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In Depth Q and A with Justin Deschamps and Yvonne Palermo (Written Responses for Part 1 and 2) and Video of Part 2 Archive - April 30th 2016 GRooVie Bean Radio

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Here is part 2 of an interview I did with Yvonne Palermo on the GRooVie Bean Radio Show

In part two of my talk with Yvonne, we got into some deep discussion about a great many things, courtesy of questions supplied by the audience.

As I made mention of in the first part of this series, I have included herein a written form of the questions asked by the audience and my answers. This took more time than I initially thought, and ended up being about 29 pages worth of text, hence the delay in sharing this post. 

Special thanks to Yvonne, Colleen from Haggie Shack Radio, and all the wonderful folks in the audience who provided such great questions.

Part 1 can be found below. 

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The video's were removed by Yvonne, but a written response to the questions have been provided below. 

And now for the written Q and A. 

The questions were submitted over the course of two months, collected via the Stillness in the Storm Group on Facebook. Some questions also came from the audience during the show. 

Preface – I am not a guru. I am merely a human being with experience and a unique perspective on the universe, just like each of us. I offer these answers and my perspectives for your consideration, not to be blindly accepted, or that I think you should follow me

For me, I have been greatly empowered because of others, and I want to offer what I can as a way to give back. I think as time goes on, the awakening insights we received on our own paths will be seen as more valuable to others in the future. This will cultivate a collective space of openness and sharing towards mutual upliftment, healing and growth.  

Also let me say that I receive a huge number of emails, messages, social media notifications and so on—hundreds every day. I often don't get to see or respond to all of them right away, and sometimes they get lost in the process (especially on social media). So, if you've tried to get my attention in the past, and I didn't response, it was probably because I didn't see it or haven't responded yet. 

The best way to get ahold of me is

The question text will be in black bold with responses in green below. 

1. How can one better help the "FULL Disclosure" movement pick up more steam when that person is a writer and scientist and already has a blog?

Justin – Sharing disclosure related information is very helpful, adding one more voice to the chorus. And there is a severe lack of analysis and synthesis of information out there. If you have the capacity to articulate or explain ideas in ways that others can understand, to help piece the greater truth together, then this is a big contribution to the effort in my view. I think this kind of content is being recognized as valuable for people now, appose to sensational stories that are more for entertainment than personal growth.

That is to say, sharing information for awakening is about transferring information (in-form-ation) so that someone can personally analyze and contemplate what is offered, expanding their consciousness in the process. This requires raw data, information and conceptual clarity, which is sorely lacking in much of the content available now. But as I said, the awakening community itself is evolving, and those longer on the path are yearning for real transformation, instead of feel good stories or fear porn that tend to distract from the inner or personal work. 

Another suggestion is to network with other bloggers and researchers to coordinate your efforts. If you specialize in one branch of science that is lacking in content in the blogosphere, spread more data in that regard. Once greater organization with FDP takes place (the organization being spearheaded by Corey Goode, I suspect fellow media persons, such as bloggers, will be doing a lot more in a coordinated fashion. But we need not wait for anything. 

As a side note: The alternative media, in particular regarding awakening information, topics, and efforts— is heavily divided. Considering most of the people is generally speaking to the same topic, why is there so much division? Part of this is because of separation consciousness which has plagued humanity for eons, which is manifested through the need for money. Bloggers, researchers, scientists, and so on, generally see the value in doing their work and sharing it with the world, but at the same time, feel the pressure to earn a living. This pressure causes a huge amount of division and scarcity thinking within the awakening community, preventing cooperation for our collective goals. But the sooner we all rely on each other for support, the readership and the media teams that is, the sooner we can transcend scarcity and start making changes happen by working together. 

Future of Disclosure and Awakening

I actually think coordination or working together toward an overarching goal will become more of the focus as time goes on. The awakening community, in the past, has been more segregated due to each individual sharing their unique truth. But we're reaching a time when the awakening masses want integration or synthesis. They want to know how all the individual truths fit together, and this is a very encouraging sign. This means we're really growing as an awakening community. But we've only started to take our first few steps in this next phase of collective evolution. The coming weeks, months and years are going to make the first phase seem like a kindergarten class. So get ready, because we haven't seen nothing yet! 

Developing Rapport and Relationships for Sharing Truth

And of course, I would always suggest continuing to learn and integrate your knowledge, expanding it into all areas possible, and then acting on that knowledge to change yourself. 

The world needs people who are willing to change, not more well informed people who expect the world to change for them. Learning how to change yourself is the most important thing we can focus on, in my view, much more important than learning a few factoids that don't inspire inner change.

In my view, disclosure is not just about the Secret Space Program, it deals with everything related to truth, all that is hidden or unconscious—which, of course, means all that IS. 

And finally, learn how to develop rapport; this is one of the biggest secrets for helping the awakening process that the Cabal has kept from us. We're taught to think sharing truths means making others believe what we do, and demand they accept our truths on the spot, but this isn't how awakening to truth works. It takes time to observe, contemplate and integrate information into ourselves. Yet most people won't open their minds if they feel they are being attacked with truth. So I would suggest holding back on sharing any truth someone isn't open to hearing. If you do share it anyway, it will usually make you feel frustrated and cause more close-mindedness when they don't accept it right away. Instead, focus on developing a relationship that allows for the sharing of controversial information. 

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What I am describing here is the student-teacher relationship wherein the teacher helps the student navigate the transformation that comes from receiving truth. It is a co-creative relationship of sharing information, developing compassion and fellowship so that another can feel safe when contemplating the truths we're trying to offer. And finally, it is reciprocal. The student teaches the teacher and the teacher teaches the student, wherein both people must be humble and open minded, consciously acknowledging they don't know it all, and have something to gain. 

And don’t feel the need to force someone to believe your truth. Focus on building a loving and accepting relationship first, and then eventually sharing information will be easier and received in an open-minded way. 

In my view, the core problem we face, at all levels, is separation consciousness, which makes us feel divided, unloved, constantly judged by our fellows, and like we have no one to turn to for help. This being said, the foundation for receiving truth is a heart and mind that are healed and open. Developing rapport is about opening yourself to another person, sharing of yourself so that the other person feels comfortable enough to do the same. This requires kindness, compassion, unselfishness and humility, which allow someone to feel like we really care about their well-being, which hopefully transcends your need to have your truth be accepted. Once this relationship has been cultivated, nurtured and developed, which takes time and patience, then we can share the big truths we are trying to transmit. 

Do your best to avoid becoming impatient. If you feel the need to share a truth, it's probably because you need to express yourself, which may not be the right consciousness for interacting with others. Try writing your ideas down or talking to yourself while on a walk (I do this all the time). This helps get the energy out, and allows us to explore the ideas creatively so we can be more patient and receptive with others. 

And ask yourself: How long did it take me to understand and accept the truths I am are trying to share? 

It took me 27 years of my life to finally open my mind to the truth, and only after a catalyzing event, which caused emotional turbulence. So remember that sharing the truth is serious because if it is received by another person, it transforms them. This is a sacred act, a type of cosmic re-birthing process. It's as if when sharing truth we are playing midwife to the cosmos, wherein another being goes through a personal transformation as a result of our direct actions. So when I say set aside selfishness, I mean let go of your need to have your truth accepted right away, or at all. Share your wisdom when an opening has presented itself, and let that seed grow. Relationships take time and nurturing to become a venue for individual sharing and growth, which is what rapport and servicing others is all about.

2. For new beings listening, Justin; what is the Secret Space Program?

Justin – The secret space program is a term used by the awakening community to refer to hidden government programs and projects. The official term for the secret space program, for the most part, is Unacknowledged Special Access Programs. These programs are vast, but generally speaking they deal with hidden technology and human activity related to space. These could include colonies on other worlds, exopolitical relationships with extraterrestrial races, time travel, secret government projects, mass mind control and social programming of humanity, and so on. For more see the below article. 

3. I would ask Justin what is his active role currently in ITNJ board of trustees and if he can reveal any plans he has with Corey and DW? Thanks

Justin – I am a trustee for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, an eclectic organization of people from all walks of life working together to restore the Rule of Law. As a trustee, it is my role to oversee the organization and ensure it is in harmony with the Constitution and Treaty, amongst other administrative duties. Simply put, my job is to ensure the ITNJ actually embodies natural justice, does no harm and honors all life, including Cabal members. The ITNJ is progressing along, and there are many cases being brought submitted, yet at present we use more volunteers and support to expand this project to its full potential. If you want to get involved check out

Collaboration with Corey

In February, I wrote an article about partial disclosure being revealed in a Boeing advertisement. It is an extensive piece, which Corey is helping me with as far as the history detailed in it. I also explained in the article how subliminal psychology works, breaking down how advertising can be used to influence the masses. At this point, I just need to finish revising the article and it should be ready for print. Hopefully I can carve out some time to finish it in the coming days. 

I am also loosely working with the FDP organization. At this time, I am not actively involved with any projects, but we are generally working towards the continued sharing of disclosure related information, focusing on hidden technology and unacknowledged programs. But, as I said above, I think the grander topic of full disclosure, above and beyond what is outlined within the founding documents of the FDP, includes all aspects of the truth, not just hidden technology and extraterrestrials.

4. Whether the FDP had considered inviting the American Indian community into talks with them?

Justin – My knowledge of all the FDP activities is limited, but from what I do know, organization is still taking place internally. I have not heard that the FDP is reaching out to American Indian tribes or nations, but that is an excellent proposal. 

5. How is Justin doing personally and anything he is comfortable sharing since Julian has passed? And also let him know he is a very courageous individual and very much loved and supported. And also if there is anything we can do help out on the blog. Thank you.

Justin – I’m touched by this question. 

Julian's Passing

In general, I am doing well. Losing Julian was hard, but all the knowledge and growth we gained together insofar as the spiritual nature of existence has helped me immeasurably. I’ve also learned many techniques for transmuting pain and overcoming loss, something I hope to share as time allows. This being said, all the things I didn’t do for Julian, giving him more support and love has haunted me. There are times when I feel like I actually contributed to his death by not being more supportive of him, but I know this is all part of the healing process.

Julian and I did not have a perfect relationship, it was a real one. We each had our own personal problems that came to the surface through our relationship, and at times, either my unwillingness or his, to change and grow, caused problems. But all of this perfectly contributed to the transformation I am currently going through now, and I know Julian experienced the same too. 

I often say that no experience, no matter how seemingly tragic, is really wasted or valueless. And that for each person, without exception, the universe unfolds as if it is all for our personal growth and development. The loss of Julian was my way of actually living this truth. I am constantly humbled and overjoyed by the opportunities I’ve had to grow directly as a result of honoring my past mistakes with him. When he died that day in August last year, so did I, and a new version of me has been rising from those ashes ever since. I’ve only started to suss out the wisdom that this experience has provided me, and will most likely continue to unearth gems as time goes on.

Blog and How to Help

As for the great work, I’d say the best thing you can do is continue to expand your mind and push your boundaries. We’ve all been programmed with beliefs and worldviews that are not our own, which cause us to fight amongst ourselves. Instead of being a truth fundamentalist, work towards becoming more accepting and compassionate of others. I observe so much fighting within all the various awakening circles I’ve seen, in addition to cooperation. As I said above, changing yourself is not only the easiest insofar as being close at hand, but also the most impactful. When you change yourself for the better, waves of change radiate outwardly, as you becoming a living example and inspiration for others. Learn to walk your talk. Learn to walk the path, not just talk about it. 

As for the blog, sharing blog posts in your favorite groups on Facebook (and elsewhere) helps spread the information. And if you want to support SITS, clicking on ads once or twice a day goes a long way. You can do this for other blogs and sites you follow as well. This provides the alternative media the financial support it needs to keep going. 

The Money Issue

Let me take a moment to address an elephant in the living room—money.

While we all want to live in a world without money, until we restore common trust and the human family, we need to accept it as part of the equation. So don’t be a fundamentalist with the money issue either. 

The word prejudice literally means to pre-judge or to make a conclusion about something without all the facts or with limited knowledge. I see people in the awakening community jumping to all sorts of wild conclusions because of the money issue, choosing to label an idea false or disinfo, simply because money was involved.

For example, David Wilcock is known for his self promotion and plugging of his books or TV shows, which some people are prejudice against and jump to the conclusion he is a disinfo agent, purely because he earns money from his work. But how could David do any of what he does without earning money? Again, at this point, he can't; no one can. We all need money to survive to a certain extent, so asking figures in the truther community never to mention money or focus on it at all is a bit short sighted. And in my view, this whole issue is a program of divide and conquer pushed by the Cabal to keep us fighting each other. 

Support Groups and Restoring the Human Family

I also want to help develop support networks for awakening people so that we can start to rely on each other for material, emotional, mental, and spiritual support. There's no reason as an awakening people we should feel alone. During the Free Your Mind Conference, one of the speakers talked about a "Freedom Cell." This is a small group of 2 to 8 people working together to support each other. For example, if one person is trying to eat better, the group can help by suggesting information to research for sources of clean food, as well as do it yourself freedom tips, like fermenting your own probiotic superfood

Basically, we need to restore the human family, to restore trust and cooperation with our brothers and sisters in humanity. This belief that we can't share everything about our personal experience with others holds us back, something everyone subscribes to due to fear of personal rejection. We've been trained to hide ourselves and put up walls around everyone, including people we consider to be "awake." The more bravery we develop in sharing ourselves fully, the more confident we'll feel in life in general. This has been a huge lesson for me, which I can talk about later at some point. 

As one last point on this topic of transparency, consider the desire for ascended abilities, like telepathy. If we can't share of ourselves fully and transparently with our fellows, especially in the awakening community, how would we handle telepathy at a massive scale, like what is described in ascension scenarios? I suspect one reason for holding these things back from humanity, which is allegedly what the SBA is doing via the spheres in the solar system, is because we have a lot of inner work to do. Thankfully, restoring the human family provides a way to walk the path of inner work, personal change, and collective upliftement. 

I think finding a partner or group of awakening people who can actually agree to share their personal journey's with others in a supportive way is incredibly healing and empowering. This would essentially be a kind of AA support group for awakening, which isn't focused on sharing factoids but the personal journey of meaning, understanding and growth. Information without contemplation does very little to evolve consciousness, as such, forming social support groups for this process would be invaluable. 

Imagine if you had a close friend to talk to about understanding some new piece of information? What if you had someone who could help you emotionally when trying to overcome a food addiction (which almost everyone has to deal with when trying to get healthy). What if we had people who could help us overcome our programming and actually feel happier, more productive and empowered in our lives? What if we could actually work with other people to make a difference? 

This is the kind of awakening network I want to help foster. One of the visions Julian and I had for Stillness was for it to serve as a hub (one amongst many) for people to gather and help each other. Instead of only talking about factoids and the who's who of latest whistleblowers testimony and updates, we could talk about the inner journey of what this means for us personally, and work towards actually changing ourselves to be more whole, which in turn provides a foundation for helping the planet. Hopefully more interest in this kind of social support grows expands with time. 

6. I would like to hear Justin's thoughts on how his own discernment skills have evolved over time. Can he elaborate on how he personally approaches different topics, blogs, authors, videos etc. And how this has changed over time for him?

Justin – Phew that's quite the question. My own discernment has improved in that I am looking for deeper meaning and understanding now. This question has to do with the evolution of consciousness, which we all go through as individuals. 

Deep Holistic Discernment

In the past, I was looking for quick answers—is this true or is this not? But now I'm trying to understand how all the pieces fit, which is what true discernment is all about—integration.

Generally speaking, I take the scientific approach, and integrate my intuition with logic and reason. I don’t really think in words, I navigate ideas with my imagination using holistic holographic thought-forms, with a heart and mind integration. My emotions are a key part of how I intellectualize, philosophize or discern, that is to say, observation is a feeling and reception while contemplation or understanding is creative, using the conscious mind and the unconscious mind to generate meaning. The meaning is an intellectualization, it's a metaphysical thing that which has form in and of itself. The goal of discernment is for this intellectualization or knowledge to accurately reflect reality, and since reality is holistic (One Truth), so must our knowledge be. The goal is to discern or harmonize all of the truths we've come to know into a holistic set of understanding, which requires cycles of observation (data absorption) and contemplation (integrating separate ideas into one piece of knowledge). 

Although people tend to think intellectualization, analysis and synthesis is some kind of cold, dead scientific process, it is actually where creativity insofar as understanding takes place. The logical mind can absorb facts and data points (observe), but only through holistic thinking can meanings and insights be gleaned. When we make sense of information we just received, it is because an intellectual or logical framework of thought was created, which we could liken to a piece of art made of mental stuff. The intuitive creative process of the individual plays a direct role in what is ultimately generated, producing an image within the imagination that can then be used to understand the world. 

This is what I call a holistic or complete discernment process where we look for not just a yes or no answer to the question: Is this true? We also look for how it is true. The how or why is what actually empowers us or imparts understanding—clarity of sight. Almost anyone can say "yes this is true, or no this is not," but only someone who understands deeply can tell you why in a logical, coherent way. At this level of comprehension, the data becomes part of us and improve our lives. Last year I produced a presentation serious which discussed this process in detail, which I'll link below. 

3 Steps of Discernment

This method is what I used to create a holistic picture of knowledge, not just a hodgepodge of memorized facts that don’t mean much of anything. It is a 3 step process of observation, verification, and integration.


For example, if you're trying to determine if a theory about 9/11 is true, then you first need to absorb and understand what the theory is describing. Once that is done, now you can begin comparing it to other pieces of information that you consider to be true. If you encounter a point of conflict, then this is a red flag that the theory may not be accurate or that your pre-existing knowledge was not correct, and needs to be changed. In either case purification of knowledge will result if you follow the process completely. 


Assuming there are no inconsistencies, and you feel like a theory is true, now verification begins. Start by verifying any data point you are not certain of—and even reexamine things you think for sure are true. Take the time to learn as much as you can because the more replete or detailed your knowledge is the more likely you are able to discern correctly and completely. If the theory’s points hold up against verification, then this data now becomes a reasonably certain truth. But always be willing to revisit the idea, and expand it with new information.


Once you have reasonable certainty, now contemplation or integration takes place. The idea you just determined was probably true is contemplated and this begins integrating it into your knowledge base. This is where an external belief becomes an internal knowing. For example, if you just determined that 9/11 was probably a false flag, or an intentional psychological warfare tactic carried out by the government itself, now you can start to ask yourself what this means. Such as, "Well if the government lied about this, what else are they lying about? Who are the people who perpetrated this and what were their motivations? How has the world changed as a result of people accepting the false story?" 

The step of integration leads to more questions because the information is causing the light of our awareness to be cast on things we don't know. 

You know your integrating data properly when you discover more unknowns and other avenues of research to pursue. Eventually, you'll reach a plateau where one topic of research will blend into another, which is a good sign that holistic understanding is taking place.

The whole point of holistic discernment is to integrate information. You want to learn things completely and fully yourself. If you are trying to determine if a theory about magnetic pole reversal is true, then do your best to understand as much about the topic as you can. If you don’t understand what electromagnetism is, read an article about it so your knowledge is more complete, this will open up other pathways and lead down other rabbit holes. But since time is limited and some of us have difficulty with complex ideas, just do your best to learn something new and expand your current understanding every day. 

Make the process perfect and the fruit of that process will improve over time. But don't beat yourself up for making a mistake, or concluding that something was true, when you later discovered it was not. 

If discernment is about seeking, understanding and living the truth, and the truth is infinite, then we'll always be on the path of truth. We'll never reach the mountain top, but we'll be greatly healed, empowered and fulfilled by striving for it. 

General Comments on Truth Seeking

Generally speaking, truth seeking and discernment is about making conscious that which is not. If you are trying to understand something, and discover that you lacked knowledge in one area, then be happy! It's good news. Now you have a new avenue of research to pursue. At the end you'll be even more wise than when you started, and this will help you next time. All learning, regardless of what it is, contributes to our skill in learning—everything. So don't be afraid to learn new things, or even explore ideas that later don't end up being true, it's all part of the process of gaining the skills to learn itself.

Simply put: Developing the ability to learn, is the ultimate skill that leads to empowerment everywhere. Become a better learner, and everything in your life slowly gets easier, more fulfilling and rewarding. 

If you like art and dance, learn about those topics as much as possible. Use your passion and enthusiasm to push your boundaries and eventually your capacity to handle more complex ideas will begin to form. 

Moderation in this sense is key. You don't have to learn everything all at once. Take as much time as you need. It's your journey and no one else's. How quickly you learn isn't as important as how completely and deeply you were able to integrate what is learned. 1000 facts which impart no understanding are worth less than one fact that does.

One of the greatest secrets about the truth seeking journey is that it gets easier as time goes on. The more complete your image of the truth is (your knowledge), the easier it is to discern if something is true or not. For example, if you painted houses for a living, then it would be easy to spot bad work when you encounter it. If you worked at a coffee shop, then you may be more empathetic with people in the service industry. The more knowledge we have the more we can see and understand the world and the universe at large. And since the truth is ONE, when we focus on holistic understanding, we better understand everything in general. Eventually, once you've walked down this path long enough, absorbing and understanding new information becomes very easy, and then the fun part of using philosophy to push the limits of our knowledge can begin.

My Method of Discerning Information

And lastly, I have a childlike approach to discerning information from bloggers, videos, the media, and so on. No matter what the information source is, I try to listen to it like a child hears a bed time story. I try to open my mind fully to what is being presented and absorb it completely, well before I make any judgments about it. I avoid labeling things right or wrong while in the process of absorbing. I can't accurately judge something if I decided halfway through that it's false. That's like giving a movie review before you've finished the film. 

Once I've absorbed the data, I look for positive evidence and arguments to support its validity. A positive argument is something that demonstrates a principle or concept of truth. For example, if I was trying to determine if someone's story about pouring water onto their computer caused its destruction, I could use the principle of things getting wet when water is poured on them. I know, from experience that water gets things wet, this is a positive argument and evidence which lends support to the claim I am trying to determine is true. Then I ask myself if there is anything I can think of that would make this statement untrue, if not, then I know there is a high likelihood that the claim is accurate. 

The process is similar to what a detective would do. You have to gather evidence that supports the idea as being true or not, and always keep your mind and eyes open for new information once you've drawn a conclusion. Evidence and understanding is what what proves something to be true or not, in the absence of these things, there is no proof, there is no real verification, only an untested theory.

Be honest with yourself. If you find yourself choosing to believe something because you want it to be true, then this isn't discernment anymore, it's wishful thinking. You have to be willing to set aside your personal desires and actually seek the whole truth, even if it means something you thought was true before is no longer the case. 

Discernment ultimately leads to personal transformation. The better we can keep this in mind the more accurate and complete we will be with the things we are discerning. By this I mean seek truth not confirmation of what you think is true. 

Finally, it's ok to be unsure, this feeling of not knowing for sure is something we should cultivate gratitude for, because it means the adventure of gaining knowledge and wisdom is still proceeding. We shouldn't place unreasonable expectations on ourselves to be all-knowing. 

I have three general categories of conclusiveness. Either it is most likely true, most likely false, or uncertain. If I am going to conclude that something is most likely true, there has to be evidence and a positive argument. On the other hand, if something is most likely false then there similarly must be evidence and a positive argument. In the absence of these things, it becomes an uncertainty. Without evidence of support fore or against a premise or theory, I just don't know. For example, when it comes to certain aspects of the secret space program data, like what is presented by Corey Goode, I just can't confirm with positive evidence if it is true or not. I don't know for sure if Corey actually went to Mars. So this aspect of his testimony is uncertain, not true or false. But lack of knowledge is not positive evidence something isn't true. 

The point is, we need to be ok with not knowing, and honor this truth. Otherwise, we fall into discernment traps where we try to force an answer when we didn't really have all the data to make a sound conclusion; and as we discussed above, that's a form of prejudice or prejudgement. 

Discernment Traps

Now this is a huge topic, and I don't have time to get into all of it, but there are a lot of discernment traps which hinder evolution. Here are 3 of the big ones I observe in others and myself.

Emotional Discernment is one of them, where we judge the truth about a thing based on how it makes us feel, only. This won't actually impart understanding or even be a good way to accurately access information, its just a yes or no answer based on our gut. The gut feeling or intuition is one clue to help with the process, but more evidence and information is needed. Gut feelings are like a hazy impression, but discernment is seeking for a clear level of understanding. So emotional or intuitive hits are like clues that will lead to greater understanding once they are properly explored, contemplated and verified. 

Lack of Information. This is when, because we lack information to positively confirm or deny a truth, we decide it's false because there isn't enough data. For example, because no evidence that Corey has been to Mars is available, we may be tempted to say his story is untrue. But in order for this to be the case we need evidence to positively refute his claim. So lack of evidence is not evidence that something is untrue. What makes something untrue is realizing of what is true. It is impossible to prove a negative; instead, we must seek to prove what is real, and in the process reveal what is not. 

Credibility. This is when, because of someone's credibility, we judge something they are saying to be true or not. But credibility alone isn't enough. Again, positive evidence and arguments are needed to impart understanding, and as such, they are needed to confirm or deny a claim. Just because someone spoke the truth in the past doesn't mean they are speaking it now; conversely, just because someone was wrong in the past doesn't mean they are wrong now. The truth is true even when spoken from the lips of liars. 

I hope to discuss more on this as time allows, as I think it is critical information for the awakening community to understand. 

7. We are quickly morphing into a much more transparent society. And transparency is a key aspect of a highly evolved society/culture/world. How is the FDP team integrating transparency into its structure?

Justin – At this stage, I am not sure. I haven’t been a part of any discussions specifically about transparency. But I can say that everything I have seen thus far has been in harmony with the ideal of transparency.

8. How the heck he writes those amazing interpretations of Gaia portal! It feels like he is channeling amazing insights. Does he feel non-physical guides are assisting him?

Justin – Haha my humble thanks. 

In short, I have a very keen intuitive intellectual capacity. That is to say, I can imagine ideas clearly and then use my intuition to expand them outwardly, receiving a flood of insights as a result, which I then analyze and discern for understanding. 

In a more general sense, the mind works by receiving holographic images—images that are 3 dimensional in time and space. For example, when you recall a memory, you receive everything about it all at once. It’s not as if you have to sit there and replay the memory in your mind to recall the information it contains. All the sensory data is homogenized into a kind of emotional overtone. And the data is integrated or holistic into one complete image or memory, hence hologram, which means self similar in nature. This means that we receive ideas all at once, and then use our conscious mind to turn them over to glean insight and integrate meaning.

To be clear, I don't have some magical gift. This is just a skill everyone uses to some degree and can be enhanced with focus and practice. For myself, I've been developing these skills off and on for years, most especially while I was overcoming my addiction experiences.

For those who may not know, I was addicted to cocaine and heroine from 2000 to 2004. After I stopped physically taking the drug, I needed to heal and restore balance. I spent a year of my life rediscovering myself, redefining who I was. Part of this process was to sit with a notebook and redefine words and ideas. I would ask myself what the word guilty means, for example, thinking of the official definition, how people use the word in conversation, and then the overall concept or principle. This was hard at first, but it started to make holistic thinking easier, as I began to see many different perspectives all at once. Eventually exploring the meaning of an idea, premise or concept became second nature, like reading or riding a bike. But like all skills it needs to be developed, which require practice.

With the Gaia Portal updates, I define each word within my own mind, forming a complete picture like a puzzle, and then insights flood in, usually as complete fully formed ideas that are not in a verbal form. Like I said, it is a holographic image that I hold in the cup of my mind, using my creative abilities to form sentences that describe the image. It is a bit difficult to explain, but think of it like this… 

How would you describe the feeling of eating your favorite food? How would you describe the feeling of holding a child in your arms? These experiences are so replete that describing them with any skill requires allegory or examples and references—much like using parable to describe deep truths. Since the truth is ultimately within, you can’t really tell someone the truth, all you can do is paint a picture and hope they can see it with their own eyes. 

With the Gaia Portal updates, and anything else I am trying to gain an understanding of, I form a complete picture in my mind, and then sit quietly and allow my intuition to be flooded with insight. As long as I can quiet my mind and be open, the natural process of inflowing ideas produces new perspectives. And of course everyone can do this, it's a skill we each possess, but like all skills, we have to use them to become better. 

8. Maybe the both of you can discuss a little bit on spiritual path—looking/finding within—opening up to inner world and the suuuuuper big anticipation, impatience and expectation for outer change. Because after Full Disclosure we still are the same being with a lot of garbage (more or less) in our rucksack. Maybe fear is less and more clarity but in essence we as beings don't change too much through outer things, awareness and consciousness can't be given out of us. IMHO.

Justin – That’s a big question lol. But I think the idea is that what happens "outside" of us triggers internal changes. Yet if we're focused only on the outer change, we miss the fact that it starts from within. All personal transformation begins with internal choice. We can't learn something new if we already thought we knew everything there is to know. We can't develop skills if we tell ourselves we're not good enough and never try. So external things help trigger internal changes, when we properly think of them that way. 

Ask yourself this question for everything you experience: What is this showing me about myself? How is this experience helping me grow? What can I learn from this?

If you have this perspective, then you will see things in a new light. And experiences which seemed like they had no value before will become more valuable. One big secret is that the universe conspires to help us grow, and uses all our experience to do it. Everything you see, touch, taste, feel, think about, imagine and perceive is part of your awakening experience. But if we do not see these gems for what they are, we dismiss them as meaningless, which causes a feeling of disempowerment. 

This is what is meant by:
"I warn you, whoever you are...  
Oh, you who wish to probe the arcanes of nature, if you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither shall you be able to find it outside 
If you ignore the excellencies of your own house, how do you intend to find other excellencies? 
In you is hidden the treasure of treasures.  
Oh, man, know thyself and thou shall know the Universe and the Gods!" 

- Phrase inscribed in the ancient Temple of Delphi.
In short: the path is the truth; follow it wherever it leads. Do not turn away from it; seek it out in all ways in your life. Anywhere you think you have knowledge, test it and verify it to the best of your ability. Anything that seems hazy and uncertain, make clear. Anything that you do with unconsciousness, make conscious. Be brave enough to let go of who you are now, to become who will be.

That’s my process, to shine my light of awareness into all the dark places of my life. And by darkness I don’t me evil, per say; although it could be unpleasant. By darkness I mean anything we are unconscious of—anything we do not understand or refuse to look at. Given this meaning, everyone has a lot of darkness to explore within themselves, and in the process they will transcend personal tribulation and suffering. 

And finally, don’t bite off more than you can chew. The truth is infinite, and you have an eternity to discover it, so take your time and enjoy yourself. Push your boundaries, but know when to stop the lesson for the day and rejuvenate. 

Let me suggest a fantastic book for understanding the key problems we face as individuals and as a people seeking freedom. It is called, Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis. A pdf of the book is online but you can also order it on Amazon as well.

The original author of the book, Jon Peniel is no longer incarnate, but the foundation which supports the work, can be found here: There is a wealth of information on that website.

I've read a lot of spiritual books, papers, articles, and so on, especially ones that focus on practical solutions, and this book is the best I've seen by far. It's simple, easy to understand, extremely in depth and provides with practical steps to improve your life. If I was ever to say "there is a book that people should read when waking up," this is it. It will provide the big picture knowledge needed to transmute all pain and suffering in your life as well as transform you into an agent of change for servicing others and finally ending the problems that our planet has faced for eons. 

Yvonne – for me, truly focus on the now. Full Disclosure can't be determined by time. It happens when it does. Integrity is a must. Learning how to say no, discerning, listening to the inner knowledge is key. We all have it! Being true to your light, being true to your heart, your essence allows one to progress and grow. My spiritual path ignited last summer with a hunger for truth. My realization of DOing is a must. To be me, I must do, and here we sit.

9. Do you think certain beings currently incarnated hold keys, or decision-making power, concerning the timing and/or the content of disclosure? Are we who are attracted to this stuff so strongly among those who perhaps hold these keys? How does Justin "see" the different roles people are playing in regards to disclosure?

Justin – I don’t have any direct knowledge or insider information about anyone having special authority or decision-making power. 

But in general, the truth empowers us to become authorities, to use that term loosely. A better way of saying it would be: the truth makes us responsible, or response-able, able to respond—which is most definitely decision-making power. So knowledge and wisdom are the essential components to any active process, which as individuals activate by contributing to the shift, awakening, ascension, or full disclosure process. 

Wisdom is a Key

If you know CPR or the Heimlich maneuver, then you can use these skills when you observe that someone is in need. The principle being, knowledge imparts the potential for wisdom, which is gained by acting on what we know. The more knowledge we gain the greater the potential and need for integration. And by knowledge I don’t mean scientific facts, although that may be included. By knowledge I mean a holistic integration, something we actually understand personally, not just have blind faith in. It is like a memory; fills up the sum totality of our awareness. 

So simply put, real knowledge imparts skills; but beliefs, without knowledge, imparts nothing but perspective or feeling.

When we act on our knowledge, we take an intellectual idea or image and turn it into an experience. We take something that we have faith in and turn it into direct knowing. Once this happens, nothing can take this knowing away from us, save our free will choice to become ignorant. The point is, acting on knowledge we consider to be true is a process of verification, but also integrates it deep within. For example, knowledge about how the guitar works doesn't mean you will be a good guitar player. But through practice, you can test your knowledge, developing skills which will make you a good guitar player, so long as you follow the process to its completion. And this inner change of being is a kind of key. It grants us access to levels of manifestation we did not have before. 

I like to think of wisdom as a key that activates or empowers our hidden abilities. We each have a unique perspective on the world that empowers us to contribute to the symphony of the universe that is unfolding now. So if disclosure is about the truth, and the truth is unfolding all around us at all times, then the more we know about everything, the better we master ourselves, and the more wisdom we gain. And if wisdom is a key, which I think it is, then we literally unlock unique powers within ourselves, powers that only we have, for the special and unique purpose we came into this world to give life to.

In short: yes if you are seeking knowledge and acting on this, then you are unquestionably part of the process of disclosure. By the simple fact of having gained knowledge you are empowered with skill and are now able to play a part in the evolution taking place on Earth and beyond. 

No one else can be you, no one else has your eyes or your mind. So don't for one minute think that you are not a key player in this shift. And considering that most of the world is a sleep, and waking up is a huge act of personal transformation, you should be proud of the role you are playing as a truth seeker. I would say that the simple act of seeking truth, even when it counters a belief that imparts comfort, is one of the single most important things we can do at this point.

Yvonne – I look at each person as a quilt shape (sacred geometry) and as we connect, awaken together, and link our energies forming a bond, family and we are standing as one key, each having a unique job to aid one another. We form the blanket, to hug the Earth.

10. Since it is now consensus reality that our world is Holographic, [then] all the conspiracies, good and bad guys, drama on the world stage is really what? If it's all a person's projection, what is that saying for [the] collective? Also—or getting more [focused on] the same subject—is the collective outside [of] us or is it the seemingly fragmented portions [the ONE], [which are] thought forms still in opposition to the ONE Acceptance of the Whole SELF? 

Justin – Short answer, yes lol. We, through our thoughts, beliefs and actions, co-creatively shape the collective reality we all experience. 

The Divine Paradox

I think a really big concept to consider is that ultimately all we are is perspective and free will. It is the Divine Paradox of hermetic philosophy which describes the relationship of the finite and the infinite. That we can have the experience of being separate in the flesh, yet also be integrated into the whole of creation at the same time. By this I mean, we create thoughts, but we are not our thoughts. We create things with our bodies, but we are not our bodies. These things we observe with our awareness, and co-create with them, but the totality of who we are, at the highest levels, is all that is. This is why in hermetic philosophy, reality is called an illusion, because the individuality (the experience of being separate from the universe) is an illusion. 

On Earth, we think of our bodies as ourselves, but in truth we indwell our bodies, which is a community of other living things. We think of ourselves as our thoughts and our mind, but we co-create with these things. The lines of what makes you you are blurred, and ultimately the principle being described here is oneness. The fact that we can't draw a line and say "this is me here, but that isn't me there" proves that we really are ONE. This is a really big topic to discuss, and I'm only touching on small parts of what is called the Divine Paradox, but once fully understood, it will form the foundation for all other understanding.

I think one of the best ways to conceive of the divine paradox is that the universe is a dream in the mind of the creator, and we are dreamers within the dream. We are each part of that holistic beingness of the ALL, enjoying the adventure of knowing The Self. 

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The Truth About Co-Creation

And yes I think it is projection, in that what we choose to do is motivated by what we believe. And humanity as a whole is breathing life into the Cabal agenda via a host of unacknowledged beliefs, such as scarcity and disempowerment. 

I think doing our best to act outside the system of falseness (or the matrix) is a great step to take, but one that is difficult to fully complete. Smalls steps are key. Just getting healthy ensures you won't feed the medical system. 

Also, questioning your own beliefs and reprogramming your own mind is so important, arguably the single most important thing we can do. For the first six years of our lives we were absorbing the programs of our parents and society, and as a result, most of our desires, reactions, thoughts and feelings are not our own. By this I mean, we've been filled with programs that suppress the true self, something that most people haven't even started to make contact with yet. The process of becoming enlightened is all about breaking down this false self, what I call the selfish separate self (care of the Book referenced above), which eventually causes the rebirth of our true self, the universal self. All personal suffering and external hardship is caused by this false self running rampant and literally imprisoning our true self within. And as a result, most of humanity are literally like empty shells of who they really are. The Cabal actually refer to the sleeping masses as the un-begun, which is a fairly accurate statement to make when we consider the dynamic we're discussing here. People act like empty vessels for what society tells them they should be, causing all manner of suffering and problems, for themselves and the world, as a result. 

This is why ignorance is so wide spread, because identifying with separation can only be sustained if we're unaware of interconnectedness, if we're unaware of the whole truth. The belief in separation requires a defense against reality which we call ignorance.

 The Cabal can't have people realizing the truth about oneness, so they push a false paradigm of separateness onto us from birth, and because of the nature of how humans are raised, we're indoctrinated into this belief. By the time we have the skills to think for ourselves (just forming at age 12) we've already accepted a huge number of programs that seem like unquestioned facts. 

So yes the world as it is tells us a lot about ourselves, and this point should be contemplated by everyone deeply in my view. One of the first steps of awakening is realizing something is wrong with the world, but in the process, we can be tempted to blame someone else, usually the Cabal, for the current state of things. And to be sure, the Cabal are orchestrating the madness. But a conductor needs people to conduct. By this I mean, through our unawareness, we've literally played a part in co-creating the world we see now, and we must take responsibility for that. The hard truth that a lot of people are still coming to terms with is that we all contribute to the world we live in today, each and every one of us. Blaming the Cabal, to the exclusion of yourself, isn't the answer. 

I think this is what is meant by "be the change you wish to see in the world." We have to be brave enough to look in the mirror and ask "how did I contribute?" This way we can change ourselves, and in turn, change the world. 

11. How can we get these NESARA funds moving, so the Lightworkers can really start concentrating full time on their purpose?

Justin – I’m not sure if NESARA was real or not. I haven’t been able to find any concrete evidence of it. 

But if it was real, which it certainly could be, then I’m not sure how we’d be able to access it. 

I will say, the whole justice and legal system is an illusion of law and rules. The Cabal have all sorts of methods of bending their own legal policies to avoid following their own codes. Look up HJR 192, the Exemption Account as an example. We each have trust accounts in our name with millions, sometimes billions, of dollars in them. Under US “Law” we’re supposed to be able to discharge our debts against this account, but the system fights tooth and nail against this, and many people who follow the strict process are prosecuted for fraud, even though it is a somewhat valid form of remedy. 

The good news is, if the people united, then we could enact NESARA, if it is real, or just stop using their currency all together and begin using another one.

The whole system of scarcity, which is at the heart of this question, requires the destruction of public trust. The human family doesn't work together anymore based on good will and faith in each other. Now we need money to motivate us. But awakening people have an advantage in that they can realize money isn't needed to facilitate co-creation.

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Form a network in your local community to exchange goods without money. This pulls your energy out of the system, while at the same time slowly doing the work of restoring public trust and the human family. 

And as an example, there are billions of moneyless societies on Earth, we call them families. Within a family unit, people do things for each other in a pay it forward type of fashion. Granted there are still issues within families but the principle of working together to achieve a common goal is there. Really sit and contemplate this fact, because this simple truth will one day be the bedrock for a moneyless society on Earth. And I suspect all great societies in the cosmos employ this principle it to achieve abundance for all. 

12. Is Putin really on humanity's side? How do we know? What's up with the Russian Orthodox and [the] Pope's [regular] meetings? Is there a push for disclosure with religious stuff? Can we push to get the Vatican to release the archives?

Justin – I don’t know if Putin is really doing things for humanity or not. But he has revealed information that suggests ISIS is connected to NATO, and the US by extension. So for us, within the truth-seeking community trying to wake up our brothers and sisters, any truth, revealed anywhere, by anyone, is something we can use to our advantage. The message is important, not the messenger. 

To my knowledge, the churches are all connected. No major religious organization from antiquity is immune from the touch of Vatican control and oversight, especially those related to Christianity. 

Disclosure preparations related to UFO’s are happening within the Vatican, how deeply I don’t know. I do know that the Vatican is under enormous pressure, and that it is a distinct possibility Pope Francis could be working for the good. To what degree I don’t know. But again, any where the truth is we can use that to our advantage.

13. I would be interested to get some clarification about the terms of dimensions and densities. I heard DW (David Wilcock) speaking about the densities in 3rd dimension. And the [SBA] (Sphere Being Alliance) are of 6th to 9th density, but of which dimension? It seems a bit confusing for me.

Justin – I actually have a draft on this I planned on writing but never got around to it. In short, the SBA is in the same dimensional space-time or time-space as we are, just a higher density. 

Update - I made some minor corrections to this section and added more to the STO vs STO portion. 

These terms are used interchangeably within the awakening community by and large. And within a common vernacular there’s nothing wrong with that. However, there is a distinct difference between density and dimension insofar as objective phenomenon. 


Dimension refers to a polarization of potentials. Simply put, up and down, left and right, back and forth. These are 3 dimensions we use every day. In time, dimensions are forward and back in experience and potential futures. Time provides the context for space to be experienced and vice versa, which can be explored via consciousness. 

In any case, the Law of One refers to 3 spatial and 3 temporal dimensions. For simplicity, just consider 3 spatial dimensions, forward and back, right and left, up and down. The same dimensions operate within all the densities. Whether you are in 1st or 7th density, forward and back, right and left, up and down are still there. 

In short, dimension refers to one's location in time and space, whereas density refers to the activity in an individual, their vibrational quality.


Now densities are different in that they refer to concentration. For example, 1 cup of water with 1 tablespoon of salt has less salinity than ½ cup of water with 1 tablespoon of salt. The saltier water is more dense; it has a greater density of salt. 

Within the Law of One, density refers to concentration and activation level of consciousness, which is often referred to as ones vibrational quality of frequency in awakening circles. The degree to which a unique spark of the creator has evolved within the creation is essentially what the term density describes, and often used in relation to a planet or civilization's attainment level. 

For example, Earth is considered a third density sphere. The human civilization is also third density, but there are fourth density beings living within the Earth (according to Corey Goode) known as the Anshar. This unique spark or sub-logos could be a person, a planet, a solar system, a galaxy, a universe—up to the creation as a whole. This is, of course, a fractal or holographic relationship being described. So while a planet can be vibrating at a third density level, higher and lower density beings can live on the surface, such as plants and animals that are second-density creatures. 

The key point to understand about density is that it refers to the progress level of any given aggregation of consciousness. 

The densities within our universe, according to the Law of One, are one through seven, which is one part of the fractal that makes up our hologram or universe; the dream of existence with perfect rules set up for evolution. The density here is the degree or activity of consciousness operating within any embodiment of the creator. In the case of the Earth, with respect to its shift from 3D to 4D, it is a function of consciousness activation or attainment level. The more powerfully free will of a being acts to polarize an individual in becoming creator-like, the higher up the density system they can traverse. 

For Gaia, she is undergoing a type of developmental or gestational process during the current 3D experience, but in 4D she "wakes up" and becomes an active player in the planet's evolutionary track. She works in harmony with the creatures living on her to effect undreamed of plans of creation, unique to this world and of a divine and ultimate purpose that boggles our concepts of what life will be like in this future time.

In the Law of One, the densities are divided by certain boundaries or conditions that need to be satisfied in order to progress; however, the divisions in general are more fluid than rigid. For a 3D shift, the density of choice, individuals have to choose to become either Service to Others or Service to Self; and the aggregate choice imprints onto Gaia, who then chooses to evolve in that direction. Once this choice is made and the process is complete (which we are going through at this time) then Gaia will shift and the so-called 100th Monkey effect will be at its strongest, causing a divergence and confluence of energies at a consciousness level that pushes everyone, including Gaia, where they ought to be in the frequency spectrum or density system. If you are service to self you’ll go to a 4D world, but die here first in a cataclysmic event of some kind. Again, all according to the Law of One. 

The boundaries for each transitional timeline are as follows,
Only 95% Service to Self individuals go to a 4D negative world; 51% Service to Self will die and reincarnate on a different planet in a 3D reality; 51% Service to Others will ascend with Gaia to a 4D positive sphere.
Density and Dimension

In the higher densities, dimension still exists, there’s still 3 spatial dimensions, but the consciousness within those 3 dimensions is expanded, like a fractal. If you Google fractal mathematics, look for the image with the iterations expressed in different forms, either triangles, pentagons, or squares, etc. 

Image Source.

The image can be used as an allegory for the understanding the difference between dimension and density. Each iteration can be thought of as a density, while the shape being iterated represents dimension. The first density is the initial iteration, the second is the next, and so on. Notice how the original shape of the triangle, square or what have you, is maintained as the iterations progress. The shape itself represents dimension, which remains constant, whereas the detail within the shapes and their respective iterations represent density. 

Getting back to the Law of One model of consciousness, dimension is constant, there are always 3 dimensions of space and time (until you transcend that of course), and as you work your way up the densities, your consciousness expands and grows to fill the inner space within the fractal analogy we discussed earlier—hence becoming denser. 

Lastly, from what I can tell, those who refer to the 4th and 5th dimension are actually referring to a concept of density. There are only 3 spatial dimensions and 3 temporal dimensions. To date, I haven't heard, read, or seen anyone actually speak about more than these.

Now in physics, they do use the idea of imaginary orthogonal dimensions, a spatial dimension that is at right angles to the 3 spatial we normally know. But in my humble opinion, these mathematical extrapolations have nothing to do with the concepts described in the Law of One and other works. 


Service to Others and Service to Self

Again Montalk's work in describing these two branches of consciousness evolution is exemplary. I will merely add some insights to enhance comprehension. 

At third density, a choice to polarize or evolve in two different yet connected modalities is made. Here, individuals actions (or lack thereof) advance them towards the service to self or service to other modalities, becoming either more selfish (STS) or more unselfish (STO). As Montalk rightly states, there is some confusion with these two branches because some improperly define the STO modality as serving others only, which leads some to conclude that there must be a third path, the service to All path. 

But the STO branch is the service to all path, as Montalk states. And I will add that the distinction of STO and STS is the difference between accepting the fundamental truth of oneness or not. In other words, what differentiates STO from STS is that the STO path accepts the truth more fully, whereas the STS path rejects the truth and as such requires a false foundation of belief in order to progress. This truth is the reality of oneness, which speaks of the ultimate illusion of creation. 

The so-called illusion of existence has also been diluted within metaphysical circles, yet there are many illusions throughout the cosmos. For example, the illusion that our bodies are totally our own can only be transcended by realizing we are actually a composite being—a merger of second density microbial life and an indwelling consciousness. The body is a community or ecosystem of over 50 trillion cells (other embodiments of consciousness) which allow themselves to channel a governing consciousness that we identify with as our own. The grand illusion of creation is that of separation. The creator is a singularity, an absolute indivisible consciousness which cannot be truly separated from itself. As such, in order to provide an experience of evolution, the creator imagined the creation, a place where creatures can have the imaginary experience of separation and in the process go through the adventure of returning back to the source to become one with the all again as a result of free will choice. 

Therefore, the STO path is an acknowledgment of this fundamental truth of the illusory nature of individuality. Hence the law of one's reference to other-selves suggesting that another person is actually just a reflection of oneself—which they are. This is why at the beginning and end of the density system (1st and 2nd, 6th and 7th) the service to self path finds no expression. Because ultimately to service oneself is an illusion, one that the creator allows its children to explore but eventually finds its end in the beginning of 6th density. 

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14. Are you involved with or support Ubuntu Contributionism and/or work with Michael Tellinger?

Justin – No I’m not but I would love to. I’ve been thinking about money, how it works, why we don’t need it, and what a moneyless society can look like for a long time. And the principle of Contributionism is the solution, more or less. It focuses on restoring the human family and public trust, which eventually makes money an obsolete and antiquated technology. I wrote extensively about this in the below-linked articles. 

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15. How can WE help YOU the most? Each of us has their own path and role in all this, that is apparent. What do you need most from us?

Justin – I’m humbled by such a question. In a direct way, I’d say support the bloggers and youtube videos you like, by clicking on their ads when you digest their content, but not more than once a viewing. And sharing articles helps spread the information and support the work. I also plan on developing a research team and community projects (as time allows), and this will open up more areas for all of us to work closely together, I hope. 

Generally speaking, develop yourself, expand your knowledge and skills within the things you love and push your own boundaries to grow beyond who you think you are. Transcendence of self can be scary but incredibly rewarding, something I’ve been forced to do via circumstance many times in my life. 

And know that I feel so amazingly blessed and gifted to be able to do what I do. If it wasn’t for all of your I wouldn’t be able to focus 100% of my time on the great work of our times. I’m humbled by gratitude on a daily basis, and I'm just thankful to play the part I am in helping to make this world a better place. 

16. My question is about discernment and when a person is reaching out to a higher conscience or even an ascended master. How [can] you tell if the message is from a true source reaching back with an answer? Sometimes I feel like that this "higher self" might be a negative source. [But] my discernment says nope, this is incorrect move along. Just a question. Thank you Yvonne for your friendship and amazing work!

Justin – I’ll refer to the Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis in this instance. The book has a section about Ascended Masters and Channeling which embodies many of the same concepts I have come to know over the years. 

In short, the more you depend on externalizations to make contact with the divine, the more risky things will be. Channeling requires precise thought-form invocation along with meditative states to receive a clear message, if not, then negative entities can come in and cause all sorts of confusion and problems. 

I know from several sources I consider to be very accurate on many things, that discarnate entities in the astral realm, so to speak, can and do impersonate anyone they need to to get a hold on someone, including yourself. As scary as this might sound, the good news is strengthening our discernment, which is at the heart of your question, is the key. I'll refer to the section above on discernment, but also expand more below. 

Discernment, in its complete form, is actually the answer to everything I think, which is one way of saying to gain self-mastery. Transcending your negative ego, becoming unified and honoring the truth solves all our problems. 

In any case, the book describes how one can make contact with an ascended master, but if you do, the information will be shared in such a way as to compel you to think for yourself. In other words, the data will honor your free will. For example, asking an ascended master about what to do in your life would violate your free will, from their perspective, and as such they would never answer you directly. So if you do get an answer to a question like that, take it with a grain of salt, because it probably didn't come from an ascended master. It could have come from your subconscious or a less benevolent entity. 

Now that doesn’t mean all inner messages are false, but what it does highlight is that the universe is trying to get you to see the way, the truth, and the light yourself. So even if you are able to make contact with an ascended master, the type of information you will receive is most likely intended to enhance your own discernment so that eventually you see the truth as a function of direct perception, and in this case, you no longer seek guidance from ascended masters. You basically become your own ascended master, your own guru, and have a direct line of communication with the universe.

That being said, our intuition is a valuable tool, and gaining insights by reaching out to other entities can be rewarding, but I would always caution that without discernment, or the desire to understand what you are receiving, you could be deceived. Blindly believing or accepting an idea as true without discernment only leads to more disempowerment in the long term. You actually have to think about whatever message you received, verify it, and integrate it so that you are changed for the better. And of course this goes for all information, anything we accept as truth or believe should be tested to the best of our ability. For when we believe in falseness we create chaos in our lives and problems for others. We need only look at the false belief that cancer can’t be cured to know belief in it most likely means death.

For myself, I tend to make contact with my higher self the most, at least I think I am, when I am in contemplation. By this I mean, when I sit quietly and really think about something using my imagination and intuition—kind of like a daydream. The messages I receive are fully formed ideas that I can play with using my conscious analytical mind so as to glean new understanding and insights. 

The Atlantis book actually says this is the eventual end for channeling, to transcend the need for ascended masters, gurus or experts, and start to make contact with your inner voice. This voice is silent, but speaks to you in ways that would go unnoticed if you are looking for quick, easy answers. The voice is essentially using everything, such as, thoughts, experiences, and synchronicities to speak to you, but unless we have that perspective in mind, we wont even notice. 

In short: discernment is the key to avoid being deceived by any non-corporeal entity. And also keep in mind the universe wants you to become the ascended master, which means developing yourself through self knowledge. Eventually, reaching out to ascended masters or ETs won't give you the wisdom you seek, for that can only be realized from within. 

Yvonne – Discernment is currently what I am navigating through: first thing for me is ask yourself am I uncomfortable? Am I feeling something is off? Learning the red flags and the inner voice is essential: I have found with my experience that if a voice is not familiar to me, I know to be rid of it. It's the energy vampires that seem to be harder to spot at times than the attached beings.

17. What do you do to "turn off your brain?" What are some of your favorite pastimes when you aren't hammering out articles? How many words a minute can you type?

Justin – Haha how do I turn of my brain, that’s a tough one. I don't really turn it off, but I do change the "setting", from focused work, research, analysis, to a mode of observation, awareness, creativity and synthesis. Relaxation for me is sitting back and watching the influx of inspiration within, which can happen while watching TV shows, Movies, reading a book, going for a walk, having a conversation, etc.

Meditation is essential for me, and over the years I’ve learned that my consciousness is more plastic or moldable than I think. 

For example, try rhythmically breathing in and out completely. Upon your exhale, focus on clearing your mind and expanding your awareness as far out as you can. Much of like coming out of a daydream, expand your awareness outwardly to pay attention to all your sensory data. This will cause the mind chatter to be less distracting, but it will still be there. This is one way I clear my mind but the interesting thing is that my thought stream doesn’t really stop. When I exhale my mind clears, and when I inhale another thought emerges, which could then lead into other things if I don’t maintain focusing on expanding my consciousness outwardly. 

In any case, that’s just one way. I also play guitar and read. Or I’ll just sit quietly and think to myself about all sorts of things. I can go pretty far out in my own mind and imagination when I want to.

I’m not sure how many words per minute I can type. Probably quite fast. I know I’ve written 6,000 words in about 4 hours before.

18. I would like to know about the (satanic symbolism?) seminar you attended at the Ethical Society in Philadelphia a couple months ago.

Justin – It was a great seminar. I had actually heard Mark Passio talk about a lot of that information before on his Podcast series. This presentation is going to be posted on youtube soon, from what Mark said at the Free Your Mind Conference in April. 

But to give you an idea, satanic ideology is integrated into society. Simply put, anytime we consciously choose to let harm take place when we could have acted we are acting out a satanic ideal. That being, to always place yourself above others. In other words, the satanic ideology is based on selfishness for the individual and selfishness for the elite. Passio also described the positive and negative meaning of Lucifer, which I drew upon when I wrote about Lucifer in the Temple of Ba’al article. Passio also described the Bull and Ba’al symbolism. 

I’ll post the videos as soon as he puts them on YouTube.

19. What has been your journey to finding your own voice as a journalist and can you give any suggestions to people who have creative aspirations of their own, where and how do you start, what's the first step?

Justin – The first step is the first step, to simply make one. Whatever inclination you have or hint of an idea, some kind of spark of passion that you imagine, act on that. It may not be what you ultimately end up doing, but it will lead to your next step, and you’ll develop courage to face the unknown along the way. 

For me, I’ve literally taught myself almost everything to achieve what I ahve. I didn’t have a clue how to run a blog, but I knew because I had knowledge. I was empowered to help spread the truth and form connections with others and a blog was a great way to do that. If you go back and read my earlier writings, they are a mess.

I’ve written all my life, but only in my own eccentric vernacular, syntax, and style. I have journals filled with writing, but it’s almost unintelligible to anyone but me. My point is—I just started—I did my best to produce the highest quality output I could at the time, and learned what I could (thanks to the feedback of others) to improve my work at the same time. I didn't wait till I had "perfects skill," I just did what I could and was open to feedback. 

When I made mistakes, I corrected them. When I didn’t know how to do something, I learned how. For me, the most empowering thing about waking up was the immense sense of purpose I gained in life. I felt like I finally found a reason to live above and beyond survival and material satisfaction. That sense of purpose has only gotten more refined and complete  over the years. And through this, an ever increasing dedication to fulfill this purpose, to discover and master myself so I can be the best I can be when I interact with others. To be kind, caring, and compassionate, yet potently delivering the truth in harmony with universal flow. This is the ideal cosmic backdrop I try to keep in mind. And while it doesn't directly answer your question, I think this answer will help provide perspective you need to make a step forward.

Answering more directly though, I think creativity comes from a union of wisdom and inspiration, along with intuition and reason. There is a science to every art, and all work can be artful if one gains enough knowledge and understanding of the big picture, the universal perspective. 

I also think if you have the drive to create a blog or some kind of outlet in relation to sharing your truth that you should do it. The greatest thing about expressing our knowledge is the refinement it imparts. I often get a lot of insight just trying to suss out an idea for a blog post or talking about a concept with someone else. Making ourselves sharable is a secret method for soul growth and healing. 

Now there are many things to know about blogging and journalism. I am hardly an expert, but I've learned through the school of "Google," as we say now. Producing good content is an internal process of research and creativity, actually writing high quality articles and then combining that with an external process of sharing and presentation. The best website or blog or YouTube channel in the world won't have an impact if no one knows about it. As such, learning social media is essential. Stillness has about 6 different platforms that share the blog posts once they are posted. 

Julian and I took several SEO and social media classes on Udemy last year which helped a lot, and that process of learning hasn't stopped. 

In short: there's a wealth of information out there, just start the process and pour energy into it. Do your best to pull from on escapist past times like watching TV or playing video games, and spend that time improving your writing, research skills, social media, internet knowledge, and so on. 

Time is spiritual currency. What we spend our time on we get better at, so choose wisely and make a proactive effort to improve yourself. That's probably the best advice I can give on any topic.

19. What is your best advice about getting detached/disconnected from the Matrix so as to live to our greatest potential? I've disconnected by so many points in my life, but still have the certain Matrix things like the full-time desk job that pays the bills, etc; but it really makes it hard to live my fullest, greatest potential—at least as big as I want to be, especially related to TIME. Perhaps it's just a frustration on my part that it's not moving as fast as I'd like and I'm still in 3D/material world as it's been defined so far. Anyone else understand what I mean? [shrugging]

Justin – Yes I do know what you mean. Life is a pale reflection of what it could be, and we've been trained to devalue our own lives and experience. This is something I've made great strides to overcome in my own life, but I still have a long way to go. 

Generally, self knowledge and following the truth wherever it leads is the foundation, from there, develop skills and first-hand intrinsic knowledge. 

Anywhere there is a hazy idea in your mind, make it complete with truth. Research and contemplate what you find, form a complete picture in your mind. This skill is the skill that helps you learn all others. 

Then begin making connections. Learn how to play an instrument, it is an amazing way to learn mental discipline, holistic integration, and fine tune skills of self-discernment. Develop relationships with others and find ways to help each other detach from the Matrix. Turn off your TV and start reading books. Eat healthy; constantly seek to improve your diet and health. I’m learning and doing new things for my health all the time and this means I’m not contributing to the healthcare system as much, while ensuring my “temple,” (the body) is healthy for the great work of servicing others, seeking truth and transcending separation consciousness.

Transcend the Matrix Mentality

And remember, the Matrix is a prison for your mind. It is a way of thinking, which once transcended, ceases to have power over you. The matrix mentality is based on victimhood, as if our life is outside of our control. And granted that is somewhat true, but we always have the choice to embrace something we decided not to. For example, instead of hating your job, ask yourself, "what is the universe trying to teach me by being here?" Really develop and cultivate gratitude, and start believing in the idea that all experiences, all moments, all choices have something to teach us. When you've really cultivated this kind of consciousness, life literally feels different, although the outward appearance may not change. For example, to a victim of the matrix, getting yelled at in traffic feels horrible. But to one who seeks for wisdom in all things, one with universal consciousness, the experience is an opportunity to be kind and compassionate—to transmute hate into love. 

So exiting the matrix is all about changing how you see the world, acting differently as a result. And once complete, you stop trying to escape it, and start looking for ways to change it through your actions. Ultimately, I think that's why we came here, to transform the system, not run away from it. 

As for getting out of your full-time job, developing your skills with what little time you do have is essential. Avoid the temptation to pursue escapist pastimes, like TV, movies and the like, and spend more time developing yourself. 

When I started the radio show with Julian I was working a full-time job at a call center as a manager. I got laid off and had the chance to focus on the work, which is when we created the radio show, and later the blog. My point is that whatever your passion is, develop it, spend what little time have now to improve yourself and the universe will work with you to ensure you are where you need to be. And from a practical point of view, you’ll develop the skills and foresight to plan for a jobless and self-employed future.

Yvonne – Be a DOER. Do something, as long as the intent is for positive change, for others, for growing. Recognize the matrix and with your inner power box it up and set it aside.

20. I am considering starting a blog about high vibration foods and sustainable year round organic vegetable gardening. I wondered if you would have any advice for a first time blogger and article writer?

Justin – Start learning about about websites, design, marketing, and anything related to sharing information about food. Natural News, Dr. Mercola and others have a lot of great information about health. Of course, learn as much as you can so you can deliver high quality content. 

There are two kinds of blogs, scraper blogs and original content blogs. SITS is a blend of the two. I share information I’m researching, and I also write my own articles. Decide which one you want to do and learn all the skills needed; there’s plenty to learn out there. Blogger, Wordpress, Weebly, Wix, and countless other companies provide hosting services. Blogger is free, that’s the one I use at the moment, although I may move to Wordpress soon. 

The big picture idea is this: Develop yourself—then find a venue to share your truth in the blogging arena. For example, veganism is becoming very popular and sharing health knowledge while also providing recipes would be a great way to merge genres into one, ensuring that your potential web traffic goes up. Once you have a style picked out and content ready to produce, the next step is sharing. 

You could have the best blog in the world, but if no one knows about it, it won’t matter. Social media is essential. SITS has Google+, Facebook, Email, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and we also have Godaddy boosting the rankings. So there’s two sides to the blogging coin, one is internal via high quality content and the inner work you need to do to make that a reality. The other is external—sharing the content on social media, engaging the public, adapting to become a better service to the readership via improving your skills in all areas, and so on. 

I personally like giving the information away, but also telling the truth that without support it’s not possible to continue. So if you monetize well enough then I provide a “free” way to support SITS via ad clicks, and direct support via contributions. Point being, it’s a project that takes time and dedication to grow, like nurturing a plant and the more you feed it the more fruit it bears.

21. I understand that the US created ISIS. Your website says it was Saudi Arabia. What's the Truth? Do you know?

Justin – In short, I don't know with absolute certainty the whole truth. But, based on what I do know, the US and Saudi Arabia did play a part in the creation of ISIS. 

These kinds of things are complex because the US did not directly create ISIS. It more so allowed certain conditions that caused the eventual creation of a radical group which served the agenda of the US. 

For example, if you see someone stealing a car, and do nothing to stop them, you helped make the theft of that car a reality. You didn't play a direct role in stealing it, but the person who did needed your compliance to steal it. In this way, the US destabilized the Middle East and used covert operatives within the CIA and Assad to recruit people into an agenda of radical Islam. 

One last analogy on this concept is the idea of a farmer. The farmer plants seeds in soil, and waters the field, but the seeds and plants do most of the work. ISIS and most of the terrorist groups on Earth were created in a similar way. The US and Saudi's let the climate of radical Islam grow and even watered it so that it would flourish. 

22. How do you share truth about 9/11 to help wake up other people?

Justin – I'll refer to the response I gave above about developing rapport. Instead of focusing on one factoid or truth as the only one you are trying to share, focus on any point of interest someone has. If they are open to talking about political corruption, focus on that, and then eventually, once you have developed a relationship with them, they will be open to bigger truths. But be patient and set aside your desire for personal acceptance.

Helping others to wake up is about activating their truth seeking instincts, not about getting people to accept our truths. 

That being said, sharing truth about 9/11 or any other topic requires key knowledge and understanding. You can't share something you don't have to give. So gain as much knowledge as you can, fact check and really try to understand the information you're researching. Then, once you think you are confident, share the information objectively, not subjectively. 

Objective sharing is: the World Trade Center towers fell at free fall speeds, hitting the ground with almost no force of impact, this suggests that the towers were mostly dematerialized before collapsing, contradictory to the official story. This method provides raw facts which at the end suggest what might be the truth. When you share ideas like this, the metamessage or subtle theme is humbleness—which is another way saying you respect someone's free will choice. It also provides the person the raw data they need to make an informed conclusion. This won't give you immediate results, but it is the best way to actually share information that activate that person's truth seeking desire.

Conversely, Subjective sharing is: 9/11 was an inside job. The government did it. The official story was a lie. Notice how there was no data shared, no facts. Instead, personal or subjective beliefs or conclusions where shared without any supportive argument. This kind of sharing forces a person to accept or deny what is offered on the spot, and doesn't really impart any understanding. If the person accepts your conclusions, they do so blindly, not because they actually see the truth, but because they want your acceptance. 

So always try to share hard data and information, for these are the things that actually activate the truth seeking instinct. Sharing your beliefs, about the data, without sharing the raw information, turns it into a social exercise, meaning, people will either agree with you to avoid confrontation or reject what you are offering because they have no basis to understand it, and as such, defend their own beliefs. 

23. How can people keep a group from falling into egoism while attempting to work toward full disclosure?

Justin – Simply put: transcend your desire to have your truth accepted, and open yourself to the whole truth.

First develop the ability to recognize when your negative ego is trying to control the situation. The negative ego wants validation and acceptance, above and beyond the truth. Develop the ability to see when this is happening in others. If a group is more interested in maintaining a belief system then seeking the truth, you know the group is not in alignment with your goals. Egoism is contagious, and as the old saying goes, misery loves company. 

In our world, we are taught to be tolerant of other people's egoism, and to even support it by believing into their story, even when it contradicts our truth. I would personally avoid any situation which causes you to feel like you are compromising yourself to be accepted by others. Social acceptance that comes at the price of personal integrity eventually leads to disempowerment and dissatisfaction.  

Knowing when to pull away from a disempowering situation is essential. But at the same time, don't box yourself into a corner. 

Leading by example is a great way to change the tone of a group. If its becoming egocentric, make a concerted effort to act in ways that transcend egoism and selfishness, especially insofar as forcing others to accept your beliefs. It's better to let a close minded person labor under their own delusions than it is to attempt them to force their mind open. 

24. How do you balance your time Justin? Do you have a strict structured schedule? Can you still be spontaneous in your leisure time?

Justin – This is one I'm still mastering. I do follow a schedule but it is more of a loose guide instead of being very strict. But I do spend almost all my time doing the work of researching, understanding, and sharing information. This includes my own personal journey as well. 

I am spontaneous in what little leisure time I have. And I am always asking myself if what I am doing is really needed or if it's just some habit I adhere to.

Generally speaking, I try and avoid multitasking, in all areas. And the more you do this, the easier it will be to focus all of your attention on one thing. This improves cognition and depth of focus, which frees up more time because you're not having to go back and fix mistakes or problems later. 

By contrast, about six months ago I was multitasking everything, and I was really stressed and less productive as a result. But now my focus and sense of fulfillment has improved 10-fold, and only after a few months of changing myself. 

25. Why has the Stillness in the Storm group on Facebook grown so quickly?

Justin – I honestly don't know. But I suspect that it's because people are now craving synthesis and integrated understanding, and that's what I focus on in my overall work. My vision for the group was a venue to discuss our personal journeys so as to help each other become better truth-seekers. This would in turn help each individual in their personal evolution, and eventually, form the foundation for greater cooperation. 

Generally speaking, there is still a great deal of duality consciousness insofar as group dynamics. People tend to, and certainly not everyone, see a post and share their opinion in a black and white way, which can lead to heated arguments and discussions. 

One day I hope as a people we evolve enough to simply share ideas and discuss our perspectives and points of view together. It is our unique perspective that when shared, imparts insight and greater understanding. Developing the ability to entertain an idea without feeling the knee-jerk reaction to defend your belief against it will be an essential skill in the years to come. 

I think SITS is one of the few groups I've seen where that process is slowly starting to take place. Facebook tends to be a hot bed of fighting and belief system defending. But I hope that we can use this tool to really expand consciousness one day, and this seems to be slowly happening within the SITS group. 

26. Why is your confidence factor so high for Corey Goode?

Justin – To be clear, I don't know for sure if he is 100% accurate. 

As I said above, I verify claims and premises based on evidence and positive arguments. At this stage, there is an overwhelming amount of indirect evidence that Goode's narrative is accurate, supported by other research and data. And there is not one point of disproof that has positive evidence to support it, at least that I have seen. All those who claim he is a disinfo agent have not provided any positive evidence. For this reason, I conclude his testimony is most likely true, but I lack certainty. His overall narrative can be corroborated by many other insiders, but also via hard science, which is still being suppressed in the mainstream. 

This being said, if information came out tomorrow that positively demonstrated Goode's data was not accurate, I would change my point of view accordingly. 

I am interested in the truth above all else. 

So to be clear, I don't believe Goode or anyone, beyond what can be verified. I simply analyze his data and contemplate what it could mean if it were true. I am entertaining his ideas and allowing them to expand my consciousness. 

That's one secret that many haven't realized yet, which is that we can expand our consciousness by contemplating all data, both true and untrue information. So instead of trying to find one or two people out there you can trust blindly, which is a fallacy, start developing the ability to understand all information, and what it can do to catalyze your consciousness. 

The bottom line is, just because we can't verify something, doesn't make it untrue. For example, I can't verify that others dream when they sleep but I can't disprove it either. So knowing what we don't know is essential to avoid deceiving ourselves.

Choosing to label Corey's data as untrue, without evidence, is a self-deception. Choosing to label Corey's data as true, without evidence, is a self-deception. The middle path is uncertainty; that we acknowledge we don't know, and keep our minds open as a result. 

And this ends the Q and A. 

I want to thank everyone for submitting the questions and taking the time to share your insights. This was a very rewarding experience for me, and I hope others found it equally valuable. 

- Justin

The preceding article is a Stillness in the Storm original creation. Please share freely. 

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March 5th, 2018: The video's were removed by Yvonne, and a note was added to reflect this. 


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