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Ascension Conference Notes Pt 5 – Glarus, Switzerland – April 16-17, 2016

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Source - The Event Reference

by Nova Biscotti

The following conference notes are an interpretation of the person who wrote these notes. Many details are omitted and some original meaning is lost. They are NOT exact words from Cobra and Isis.  
(NB Note – In order to minimize confusion, when referring to the goddess, all capital letters will be used – ISIS.  When you see “Isis” in the text, it represents the person using that code name to preserve online anonymity.)
Transcript by Antares from Transinformation, Translation by Kleines Sandkorn, edited by Nova and Cobra

Isis on Sunday, 17th April
Isis led us through the following subjects. I have tried to write down as many of her words and formulations as I could to bring the energy of the experience as much as possible to you. Indeed, I hope that this wonderful energy that we all have experienced shall reach you. The energy work during the conferences keeps a major role for the whole process of our transformation. Meditation and mantras in such a big group radiate a deep powerful energy. I did not mention all of them in my text. Antares
The Goddess Spiral as transmutation process
Women are more open to receive the new energies reaching us. Men must learn to grow into that process to integrate the spiraling energies. To understand conversion-inversion-heart vortex (view also report from Cobra at Sunday) as energy structure is the masculine aspect, to feel the vortex the feminine.
Up to now our unhealthy aspects have accumulated inside of the solar plexus. Many times we choose to take than to give, by pushing or repressing someone. Healthy aspects of the solar plexus can be experienced by courageous action under protection of guidance by divine energies, to re-enter a state of healthy giving and receiving. Aggressive taking, pushing, pressure and manipulation are expressions of the old society. In the new time we enjoy receiving and giving in balance. Many of us have great difficulty with TRUE receiving. Often we feel inferiority and/or refusal, so we rather TAKE or altogether reject the concept of receiving.

We can use our arms for better understanding this dynamic: You see the energy is flowing like a circle (Isis raises her arms to half high like an open circle). With the left hand we receive and with the right hand we give, so the energy flows through our hearts. It is the shape of the Ankh and we have been created in this shape.
Being a CHALICE OF LOVE means to really BE and to master both of those energy flows. Too many things are still bringing us out of balance and we feel negative emotions instead of love that make us feel drained and exhausted. So truthfulness gains importance regarding our actions.
In relationships many times we get and have been hurt – already starting in childhood. All of this is recorded in us, we close our hearts more and more and harden by “non-forgiveness”. This blocks the flow of the energy of light and love within our cells – “so deeply as we have been hurt,no one could forgive that” – we allow ourselves to think. The truth is – this has nothing to do with the other person! It is solely our own process, it is about MYSELF. Here the law of Free Will comes into play again. “I TAKE MY POWER BACK TO MYSELF!” If I forgive I liberate myself.
Forgiveness brings us back into our own innermost balance.
The spiral energy of the Goddess activates the law of forgiveness and the key is an open heart. When Jesus said: “I AM the path, life and ascension“ he imprinted into the etheric grid patterns that prepared our ascension. The Light energy of the Goddess Spiral Consciousness is able to flow into our beings when we are in a feminine state of receptivity of our I AM PRESENCE. Within Spiral Consciousness of the Goddess we can heal past and create future in the present moment -NOW.
The Goddess energy is the immensely critical element in that process. The Galactic Confederation for example is itself spiral consciousness that integrates its energies in form of a spiral. The energy flows through our chakras as colors of the rainbow. We ARE that rainbow, it is that simple.
At this point we did some energetic work with some of the Archangels especially Archangel Michael to cut off unhealthy energy cords. Some of the attendees could feel dizziness. The Goddess energies might provoke healing of mental and emotional control and the experience of spiral consciousness entering of the physical body can be experienced as dizziness.  In this context it is good to listen to the advice of the Goddess to drink lots of pure high quality water and surrender to Her Presence.
We can come into contact with the Goddess presence in many ways.
Several times before meditations or energetic work we stood up and moved our bodies.
The energy of the Goddess flows easier and stronger through feminine and masculine bodies if the bodies move rhythmically. The element of love is air and it surrounds us everywhere. Moving to wonderful music lifts us beyond time and space and we strengthen our abilities to work with the Goddess energy by training us in surrender, dance and in listening. In the water the energy moves in waves like a heartbeat, so we can connect with the Goddess while swimming or just in the sun at the beach.
MOTHER EARTH is our sacred Mother, the element water expresses her emotions. Our body contains all five elements of the planetary body of our Mother. The Goddess presence honors all five elements. All of them must be in balance when we receive and give in the age of new vibration. Too much fire for example reflects itself as abrupt and destructive, too much water overflows us with emotions and too much earth is concentration on either one pole or the other as it then would be too much stability. Flying without being grounded lifts us out of our bodies and we appear as not being really here.
Embrace the Purity, Divinity & Sacredness of Divine Feminine Energies
In some ages women had to hide in order to be able to celebrate the elements and ceremonies of the year-cycle – like harvest, for instance. During times of suppression we often forgot to do these ceremonies, yet they are so sacred. Life becomes a celebration as soon as we perceive it as sacred. Fire is energizing us, as well dance or swimming in open water.
Now the call from our ancient Sisterhood and Brotherhood is reaching our hearts, getting louder and louder. We are called to re-enter into our sacred circles. Inside of the sacred circle there is none of such things like “more important/less important” or “higher/lower”. The energy moves in harmonious perfection, unity and connectedness.
The Sisterhood does not originate from the physical plane. The true origin of the Sisterhood is on the etheric realm.
In the beginning it was indeed a band of love between the Goddesses among themselves to
venerate each other’s aspects, so it was between Goddess Nephtys, ISIS, Bastet, Sekhmet, Hathor and others.
Later the movement slowly came down into society, yet only in times when evolution showed a golden face.
So, what does Sisterhood mean? It is a community of women or women and men that hold a pillar of light of I AM presence – hence the energies mutually amplify each other’s strength, never weakening. Healthy boundaries lead to common strength of soul presence. In one moment one of the women can be a channel and all others support her and in the next moment another one is a channel and again the group supports her when the energies flow through her.
Power struggles are needless; as Every-One is in her TRUE DIVINE POWER. It is redundant to fight for it. Sisterhood is based on mutual respect, love honesty, truth, inner integrity, divine power with co-creation with Divine to bring Divine spirit into the matter and celebrate life.
Today we slowly grow into that; thus, as we all can feel, we have not yet come there. In many groups there are discords and differences (Cobra said that also at many occasions).
By re-entering and learning to inhabit our own Goddess presence we develop our Free Will in that direction and so we birth the energy of harmony from another dimension to here.
Before every interaction with other humans it is crucial to first connect with the Goddess presence. Isis encourages us to share our inner world on the one side and on the other to REALLY learn to listen, and of course to dance and sing together. By this Every-One gets empowered through the other.
Men and women both need to learn to truly support each other. It is also true that sometimes a woman can better understand another woman than a man could and the same occurs with men. Isis again asks us to search for friends (feminine and/or masculine) and to join groups for the purpose of exchange described. Especially men have the chance to meet with other men without need of competition, so they can strengthen, empower and encourage each other.
Women shall learn to see men as heroes; men shall learn to see women as Goddesses.
Goddess ISIS is the “Divine Daughter, Divine Sister and the Divine Mother”, her name means “Throne”, she is the “Lady of the Stars” and comes from Sirius. She is known as Goddess with 10.000 names, the Moon Sun  Goddess. She Is bringing Her Divine Presence back into our awareness and on the Planet with the New  frequencies. She is a very special Goddess, as she unites the triple Goddess in her being. She is the Divine Mother – the Divine Feminine woman in connection with her sexuality and sensuality – as well as she embodies the grace and innocence of the inner child. This is very all-encompassing and hard to describe. She can inhabit many temperaments, as sometimes she is like a cat (like the Cat Goddess Bastet) and the same time she can be tender.
The Goddess ISIS came into the body of Isis when she was dancing. Her arms where moving like snakes. The energy was like the spiral energy that moves through our chakras – this is the dance of the Goddess. She felt the energy entering into her body. It is a spiral dance: left-circling energies manifest/ground (feminine) – Shakti energy, right-circling energies liberate (masculine) – Shiva energy.
The Ankh is an instrument of the Goddess ISIS and it has a portal in the center which symbolizes the entry point of the heart. The upper part can be seen as the chalice, the feminine womb, the other part as the phallus, so there are both Divine Energies of Creation united and TOGETHER they are represented within the Ankh. The womb has the potential to bring spirit – the breath of life – into matter, as described above.
In ancient mystery schools initiations where done with the help of the Ankh.
Today we can direct the energy through the Ankh into the chalice and much more. Whenever we work with Divine tools we activate spirit. By being a Chalice of Love we embody respect, mindfulness and love for the highest benefit of all of creation.
Isis shows us how we can consecrate an object through the Ankh with all elements.
Activation of the Holy Grail
All participants of the Conference together activated the Activation of the Holy Grail for awakening ourselves and all beings. Every-One received a small tachyonized glass that was being charged with that energy, as we held it in our hands during the sacred activation.
Now it symbolizes the Divine Light and Divine Love, the Holy Grail, to always remind us. It represents the light we have received and carry forward.
The Activation of the Chalice of Light and Love was a wonderful experience for all of us. Now the light will shine more and more for the Earth and humanity and it will spread through us. We are prepared for all which shall come.
A real lightworker/lightwarrior does not ignore darkness (evil) – he or she TRANSFORMS it with his/her abilities and talents.
Cobra and Isis now give a summary of the conference. They stress that we shall be victorious.
Cobra:  We have together created a huge mandala of light which was an essential part of the conference. We build a network of light and the codes of it spread throughout the world. This is the signal the light forces have waited for. Today we have built bridges across borders and we have secured the positive timeline. The positive timeline improves daily and here the conference has been an important step.  When we will be at home we can share the light with all, the information as well as the energies we have anchored. This experience is meant to to be shared with others which is the next step in securing the positive timeline.
One of the most effective things you can do is to create your own blogs for spreading the truth to even more people. The internet is a very powerful tool of the light forces to spread information to many. This information must be shared over and over, may we share with others all we have worked through in this whole complex situation. My blog and those existing are not enough to reach 7 billion people. Up to now there are about 50 million people aware. Various areas of languages are not covered with true information, so there must be more blogs in mother languages (Translations are essential!!!). For example in India there are innumerable people without any idea what is really happening.
200 years ago people have been laughed off that believed they could fly. Today we are unable to imagine a world without airplanes. Today many people do not believe in the possibility of Free Energy and if the Event would be right now, they still would not believe us. The truth is, soon Free Energy will facilitate the daily life of everyone.
It has always been like this – that throughout history only very small groups really did change the destiny of the planet: scientists, artists, banker, scholars. Here in this room are enough people present to change the destiny of the planet forever. One human being using Free Will is more powerful than 1 million people “asleep”. Our basic vision is the same despite we are all different.
You may remember the poll when 88 percent agreed for positive extraterrestrials to interact with humanity. The masses still do not believe that this could happen, yet when it starts they will just EXPERIENCE it without possibility of denial.
When the light is here everyone will enthusiastically welcome it. This TIME IS NOW.
At the closing of the conference Untwine plays on a wonderful 432 Hz instrument and this created a beautiful warm atmosphere.
These two days with all of their experience absolutely brought each of us forward onto our true paths into oneness. We exited the conference with abundance of hope and inspiration. This entire whole group of dedicated people has enriched each other greatly and so we can be in oneness beyond space and time, in the heart of the Goddess.
Unfortunately it is not possible to show all the images seen in the conference, because they are not available to us. Thus some images are only similar to those. They are illustrative.
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