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Benjamin Fulford – June 24th 2016: Regarding the Dalai Lama " ... nothing other than a high level demon."

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Benjamin Fulford posted this short correspondence between himself and a reader. 

I offer the post for your consideration but he opinions of Fulford are his own. No one should assume that I agree with them just because they are shared on this site. 

I will say that almost all major religions have a core truth to them but over time, through infiltration of darker elements, almost all of have been corrupted. But there is value in contemplating the ideas contained within a religion, even it the society that formed around it is less than beneficial.

In other words, what imparts spiritual progress in one's life is the act of contemplating the divine, which means thinking about the big picture and the meaning of all things.. What one thinks about isn't as important as the process of thinking about it. Much like revering the messenger isn't as important as understanding the message.

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- Justin

Source - Benjamin Fulford Typepad

by Benjamin Fulford

Dear Benjamin,

I follow your weekly updates and trust what you are bringing to us.
As a Buddhist would like to know what is behind Dalailama ?
If he truly is cabal that would upset lot's of faithful people.
Would you be so kind to tell us more about him please ?

Much love


Hello T,

Here is what I know first hand. The system the Dalai Lama presided over in Tibet was Shangri La for the ruling classes but it was built on the backs of slaves who had no more rights than cattle. He was also very close to some Nazis who wanted to create a similar type of ruling class and slave class culture in the West.

Several Buddhist leaders in Japan have told me they always dread his coming because he always asks for large sums of money.

My own personal experience with him was that when my former girlfriend was five months pregnant with our child, she was working for a Nepalese products import bazaar in Tokyo. She was suddenly asked to come to Nepal to buy goods for the shop. When she got there she was drugged and woke up in a hospital as they were examining her womb with an ultra-sound device. She was no longer pregnant.

I later confirmed from the manager of the shop she worked for that it was a front for the Dalai Lama. The people who took our child from us in Nepal also worked for the Dalai Lama, according to him and other sources. I am not sure why they did this other than to try to deprive me of an heir.
When he came to the foreign correspondents club and I was about to ask him a question he became frightened and ended the press conference without answering my question which was to be about his relations with the Nazis. All I needed to do was look into his eyes to confirm that he is, deep inside, an extremely evil being pretending to be a saint. I have also fully confirmed the Dalai Lama has a network of agents and assassins who work for him.

Please understand I have deep respect for Buddhism and have spent much time at Buddhist temples meditating. I also get on well with most Buddhist organizations in Japan.
The Dalai Lama, in my view though, is nothing other than a high level demon.

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