”
The word currency also sounds similar to “current-chi.” In Chinese, the word chi means “natural energy,” “life force,” or “energy flow.” Based on these definitions, currency means the “flow of energy.” When you really think about it, currency is a medium for exchanging energy.
When you go to work at a company, the company often pays you hourly. Every hour is recorded to make sure that you are paid for investing your time and energy into the company. After you have worked for a certain amount of time, you are given a weekly or biweekly paycheck, usually on Friday. Once you take your paycheck to the bank to cash it for currency, the currency now represents your time and energy.
To connect the dots even deeper, you need to know how the word currency is connected to the wordbattery. The content in block quotation below will show you the connection between these two words. It is an excerpt from my informative article titled The Esoteric Definition of Battery.
To find the covert or hidden meanings of the word battery, you need to understand how the wordscharge and battery are used in court and business. Once you learn how to do this and connect the words charge and battery to law, commerce, and business, you will know the deeper meanings of the word battery.
In legal term, when someone gets beaten up, that person is often referred to as a “victim of battery.” If the victim press charges, the person who have committed the battery will be summoned to go to court to face the charges. …
The word battery is an important word in commerce and law, because it has to do with the process of harnessing the energy of humanity. In other words, this is one of the many methods that they used todrain your energy.
This energy is then used by the Controllers to charge their corporations (“corpses” or “dead entities”), banks, and other commerce systems, so that they can keep their game of conning humanity going. Without our energy to charge their corporations and commerce systems, their con game will not have enough power to stay on.
At the spiritual level, people who sign a mortgage are basically signing their life away to the dead. They are also making a promise to the dead to charge it with their energy, so that the dead can stay alive. In other words, they are making a solemn pledge to the dead to ensure that the dead will be repaid andrecharged with energy.
Phonetically, the word dead sounds similar to the word debt. This did not happen by accident. The worddebt also has a strong connection to the word mortgage. When you pay a mortgage/debt/dead, you are committing sin. If you want evidence of this, go to and search for the definition ofdebt and you should see the word sin as one of its definitions. The word sin originated from Old Englishsynn, meaning “moral wrongdoing, injury, mischief, enmity, feud, guilt, crime, offense against God, misdeed”.
The reason why you commit sin when you pay a debt is because you are helping the Dark Forces to enslave the human race. The debt system is controlled by the Dark Forces and they are using it to drain the energy of humanity and harm nature, which are against the Law of Nature (God’s Law). Maybe this is why the Bible verse Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death”. Sin is debt/dead/death.
If you want to understand this sin/crime a little deeper, you need to know how the words mortgage, debt, dead, and battery are all related to the dollar, which is also known as legal tender. According to the 1893 Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, and general literature / The R. S. Peale 9th Encyclopedia Britannica, the word legal means “the undoing of God’s law.” The legal system practices unnatural laws and therefore it is practicing the color of law. In other words, it is an artificial system or a dead/debt system, which is why it needs your currency/current-chi to charge it with energy.
The words mortgage, debt, dead, and battery are all related to the dollar, because the dollar is legal tender or dead money. What do people do with some of their legal tender? They bury it in the banks! What you need to know about the word bank is that it is related to the word currency. Furthermore, both of these words are related to the word river.
What does a river have on its two sides to prevent water from flowing out of it? Riverbanks! Corporatebanks are like rivers because they regulate currency. In other words, they regulate the flow of energy, just like how riverbanks regulate the flow of the energy of water. They did not combine the word river and the word banks to make the word riverbanks by accident.
Banks need to regulate the flow of energy because they need to keep track of the current-chi (flow of energy) to charge the dead/debt. This is why when the dead/debt is not repaid, the banks may send aloan shark after people who refuse to pay the debt/dead. They did not use the term loan shark for no reason. It is all about water and energy, because water carries the current/currency/current-sea/current-chi, which is needed to charge the dead/debt.
By now you should know how the words legal, mortgage, debt, dead, currency, corporation, banks, riverbanks, and battery are all related to the process of harnessing the energy of humanity. This drama is all about tricking humanity to consent to be a “battery“, so that the Dark Forces and their minions (the Controllers) can use us to charge their artificial matrix (dead system). To learn what the artificial matrix is, read my empowering article titled The Artificial Matrix and the Hidden Agenda of Cryptocurrency and study the information in my sixth seminar titled The Matrix Decoded: Decoding the Occult Messages in The Matrix.

What Banks Do Not Tell You About Mortgages and Loans

Today, local banks do not actually lend out lawful money, but instead lend out notes or checks that are backed by a promise to pay. Before lending out these notes or checks, the borrower has to sign documents that have terms and conditions written on them along with a price tag (the amount of money the borrower agrees to pay back).
A more specific name for these documents is “negotiable contracts,” “loan agreements,” or “promissory notes.” Once people sign a “loan” agreement (contract) with a bank, it legally binds them to the terms and conditions of that agreement.
What banks do not tell you is that when you sign a loan agreement or promissory note, you are giving value to that note, because it is backed by your promise to pay. One thing you need to know about a valid agreement (contract) is that it is a mutual agreement. A mutual agreement can not be valid without full disclosure.
Nearly all bank loan agreements today are NOT mutual agreements, because they do not come with full disclosure. As a result, nearly all bank loans (i.e., mortgages) are fraudulent. How is a bank loan agreement fraudulent you may ask? Because once you sign a loan agreement, it becomes a valid promissory note. The bank then uses this note to create “money” out of thin air.
After signing the loan agreement/promissory note, the bank, not referring to a central bank, deposits your promissory note into its account as money, which is actually your money, and then uses your promissory note to exchange for credits in your transaction account, and thereby creating new money. In other words, you are the CREDITOR and therefore the bank does not loan you anything.
After the transaction, the bank turns around and lend you that same money as a bank loan. Did the bank tell you ahead of time that it was going to lend you your own money? Did you agree to allow the bank to lend you your own money? If your honest answer is “no,” then it was not a mutual agreement.
What the bank did is FRAUD because it lent you your own money. By lending you your own money, the bank is making 100 percent profit every time you pay your monthly payment. If you add the interest (rent) into the equation, the bank is making more than 100 percent profit. This is how banks are stealing your money without your knowledge.
For evidence of what I just said, read page 6-7 of Modern Money Mechanics by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. On page 6-7, you will find a sentence that reads “What they do when they make loans is to accept promissory notes in exchange for credits to the borrowers’ transaction accounts.” When the sentence above refers to “they,” it is referring to banks!

Did You Know You Are Not the Owner of Your Home?

When you take out a mortgage, you are NOT the owner but the tenant. In other words, you do not hold legal title to the land. A tenant is defined as “an individual who occupies or possesses land or premises by way of a grant of an estate of some type, such as in fee, for life, for years, or at will. A person who has the right to temporary use and possession of particular real property, which has been conveyed to that person by a landlord.” Another definition of tenant is “a person who occupies real property owned by another based upon an agreement between the person and the landlord/owner, almost always for rental payments.”
As a tenant, you do not legally own your home and land. Furthermore, you are required to pay rent, which is the interest of the mortgage (a pledge to the dead). In other words, the interest is the rent! Banks do not tell you this because they want you to think that you are the owner of your home.
After you buy a home, you are also required to pay property tax, which is the rent owed by your landlord to another landlord. Your landlord is the bank and the bank’s landlord is the state. The state owns the land by claiming that the land is controlled and owned by them through their land registry. The state can make this claim because people do not rebut it and therefore it becomes a fact.

What Can You Do to Free Yourself from Debt

By now you should know why you should never get a mortgage. Taking out a mortgage is like asking for a death sentence. If you have a mortgage and want to know how to free yourself from it, you need to first know how to defend your natural rights. Next, learn how the legal system works.
A great website to help you learn how to defend your natural rights is Another great source is to watch some of Dean Clifford’s seminars and radio interviews on YouTube. Dean knows a lot about trust law and how the legal system really works. Trust law (contract law) is the highest form of man’s law, so by learning how to use it to defend your rights, judges and attorneys will run away from you like scared little kids.
About the Author

Aloha independent thinkers, spiritual truth seekers and freedom lovers! 

My name is Pao L. Chang (PL Chang), and I’m the author and founder of and My main goal is to empower you with knowledge that is beyond the conventional paradigm to help free your mind and increase your spiritual well-being to a whole new level.
Stillness in the Storm Editor's note: Did you find a spelling error or grammar mistake? Do you think this article needs a correction or update? Or do you just have some feedback? Send us an email at sitsshow@gmail.comThank you for reading.


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