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Cosmic Disclosure Season 5 - Episode 5: Spiritual Ascension vs. Technology - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

In the third episode of the William Henry sub-series, Corey Goode and David Wilcock discuss the difference between spiritual ascension and technology. 

Of late, transhumanism and the belief that humanity is one day destined to merge with machines and artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise. In the modern world, the average individual spends more time interacting with digital devices than they do with flesh and blood beings. The lure of instant gratification supplied by modern day technology leads many to assume a transhumanist future is all but certain. 

But what if this seeming benefit was actually a Trojan horse in disguise?

As Henry shares in this episode, the Cabal have long cultivated and promoted this dystopic future for humanity. He says that the Cabal has reports dating back to the 1960s wherein NASA claims that the only way humanity can travel the cosmos is by merging with machines. 

And yet the truth of humanity's potential eclipses all the seeming splendor of a transhumanist future. Goode reveals in the beginning of this episode that over the past several months, due to his recent efforts to raise his vibration or become more spiritual, profound physical and mental changes have occurred. He transitioned from eating processed meat and foods to veganism after a nasty bout of food poisoning. Since that time, he has become clear of mind and resolute in his desire for spiritual attainment. 

Henry says that part of the reason for these changes, as explained by his research into the rainbow body technique, is that he is manifesting a light body. The rainbow body method was developed by monks in the east, who have for hundreds of years reached a level of spiritual ascension such that they leave their physical bodies behind. In some cases only hair and fingernails remain, whereas in other examples, the whole body shrinks or shrivels up to only a few centimeters in size. 

Imagery depicted within iconic works of art (revealed in detail in the previous episodes of this sub-series), according to Henry, have the potential to activate or trigger spiritual ascension. This is partially explained by mirror neurons, which modern medicine has identified as the biological component of empathy. In short, part of the brain cannot differentiate between observed events and direct experiences. As a result, when looking deeply into iconic images, a part of the mind begins to identify with the ascended archetype presented and this literally alters consciousness and the physical body. 

But this seemingly passive aspect of spiritual ascension is not enough, as Henry explains. Contemplation of the divine (critically thinking about the big picture or cosmic realities of existence), provides the required intellectual stimulation to merge the mystical with the scientific. In other words, spiritual progress needed to reach the ascended state is a union of masculine and feminine aspects (the conscious and unconscious mind) wherein philosophy or contemplation of the cosmic is an essential part of a living and real spiritual experience.

Henry contends that latent within each individual is a deep yearning or desire to make contact with the divine. This could be called cosmic curiosity, which explains why humans tend to be captivated with stories of the fantastic and mystical, as well as grand ideas depicted in science fiction. Part of this cosmic yearning is the desire for transcendence, to overcome and evolve beyond the limitations of what it means to be human in the flesh. 

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The Cabal seem to be aware of this desire for transcendence and as such have created a false imitation known as transhumanism. But unlike true spiritual transcendence, transhumanism is an egocentric, limiting, and ultimately self-destructive way of life. Instead of embracing life's challenges so as to gain knowledge and wisdom—the fruit of a truly spiritual path—the promise of transhumanism skips the work and provides all the benefits upfront. Instead of learning through hard work and dedication, individuals can upgrade their brains by implanting an artificial neocortex. 

But the price of merging with machines is an ever increasing dependency on technology and an ever increasing loss of sovereignty or personal freedom. The appeals of an invincible body and enhanced mind appear to the unaware masses as the next step in human evolution but this is only because they are ignorant of true human potential. 

Henry says that while technology can be used for good, humanity does not need technology to ascend. The Cabal want individuals to rely more and more on limiting technology that holds back human potential, instead of enhancing it. Part of this is because transhumanism and AI are intimately connected; the ultimate goal is to take over and enslave society.

Goode has revealed in previous episodes that a malevolent AI exists within the cosmos and has conquered entire galaxies, according to the information he received. AI prophets are individuals who begin espousing a transhumanist worldview, which eventually leads to giving up society and the management of it to a seemingly well-intentioned AI. But according to Goode, once this occurs, the AI quickly turns on the host race, destroying biological life forms as a threat to its existence. 

In other words, transhumanism and those who follow it, are essentially being indoctrinated into a dark vision of the future one that eventually leads to humanity's extinction. But thanks to the work of Henry and others, an incredible amount of information that invalidates the founding tenants of transhumanism is available. One need only contemplate these things in order to make contact with the truth.


Ascension vs Transhumanism is arguably one of the most fascinating and revealing topics of our times. Most of the awakening community has heard about the concept of ascension, whereas most of the unawakened remain blind to the truth.

Transhumanism is Egocentric, Selfish and Shortsighted

Ascension, as was described in previous episodes of the William Henry sub-series, is a state of attainment or an effect caused by consciousness evolution. In the previous episode, Henry provided several iconic art pieces from antiquity that reveal clues as to how one can ascend. While there have been volumes of material written on this topic, almost all of them discuss a technique of changing from within and its resulting effects on our experience of the outer world. 

In other words, the focus of true ascension is to become aware of and master the self whereas the focus of transhumanism is to avoid who we really are in an effort to uplift the egocentric part of ourselves. Transhumanism is founded on an often unacknowledged belief that humanities shortcomings must be avoided, instead of overcome. In essence, ascension is the process of becoming aware of the truth and integrating that into our lives; in contrast, transhumanism is founded on the principle of avoiding fundamental truths so that the idea of a cybernetic future is seen as appealing. 

Frankly, the only way one would desire merging with machines as beneficial is if they are missing all the facts or are mislead about who they really are—if they have limited awareness. This can be briefly summed up as follows. 

Would you cut your arm off if you got a sunburn? Would you replace all the skin on your body with skin grafts to avoid a few freckles? Would you want to replace all your teeth with dental implants because they weren't perfectly white?

These are extreme examples that underscore the point being made here, which is that transhumanism is an extreme choice. Given the option to completely heal our bodies and unlock their hidden potential or to surrender to a cybernetic A.I. (artificial intelligence) enhanced future, I think people would rather have the first option. But if they don't know it exists, then they can't make that choice. And this is why suppression of humanity's true potential is so important to the Cabal and their vision for the future. If even one person realizes all of what they could be, this would make the trappings of the matrix and its promise of a transhumanist world seem short-sighted—because it is. 

Beliefs, Knowledge, and Perception

As was discussed in the previous episode's analysis section, the role of mind in the process of ascending or reaching enlightenment is key. For the purposes of this discussion, emotions, intuition and feelings, are included as mental processes. Anything that has an effect on consciousness can be thought of as mental. But one should not assume that mind or intellect is superior to emotions. In truth, the mind is both intellectual and intuitive; and in expression these things, they work as a unified whole. 

Everything we experience, do, conceive of, and imagine is made possible by the mind and consciousness. Our desires, goals, beliefs and resulting behaviors emanate from this metaphysical part of ourselves that is in the world, yet not of it.

Looking to diet, health and wellness as an example, consider that our desires for food and entertainment pour out from our beliefs and proclivities. If we believe that eating fast food is OK then we're more likely to develop a taste for it. If we believe that the FDA and food manufacturers would never allow toxins into food (a social program disseminated into society) we'll consume products that are intentionally tainted and lead to disease. If we contract cancer, but believe that cures don't exist, we'll never seek for alternative methods.

It is not difficult to recognize that the mind directly impacts perception by way of our beliefs (free will choices) and knowledge; and as a result, what we value in life. Only the most willfully ignorant and mentally inactive people tend to believe that our consciousness has no effect on reality whatsoever. This is understandable because in order to actually see the truth, contemplation or critical thinking is needed, which most people never do because of modern life and the constant distractions it peddles. But the truth is, what we choose to accept as real (our beliefs) is the foundation upon which all our life goals and aspirations are built.

The Mind and Meaning

Belief and knowledge do more than just shape our desires; these things literally determine what we can perceive, our subjective experience. Consider that the physical body is a series of sensory nodes that transmit information into the mind for processing. Yet what the mind can recognize depends on our beliefs and knowledge. For example, if you have no knowledge about how to read, then you can't perceive what is being said in a written statement. Recognizing the meaning of words requires pre-existing knowledge.

Knowledge itself is gained via the mind's ability to impart meaning to things experienced in life, which is metaphysical in nature. Consider that the meaning of a word is not contained within the word itself. The only reason we can make sense of a written word is because we trained our minds to associate arbitrary meanings to the symbols on a page. The meaning of a word is metaphysical; it exists only within the mind of the observer but the symbol associated to it exists as a material thing.

Language is one of the best ways to understand that developing knowledge within the mind directly affects our ability to perceive metaphysical realities. Reading words a demonstration of the mind's ability to recognize patterns and see how two or more things are related to each other.

In natural law, as described by hermetic philosophy, the Principle of Correspondence and Mentalism states that everything in creation—at all levels—is mental in nature and correspondent with all other things. What this means is that everything is related to everything else, separated by degrees of polarization. For example, the only way to actually recognize that hot and cold, light and dark, day and night are two extremes of the same phenomenon, a mind is required. In other words, perceiving relationships is an agency of mind—one of the attributes of consciousness.

Again this is a vast topic to discuss, yet the simple premise is that what enables us to know that reality is ultimately spiritual is the agency of mind. The more true knowledge we acquire the more we reflect the truth within the mind, the more we can see the interconnected nature of all things.

The Mind is the Gateway of the Spiritual and Material Worlds

The universe can be divided into two general regions of manifestation, the spiritual realm, and the material realm. These two seemingly unconnected realities are actually intimately linked, yet one cannot make that conclusion without applying a little thought.

As was discussed above, in order to understand how things in the material world relate to each other (correspond) the mind is needed. Relationships or principles (deep truths) are metaphysical things that express physically as effects in reality. For example, the fact that baking soda reacts with vinegar to produce a violent chemical response would never be understood by looking only at the individual ingredients, more or less. But when we combine these two substances together, a reaction occurs, and this reveals the potentials hidden away within each substance. By studying these reactions we can gain knowledge of them and eventually discover a general principle of reality (cosmic law)—which if properly deduced—reveals insight into how the whole universe works. 

General principles that apply everywhere (grand truths) have many different names and euphemisms within modern science, such as holography. In antiquity, humanity referred to grand all-encompassing truths as spiritual—the big picture ideas about the universe we discover via imagination or the mind.

In other words, the thing we use to actually know and recognize spiritual realities is the mind. Consider that we can imagine the universe as a whole, but we can't really detect it with the physical senses. The sheer vastness of creation makes it impossible to directly perceive the cosmos in entirety. This is one example of how the mind enables us to make contact with the very large, the cosmic or metaphysical.

Another example of metaphysical relationships imparting meaning is a memory, which exist as a nonphysical thing within the mind of an observer. While traces of past events linger and propagate like waves rippling on a pond, once an event emerges into physical existence, it quickly fades away and lives on within the mind as a memory. These images of past events and their relationship to the present can only be properly understood within the mind. Again demonstrating how much the metaphysical world of consciousness plays a part in our everyday experience.

These examples illustrate how the more we gain comprehension of the relationship between two or more things, the more we come to understand grand truths about the universe—spiritual things. This means is the mind itself is the gateway to higher consciousness; and this fundamental concept is beautifully expressed within iconic imagery—most especially—mystery school inspired art pieces. The Tarot Deck is an excellent example of imagery designed to awaken consciousness.

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Imagery Used to Activate Consciousness and Cosmic Curiosity

Spiritual masters ascending on a cloud, holding certain objects or surrounded by angelic figures is a symbolic code specifically designed to activate or trigger spiritual recognition. Henry describes that the images have an energy that is transmitted to the observer via mirror neurons. These brain cells fire when we observe something in the physical world—as if the thing observed is happening directly to us. This is scientific proof that our biology is preconditioned for empathy; but also that the mind when properly used, can unlock our true human potential.

In the previous episode in this series, I offered an in-depth analysis of symbolic elements within iconic art as it relates to mental evolution and achieving ascension.

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The fact that looking at an image induces empathy with the person depicted in it is very powerful. It means that focusing our consciousness on imagery triggers something deep within us. Henry describes that soul food is contemplation of the cosmic, thinking about the big picture. Given what was discussed above insofar as the power of the mind to discover the relationship between two seemingly unconnected things, it suggests that the images contain a code or hidden message that triggers what we could call cosmic curiosity. 

Triggers for Spiritual Awakening

Mysticism is the practice of making contact with the divine or the spiritual realities of existence via direct perception. When a person actually sees or recognizes the spiritual nature of their experience this would be a mystical event, something that is often life-transforming. Consider that people who go through near-death experiences, out-of-body states and the like, often report a change in their values and as a result, changes in their behavior. Also those who experience benevolent extraterrestrial contact usually feel changed afterward. And finally, during shamanic experiences, sometimes involving psychedelics, individuals also undergo profound personal change. 

What could be the common thread for all these examples? In each case the person's mind was expanded, they thought of ideas and contemplated the big picture in ways they had never experienced before. In other words, the act of thinking about the divine, the creator, spirituality, and the meaning of it all, was the trigger for awakening. The events themselves were only a catalyst or symbol that provided a venue for the individual to open their minds and begin to philosophize—seek the meaning behind life and what they have experienced thus far. In this sense, almost anything can trigger spiritual awakening. 

The fact is we've been gathering data about life, the universe and everything all our lives but how often do we stop to think about what it all means? 

When something happens in life that causes us to question our beliefs then in that space of uncertainty we are the most open to new ideas and spiritual insights. As anyone who has gone through personal hardship knows, it can often make us rethink things. But we don't have to endure suffering to start this process of cosmic awakening. I would suggest that the universe via synchronicity, actually helps us to move forward along the path of spiritual attainment when we've stagnated. In this way, choosing to stop growing spiritually is like choosing soul death, for the plan of creation is endless spiritual growth. As such, learning how to constantly challenge yourself so as to further your spiritual development makes life easier to bear initially, and blissfully satisfying as we progress.

Seeking for Purpose: Philosophy and Mental Activation 

We seem to be preprogrammed to know and explore the universe, to discover other worlds, beings, ways of life, as well as the ultimate destiny of consciousness and the purpose of the creation at large. The answers to these questions of existence are fundamental to who we are and how we perceive reality. 

For example, if we believe that the universe is a random accident and there is no meaning to anything, then life seems harsh, cruel and incomprehensible. This is, of course, the materialistic point of view pushed by society, the same point of view that makes transhumanism seem desirable. If we really believe that the universe has no meaning, then we'll avoid learning about it. This is because the ultimate spiritual reality is oneness or total comprehension and understanding of all things. Therefore, if we believe in the opposite, we'll instinctually avoid truth seeking in an attempt to numb the pain that comes from espousing materialistic beliefs. 

On the other hand, what if everything in life had a grand all-encompassing purpose? Wouldn't that make discovering that purpose incredibly empowering? And once we did make contact with this grand design, wouldn't we want to align ourselves with it? 

While some people would rebel against the grand plans of the universe, for egocentric reasons, the vast majority of individuals would probably welcome the chance to understand and really know what the purpose of life is. 

The role of philosophy, in this sense, is to activate the mind and cause it to expand outwardly so as to touch the cosmic realities of existence. When we're mentally inactive, consciousness isn't expanding and this feels dissatisfying at all levels (boredom, listlessness, lack of motivation). Spiritual realities exist whether we can understand them or not, but only by thinking can we rediscover these truths. In other words, the benefits of leading a spiritual life can't be known to us without contemplation, an active mental exercise.

Etymologically, the word philosophy means the love of wisdom (Philosophia). Wisdom is true knowledge expressed, actually lived out in experience, which we know as the universe and everything in it. In other words, the universe itself (from the beginning, to the present, and on into the eternal future), is a living expression of divine truth or wisdom. This point cannot be overstated. It literally means that by seeking the truth or knowledge, and contemplating (thinking about) what it means, we give ourselves the eyes to see and the ears to hear the spiritual foundation of all things. 

This is one reason why iconic imagery is so heavily symbolic and often is an expression of the As Above, So Below principle of fractality or correspondence. These are symbolic depictions of grand universal truths, how the very small relates to the very large, how the mundane relates to the cosmic, how the material merges with the spiritual. It is the how and why that philosophy is chiefly interested in exploring.

And as was discussed in the previous episode, the blue spheres represent this mental realm where ascended masters and benevolent angelic beings reside, which within Corey Goode's narrative, are essentially the Sphere Being races. 

In this way, contemplation of the cosmic is both an intellectual and emotional exercise. When we see something intellectually (contemplate an idea), we feel an emotion as a result. Conversely, when we feel inspired with positive emotions this usually motivates us to appreciate the experience, which integrates the relationships in it as intellectual understanding. That is to say the mind processes information by looking for relationships (logic and reason) which in turn fuel emotions by focused attention on the metaphysical things created (thought-forms or ideas).

Building the Light Body

During this episode, we learned that Corey Goode experienced several transformations that he says is a result of spiritual changes in his life. Henry mentions what he calls the light body effect, the tendency for people who begin this spiritual activation to physically change, to become lighter, more sensitive, healthier, and so on. He also says that building a temple for the body that can inhabit the kingdom of heaven—to use a Christian term—means finding the connections between the mind, body and spirit. 

Using food as an example of how the truth (spiritual in nature) changes us to become more balanced, consider that when we learn about health, we generally want to change to become healthier. Most people don't consciously desire disease, sickness, cancer, lack of energy, and so on. The key here is that the truth itself, no matter what the topic is or how seemingly dark, is always spiritual food for the soul. And this spiritual food changes the mind, the thing we use to actually express ourselves via our bodies.

Food and health are good examples of this because when we learn that a food is not beneficial for health—if we truly comprehend the importance of this revelation—we are forever changed. In the past we might have loved a certain kind of junk food, but after going through a major life change, it won't taste the same, nor will it have the same effect of creating a positive experience. This is because the mind and our consciousness has changed, which is the lens through which we experience everything in life. 

What this means is that receiving the truth changes the mind (etheric body of light) and by consequence changes the physical body. By seeking the truth and following it wherever it leads, we are literally building a body of light. And what's so inspiring about this is that the more spiritual we become, the more independent, self mastered, healthy, wise, discerning, altruistic, and loving we become as well. 

Transhumanism vs. Ascension

In this episode Henry reveals that the Cabal has developed a transhumanist agenda for decades, although we are only now beginning to see it promoted to the public. As was discussed above, this philosophy is centered on egoism—that we don't have to really learn and grow in life, because machines will do this for us. And because seeking the truth by striving to over come life's challenges is the way we ascend, transhumanism is literally a choice to abandon the spiritual path.

For example, why learn how to harmonize with the environment (so as to stop destruction of the Earth and human life as a result), when we can rely on machines to fix these problems for us? Why learn how to develop better social relationships, by acting honestly, with transparency and harmlessness, when we can just rely on a machine to resolve all our interpersonal differences? Why learn new skills by hard work, persistence and dedication, (which increases knowledge and wisdom), when we can just plug our brains into a mainframe computer and download information directly?

In other words, transhumanism is mans attempt to cheat the evolutionary school of creation. The universe has built-in mechanisms for expanding consciousness and showing us the rules of creation. These mechanisms are synchronicity and mysticism (personal recognition of divine realities) and karma (cause and effect that reveals divine law). 

As we discussed in the previous episode, iconic images featured by Henry, as well as almost every other spiritual training school on the planet, is chiefly tasked with teaching initiates divine law so that they can exercise free will in harmony with the universe. In short, by gaining knowledge of law we learn the rules of the game and this empowers us at all levels. Eventually we realize that the best way to progress spiritually is to live by the the rules (law) so that we gain more skills and therefore freedom. 

But transhumanism seeks to avoid all this. Those who buy into transhumanist ideas want artificial immortality, in a kind of spiritual suspended animation, where one stops progressing spiritually so they can enjoy the magic of the material world. And this is all founded on separation consciousness, the belief that there is no meaning to life, other than what we make of it. Since this philosophy ignores the spiritual world, the yearning for transcendence that is innate within each of us becomes twisted and distorted into a desire for material immortality. 

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Henry and Goode both suggest a transhumanist future is a myopic vision wherein we are effectively soulless cyborgs worshiping an AI as our god. Apparently many other worlds have made the mistake of going down this course, as Goode discussed in the following episode.

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The price of a transhumanist future is the progressive loss of sovereignty and personal freedom. 

Henry describes how the Cabal through its corporations like Google, want to create an artificial neocortex (frontal lobe of the brain where higher reasoning takes place). Enhanced cognition sounds like a great idea but using this artificial brain would mean connecting our minds to a hive mind, which is stronger or louder than our own. In other words, using the system would mean losing touch with our true selves, leading to a slow replacement of the individual with a technologically enhanced ego. The selfish part of us that refuses to accept the truth and wants instant gratification would be fed constantly, eventually overshadowing the spiritual self even more so than what already occurs. 


In essence, the Cabal is trying to sell humanity on a false version of ascension—one which becomes progressively more dependent on and infused with technology. Instead of being liberated, humanity is enslaved even deeper than it already is. 

But thankfully this future is harder to realize than the organic ascension because it is founded on half truths and deception. Like light in a dark room drives away the night, so can the light of truth, we need only pour it out for all to see and hear. 

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Overview of Corey Goode, the Secret Space Program Alliance, and the Sphere Being Alliance:

Corey Goode is a Secret Space Program (SSP) insider and whistleblower that began disclosing information in 2009 under the pseudonym GoodETxSG. In 2014, he started revealing a great deal more information in an effort to prepare humanity for what he calls data dumps, set to occur at an opportune moment in the future. Much of the information he provides comes from Smart Glass Pads, iPad-like devices supplied to SSP personnel for information dissemination purposes. This will be a groundbreaking event, revealing the totality of Earth's history and the activities of the Cabal which will ultimately lead to a truth and reconciliation style tribunal to hold criminal elements accountable for wrongdoing. Additionally, the SSP Alliance intends on releasing all of the hidden technology to the people in preparation for a Star Trek-type golden age civilization.

According to Goode, the Cabal or the secret Earth government and their syndicates (as termed by the SSP Alliance) have enslaved humanity under a false paradigm of a technological advancement, while secretly developing incredible technology (a Star Trek level of advancement) used to colonize the solar system and beyond, engaging in trade with thousands of extraterrestrial races.

Space programs have been developed in secret all throughout Earth's history, and in many cases, groups broke away from the main culture forming what is called a Breakaway Civilization. Some of these civilizations have existed in secret, on Earth and beyond for, thousands of years. The Agartha Network is one such group that claims to be the original human race. It was this group in addition to the Draco Alliance, that made contact with a secret German space program in the early 20th Century.

In modern times, the Germans were the most advanced of the SSP groups, beginning their efforts in earnest during the early 1920's and 30's. The Americans were also developing a SSP, but were much further behind in technological advances. Later, the American SSPs were infiltrated and taken over by the Germans after the end of World War II. It was after this forced merger that the SSP, under the direction of the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), expanded into the solar system and beyond, setting up dozens of bases and mining facilities chiefly using slave labor.

In the early 1990's, a faction within the SSP known as Solar Warden slowly began to go against the ICC, allying with a group of highly evolved extraterrestrials known as the Sphere Being Alliance in 2012. Since then, more factions have joined the alliance which is actively working to free humanity on Earth and beyond, known as the SSP Alliance. Despite their good intentions, the SSP Alliance is a group of highly damaged and morally ambiguous individuals, according to Goode, that recognize at some level the need to change the status quo, but are hardly angels.

The Sphere Beings are a group of five extraterrestrial races, one of which is known as the Blue Avians, that arrived in the solar system during the late 1980's. Two of the races remain unrevealed; however, there is also a race of Golden Triangle Head beings and Blue Orb beings made of light. Over the course of 20 years, they began bringing massive spheres into the solar system and surrounding area, some of which are the size of Jupiter. This is in an effort to down-step galactic energy waves, which are slowly changing life as we know it. These spheres are cloaked and not detectable by the surface population of Earth.

According to the Sphere Beings, a massive shift in energetic expression is now occurring in the solar system, as the result of a natural process of consciousness evolution, assisted by our solar system's movement through the galaxy and increasingly coherent energy fields encountered as a result. The Sphere Being Alliance specifically asked for Goode to represent them in SSP Alliance meetings as a Sphere Being Alliance delegate. Presently, the SSP Alliance is negotiating with the remaining cabal aligned programs, as well as innumerable races that have lived in the solar system for millions of years, and even breakaway civilizations once resident on the Earth's surface. The Sphere Beings have erected an energy barrier around the solar system preventing ingress and egress, trapping many of the negatively oriented groups that have been loosely allied with the secret Earth government syndicates for thousands of years. Since this event, the pyramid of power known on Earth known as the Cabal or Illuminati has fallen into disarray, because the Draco Alliance attempted to betray their underlings to the Sphere Beings in an attempt to gain passage out of the solar system and escape the coming justice of the SSP Alliance.

SSP factions encountered many intriguing things as they ventured out into the solar system. Apparently there are remnants of extremely old settlements and technology from what is called the Ancient Builder Race. These beings were incredibly advanced, using a type of consciousness technology that appears to be an inanimate object until activated by a user. They are also responsible for building ancient stargates found on nearly every major body in the solar system. According to the Agarthans, the Sphere Beings are in fact the Ancient Builder Race, although the SSP has yet to confirm this directly from them.

The dark side of the Moon is home to many different groups, including the ICC, the Draco Alliance, the SSP Alliance, the Dark Fleet, and more. The Moon is apparently an artificial object, and has become a neutral zone for all of these groups, which have maintained a peaceful armistice for thousands of years. The Moon serves as an observational outpost for over 60 groups of extraterrestrial races engaged in 22 genetic programs and social experiments on Earth. Some of these programs conflict with each other, yet all of them have influenced Earth's history for millennia.

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Show Description:
In this special presentation, William Henry expounds upon the threat from Artificial Intelligence. What he has uncovered confirms what Corey Goode has conveyed to us from the secret space programs. We all have a natural desire for transcendence and technology can seem like a simple solution. But the spiritual path to ascension is our natural way and it will help us to avoid becoming slaves to the machine.

This interview with David Wilcock was original webcast June 21, 2016.
Summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green bolded brackets]. Alterations to the transcript for ease of reading will be in [brackets], but the original content of the dialog is always maintained. The images with black letter boxing were captured from this episode on Gaia TV.

Transcribed by Hughes Prévost. Commentary by Justin Deschamps and Hugues Prévost.

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode, WH = William Henry.

  • DW - Alright, I’m David Wilcock. This is Cosmic Disclosure, and we have a special guest here with us, William Henry and also of course, Corey Goode. William Henry is an investigative mythologist who is the spiritual voice on [the topic of] ancient aliens. And he’s been out there as long as I have, bringing you all kinds of amazing knowledge about ascension. And since 2002, he’s been very firmly on the heels of the blue sphere story. So we’re having a stunning convergence now in which an investigative link that he’s been tracking now for thirteen (13) years has finally come to fruition in people having experiences that link the past, the present, the future all together in a continuum of one phenomenon. So William, welcome back to the show.
  • WH - Thank you very much. Glad to be here!
  • DW - Corey, good to have you back, buddy.
  • CG - Thank you.
  • DW - You’re about forty pounds (40 lbs) lighter now, right? I mean, you’ve been going through some amazing changes yourself.
  • CG - I have!
  • DW - Do you think that these changes that you’re going through—people are noticing obviously that you lost a lot of weight—do you think that this has something to do with your contact with these blue spheres?
  • CG - Absolutely.
  • DW - Could you go into a little more detail?
  • CG - I was asked to go on a high vibratory diet. And instead, I was scarfing down corn dogs and ignoring them and gaining weight. And the last time I was here [at Gaia’s studio in Colorado], I got food poisoning from eating meat and other things that I probably shouldn’t eat. And after that, my body—it’s like my medulla oblongata shut everything off and I mean, I couldn’t eat meat. I couldn’t eat anything. <WH: Wow>
  • All I’ve eaten since January [are] fruits: berries, bananas [and so on]. And I had to force myself to eat that. And the weight just poured off. I’ve been going through all sorts of other changes as well. It’s been pretty incredible.
  • WH - Good for you. That’s great.
  • DW - So this contact is creating a metamorphosis in you somehow that you’ve had since you and I started talking and all this stuff started to happen with the Sphere Beings, something is changing in you.
  • CG - Correct.

  • DW - William, is there a historical precedent that when people have these phenomena happen to them, that these sorts of changes occur with them?
  • WH - I actually call it the light body effect. I had one person ask me one time, is that a diet? <Laughs> It’s like when you start connecting with the blue spheres, with the light body concept, you do start to plug into a higher vibration and it will manifest in physical body changes.
  • When I really started heavily working into… with these rainbow body images five years ago, it also came at a time when I was newly married. I’ve lost twenty pounds (20 lbs) myself. I can understand that. I know part of it is the change of diet that my wife made for me: higher vibrational foods. But I also know it’s my constant interaction with these images of the light body and saying, “That’s the direction I’m going.” And it literally manifests in a lighter body [as in weighing less]. That’s part of the change.
  • CG - And you’re just looking at the images. You’re not doing this <holds his hands up as if receiving energy> in front of the computer, right?
  • WH - I’m not doing that all day. I mean, I’m just working with them all the time. And your values change. You just decide, “Okay, I’m really going to step this up, because it’s very important. We are what we eat…
  • CG - …[and] what we consume.
  • WH - [And] what we consume. And it really feeds the soul. We talk about this in my show The Awakened Soul here on Gaia: the importance of food as a vibratory input into the body and that kind of thing, and how the soul needs—it craves food. Just like the physical body needs higher vibrational food, the soul also needs high vibrational food. It wants to contemplate its existence, “What am I doing here? How did I get here? How do I leave?” These are the questions that the soul really wants to contemplate. And that contemplation is feeding it. [Henry is discussing the innate drive to understand life, what was referred to as cosmic curiosity (above). We could also describe this as the unconscious knowing that we have a spiritual destiny. Like birds that fly north for the winter, at our core we crave spiritual transcendence or reunion with the source of all things. And since our present state of being (incarnation into a physical body with partial memory) is a distortion of that source, we yearn to go back to our unified state of oneness with the all.]
  • CG - That’s interesting.
  • DW - Well, I want to point out too one of the reasons why I chose to work here instead of taking other offers is that this network has such an amazing collection of health and wellness videos people can watch. <WH: Right>
  • A lot of people might only at first be interested in the surface information of, “I want to hear these sci-fi cosmic things about Corey being in space.” But then eventually as you get into this, you start transforming. <WH: Definitely> And then that transformation is going to include body, mind, and spirit.
  • CG - And everything’s tied together. <DW: Yeah> Everything’s interlaced. <WH: Right, right>
  • DW - It’s all part of that continuum.

  • WH - It’s the ascension. You know, people think the ascension has to do with becoming immortal, like you’ve got all these technology companies now that promise immortality. [For example, there’s] Google [that says,] “You’ll be able to live to be five hundred (500) years old.” [But here] we don’t want that. We don’t want immortality. We want ascension. We want the light body. And you can’t get the light body through technology. [But] that’s a little ahead of our conversation right now.
  • DW - Well, now William, I did a whole eight-episode, mini-series on this really remarkable guy, the second Buddha, Padmasambhava. <WH: Oh, yes> And what I went through in that was essentially describing there was some leaked information from a man named Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. He has a book called Rainbow Painting, probably the best book [he’s written]. It really gets into the data of how they activate the rainbow body, leaked from the Tibetan schools. And one of the things he said was that if you can spend thirteen (13) years where every thought is a loving thought, which—I’m not even on day one. [I found an excellent article on the Tibetan rainbow body technique, which I offered a detailed write up for in the below-linked article]
  • CG - I can’t go thirteen minutes yet. <Laughs>
  • DW - But theoretically, if you can stay in that state of harmony and be meditating and so forth for thirteen years, you activate [the] rainbow body. You’re done with your entire universal curriculum of evolution. 
  • WH - Wonderful, that’s awesome.
  • DW - And I know you’ve studied this too.

  • WH - Definitely. We’re getting back to The Awakened Soul as well. One of the things I discuss in that series is the power of the sacred art and the image to trigger the light body within us. It’s an actual spiritual practice engaging the image and allowing that to trigger the blueprint within us for the light body.
  • DW - [So it’s] similar to the stained glass in the cathedral or merkabah?
  • WH - Absolutely, yeah…
  • DW - …or a mandala?
  • WH - Exactly, exactly. And now we know the whole neuroscience behind this now. [We know] how it triggers the mirror neurons and the neocortex of the brain. The brain can’t tell the difference between a real and [an] imagined experience. So for example, if I’m looking at an image of Padmasambhava, as we’re doing here in this thangka, in his rainbow body. 

Image Source. Artist depiction of Padmasambhava.
  • WH - That image is interacting with us. And because Padmasambhava is a guru, an avatar, he can manifest through that image and activate our rainbow body. That’s really powerful stuff.
  • DW - Now if we look at his body, we’re seeing a vortex center in his head <WH: Yes> and another one in his heart. <WH: That correct…> Why do you think there’s two instead of just one?
  • WH - Well, for one, the swirling vortex at the heart is the open heart chakra… <DW: Okay> being of love. But then when you get into the detail of the image and look into the forehead, look at the third eye. There’s a blue sphere right there in the third eye.
  • CG - Right where the pituitary gland… [It also resembles the interaction of a magnetic or electric dipole, with its swirling lines of force extending outwardly from the heart (positive), received by the mind (negative). I think this suggests that the mind and heart are essential to the process of gaining spiritual progress. Contemplation as Henry describes it is a mental exercise that stimulates emotional responses, like a daydream. The role of philosophy is to merge the mundane with the magnificent, to make every thought a loving thought. I think this describes the method of imparting meaning to the seemingly meaningless things in our lives and proactively redefining things we label bad or undesirable. In other words, the meaning we give to our experience is largely what determines how we feel about it. Therefore, to make every thought a loving thought, we must reprogram our meanings and this is accomplished by contemplating the divine—spiritual philosophy or soul food.]
  • WH - Exactly. He’s meditating on the blue sphere or the blue pearl and then activating the blue sphere within himself that manifests as the rainbow body. You know, one of the things about Padmasambhava that’s so interesting too is that his name means “the lotus-born.”
[Hugues Prévost Note: “one whose birth (saṃbhava) is from a lotus (padma).”]
  • WH - Particularly relevant to this discussion, in Indian and Tibetan mystic traditions, lotus flowers have become closely associated with the chakras (Skt. cakra) in the subtle anatomy yet to be recognized by conventional science. Modern thinkers now interpret chakras as being small portals or relays of higher forms of energy.
  • DW - That’s right.
  • WH - And very often in this artwork, the lotus that he is born from is blue. And it’s a blue sphere. So…
  • DW - It’s incredible.
  • WH - Wait a minute. Is it too much of a leap of the imagination to think that he’s not born out of a lotus flower?
  • CG - He came out of one.
  • WH - He manifested out of a blue sphere. That’s why he meditating on it.
  • DW - Even to the point that you have angelic beings around the sphere, just like in the Christian and the Egyptian images.
Image Source. Angelic beings depicted at above Padmasambhava.
  • WH - Precisely. It’s the same story over and over again. And so they’re trying to get us to wake up to this concept by the repetition of it and just showing, “Okay, we’ll show it to you from this angle. You didn’t get it there? Let’s show it to you from this [other] angle…”
  • CG - …through this tradition and through this [other] tradition.
  • WH - Exactly. And when you put them all together, as I do in The Awakened Soul, now you get this comprehensive picture. And it says, “Okay, wow. This is profound.” They describe it as a universal teaching. And what I’m hearing from you [Corey] is that it really is universal. We’re talking it being interstellar. I mean, it’s throughout many star systems.
  • DW - So it’s clear now that we have Egyptian, Coptic, Renaissance. We’ve got Hindu…
  • WH - …Tibetan.

  • DW - All these different things are showing a perspective on ascension that is rooted in Christ. It’s rooted in these positive teachings of service to others. So Corey, some of these mystery school teaching seem to have been—I mean, obviously as William’s so eloquently describing here. There’s a really great spiritual, positive core to them.
  • But then in modern times, we see people doing human sacrifice rituals. We see people doing outrageously evil things, black magic on a global scale, trying to openly promote Satanism, trying to promote Lucifer as a liberator. <CG: Right> And they seem to think of themselves as gods. They seem to think that if they practice their religion, that they will become gods.
  • CG - Well, I mean the Blue Avians pointed out that they had delivered this message three other times. <DW: Really?> And that each time when they left the message with us, we corrupted it. Apparently the negative forces, if they find something that brings light, they do whatever they can to cover that light or distort it in some way. A lot of times, they’ll take the beliefs and bend them and morph them with their own. Or they will do whatever they can to taint the beliefs that are out there among the populace, to pull out the nuggets of information like [those] we’re being shown here. [It is very important for the Cabal to quash any hope or light in the world because, in order to create a false reality that people can believe in, any traces of the true reality must be stamped out. People willingly "plug into the matrix" because they think that nothing else is available. Transhumanism is a perfect example of how distorted our values and desires can become when reality management techniques—like propaganda and social engineering—are used against the people. If you want people to believe that their bodies are outdated biological machines, then you have to make sure that sickness and disease are widespread and constantly discussed by the media. The goal is to create belief that people readily accept that the world is a dark horrible place, and only by accepting a transhumanist vision for the future can we have any hope of overcoming it. But clearly, the whole truth about the rainbow body makes this belief unsupportable. This underscores the Cabal's need to carefully manage reality for the masses so that we willingly participate in their plans. Even one candle flame in a room is enough to cut through the darkness, therefore all lights of truth must be put out to ensure success of the Cabal.]
  • DW - Well, when they’re saying “New World Order,” they’re not saying that [we're] all going to be levitating and loving each other, right? Their idea of a new world order is pretty dark.
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  • CG - It’s extremely dark.
  • DW - What do they want?.
  • CG - Well, different groups want different things. There’s one group that wants to wipe out most of life. We’ve heard [about] the Georgia guidestones. We’ve heard of the mandate listed there: bring the population down to a manageable level. [It’s] real bizarre and…
  • DW - Five hundred (500) million people.
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  • CG - Yeah, upsetting plans that they have.

  • DW - Alright. So William, I want to open this up a little bit, because Corey only vetted me out on the negative aspect of AI (artificial intelligence) a year and half ago, when we first started talking. You’ve been actually tracking a very interesting idea, which is there’s an organic ascension that’s the path of Christ, the path of the masters. But then there’s like this weird imitation of it that we may not even realize we are being steered into something that does change what it means to be human.
  • WH - Definitely.
  • DW - But in a very unusual way that most people really don’t see how this could go and how fast it could go there.
  • WH - Right, exactly.
  • DW - So let’s open that up a little bit. <WH: Sure> What have you found?
  • WH - Well, I started back—it’s kind of interesting, synchronistic that when I really started coming into awareness of these Blue Sphere Beings or Jesus in the blue sphere and so forth, I was also doing research on what’s called the “robe of light.” It’s part of the light body teaching. They describe the light body as the robe of light, the robe of glory, the miracle garment, and so forth. It’s a garment. It might be tangible, actual physical garment or it could be a symbol for a transmittable teaching.
  • Going back five thousand (5000) years, I was seeing story after story of various figures [who] would put on this light body garment, ascend, but very often before they ascended, they would transmit this garment to a successor, like Elijah goes up in the heavens in a whirlwind, a portal. As he’s going, he transmits this garment to his successor, Elisha. So it’s a transmittable thing. Maybe it’s a vibration or something that they’re transmitting in this light body. 
  • DW - But a physical garment could be used in art to represent that.
[Mystery school traditions, especially ones related to unlocking the secrets of human consciousness and our spiritual potential, were often oral in nature. This ensured that the teachings would not be distorted or fall into the wrong hands and also that the initiate would have to proactively learn and apply the technique in their lives. In this way, the wisdom of the teachings is passed down from teacher to student. 

One who wants to master the method cannot do so only by reading books; they must actually make contact with a true teacher, one who is a master in their own right. The Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis have several chapters that explain why this method is so successful, which Henry seems to have confirmed in his work. 

In short, becoming a spiritual master requires feeding the spiritual self oppose to the selfish separate self. In order to do this, we must constantly be reminded of our own selfishness, which we tend to avoid without a true teacher. It is a true teacher because they love us so much that they are willing to become living reflections for our own state of spiritual progress, showing us where we need to do more work. A false teacher avoids this and actually feeds into the selfish ego. A false teacher lets us think we're already a spiritual master, which conveniently hides our own selfishness behind an illusion of spiritual attainment. 

The selfish separate self wants us to feel like we're doing something to progress when in reality we're just stagnating. If one carefully considers that the fruit of true spiritual progress is personal change so as to become kind, loving and most importantly unselfish, then it is easy to see how most spiritual practices, including major religions, are nothing but dead ends; they are filled with people who think they're spiritually wise yet instead just possess a false spiritual ego that blocks true growth and attainment.

But the true teacher is a living mirror for our own shadow self, that part of us we try to ignore yet controls us from behind the scenes. When we are alone the selfish separate self can deceive us into thinking we are making spiritual progress, and we certainly could be, but the ultimate end of this course means the death of the limited ego and the rebirth of the higher self. As a result, the selfish separate self will do everything in its power to stop our progress by deceiving us into thinking we're already at the mountain top. But a true teacher cuts right through the selfish separate self's most well crafted deceptions, forcing us to make the choice between progress and stagnancy. I would argue that eventually, everyone needs a true teacher in their lives but we must willingly choose this. This is because it is a time of great purging, a personal dark night of the soul event, when the selfish separate self will do everything in its power to avoid its own death. And this requires a guide who can help us know the difference between its deceptions and the heralds of true spiritual progress.]

  • WH - To symbolize that. Yeah, exactly. And so this is 2002. The US government in that year releases a report. They had gathered all these high-tech titans, giants in Hawaii, at a major conference in which the US government said, “Here’s what’s going to happen.” Between now and 2035, four separate technologies, [applying to] bits, atoms, neurons, and genes; [that is,] computer science, nanotechnology, neuroscience, and genetic technology are all separate disciplines and technologies. The government is saying by 2035, we want all those four to become one. And it’s going to be aimed at the human skin, the creation of a new human skin.
  • I’m thinking, “Wait a minute. This sounds exactly like this robe I’ve been tracking all these years.” [It looks] like they’re going to use this technology to create a new robe of skin for humanity. And the very first manifestation of this that I noted—and I documented this in my book called, Cloak of the Illuminati, was at MIT, where they were building the super-soldier suit, the new suit of armor, the exoskeleton. That’s the first entry into saying, “Wait a minute, we are going to change the human body.” We’re going to—it’s called transhumanism, of course, where we’re going beyond human. Whereas in the ancient world, they used to ascend by organically putting on this robe of light, now the US government was saying, “We’re gonna fuse these technologies into one, aim it at the skin, and now we’re gonna have a new version of humanity.
  • CG - You know, I never made the connection with all the time I’ve spent [dealing] with the AI issue [in the SSP]. I’ve never… and I’ve heard of ascension, of course. Everyone has. I’ve never made that connection of a mechanical or technological ascension. [In essence the Cabal is trying to sell humanity on a false version of ascension. They offer many of the same superhuman abilities associated with spiritual awakening, except using technology to do it. Normally, one can activate these abilities as a function of consciousness evolution, improving the mind which in turn changes the physical body. But transhumanism's founding tenant is that humanity can skip the hard work and get all the benefits of ascension without having to really change our consciousness—which is obviously an untruth.]
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[Hugues Prévost Note: Anyone who is interested to learn about the consequences of an ascension through technology should read Alec Newald’s book, CoEvolution. It is about to be republished into a new edition that will go deeper into the questions of AI, transhumanism, and ascension. Alec spent considerable time with his host ET group on their ship and their planet. He saw with his own eyes the impact of an artificially ascended civilization.]

  • WH - Right, right. It seems to me that we have in our core a desire, maybe even a program to ascend. And whether people at Apple, Google, and these other tech companies that are involved in this know it or not, they are answering this ancient call to transcend our flesh, to turn it into light. And their version of this is, “Oh, yeah. We’ll do that. It’s going to be digital light.”
  • And the problem with this is that if you go down this road, free will goes right out of the window. Because part of what Google’s plan is to create a synthetic neocortex. When we take their chip, we will link our brain, our neocortex to all seven billion other neocortexes.
  • CG - A true hivemind.
  • WH - A true… in fact, Corey, that’s exactly the word the government used in this report. They want to promote the idea of the hivemind once this technology is in place. So they laid all this out. And this is in my book, Cloak of the Illuminati. Anybody can go online and get that book.
  • CG - When was this book published?
  • WH - 2002.
  • CG - Wow.
[Hugues Prévost Notes: As I mentioned earlier, Alec also describes the “second skin” technology that he had to put on himself in order to phase in sync with the ship as it was shifting density. A very important detail about this almost invisible skin is that it’s based on monatomic gold. The first edition of Alec’s book was published in 1997. His contact and space-density travel experience occurred several years earlier however.]

  • WH - And then my 2003 book, Oracle of the Illuminati, is where I started making the blue sphere correspondence. So I’ve been looking at both of these questions for the past, whatever, thirteen (13) years. And I used to think, “Wow, okay. So they’re saying 2035.” Now what I’m hearing from people in my audience is it’s not 2035. It’s 2020 is what they’re saying is when they were going to see this dramatic acceleration of this AI technology brought online. And people are going to be required, mandated to take this technology into their flesh.
  • So I’ve been out trying to warn people about this and say, “Look. Here are the choices that are ahead of us.” And everybody has free will. Maybe some people are going to opt to have this technology implanted. My feeling is that, where’s the soul in this? Because what we’re talking about here with these four technologies: bits, atoms, neurons, and genes, are simply technological versions of earth, air, fire, and water, the four elements that we’re composed of.
  • DW - Well, I want to expand this a little bit, William, because we’re saying that humans have a desire for transcendence. <WH: Yes> There’s a desire for transcendence? <WH: Yes> And I think on some level, if we can maybe even make that simpler, there’s a desire for an experience of the cosmic. <WH: Yes!> And I think ultimately that’s a desire for love. And when we get stuck in addiction… Addictions are essentially a thirst for love, but we’re getting it through some kind of substance or some kind of compulsive behavior. <WH: Right> And look at what’s happening with people with their smartphones now. <WH: Yeah> They’re in love with the phone! They’re being drawn into a virtual world. <WH: Right>
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  • DW - Now Corey, what is this AI agenda? I know some people might not have seen that show. They might be watching this for the first time. William hasn’t heard this before. Is there an AI? Is there some ancient AI that has an agenda for us?
  • CG - Yes. And this AI has fulfilled this agenda in multiple galaxies. It implants itself, usually through a Trojan horse, into our society. [For more on the AI signal, history, and problems encountered by the SSP and other extraterrestrial races, see the following related articles.]
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  • DW - What would that be though? What’s the Trojan horse?
  • CG - Well, it would be… Let’s say they had already overtaken another civilization. That civilization has gone through the end part of what I’m about to explain. They’ve created technologies, androids for the AI signal to inhabit. And then after they do so, it turns on them, just like in Battlestar Galactica, destroys the flesh and then takes over. [It] then sends one of their spaceships that they’ve built to crash on—let’s say on Earth, a planet like Earth that happens to be just about the developmental stage to where we’re developing technology and then boosts us to where they have a pond to swim in. Because technology is the water that this fish swims in, and then repeats the process here, basically like a giant virus going from solar system to solar system.
  • WH - So let’s say that was the Roswell crash. They discover the beings on that [ship] are cyborgs. Then all of sudden, from ’47 to about 1960, they’re researching all this. Then all of sudden, what was it? 1961, ’62, NASA puts out its first cyborg report. Guess what, kids? Flesh and blood can’t inherit the kingdom of heaven. That’s what the Bible says. There’s a boundary. Our flesh and blood bodies are too fragile to cross the barrier of space-time to go out into deep space. 
  • So that means just like the beings in the Roswell crash, we’re going to have to become cyborgs. And NASA initially puts this report out then immediately retracts it in 1962 and kind of says, “Oh, we were just kidding about all that.” But I don’t think they were kidding. [In the below-linked article, academics discuss that in order for humanity to explore space, we'll have to merge with machines because the body is too frail—which is exactly what Henry just described. Here's a revealing excerpt:]
  • "Is there a choice between human and robotic exploration? Not really. Considering the current limited range of human exploration, robotic exploration is essential to enable manned missions. For the rest of the solar system, robotic exploration is the only realistic game in town." (Source)
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  • CG - <sarcastically> NASA’s known for being big practical jokers.
  • WH - Yeah, right! This is DARPA today, where the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is feeding this technology into these corporations. And now we’re starting to see it at the consumer level, and people are beginning to accept it. But ultimately to me what they’re trying to do is turn us into cyborgs in order to take us into space.
[Hugues Prévost Notes: A recent TV series, Extant, was yet another unabashed promoter of the AI agenda. Opponents to AI were portrayed as terrorists and modern versions of the bigoted and racist individuals who opposed human rights in previous generations.]

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  • DW - Now William, you said something so provocative when we were on the panel with George Noory—and he also has a show on Gaia [Beyond Belief]. You said that these globalists have actually come out and said that it will be illegal to hold a body, that you will need to upload yourself into some sort of Facebook matrix or mainframe.
  • WH - Yes, this is one scenario. What people don’t realize about Facebook is how primitive it is. We’re in the very first stages of it. Mark Zuckerberg just yesterday was at a major conference where he proclaimed that Facebook is a quarter of the way towards its goal of having every single person on Earth online, and connected to Facebook.
  • And by that time, what they have in development are super-computers that will take every keystroke, everything you’ve ever put on Facebook, every photo, every image, every keystroke will then be animated in a holographic kind of version of you so that your successors will be able to interact with you. It will be just as if you’re sitting with this personal view of yourself.
  • And ultimately what they’re saying is that this could be the scenario that to depopulate the planet—they’re going to convince us that...
  • "this physical body, you really don’t want one of these things. It’s so fragile! It gets old. It gets sick. It smells. You’ve got to take care of it. What you really want to do is clone yourself. But then you really don’t want to clone yourself either, because that’s only temporary. What you really want, David, is you want an avatar body. You want a—we’re going to scan the contents of your brain. We’re going to create a perfect avatar version of yourself that’s going to live in a simulated reality that’s so much better than this one that you don’t need to come back here! You will live forever in this simulated reality." 
  • And they believe that this will be a choice that kids are really going to want to make. And they will gladly drop their…
  • CG - The sad thing is with technology and compression, they could put you in this technology for forty-five (45) seconds, and you could experience an eternity. And then they could delete you and put someone else in.
  • WH - Exactly. And so this is the great threat that’s out there, that we’re all going into this new game, that they’re way ahead of us. I mean, Facebook already knows that what you’re looking at here [on the computer screen] is just so primitive. But they already know the plan is to be able to create these animated versions of you, these holographic versions of you that will live in this simulated reality that you will want to go into.
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  • WH - Now the thing is that will it be mandated? Will they be able to do that? That’s the big question. Will the introduction of this technology—especially interfacing with our —be by choice? Probably it will be for a time. But the big threat is that it will no longer be choice after a few years. It will be mandated because part of Obamacare is that all of your medical records have to be in digital form.
  • And I have been told by lawyers who wrote the law that [later] on down the road what they mean is that [this] information will have to be inside your body in a chip form, which is mandating that you have this chip. And they’re going to come along with that and say, “Well, you know, you’re probably going to resist that. But hey, you know, your flimsy little single brain here really isn’t that great.” Because what Google is developing is a chip that will link your brain to all other seven billion and a half brains on the planet. And their promise is that you will now have this super-power of their synthetic neocortex, where you will have the power of seven and half (7½) billion brains on the planet. This is like Satan taking Jesus up to the top of the tower and saying, “And all of this can be yours!”

  • DW - Well, I wanted to—you just picked up on what I was thinking. One of the other insiders I’ve been speaking to—he’s not going to come forward. We’re never going to get him on the show. But he’s the guy that’s been leaking information to Richard C. Hoagland for a long time. And he’s given me some really big briefings. And in his view, in his program, the people that are in that military space program, they believe they’re Christian. And they believe that the beast, that Satan is an AI and that it has to stay in electronic machine intelligence form because it can escape. And this is his words, not mine—”it can escape God’s judgment.” <WH: Ah, right> It can be free. As soon as it tries to go into flesh, it becomes subject to karma, to reincarnation, and to judgment.
  • WH - Right. Well, what I’ve just described here with this long-term view of creating this avatar version of yourself, this digital version that will live in the simulated reality, that’s the fulfilment of prophecy in the Book of Revelation about the emergence of a new human who will live in a new heaven and earth. But in this case, it’s a technological one, a simulated reality.
  • And whether these companies in Silicon Valley, the digerati, realize that this is what they’re fulfilling or not, I can’t say. But what I’ve been trying to do over the years is to say, “Look guys, some of this technology can be good.” But here’s the thing. When we’re dealing with bits, atoms, neurons, and genes, as I said, that’s earth, air, fire, and water. What’s missing in this is the fifth element, spirit, love. Steve Jobs believed that he could infuse spirit into technology. Ray Kurzweil, Google’s tech guru, believes they can do the same thing. I don’t think so.
  • But my advice to people on this issue is that if you have developed your soul’s capability to where you have the power of mind over matter, then in a life and death situation, you might consider interfacing your body with this technology [and] letting it under you skin. If you can’t control this technology with the power of your mind, then never consider allowing them to put this technology under your skin. That’s my advice to people. So what I’m saying is, “Guys, it’s time to uplevel our soul’s capabilities." [In the below-linked article, we discuss how technology can be used beneficially or to the detriment of mankind. 
Briefly, technology is a term which means the application of scientific knowledge for a practical purpose. In this general sense, anything we use our minds for to achieve a purpose or goal can be thought of as technology—not just the digital devices we use in our modern world. The key to determine if technology is beneficial (empowering) or deleterious (disempowering) is what affect it has on consciousness. Ask yourself this question: am I gaining knowledge, wisdom and skills by using a technology? or am I becoming more dependent on it? Dependence, by definition, is disempowering. 

For example, GPS navigation devices have been almost totally integrated into modern life. Twenty years ago, if you wanted to travel from one place to another, you had to learn navigation, directions, and the skills needed to plot a course. But now, one need not learn these skills because it is easier to rely on technology. Therefore, GPS navigation systems are an example of deleterious technology, instead of enhancing and expanding human consciousness and knowledge, it is limited or reduced through its use. Transhumanism and the advancements that come from it are largely disempowering, seeking to make us more dependent on machines, instead of imparting greater freedoms through knowledge and the skills that come with it. 

In contrast, mental evolution seeks to challenge the mind so that we can unearth knowledge and wisdom. As was discussed above, gems of wisdom are hidden away within the universe as cosmic or divine laws, grand truths, expressed in all moments and events. And when we make contact with them via the mind, we unlock our true potential via mental evolution.]

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  • DW - We don’t need technology.
  • WH - Absolutely not! I mean, we have this organic circuitry already built in us. And what they’re proposing in Ray Kurzweil’s own words, is “We’re perfecting God’s creation.” In their view, our body is an unfinished symphony. It’s a cake that needs icing. And Google and Apple and all these companies are saying, “We’re going to put the icing on the cake here.”
  • CG - Well, actually, we’ve been looking at some of that technology in some of the images. I mean, to me, that’s ascension technology, but of a spiritual type.
  • WH - Exactly, exactly. So what I say to people is that we have two choices. You can become a pink elephant and stay purely organic, raise your soul’s vibration, change your diet.
  • CG - [Who] wants to be an automaton?
  • WH - Right. Or you can go Gray because this technology, I mean, the Grays were the ones in the Roswell crash, right? I mean, that’s one of the theories. And they’re the androids. They’re the Borgs. And as you so beautifully said, they could be the Trojan horse that brought this technology in—the transistor, laser, all those technologies that emerged from the fifties (’50s) that have now culminated in this AI phenomenon. [In certain descriptions of the Grays, they are described as cybernetic artificially created life forms, totally dependent on technology and cloning to further the species.]
  • WH - How did we develop artificial intelligence in less than fifty years? I mean, come on!
  • CG - Right.

  • DW -Well, now Corey, you also said that this is a very widespread issue. It’s like AI versus biological. And it’s gone on for aeons, all throughout the universe.
  • CG - It’s gone on more than millions of years. It’s gone…
  • DW - So are the things that William is saying, is that the standard operating procedure of this AI?
  • CG - Yes. It’s giving me the creeps. I’m sitting over here and it’s giving me the creeps. <WH: Yeah> Because it’s exactly…
  • DW - If we did what…
  • CG - He just gave the endgame.
  • DW - But what happens to us if… Let’s say some people decide, “Okay, I think I can handle this. I want to try it out. I want to have bulletproof skin. I want to be able to glow at night. I want to be able to have access to Facebook in my brain.” What happens to us?
  • CG - They begin to see flesh and blood beings as a virus or a threat that consumes all of the natural resources, doesn’t live in symbiotic relationship with the environment or anything around them. What’s their use? We should do what we do with viruses, wipe them out. It will be better for the planet. It will be… It’s just logical. <DW: Right> <WH: Yeah> And then after that, they move on to another planetary sphere and repeat the process. [An AI prophet is someone who engenders a transhumanist philosophy—someone who sees AI as a boon for humanity, something that "can make life better in all respects." In essence, this kind of person has become totally indoctrinated into a transhumanist ideal, wherein the AI becomes a replacement for God. And like prophets of old, who were—by nature of their connection to the divine—messengers of spirit, so do these individuals speak for and represent the AI on Earth, hence the term AI prophets. Ray Kurzweil would be one example.]
  • WH - Right, and the answer to me is not Artificial Intelligence: AI. [Instead] it’s AI: Ascension Intelligence. We’ve got to link our consciousness with the Padmasambhavas, the Christ, because we can interface our consciousness with them. And I think as people go on this path, they’re going to realize, “I don’t need this technology after all.” And they start to move away from it.
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  • WH - And so I think that’s the answer: massively educating people about our organic ascension. And as you do that, you just decide, “Yeah, I don’t need all this crap!” I don’t need the technology because I can do it myself with my own consciousness, with the power of my heart and my mind unified. And my soul is capable of doing all these things that they’re trying to mimic technologically. And as Jay Weidner first introduced to me is this idea—John Lash as well—is that one of the keys that these Gray reptilians or the Gray beings use is simulation. They want to introduce this technology in the simulated reality in hopes of snatching our souls from us, because as technological beings, they don’t have souls. It’s the one thing you can’t get from technology is a soul. And that’s what they’re looking for. [The Grays would also be considered AI prophets.]

  • DW - Well, on that note, William, I want to thank you for being here.
  • WH - My pleasure!
  • DW - This has been truly incredible information.
  • WH - Thank you. Thank you Corey.
  • DW - Could you just again give us a brief description of what do you have for us on Gaia that people can check out and how does this tie in to what we’ve been discussing?
  • WH - Yeah, thank you. My show is called The Awakened Soul, The Lost Science of Ascension. I’m going to take you through the beginning, middle, and end of the ascension process…
  • DW - That’s awesome.
  • WH - …giving you a real historical foundation to build from, some practical ideas of things you can use. It’s based on the divine feminine as well as the masculine, a real balance. Lots of images that you’re going to be able to really get this idea of ascension. And if people want to know more about my views on this technology, they can get my free e-book from my website, William Henry dot net. It’s called, The Skingularity Is Near. I’ve given it away free. I intended that anybody who wants it just get it. Share it with as many people as possible, because most people are unaware of what we just discussed about, except the work that you’re doing here and you guys have discussed it. We need to get this information out there so people are really aware of the choice that we’re making right now, because there’s no turning back, is there, Corey?
  • CG - There’s not. <WH: Yeah>
  • DW - Well, this has really been blowing my mind. I hope you’ve enjoyed it at home. We’re going to be back next time with episode of Cosmic Disclosure for you. I’m David Wilcock. Check out William Henry’s new show, and we’ll see you here next time.
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