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The Mysterious Microvita | A Theory of Spiritual Science, Meditation, Mind and Energy

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by Didi Annapurna

Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, spiritual leader and scientist revealed his Microvita theory between 1986 and 1990. In order to begin research into Microvita, he initiated many of his followers into a daily practice of Microvita meditation. One of them was Acarya Vimalananda, who had been Sarkar’s student since early childhood. Before leaving his physical body Sarkar dedicated the whole Microvita research to be coordinated by Ac. Vimalananda.

In the beginning of August 2015, an international study group gathered in Germany to participate in Microvita seminar. Ac. Vimalananda, with the help of a Microvita scientist from Germany, gave several lectures. The interest was so great that an extra lecture was requested and arranged.

Microvita theory needs special research and experimentation in order to be fully understood, so we had a bit of a hard time to digest everything that Ac. Vimalananda explained. Here I have complied those points which may be interesting and possible to understand for common readers.

According the common physics everything is energy, but Sarkar says that energy alone can’t create matter. In fact, it would be unscientific to think so. Energy together with Microvita creates matter. Also matter is not (bottled up) energy. There is a silver line of demarcation between the worlds of matter and abstract. This silver line is made up of Microvita and energy. When Microvita increases, it becomes matter and if energy increases, it becomes abstract.

Microvita may be considered as a cosmic mental force, emanating from the cosmic (Aham’) factor. These are the ultimate particles of Consciousness. Energy is convertible back and forth, but if you convert matter you can’t bring it back to its original form. Magnetic energy can be converted to light and light to magnetism, but physicists don’t consider this to be possible in the case of matter. Matter doesn’t control matter: abstract (mind) is required to move matter.

There is a world of matter and a world of abstract. Microvita are at the silver lining between abstract and matter, conception and perception. Perception means you use your senses to feel things that exist. Conception means one can’t use the senses to feel something. Now, when someone pats the shoulder of a hopeless person, what is it that wakes up hope in him/her? What is transferred by the soft touch? Can the same be achieved by a machine? Something to ponder…!

When abstract becomes crudified, it transforms into different varieties of matter according to the density of Microvita types present /available in there. Beyond the sky there is silver-line: clouds are already crudified solid matter. In interstellar space there is both microvita and energy. Energy works in the material arena, and Microvita on life processes (the psychic and spiritual arena). Neutral Microvita constitute the physical arena, the world of the five elements.

Creation signifies the process of one becoming many, and that’s why many universes could already be existing, each with a unique bandwidth of vibrational wave lengths different from the others. Thus creation continues, new universes are born and old universes die.

Sarkar says diseases originate from the effects of Microvita. Crude Microvita are not the same as viruses, however it is the effect of Negative Microvita that make us vulnerable to viruses. There has been and always will be viruses in the physical body. They generally don’t cause sickness, but when due to negative thinking (i.e. going pro-matter/matter-oriented) we attract Negative Microvita which then damages the body's immunity, opening the doors to viruses to start causing havoc. It could be possible to observe Microvita causing certain changes in nervous system, if sensitive enough equipment would be invented.

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Molecules itself are “stupid”, so how life could come from them? They need the help of organizing Microvita. When an organism dies, Microvita reorganizethe substances, and worms start to devour the body. What is the difference; one minute before death and one minute after death? What is it that allows the body to sustain itself? And what goes missing when you are no more in your body and it begins to decay? It is consciousness / mind that keeps body at work, moving and driving forward. When the body dies it belongs to nature, and it is no more yours.

Sometimes nature is not able to create a new body immediately after death, and one has to wait for it. If your mind leaves from the Sahasrara Cakra (the highest Cakra) at the time of death, you will not be reborn, but if your mind leaves from any other Cakra you must be reborn, simply because the evolution level of your unit mind is still spinal. If you master any cakra from Anahata Cakra upwards, you become human in the next life. Those who leave from the lower Cakras are reborn as animals. You begin from where you left. A jump in the level is possible only by divine grace.

There is mind-body connection. This particular body is for this particular mind. The spiritual and psychic aspects are integrated within a person's atoms and molecules. Surgery and transfer of organs – heart transplant – brings feelings from previous heart holder. Due to this reason, the new heart might even be rejected, depending on the psychic make-up of the donor – whether the heart is maching or not.

The embryo receives its (new) unit mind when the two cells of the parents unite. And, when baby breaths for the first time the soul joins the body. Until then mother’s soul sustains the psycho-physical life of the growing fetus. However, this gives no license for abortion. The foetus has nine functionable Cakras when it reaches nine months old. The Sahasrara Cakra (highest) is formed first, and the Muladhara Cakra (lowest) last.

Karma exists in the mind only; the unit soul is always connected to universal consciousness. It is only the mind that has to be liberated, as the soul is pure and thus always in a liberated state. Unit Mind is interactive Consciousness, thus full of Karma. Soul is pure Unit Consciousness.

Behind everything is idea. Energy is generated, attracted and carried forth by ideas, and thus it becomes a force. For example, if a student is studying, has no energy, and then suddenly something makes him/her concentration strong. This change is caused by idea and Positive Microvita. Bach made some basic music – and then more came from beyond by Microvita. We can say that Microvita got attracted to his music. Scientists' descriptions of how they came to their discoveries often point to a higher source of consciousness.

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In the physical level (i.e. in the world of Matter) negative attracts positive. Opposites come together only to neutralize each other, and thereby gain physical staticity. However, in the psychic arena positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. We notice a law of polarity at work. In case of Microvita, Negative and Positive don’t nullify each other, one complements the other. (That is to say, matter particles do have psychic propensities).

Human beings are divine by nature. One is compelled to become evil due to pressure of circumstances. The present structure of laws anticipates that human beings are evil by nature and therefore need police, prisons, etc. This idea makes the whole society even worse. Also, the established religions assume and conclude that human beings are sinners by nature.

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Humanity’s first collective life history has produced our present social cycle. Now the second cycle is starting, bringing with it new ideas. It may seem like nothing is happening – but something is at work in a very subtle manner which causes a new phase to suddenly start. 

When you do sadhana (spiritual practices) you are also doing service to the collective existence; you attract and add positive microvita to the environment, while you skip the impact of zodiac sign in your personal life. Astrology no longer has any significant effect on you. Besides divine intuition, Microvita give occult powers, but one should not try to acquire them. Microvita enter through the area in the human cranium, where the microcosm connects to macrocosm.

As microvita theory is a new science of subjective and objective reality, its research will require experimentation not only in physical, chemical and medical laboratories, but primarily in the psycho-spiritual laboratories of the mind. The future scientists must acquire an ability to conceive and experiment with more subtle ideas and to visualize more abstract concepts, i.e according Sarkar, atoms have two parts – the cruder part and the subtler part, and the subtler part of atoms has not yet been investigated. For research into the subtler part of atoms, the psycho-spiritual practices taught in Ananda Marga are helpful. Many great things can be achieved by using the subtler part of atoms.

Crude Microvita are "the initial stage of matter". When billions of Microvita get solidified, a carbon atom is formed. In atoms and molecules the mind remains quite underdeveloped, while in the case of humans, the mind is comparatively highly advanced, capable of receiving abstract, subtle ideas.

Subtler (i.e. Positive) Microvita move in supra-psychic space and especially within the human mind. They can be attracted through meditation. They have a spiritually uplifting effect on human beings and society as a whole. If humanity attracts crude (i.e. Negative) Microvita, they will have degenerating effects in the society – such as imperialism, fascism etc.

Microvita require a medium for movement (known as a field in physics). Microvita move through the planes of inferences and generate waves. These are known as sub-waves, like ripples on the surface of the ocean. Microvita can be eventually detected, because of the waves created by their movement within a medium or field.

One day physics will venture one step further into metaphysics. Sarkar said Microvita concepts are two hundred years ahead of time, but should be applied today in solving the pending problems of humanity “in a nice way”.

Video: Shiva's Mind - The Cosmic Mind and Microvita.mp4, (courtesy Smithsonian institute):

See more; and


400-500 years ago in Germany people practiced alchemy; it has similarities to the Microvita theory. Metals can be changed into different elements. Alchemists were ridiculed. However, Sarkar said for example that gold can be made from Mercury.

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Scientists used to believe that everything in this Universe is made out of energy, and later on people also started to have belief in another idea, that matter is nothing but an illusion. Today science is advancing into the realm of elementary particles.

According to the Double slit - experiment (Quantum mechanics) when an observer is used in the particle test, the observer has an effect on the result – as if the particle knows it is being watched. We have free will, but is someone observing us, (our consciousness or the Supreme Consciousness), and having an effect on our daily lives? Albert Einstein didn’t explain what held energy in mass although he did understand the importance of the “observer” in any phenomena.

Here video of Double slit - experiment;

The Secret Space Program whistleblower Corey Goode says that scientists know that the effect of the observer changes the results, but they don’t want us to know it, and that we have observing consciousness.

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Fallacy # 1: (E=MC2). It is believed that when an atomic bomb explodes, matter is transformed into enormous amounts of energy. This is not true. After the explosion, all of the original matter still exists.

Exosome-like nanoparticles, present in edible fruits and plants communicate with mammalian cells via nanoparticles in the gut, intestinal macrophages and stem cells. This may explain why those who consume a greater variety of edible plants are healthier. A new study of "Interspecies Communication Between Plant and Mouse Gut Host Cells through Edible Plant derived Exosome-like Nanoparticles." Source;
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