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US Meat Tainted Says NFL, Issues Warning — Steroid Level So High in Beef It’s Causing Players to Fail Drug Tests

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This article reveals how poor meat production is in the US, and as such, should be avoided, but also, to what extent the system goes to hide this from the people. 

Here's a quote from another Free Thought Project article citing one of the key points. 
According to a report by the Associated Press:

The labeling law repeal, along with other controversial legislation such as CISA, was included within the omnibus spending bill that Congress passed late last month to avert a government shutdown.
Repeal became inevitable once the United States lost all its WTO appeals and the retaliation became a possibility. But the consumer groups criticized Congress for repealing the law for ground meat and pork in addition to the fresh cuts of meat that were the subject of WTO concerns.
The bill was “a holiday gift to the meatpacking industry from Congress,” complained the advocacy group Food and Water Watch. Meatpackers who buy Mexican cattle were some of the law’s most aggressive opponents.
The repeal also was a big defeat for lawmakers from northern border states where U.S. ranchers directly compete with Canadian ranchers. 
The labeling law repeal, along with other controversial legislation such as CISA, was included within the omnibus spending bill that Congress passed late last month to avert a government shutdown. - (Source)
On a personal note, I stopped eating meat about three months ago, after a slow two-year process of reducing my meat intake, I've never felt healthier in my life. I am not saying everyone should be vegan, but I am saying that the quality of animal products, especially meat, is so poor that, at this point, avoiding processed meat and dairy is a very wise choice.

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Clearly there is a great deal of food manipulation taking place, and the victims of this are the people themselves. Odds are if you are reading these words, your health and the health of your family has been negatively impacted by consuming tainted meat and diary.

One of the best ways to regain freedom in your life is to stop consuming a product designed to destroy health. It can be difficult, and you will most likely face lifelong addictions in the process, but in the end, you won't be feeding into the system by suffering from poor health. And with this added vitality, you can continue to gain freedom in other areas.

Health is the foundation for the body, which is the temple of the soul. Take care to build a temple that empowers you to be the best you can be.
- Justin

SourceFree Thought Project

by Jay Syrmopoulos

Five months after Congress voted to remove mandatory country of origin labeling from pork and beef, the NFL is now warning players that meat produced in Mexico and China may contain clenbuterol, a substance banned by the league as a performance enhancing drug.

Clenbuterol is a muscle-building and weight-loss stimulant.

A memo from the league’s independent drug-testing administrator was sent out to players informing them that, “consuming large quantities of meat while visiting those particular countries may result in a positive test.

Players are warned to be aware of this issue when traveling to Mexico and China,” the memo went on to say. “Please take caution if you decide to consume meat, and understand that you do so at your own risk.

The drug-testing program starkly warned that: Players are responsible for what is in their bodies.”

Under normal circumstances, the policy would seem like common sense, but since the repeal of mandatory country of origin of meat labeling, Americans now have no way of identifying where their meat was produced. Much of the meat Americans are eating now, could very well be from Mexico and China.

Now some NFL players, including the Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson, have taken to social media to express their feelings after receiving the memo.

According to a report by ESPN:
"Texans left tackle Duane Brown tested positive for clenbuterol last season after a bye-week trip to Mexico, during which he ate Mexican beef, sources told ESPN.

After a months-long process, Brown was finally cleared in April, sources said, allowing him to avoid what would have been a 10-game suspension. His case serves as a cautionary tale for other players…

Mexican cattle ranchers are banned from using clenbuterol as a growth enhancer, but reports suggest that it is still used widely."
So why aren’t Americans allowed to know where the meat they buy is produced?

The labeling law repeal, along with other controversial legislation such as CISA, was included in the omnibus spending bill that Congress passed in December 2015, in an effort to avert a government shutdown.

U.S. legislators claimed to have had little choice but to lift the labeling requirements after the World Trade Organization’s continual rulings against the U.S. labels. The labels were challenged by Canada and Mexico in the WTO, with the organization authorizing those countries to begin fining the U.S. over $1 billion in economic sanctions.

The lawmakers’ explanation, as to their reasoning for getting rid of the labels, lends direct support to the argument that U.S. sovereignty is subject to its membership in certain international organizations.

If a transnational trade organization has the ability to dictate U.S. law to those that are tasked with representing the people of a nation, then sovereignty is most certainly an extremely fluid concept the deeper a nation ventures into the land of supranational organizations.

The insertion of legislation, that would otherwise never be codified into law, into a spending bill that most in Congress see as integral to pass, speaks to the nefarious nature of “representative” democracy as practiced in the U.S. It also highlights the ability to subvert the very foundations we are told the nation was built upon, by those intent on substituting their will for that of the people they allegedly represent.

The idea that NFL players are responsible for ingesting a performance-enhancing drug that is found in Mexican & Chinese produced beef, while the U.S. doesn’t allow you to know where the meat was produced speaks to the insanity of the system as a whole.

In essence, you have no right to know what is in your food – but you will be held responsible for what is in it after it is ingested.


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