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The Warrior’s Way – 50 Inspiring Ways to Open Up to Personal Power

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Source - Waking Times

by Alex Vandenberg
“A life so concluded, that God is not robbed of the soul, which yet can with dignity win the world’s favor: that is a worthy work.”- Wolfram von Eschenbach
When wandering into the wilderness guided by the light of the heart, one embarks on a journey that can be downright taxing, toilsome, and austere. Climbing out of Plato’s Cave entails all sorts of slippery slopes, twists and turns, dead ends, cul de sacs, ominous signposts, hazards, etc. Paradigm shifts are a matter of course as you are essentially unlearning everything you learned so that you can start to learn. Along the way, one inexorably discovers all sorts of little gems that start to add up. If these gems are invested properly they tend to yield a profitable return. Some of them come in the form of little nuggets of wisdom that serve to weaken the hold of the ego as the dominant part of the personality, thereby help us dust off that connecting link to Intent.

While reading through the following, take notice of how some of the sentiments subtly hint at the nature of the Self and the Alchemical Great Work, not to mention the universe which is an energetic expression of the Self. In addition, take notice of how many possess an inherently paradoxical flavor which tends to mirror the definition of the Self put forth by Dr. Carl Jung– a super-ordinate, transcendental, paradoxical third outside of spacetime and yet containing it. Taken together then, it’s almost as if we somehow get closer to God by becoming like God. As if the prescription for opening oneself up to Power is cloaked in contradiction. Which if you think about it makes perfect sense. For how could one become Whole by eliminating half? Is not the iron forged between the hammer and the anvil? Did not the Buddha follow the Middle Way?

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In point of fact, the term “oxymoron” (“pointedly foolish” in Greek) is a poetic device commonly found in eastern thought utilized to point past those pairs of opposites to the Castle of the Grail where time and eternity are but one. Examples include the “Manifest-Hidden” of the Upanishads, “the full void” of Zen Buddhism, and the “stone that is no stone” of medieval alchemy. One can’t help but also think here of the wave-particle duality principle of quantum mechanics. Ultimately, this, “and yet,” principle encapsulates the very essence of existence. As Joseph Campbell wrote in Creative Mythology,
“Apparently in every sphere of human search and experience the mystery of the ultimate nature of being breaks into oxymoronic paradox, and the best that can be said of it has to be taken simply as metaphor – whether as particles and waves or as Apollo and Dionysus, pleasure and pain.”
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With all that said, and without further ado, let’s now take a look at the warrior’s way.
  1. Be the Word behind words.
  2. Know that you don’t know.
  3. Create and destroy; give and receive.
  4. Sacrifice in order to elevate.
  5. Neither neglect nor worship the body.
  6. See Life as the Lodge.
  7. Practice random acts of kindness.
  8. Embrace Simplicity.
  9. Negate nothing except weakness within yourself.
  10. Do by not-doing.
  11. Assume responsibility for your actions.
  12. Live in the Here and Now.
  13. Accept whatever Life throws your way.
  14. Erase all lines.
  15. Listen to the Voice within.
  16. Disengage while engaging.
  17. Know that Power commands you and yet obeys you.
  18. Act without expectation.
  19. Learn to laugh at yourself.
  20. See calamity as opportunity.
  21. Get rid of imprisoning belief systems.
  22. Go your own way without looking back; follow the pathless path.
  23. Compete by not competing.
  24. Know that surrender lies in the heart of freedom.
  25. Benefit all; harm no one.
  26. Embolden the ego to subdue it.
  27. Love all aspects of Life.
  28. Transcend Doubt and Fear.
  29. Know that Attitude alone can take you to the heights.
  30. Feel more, think less.
  31. Lose yourself in order to find yourself.
  32. Show gratitude and compassion.
  33. Cultivate enthusiasm.
  34. Do not define or show yourself.
  35. See enemies as friends.
  36. Be firm, yet flexible.
  37. Break up routines and habits.
  38. See everything as Thyself.
  39. Live with purpose while taking nothing seriously.
  40. Exude uncanny cheer.
  41. Be proactive as opposed to reactive.
  42. Think by not thinking.
  43. Do not complain.
  44. Trust yourself.
  45. Pursue your passion.
  46. See every experience as Divine.
  47. Take no credit.
  48. Let go of attachments.
  49. Balance work and play.
  50. Embrace Stillness and Silence.

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About the Author

Alex Vandenberg is staff writer for Waking Times. He is a writer and researcher of a myriad of different topics spanning everything from economics to the occult. He is currently in the process of completing two books on transcendental knowledge. His guiding light has been a singular focus on illuminating what lurks beneath; on the roots of humanity’s current conundrum as seen through the prism of spirituality.

This article (The Warrior’s Way – 50 Ways to Open Up to Personal Power) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Alex Vandenberg and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

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