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David Wilcock's: Wisdom Teachings – Out with the Old and In with the Floating Cities, Further Disclosures, Plus an In-Depth Investigation into the Concept of 4th Density

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The kingdom of Shambhala described in this article is the same monastery described in the book Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis, a seminal work and essential reading for our waking times—in my view. 

- Justin

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal

The topics discussed in this episode of Wisdom Teachings were revealing, and quite a bit refreshing. When we think of anything relative to partial disclosure, thoughts of UFO's, the Secret Space Program, or the Ancient Builder Race may come to mind.The Wisdom Teachings series has covered so many exciting and other-worldly events, but I find the contrast of the more personal, Earthly subject matters covered to be of great value as well.

This episode included two major disclosures which, as David Wilcock observed, seemed to be more overlooked than other revelations mentioned in the narrative of partial disclosure.

Comedic Propaganda

The discussion begins with one key disclosure which came from Wikileaks. Many of us will remember the 2014 movie, The Interview with Seth Rogen and James Franco. We may also remember the controversy and suspected collusion behind the scenes which revealed this movie to be a form of war propaganda. However, instead of speculating, lets get a more defined answer. We turn to USA Today for an article published on April 16, 2015 regarding the revelations of the Sony hack which took place in early 2015.

WikiLeaks on Thursday published a searchable database of more than 30,000 documents and 173,000 emails leaked from the Sony Pictures Entertainment breach last year.

WikiLeaks, which publishes leaked, secret and classified information, posted the files in an easily searchable format.

It said they were important to keep in the public eye because of Sony's ties to the White House, its extensive lobbying efforts on behalf of copyright law as well as its "connections to the US military-industrial complex," the group said in a release on its site.

In a statement, Sony said it "vehemently disagrees" with the assertion that the material belongs in the public domain.

"The cyber-attack on Sony Pictures was a malicious criminal act, and we strongly condemn the indexing of stolen employee and other private and privileged information on WikiLeaks. The attackers used the dissemination of stolen information to try to harm SPE and its employees, and now WikiLeaks regrettably is assisting them in that effort," the statement read.

The Culver City, Calif.-based company's website was crippled beginning Thanksgiving day of 2014 by hackers who also stole files and emails.

The attack was later linked to North Korea in revenge for Sony's planned release of the Seth Rogen and James Franco movie, The Interview, which made fun of the secretive nation and ended with the assassination of its leader, Kim Jong Un.

"This archive shows the inner workings of an influential multinational corporation. It is newsworthy and at the centre of a geo-political conflict. It belongs in the public domain. WikiLeaks will ensure it stays there," said Julian Assange, WikiLeaks' founder.

The documents and emails give an easily-accessible picture of what's normally hidden at a large multinational corporation.

They include connections between Sony and the Democratic Party, an email asking executives to donate to a $50,000 for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his anti-piracy work and links to the RAND Corporation, which WikiLeaks calls a part of "the military-industrial complex."

There's also a great deal of information about the movie world, including emails about Sony's films as well as movies and TV shows produced by rivals.

It's important to stress the point that all of this information was hidden from the public eye, and that it required a hacking attack to bring it to light. We hear all of this information coming forward which is severely damaging to the image of the Sony company, and to top it all off, Sony doesn't even deny any of it. They simply disagree that it should be in the public eye. Lets take a look at why it is so necessary to remain in public view.

Sony hack may be linked to James Franco comedy

It may have already been public knowledge that Sony has close ties to government by way of their lobbying stance. What was not known was just how close their relationship to government was.

Wikipedia - RAND Corporation

As Wilcock states, Michael Lynton, Sony's CEO has close ties to the Rand Corporation--an entity which is known as a part of the Military Industrial Complex. To put it simply, from a business and financial point of view, the MIC (i.e. the cabal) and Sony are virtually the same entity.

(As Wilcock states, the control of Hollywood goes much farther than just one movie. As he has been told, there is no movie that gets made that doesn't have the direct approval of the 'Powers that Were'.)

This connection reveals the common interests between the MIC and one of the biggest entertainment companies in the country. To add, the film The Interview was produced by the Sony company (which means the Rand Corporation produced it as well). Here is another article on the movie, and the inconsistencies the situation was revealed to have.
In light of WikiLeaks shocking publication of over 170,000 internal Sony Pictures emails on Tuesday, the studio faces new embarrassment from conversations betweenMichael Lynton, Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin over top acting talent, high-stakes financial deals, creative disagreements and executive ties to political and military groups.

The data, which has been indexed as a fully searchable archive on WikiLeaks, was sourced from the devastating cyberattack on the studio in November 2014. The site’s founder Julian Assange qualified the publication of the material as showing “the inner workings of an influential multinational corporation. It is newsworthy and at the center of a geo-political conflict… It belongs in the public domain.”

Sony blasted WikiLeaks’ position, saying they “vehemently disagree with WikiLeaks’ assertion that this material belongs in the public domain and will continue to fight for the safety, security and privacy of our company.”

Also Read: Sony Hack Attack Timeline: From First Cyberbreach and Leaks to 'The Interview' Release (Photos)

Here some of the initial findings from WikiLeaks’ Sony Hack archive:

1. RAND Corp Advised Sony on North Korea and “The Interview”
In June 2014, long before the Sony hack would rock the studio, a North Korean spokesman called “The Interview’ a “wanton act of terror.” The movie’s star Seth Rogen responded to the comments with a tweet, prompting an email from Sony PR chief Charlie Sipkins, saying he “was told not to engage.”

This article demonstrates just how much control Sony Music has over the actors they hire. It seems that in Seth Rogen's tweet, he broke the rules by responding to public criticism, and was quickly directed by the Sony representative not to engage.

Michael Jackson's Direct Opposition to the Cabal - Speech against Sony

(One point to note... Wilcock makes the point that it is not only Sony that is in collusion with cabal interests. It is actually all corporate entertainment. To add to this point, if cabal interests aim to control the thoughts, opinions, and emotions of the masses, why would they do it half way, or allow an environment for competition? This type of mind control requires total, media saturation in order to be effective. This is why it is advantageous for them to buy out all of corporate media and entertainment to accomplish their goal of control.)

The article also reveals that there was never any threat from North Korea to begin with. This can clearly be seen by Rogen and Nicole Seligmen joking about the response from North Korea. So we have Sony controlling the actors it hires and instructing them not to respond to criticism of the propaganda films it produces, as Wilcock states.

10 Revelations From WikiLeaks’ Sony Hack Emails

The Interview had to be one of the most provocative, nationally insensitive, war-mongering movies made in ages. This was a movie produced by a company that is in full knowledge of the national tension between the United States and North Korea. Yet here we see them deliberately and overtly mocking North Korean nationality and being as antagonistic as possible. However, there is one piece of information which is key for our perspective.

David Wilcock raises two key points. The first is that behind the scenes, North Korea is a cabal-controlled entity. The North Korean government cannot so much as sneeze without permission from their controllers. According to Wilcock's testimony from insiders, there was never any threat, as both the U.S. and North Korea were under the hand of the same manipulative trouble-makers.

The Anatomy of Propaganda – Examining Multiple Tactics of Psychological Manipulation in Media Today
These cabalists have made a career out of provoking war and causing international upheaval as a source of massive income. They cause conflict and death whenever they can, but just like always, they need the consent of the people in order to act. This is where apparent war propaganda such as The Interview comes in.

Edward Snowden's Asylum in Russia: Facts and Details

There is one more point which, in the case of The Interview, revealed the plot before it got out of hand. It seemed that just at the right time, this Wikileaks interview came to the forefront of public knowledge. (As Wilcock points out, this leak was key in waking many people up for the first time to the fact that there is foul play going on behind the scenes.) As we have heard from past episodes, we have an Alliance that is fighting to defeat the cabal at every turn (and is winning by leaps and bounds). This Alliance is run by Vladimir Putin, who has a key vantage point which allows the Alliance forces to thwart any problem before it gets out of hand. As David Wilcocks states, it is actually Russia that is running Wikileaks. This is why this article came forward when it did.

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