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Cosmic Disclosure Season 4 - Episode 11: Viewer Questions Part 4 - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

In part 4 of the viewer questions sub-series, Corey Goode and David Wilcock discuss how pervasive the AI infection is within humanity and the inner-Earth people's ascension status along with their perception of time. They also discuss the nature of the Cabal's future predicting capabilities, more of the history regarding the Martian and Maldeck (super-Earth) conflict, why there is evil in the universe, the origin of myths and legends, and more

Goode revealed in previous episodes that the AI signal can infect or inhabit the bio-neural fields of living things, but that it prefers technology. One viewer asked if humanity in general, is influenced by the signal or if only certain individuals are targeted. Goode clarifies that the AI signal can use anyone as a host, but its agenda is to infect technology or to influence those in power so as to further its agenda. Determining if one is infected requires a special test administered by the SSP, using a process which detects if there is another intelligent signal within an individual's bioelectric field. Presumably, there should be only one signal, the host personality, but the presence of two signals indicates AI infection. The fact that, via electromagnetic processes, intelligence can actually be measured using material instrumentation is quite fascinating and leads to a basis for understanding the existence of an intelligent universe.

The inner-Earth peoples according to Goode are fourth density and experience time somewhat differently than we do. He shares that given their longer life spans, 100 years to us would feel like only 5 or 10 years to them. He is unsure if there is some altered aspect of fourth density life that provides for this effect. But given that Goode was able to interact with members of the inner-Earth group as if they were third density human beings, it suggests they could have projected a time field around Goode, giving him the experience of "normal time." Or that, as an intrinsic nature of fourth density life itself, the inner-Earth people simply experience time differently. Much like the perception of time changes as we get older. 

After Goode completed his twenty-and-back tour of duty in the SSP, from 1987 to 2007, he was debriefed and blank-slated, or had his memories wiped. A viewer asked if the Cabal was able to use the information gathered about the future from program participants to predict events and manage resistance efforts in the present. Goode shares that he is unsure if they do this, but that they do have AI technology capable of predicting possible futures, which they have used in the past to stay one step ahead of various alliance attempts to end Cabal rule.

According to Goode, care of the smart-glass-pads, some 500,000 years ago a war broke out between the people of a super-Earth called Maldeck and the planet Mars, which at this time, was a moon of that super-Earth. A viewer asked if the peoples who were at war with each other were of the same race, which Goode was unable to confirm or deny. 

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Wilcock and Goode further discuss that the destruction of Maldeck, leaving the Astroid belt in its place, occurred because these groups were attempting to gain access to an ancient defense grid in the local star cluster left by Guardian races millions of years ago. One of the groups gained access to the grid and apparently used it to destroy the super-Earth, which also brought down the defense grid. As a result, genetic farmer races invaded the virgin territory and began interference efforts on Earth and on many other worlds as well. 

One viewer asked why there are so many problems with competing groups and fighting in the universe, and if it is related to the AI infection or some other dynamic. The nature of this question is grand in scope, but Goode and Wilcock discuss some of the possible contributing factors for interspecies conflicts, such as fundamental differences in appearance, culture, advancement, and so on. I offered an overarching explanation for why evil exists in the universe as well. 

Lastly, the origin of many myths and legends, such as the appearance of god-like beings interacting with humanity, who shared technology and culture for upliftment, partially traces back to the inner-Earth groups. Goode was informed by the priestess Kaaree of the inner-Earth Anshar group that over oceans of time many different groups interacted with the surface population, not just the inner-Earth peoples. 


Due to the format of this episode, there is no overarching analysis to offer. Instead, my commentary has been embedded within the context of each question. 

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Overview of Corey Goode, the Secret Space Program Alliance, and the Sphere Being Alliance:

Corey Goode is a Secret Space Program (SSP) insider and whistleblower that began disclosing information in 2009 under the pseudonym GoodETxSG. In 2014, he started revealing a great deal more information in an effort to prepare humanity for what he calls data dumps, set to occur at an opportune moment in the future. Much of the information he provides comes from Smart Glass Pads, iPad-like devices supplied to SSP personnel for information dissemination purposes. This will be a groundbreaking event, revealing the totality of Earth's history and the activities of the Cabal which will ultimately lead to a truth and reconciliation style tribunal to hold criminal elements accountable for wrongdoing. Additionally, the SSP Alliance intends on releasing all of the hidden technology to the people in preparation for a Star Trek-type golden age civilization.

According to Goode, the Cabal or the secret Earth government and their syndicates (as termed by the SSP Alliance) have enslaved humanity under a false paradigm of a technological advancement, while secretly developing incredible technology (a Star Trek level of advancement) used to colonize the solar system and beyond, engaging in trade with thousands of extraterrestrial races.

Space programs have been developed in secret all throughout Earth's history, and in many cases, groups broke away from the main culture forming what is called a Breakaway Civilization. Some of these civilizations have existed in secret, on Earth and beyond for, thousands of years. The Agartha Network is one such group that claims to be the original human race. It was this group in addition to the Draco Alliance, that made contact with a secret German space program in the early 20th Century.

In modern times, the Germans were the most advanced of the SSP groups, beginning their efforts in earnest during the early 1920's and 30's. The Americans were also developing a SSP, but were much further behind in technological advances. Later, the American SSPs were infiltrated and taken over by the Germans after the end of World War II. It was after this forced merger that the SSP, under the direction of the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), expanded into the solar system and beyond, setting up dozens of bases and mining facilities chiefly using slave labor.

In the early 1990's, a faction within the SSP known as Solar Warden slowly began to go against the ICC, allying with a group of highly evolved extraterrestrials known as the Sphere Being Alliance in 2012. Since then, more factions have joined the alliance which is actively working to free humanity on Earth and beyond, known as the SSP Alliance. Despite their good intentions, the SSP Alliance is a group of highly damaged and morally ambiguous individuals, according to Goode, that recognize at some level the need to change the status quo, but are hardly angels.

The Sphere Beings are a group of five extraterrestrial races, one of which is known as the Blue Avians, that arrived in the solar system during the late 1980's. Two of the races remain unrevealed; however, there is also a race of Golden Triangle Head beings and Blue Orb beings made of light. Over the course of 20 years, they began bringing massive spheres into the solar system and surrounding area, some which are the size of Jupiter. This is in an effort to down-step galactic energy waves, which are slowly changing life as we know it. These spheres are cloaked and not detectable by the surface population of Earth.

According to the Sphere Beings, a massive shift in energetic expression is now occurring in the solar system, as the result of a natural process of consciousness evolution, assisted by our solar system's movement through the galaxy and increasingly coherent energy fields encountered as a result. The Sphere Being Alliance specifically asked for Goode to represent them in SSP Alliance meetings as a Sphere Being Alliance delegate. Presently, the SSP Alliance is negotiating with the remaining cabal aligned programs, as well as innumerable races that have lived in the solar system for millions of years, and even breakaway civilizations once resident on the Earth's surface. The Sphere Beings have erected an energy barrier around the solar system preventing ingress and egress, trapping many of the negatively oriented groups that have been loosely allied with the secret Earth government syndicates for thousands of years. Since this event, the pyramid of power known on Earth known as the Cabal or Illuminati has fallen into disarray, because the Draco Alliance attempted to betray their underlings to the Sphere Beings in an attempt to gain passage out of the solar system and escape the coming justice of the SSP Alliance.

SSP factions encountered many intriguing things as they ventured out into the solar system. Apparently there are remnants of extremely old settlements and technology from what is called the Ancient Builder Race. These beings were incredibly advanced, using a type of consciousness technology that appears to be an inanimate object until activated by a user. They are also responsible for building ancient stargates found on nearly every major body in the solar system. According to the Agarthans, the Sphere Beings are in fact the Ancient Builder Race, although the SSP has yet to confirm this directly from them.

The dark side of the Moon is home to many different groups, including the ICC, the Draco Alliance, the SSP Alliance, the Dark Fleet, and more. The Moon is apparently an artificial object, and has become a neutral zone for all of these groups, which have maintained a peaceful armistice for thousands of years. The Moon serves as an observational outpost for over 60 groups of extraterrestrial races engaged in 22 genetic programs and social experiments on Earth. Some of these programs conflict with each other, yet all of them have influenced Earth's history for millennia.

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Show Description:
Once again questions have been culled from your comments and posed to Corey Goode and David Wilcock. They hold nothing back as they respond to your inquiries concerning the rampant disease of violence, what is happening with missing people, and who can be infected by the A.I. Plus, we learn the connection between the inner earth peoples and mythological gods & angels.  
This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast May 17, 2016.
Summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green bolded brackets]. Alterations to the transcript for ease of reading will be in [brackets], but the original content of the dialog is always maintained. The images with black letter boxing were captured from this episode on Gaia TV.

Transcribed by Hugues Prévost. Commentary by Justin Deschamps and Hugues Prévost.

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode. Questions in blue.

  • DW - Alright, welcome to Cosmic Disclosure. I’m your host, David Wilcock. I’m your host, David Wilcock. We’re here with the insider’s insider, Corey Goode. In this episode, we’re taking your questions. So this is the chance, if you’ve been participating in the discussion forums, writing comments in the comments section. We go through [them] and we find things that look interesting to discuss here on the show. So Corey, welcome to the program.
  • CG - Thank you.

(Question 1) 
  • DW - The first question that we have is:
“How can one find out if he or she has been infected by the AI [Artificial Intelligence]?”
  • CG - Well that’s not something that they’re really gonna know unless they get tested by a particular instrument that is used by the SSP [Secret Space Program]. [It involves] putting it close to your bioelectric field and if it measures more than one signature then they know you’re infected. It’s not something that you can test for anywhere down here.
  • DW - I think, to "double-click" on that question a little bit, I think what they’re really asking too is, “How prevalent is this AI infection in regular humanity?” Is this more of a space program problem? Is this something happening to people here on Earth?
  • CG - People will have the infection but if they’re of no operational value to the AI, then it’s not going to stay dormant in them, it’s gonna move on.
  • DW - So the AI isn’t just gonna inhabit someone if it doesn’t have a reason to?
  • CG - Unless it’s biding its time, if it’s using them as a host until it can get into some technology or another person [who] is its real target.
  • DW - Why might a person on Earth be useful to the AI? What would be an example? Because some people are gonna think they’re involved in a huge cosmic drama and that they’re very important to this thing, and the AI is going to be in them.
  • CG - Well, the AI may use a person as a host just to hang out into their bioneural field until they find a better host [who’s] going to get [it] into the electronics that [the AI wants] to be in. [For example,] let’s say [aborigines] happened to find a piece of a [spaceship]. They messed with it and they got infected [by an AI signal in the equipment]. Then [the AI] would hang out in their bioneural field until they passed it along to other people. Eventually, [the AI gets] into someone who uses technology and then that person is their conduit into technology.
  • DW - So it sounds like what you’re saying is that the AI would only even be interested in people here on Earth if [it] could get into the right technology.
  • CG - Right, you’re more of a vehicle.
  • DW - Is there going to ever be a case in which the AI could use someone other than to pass itself into technology here on Earth?
  • CG - Well, if people have key positions, a lot of times they’ll be infected with actual nanites. These nanites can either be programmed or they can be remote-controlled by the AI signal. [CG has mentioned in previous episodes discussing the AI that these nanites can be used to manipulate the host consciousness somewhat. In addition, electromagnetic signals can be used to influence human beings employing technology developed by the military-industrial complex, which is presumably inferior to the nanite technology developed by the AI. While there is no doubt that subtle suggestions are being pushed to humanity, there may not be as much direct involvement from the malevolent AI signal. Instead, the Cabal's technology, such as HAARP, modern electronics, television, music, and so on, act as proxy outlets to influence humanity in ways which serve the AI's agenda of total control and enslavement. The point being, the AI uses the Cabal and the Draco as proxies for its agenda, and need not play a direct role in influencing humanity. This is a logical extrapolation based on Goodes statements.]
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(Question 2)
  • DW - The next [question] we have is from Alsion Bell, A-L-S-I-O-N Bell. I think I’m pronouncing that right. [This question is about the] inner-Earth people and the harvest. Now just for the context of the question, if you haven’t read The Law of One, when they use the term “harvest,” they mean ascension. It’s the term used in the Book of Matthew for ascension.
“If the Inner-Earth people have been here for seventeen to eighteen (17–18) million years, have they never been harvested? Have they escaped being harvested? Do they not also want to progress?”
  • CG - Well, [the inner-Earth people] are actually fourth density already. They have remained [here] to assist [us and] the planet. [There is an extensive amount of testimony regarding the inner-Earth peoples provided by Goode. For that testimony and other updates and articles click here: Inner-Earth Articles and Updates]
  • DW - So fourth density means they are ascended being?
  • CG - Right. They’re basically—they’re supposed to be stewards of the planet and all of its inhabitants.
  • DW - Given the fact that they’ve been here for this long, [some groups claim to have been on Earth for over 18 million years], I just want to reconfirm that time changes when you go from density to density, right?
  • CG - Yeah, they experience time differently than we do. They perceive and experience time differently.
  • DW - What would that equate to in our conventional understanding?
  • CG - [For example,] we may refer to time in decades. A decade to us seems like quite a long time. In a decade, we’ll see wrinkles and gray hairs appear. <DW: Right> That’s not the case for them. So a hundred years to them could be easily like maybe one to five years for us.
  • DW - So you’re saying that their lives, the way they actually perceive their life, one hundred years could be like a year?
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - Isn’t it strange though that they could talk to you and then the time of the conversation is the same?
  • CG - Well, yeah. You’d think that maybe there would be a time dilation effect. But I guess with them being a higher density being, they’re able to reach lower a lot easier than we can reach higher.
  • DW - So they could alter their flow of time to be able to speak to you, potentially.
  • CG - And possibly alter our flow of time… <DW: Right> or our perception.
  • DW - So it’s possible that you could be going into an accelerated time field but then you’re just regressed back when you are returned.
  • CG - Right, but that’s speculating because I’m not exactly sure of the particulars of how they were phasing me in and out of time. [Based on the Law of One material's descriptions of all the densities, the primary factor in determining how time is perceived seems to be density or the concentration of consciousness. In other words, how much consciousness is active and contained in a localized part of space and time or within an individual embodiment. 
The higher one ascends up the density scale the more spread out their consciousness is in space (able to perceive events beyond the physical body, e.g. psi abilities) and in time (able to live longer life spans and perceive more events in any given moment). For example, second density is the realm where micro-organisms slowly evolve to produce more complex life forms. The area affected by the actions of these individual cells is much smaller in space and time when compared to a larger organism such as a human being. In third density life, that of human intelligence, one's actions affect larger areas of space and time. Fourth density life extends even further via the addition of so-called ascended or psi abilities, which enables an individual to perceive and influence events beyond the physical body. The trend, as was mentioned earlier, is a progressively expanding ability to influence more of the universe in space and time, that is to say, the potency of one's free will increases as evolution progresses. And an effect of this increased potency, made possible by an increase in consciousness concentration within a living thing or embodiment, is an altered or changing perception of time. And this effect of perceiving time differently is able to felt in Earthly life as well. 

An example for this is the speeding up of time effect experienced as one gets older. When we are children, a year seems like a much longer period of time than when we are adults. Many people report feeling like their school summer vacations were longer when they were children, as compared to when they were in high school. This suggests that our perception of the passage of time is related to a juxtaposition of events and novelty. The more events we have experienced in life the more quickly time seems to pass, but also, if these events are not new, then time is perceived to pass more quickly because of dissociation due to normalization. 

For example, watching a movie the first time around can feel longer than watching it the second time, even though the actual length was fixed. It feels shorter, based on the normalization theory, because we aren't paying attention as much, or it isn't new to us, and therefore dissociation occurs. We don't pay attention the second time around, and as such go into a daydream or theta state of consciousness. 

Differing states of consciousness, measured by brainwaves, clearly indicate that the perception of time is dependent on the orientation of consciousness. For example, during a theta state, it is difficult to perceive the continuous flow of time because we are not aware of the juxtaposition of events. Each event observed acts as a marker in time, which is integrated as a feeling or perception of flow. In a theta state time seems to slow down or change primarily because attention is no longer placed on the external world (via the senses) but on the internal world. Consider that during meditation or dreams, when most of our consciousness is focused within, time is perceived differently. Often during a deep dream state, it can feel as though whole years worth of experiences occurred even though we were only asleep for a normal eight hour period. Again this suggests that the perception of time can and does vary greatly even within the normal human experience.

The lower the state of consciousness, insofar as brain wave frequency, the faster time seems to pass. Conversely, when consciousness is highly focused on an external experience, time seems to slow down. For example, many people report getting into car accidents and feeling like time was slowed down during the event. In some cases, people report that they were able to make critical decisions during this time because of this seeming dilation effect. 

Here is a simple chart illustrating consciousness states observed in human beings via an EEG.

Image Source.

Notice that as one ascends up the states of consciousness, more attention is focused on the material world of the senses, where the perception of time is the most dilated or slowed down. During Gamma states time is highly dilated, or we are able to perceive the flow of events strongly. During Delta states, the opposite end of the scale, the perception of time is non-existent. While sleeping we cannot perceive external events, and as such, no time is perceived to pass in relation to the external world. But from within the dream experience, time seems to stretch or expand, in that, during a normal dream cycle we experience many events which, within the dream, is perceived as a large length of time. 

All of this suggests that the primary factor for determining the perception time, whether in third density or otherwise, is if one is able to cognize or be aware of the passage of events, whether internal or external. The notion of "clock time," the idea that time flows irrespective of the passage of events is an illusion; events progress and time is perceived, not the reverse. The more events are observed the more time is felt to stretch or slow down (within the external world) or dilate (within the internal world). If this assertion is correct, it suggests that higher density beings not only experience longer life spans but that they are able to perceive more events in general. That is to say, a fourth density being, not only lives a long time but is more acutely aware of events within that span of time. In other words, just because one lives a long time does not mean the events which pass in it are perceived as a blur. A year to fourth-density being is still filled with experience, and there's more of a capacity to absorb events as one evolves up the density scale.]
  • DW - Now part of the ascension is the solar flash and I think another thing this person was asking about is, how have they avoided these big solar flashes, these solar energy releases?
  • CG - Well, I don’t know if they have, necessarily. They’re affected by all the same energies that we are. All of the beings [who] are trapped here in our solar system are going to be affected by them.
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(Question 3)

DW - Alright, are you ready for another one?
CG - I am.
DW - Okay, this one’s from Azgard123.
“When Corey came back twenty years in time and was debriefed, did the authorities in charge get the full debriefing of his service that was yet to come?”
  • DW - And then the question goes on to basically say, "did they know what was going to happen to you after they brought you back?" In other words, if you’re up there in space and you do twenty years into the future, do they also see the timeline of what’s going to happen to your life once they bring you back to Earth for the ensuing twenty years?
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  • CG - Well, I know they have the capability but logistically, for every single person, I don’t know if that’s practical to look—but you know, you’d think that this—being such an important secret to keep—that they would. So I really don’t know the answer to that but when I did return and after my debriefing, they did know that they were going to be observing me very closely. And they did call me back for recall work from time to time. They would call me back and have me work with other people, blank-slate me and put me back in my normal life that I had built [after the] “20 & Back” [tour of duties].
  • DW - I think what this person is also just trying to find out is, how much is the Cabal aware of what’s happening in the future? How much do they get to plan it all out, map it all out? In other words, why didn’t they know, for example, that you’re doing this show? Why couldn’t they see that?
  • CG - That’s a good question, because they use a type of AI technology to look at probable futures. And that’s—we’ve heard all these things about “The Cabal [is] about to fall. Mass arrests are coming.” Well, they’ve used this technology to stay one step ahead of all these programs that were meant to take them down. So honestly, I don’t know why they didn’t intervene or see this previously, unless there was another intervention preventing them.
[Hugues Prévost Notes: Since the Blue Avians operate at a much higher level of reality than the Cabal and their overlords, their “bird's eye view” (no pun intended) is far more encompassing than the opposition. This higher vantage point allows the Avians and associated advanced members of their alliance to intervene beyond the “Looking Glass” horizon of the Cabal.]
  • DW - Is it possible that the mere act of trying to look at the future changes the future?
  • CG - Yeah, it’s just like when scientists observe an experiment, they change the experiment. They affect the experiment by observing it.
  • DW - So even if one or two people know that something might be happening, that could alter the outcome?
  • CG - … <Thinking for a few seconds> That’s possible, yeah.

(Question 4)
  • DW - Right. Okay, that’s a question that we could do a whole episode on but we’re trying to get through your question here. Let’s go with Ron Mayor 2012: blank-slating members of the 20 & Back program.
“What is the Guardian alliance members’ view on blank slating? Is this something that the Guardian races support or is this something only the Illuminati space program controls, and possibly unenlightened yet highly technologically advanced ET races do?”
  • DW - So in short, what is their view on the blank-slating process? Is that allowed by the benevolent beings in the universe, or do they just have to kind of let it happen?
  • CG - Yes. Their non-direct interventionist kind of policy that they follow prevents them from stepping in and preventing it from occurring. But I have never—when I’ve spoken with like, the Sphere Beings—that’s never been a topic. We’ve never talked about, “This is unethical, immoral, and it shouldn’t be happening.”
  • CG - For the second part of the question, the negative ETs and their proxies, all these different Illuminati, all these different names that use for them, they definitely are all about using the blank-slate technologies. For them, it’s just a standard operating procedure.

(Question 5)
  • DW - Okay, we have another one now from Pastel Galaxy Z. These are some very colorful names. I can kind of imagine that as I see it. [The question is about] the missing people off-world [in the] slave system.
“Are our people being pawns and slaves for Reptilians and maybe other human-like races?”
  • CG - The interstellar or intergalactic slave trade—human slave trade… it’s very complicated. A portion of the people [who] are taken are handed over to reptilian beings. These people are a commodity and they’re traded off to many other civilizations as well who use us for many, many different purposes. The reptilian beings use us for very dark purposes that most people know about.
  • DW - What about the human-like races?
  • CG - There are a lot of human-like races out there that do participate in the slave trade with the ICC (Interstellar Corporate Conglomerate) and different factions of the Secret Space Program. But I don’t normally—I don’t think they’re consuming the people, the slaves that they’re receiving like the reptilians.

Question 6
  • DW - Alright. Next question we have is from WM.
“Were the primary inhabitants of Mars back then the same species as the one they warred with on Maldek, or a different species?”
  • DW - Now I guess the first part of this question has an assumption in it, which is that Mars and Maldek actually warred with each other. So let’s just start with that first and then we’ll get into the rest of this. Did you have information saying that Mars and Maldek actually warred with each other? [CG and DW cover this topic extensively in the below-linked article.]
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  • CG - That was a part of the conversation I had with Kaaree in the [inner-Earth] library. She stated that, yes, there were two different groups, one on Mars and one on Maldek. They were in conflict with each other. Now I may have assumed that they were different species. I don’t recall that she specified that they were different species but that was my assumption. I thought they were different sizes. I mean, that’s just what—when we were interfacing [telepathically communicating], that was the imagery I was getting. But they very well could have been the same that were just—there was some sort of civil war going on. So I don’t know the full answer to that. I know that they were doing battle with each other. But I do not know if they were the same people.
  • DW - We could argue that if the super-Earth [Maldek] is very large and Mars is very small, almost a moon, that if they arose indigenously on those planets, they probably would be of very different sizes.
[Hugues Prévost Note: Multiple sources claim that Mars was a moon of Maldek until that planet was destroyed to form the asteroid belt as we know today.[CG and DW talk about this history in the below-linked article.]

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  • CG - Yeah, different gravity, barometric pressures are going to dictate how large and bone density, and all that.
  • DW - Okay. So I think we got a good handle on the first part of this question. Let’s go on the second part.
“What extrasolar species and/or organization arrived to destroy the empire built by those on Maldek? Did they settle our solar system too or did they turn around and leave? Were they the precursors to what became the Draco Empire or were they a different group?”
  • CG - Well, the information I received was that after these—the factions we were talking about [on] Maldek and Mars—when they were having this war, they hacked into the defense grid and were trying to use these weapons against each other. And in doing so…
  • DW - Wait, wait, what do you mean by the defense grid, first of all?
  • CG - The defense grid that the Ancient Builder race had put in place into the local [solar system] and entire local star cluster, about fifty (50) or so stars.
  • DW - And what form would that defense grid take if we were looking at it?
  • CG - Well, many of them were spheres that were offensive, defensive weapons.
  • DW - Like large metallic spheres?
  • CG - Well, I don’t know. I don’t know if they were metallic. A lot of times, they would hollow out or use a moon and then convert it.
  • DW - Like with the Death Star.
  • CG - Yeah. I’ve seen information about some of the spherical moon-like structure out there having signs of—having a hole or external structure that’s covered now in a lot of dust and regolith and stuff. [In the Star Trek series Enterprise, the crew explore a region of space called the Expanse. This area is protected by some kind of energy barrier being emitted by a series of incredibly ancient artificially constructed spheres. The similarity between the defense grid described by GG and the spheres in the show is uncanny. Perhaps this is one example of soft disclosure related to ancient builder race technology found throughout the solar system by the SSP.]
  • DW - Okay, so then what you were saying was both Mars and Maldek were trying to hack into these death stars?
  • CG - Yes, to use in battle against each other. And in doing so, this is how—one of these [defense grid weapons] is what destroyed the Super Earth. When they did this, they brought down the defense grid that ancients had put up—the Ancient Builder race, that had protected these local star clusters.
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  • DW - You’re saying the people of Mars destroyed the planet right next to them?
  • CG - We don’t know. Most likely, that what happened, unless…
  • DW - Wouldn’t that be like an astonishingly ignorant thing, considering the damage it caused to them? <CG: Yeah> [They] destroyed their planet.
  • CG - Hindsight’s 20/20.
  • DW - But you think that it was the people of Mars [who] struck against Maldek and ended up destroying it? <CG: Right> Interesting.
  • CG - Well, I mean, it was both of those people. The information I received [said they] were hacking in and trying to use that technology against each other. And that technology is what destroyed Maldek. I would assume that enemy destroyed the planet and they didn’t destroy their own planet.
  • DW - But this question also talks about out of our solar system groups.
  • CG - Yeah, and that’s what I was leading to. Once the defense grid dropped, that’s when these, what [the Anshar of inner-Earth] call “genetic farmer races” began to come in. Some of them compromised the Super Federation. And also, this is when the Draco Federation came in, and really started to wreak havoc in not only our solar system, but the local star clusters....
  • DW - So your information then [says that] this war between Mars and Maldek did not involve any third parties? [It] did not involve any outside groups?
  • CG - I did not hear any third-parties come in until after the defense grid dropped, after they hacked it. Yeah, they basically screwed up big time and—you know—we’re [still] paying the price.
  • DW - Is it possible that [this] did happen but that you just didn’t have access to that information?
  • CG - Oh yeah, absolutely.
  • DW - Because I have had other insiders say that the Maldek group in particular was widely trying to go around and conquer other worlds and it was not just local.
  • CG - Well, I’m talking about the local star cluster here. You know, this local star cluster of fifty (50) stars was protected by the same defense grid and there [was] travel within the local star cluster. You know, if they’re warring with another planet within the cluster, I mean, that could have occurred. But I don’t… I didn’t see information on that personally.
  • DW - Okay. I have had other people tell me that they were doing a lot of wars with local stars.
  • CG - And I’ve heard information like that from other insiders. It’s just that I didn’t personally see or hear that.

(Question 7)
  • DW - Next question is coming from Gym Rat 89.
“Do you know the truth about the Rh negative bloodline, specifically O negatives? Or do you have any info on this?”
  • CG - That was discussed when I was assigned to the research vessel. And the Rh blood thing, they joked around that the elites brag and talk about the Rh bloodline. They joked around that they actually had found that in monkeys. <DW: Right> You know, so how evolved could it be if it’s an alien bloodline type, our blood type? So the people in the SSP [who] were doing the genetic work and that kind of stuff really didn’t put a whole lot of stock in it. They kind of pooh-poohed the idea. They kind of considered it more religious hyperbole kind of stuff that went on amongst the different religious beliefs in the different Illuminati occult groups.
  • DW - Can you just clarify what the Illuminati religious belief about the Rh protein in the blood is exactly?
  • CG - If I’m right—and most of what I’ve heard has been after I got out— [because] of people constantly asking me, saying that it’s from a royal ET bloodline or an engineered ET bloodline.
  • DW - Okay. So when you have the protein, that means that you have the ET bloodline?
  • CG - That’s what a lot of people assume or believe.
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(Question 8)
  • DW - Okay. So the next question we have is from Flyer [and is about] a super-planet with some trillions inhabitants.
“What is this disease of control, power, violence, and destruction? And where does it come from? I don’t get it. Is all of this negative behavior the result of AI and/or these Archons or inorganic beings?”
  • CG - Well, that is definitely a part of the equation. A lot of it, from what was explained to me by Kaaree from the Anshar group—the Inner-Earth group—was that a lot of it is the social programming that we go through, but we also have genetics that were brought to this planet from these refugees from Maldek and Mars in stages from like almost five hundred thousand (500,000) years ago up to until, I think, sixty thousand (60,000) years ago, more recent. And as they interbred, that was a dominant gene and this gene was an aggressive gene that is behind a lot of our problems of aggression, jealousy, greed. And it’s something that a lot of groups are not sure we can overcome.
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  • DW - To get to the core though, I think this person is just having trouble understanding why anyone who’s a biological lifeform would have a desire to be negative, to dominate, to control, to kill. Maybe you could speak a little more [about] when you’ve had conversations with the most ascended beings like the Sphere Beings. What is the Sphere Beings’ sense of why this negativity occurs? What are these beings after? What do these negative beings actually want? Why are they doing this?
  • CG - Well, I had to spend a lot of time with some of these negative people and it seemed like they had some hole in them that they couldn’t fill. You could see the darkness in their eyes. There was a hole in their soul. They couldn’t feel emotions like we do. Somehow by causing other people to feel the emotions that they couldn’t, they were drawing energy and like sort of trying to fill this hole. That doesn’t really seem to make sense but I mean, these people are—I mean—they’re sociopaths. They’re extremely—I mean—they’re alien to us. If we interact with them, they can put on a good face and pretend to be normal. But if you spend a lot of time with them, you get to learn very quickly that they’re almost not human. It’s really hard to try to compare a person who has empathy for other beings with a sociopath.
[I'll add to the discussion a point that was beautifully presented in the book, Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis, which I think is required reading for anyone asking this question; why is there evil and suffering in the universe?

In short, all of our individual and social problems, whether on Earth or beyond, is from one primary cause: selfishness brought about by separation consciousness

This problem plagues other races and worlds as well, and once one recognizes the factors involved, they can easily see when someone, including so-called advanced races, are acting with a consciousness of separation and selfishness. This notion is already generally known as the service to self-modality of being, but the aforementioned book goes into much greater detail about the foundational causes of selfishness, which is the basis for evil and injustice. 

When consciousness indwells a physical body like we do here on Earth through incarnation, it loses touch with its divine nature—we literally forget that we are connected to everything at a fundamental level. The resulting consequence of this focuses our consciousness into the material realm, and we begin to identify with the body and what it feels above and beyond the realities of oneness, from whence we came. We lose the perception of universal consciousness or awareness and fall into separation consciousness or the perception that we are not one with the universe.

Over long enough courses of time, social programs and genetic alterations resulting from behavior (via epigenetic augmentation) create a race of beings that feels more separation than oneness. But the truth is, the experience of separation is ultimately an illusion. We need only look at how the morphogenetic field operates to know that even our very thoughts and minds, which most people assume are totally separate from everyone else's, are actually deeply connected to each other. 

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When an individual begins to identify with the illusory perception of separation more than the truth of interconnectedness, the separate selfish self is born, what I call the negative or limited ego. And everyone on Earth, for the most part, grows up or is raised in conditions which creates this false version of themselves. The negative ego is a pale reflection or distortion of who we really are, called the higher self in awakening circles, and we can also describe as the part of us that identifies with the truth of interconnectedness. In other words, hidden away within each of us, is a universal self, which has become the prisoner of the selfish separate self that seeks to suppress the truth in favor of focusing on the illusion of separation. 

We learn separation consciousness from our parents and society, and then feed that fire via our choices and actions. By the time we've reached the age when the conscious mind becomes active, after six years old, the momentum of separation identification is almost unstoppable, nurtured by the trappings of society. We are trained to become our own prison wardens, keeping the light of the universal self-locked away in favor of material distractions. A feeling of emptiness and disempowerment develops which leads to parasitic behavior or selfishness. 

The selfish separate self becomes dominant and eventually eclipses any other way of being so long as we focus on and fuel the belief in separation. This is the part of us that is greedy, self-servicing, fearful, ignorant, harmful, violent, prideful, wrathful, envious, and so on. All of the qualities we normally attribute to narcissistic and psychopathic people are extreme examples of a mature separate selfish self, but to be sure, even if we are nice and well intentioned, we're still probably held back by separation consciousness. It is also this part of us that feels inadequate, disempowered, bored, unmotivated, hurt, traumatized and victimized by life. 

In many cases, people are born, live life, and die never tasting from the cup of universal consciousness. This is primarily because, like the Matrix, separation consciousness is a prison for our mind. That is to say, through our beliefs we develop by way of experience, we create and build up an identity of separation, and only through consciously deconstructing this false identity can universal consciousness be attained. 

The solution to this problem, which is both personal and social, is to stop feeding the separate selfish self and start feeding the universal self. Universal consciousness is a perspective in which we consider the all as the backdrop to everything we do. One who has attained universal consciousness chooses to be harmless, kind and humble because they recognize the truth that all other beings are an extension of themselves. 

Universal consciousness is not based on blind faith but an actual knowing of interconnectedness developed by acting on that truth. When we choose to act with harmlessness, kindness and loving service to all, radiating our light on all beings regardless of what they have done to earn it, we transcend the consciousness of separation and gain wisdom in universal consciousness. In other words, healing one's soul and transcending separation is an active, not passive process, which involves seeking the truth about oneself as the foundation for personal transformation. 

If we act with duplicity in our motivations towards others, where we justify kindness for some, but not kindness for all, we're feeding separation consciousness. This is the idea of moral relativism, where we only do what is right for "our friends and family" and everyone else be damned. Yet in the act of loving our enemies, for ourselves, we heal separation consciousness. In this way, proactively developing the capacity to love others equally will quickly highlight hidden beliefs about separation so they can be transcended with an act of unselfish love. 

But, to be clear, loving others unselfishly does not mean doing nothing when harm is being pushed on to others. Taking defensive actions to stop harm is part of a modality of universal consciousness, and provides a venue or opportunity to actually live out the service to others modality of being. 

Simply put: the Cabal manipulate us through separation consciousness, the separate selfish self or the negative ego. And since most people have never known anything but separation consciousness, transcending it completely requires constant dedication and effort in all times and places of one's life. This problem of separation consciousness has touched life on Earth arguably since the beginning of human existence, as such everything we do, think, and believe needs to be evaluated against the backdrop of all that IS.

The parable of the two wolfs perfectly expresses this mechanic, in that, in each moment we are either feeding the selfish separate self or we are feeding the universal self. And eventually, one must let the separate self pass away, so the universal self can be fully manifested within the evolving personality. In other words, the separate selfish self keeps our true universal potential imprisoned, which must be released from the shackles of separation. Once this takes place, the individual has become enlightened, sovereign or self-mastered. They are immune to mind control, manipulation and the temptations of the material world. Even the most highly evolved among us are still grappling with a consciousness of separation, for one cannot be in both worlds at once. 

This is a simple yet extensive topic of discussion, and I've only briefly described it above. For a much more in depth understanding, as well as practical steps one can take in their life to start the process of releasing the universal self from bondage, see the above-linked book. 

I discovered it at the beginning of 2016, and I am reading again for a second time now. In that short time, I've started to use some of the methods offered, I have been greatly healed and empowered, feeling less like a victim, more in harmony with universal flow. 

Here is the parable of the two wolfs to further emphasize this point.]

A grandfather is talking with his grandson and he says there are two wolves inside of us which are always at war with each other.

One of them is a good wolf which represents things like kindness, bravery and love. The other is a bad wolf, which represents things like greed, hatred and fear.

The grandson stops and thinks about it for a second then he looks up at his grandfather and says, “Grandfather, which one wins?”

The grandfather quietly replies, the one you feed
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(Question 8)
  • DW - I think it’s a pretty good answer. Let’s go on now to Ced Guru, C-E-D G-U-R-U.
“I’m interested in the giant people. I have to say that I’m disappointed that these advanced people were fighting wars with each other. I’ve heard it over and over. We all have. But it’s only sinking into my brain now as a truth. Is that just how it is with all people? They taught us wonderful things, but also the art of war by example? Did we inherit wars that have been fought since long ago? And are we still fighting through the original reasons that may have been forgotten by most people?
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  • CG - Absolutely. We’re still fighting battles from further back than five hundred thousand (500,000) years. And we, the people on Earth, are sort of proxies for these refugees [who] came here and run things from the background. They cause us to fight proxy wars on their behalf against their enemies and we’re just pawns.
  • DW - This person’s disappointed that these wars are being fought. And [he] said, “I’ve heard this over and over. Is that just how it is with all people?”
  • CG - With all people on the planet?
  • DW - I think with people in the universe. [Separation consciousness, as was outlined above, is a problem for many worlds in the universe, including so-called highly advanced races.]
  • CG - Many of them may have had this in their past. Many of them didn’t have the aggression. It seems like there are some civilizations that progress very quickly because they got along, you know. They were communal and they maybe were—they had a very similar look and species on the whole planet. They weren’t divided and fighting each other. The Earth is a little bit different. I mean, we’ve got a very interesting genetic mix and it’s also what makes us coveted by a lot of these groups that are taking us into the slave trade.
[Hugues Prévost Note: Interestingly enough, Corey points of comparison between ET civilizations and the Earth's mirror closely what Phillip H. Krapf’s Verdants was told during an interaction with onboard a Goodwill mothership.]
  • DW - Well, I just want to point out—and as you already know—my new book The Ascension Mysteries, the subtitle is “Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil.” The whole book is about the wars that have taken place in our solar system and combining what you said with all the other insiders I’ve spoken to, all the research that’s available. From the research I’ve done, would you agree on this? Benevolent civilizations tend to be the norm once you get past a certain point. It’s not like this is happening all over the place.
  • CG - No, no. I mean, there are other planets like ours that have been tinkered with and didn’t naturally progress that are in similar situations as us. <DW: Right> But it’s not the norm.
  • DW - Yeah, I think that’s the core of the question. So we’re not—it’s not like it’s this hostile, negative universe, and the only way you grow is through pain and torture. That’s just something that might have happened here but it’s not by any means what usually occurs. 
  • CG - I think difficulty, a little bit of pain and torture is a catalyst for progress. [Pain and suffering, again using the idea of separation consciousness as a framework of understanding, are experiences of the separate selfish self. One need not suffer to learn and grow, but when they refuse wisdom because "one thinks they have it all figured out" (an idea born from selfishness) they can suffer the consequences of their own self imposed ignorance. On a world with universal consciousness as the foundation, all seeming hardships and strife are recognized as catalysts for inner growth. Instead of feeling like the "victim of circumstance" one feels gratitude for being shown universal wisdom. Hence, the technique of making every thought a loving thought, which was the Tibetan buddhists philosophy for achieving rainbow body or ascension.]

(Question 9)
  • DW - It does seem to be authorized by the universe that these things happen. [The next question says,] 
“I’d like to ask Corey if he knows about the connection between the people in the inner-Earth and legends, histories, and mythologies about gods and angels on the surface?”
  • CG - Yes, that’s definitely something that came up in my meeting with Kaaree down at the library. Myths are full of truth and carried through oral tradition. And different things will happen to change the narrative but usually there’s a core truth in there somewhere. Kaaree told me that the Inner Earth people, over oceans of time, had come to the surface after major and minor cataclysms and kick-started civilization again. [They] provided laws, agriculture, and that kind of stuff, you know? But when they appeared, they would either let the people keep the assumption that they were gods, or some of them would actually say they were gods. And they did this, they say for operational security, because they wanted the people to look up instead of below their feet for their location.
  • So definitely, they’re not—I wouldn’t say that these inner-Earth beings are the root of all of these myths, because some of these [originated from] non-terrestrials [who had] come down. So it’s a mixture. These ancient gods, these myths that we hear, it’s a mixture of the inner-Earth people and non-terrestrials that have also come down and done the same thing. And often, they’re both visiting the same culture, the same civilization intermittently, giving them information. So they’ll have two different [pantheons of] gods visiting them. One will be a non-terrestrial and one will be an Inner-Earth group that will come and visit them from time to time.
  • DW - So let’s just talk about one example that I can think of, and that’s Greek mythology. Now some of the stories about people on Earth mating with these gods, their children do incredible stuff. I mean, like Hercules, this guy is able to lift incredible amounts of weight. He has incredible running speed. He has superhuman powers. So when we start to hear about these superhuman capabilities, do these inner-Earth people have those kind of powers? Do they have superpowers?
  • CG - Yeah, they have ascended abilities. It’s not something that they demonstrate like parlor tricks for you when you visit [them]. That’s kind of taboo but they do have abilities that would be godlike if we were to observe them.
  • DW - Did you see anything yourself that would be evidence of that?
  • CG - Well, the mindmeld with Kaaree was evidence enough for me. 
Courtesy of The inner-Earth Anshar group Priestess Kaaree.
  • CG - Their technology alone seemed like magic. 
Courtesy of The inner-Earth cleansing chamber CG went through during his first visit in September of 2015.
  • CG - You’re walking around [and you realize that] there are no lights, but you have full spectrum, three hundred sixty degree (360°) lighting everywhere you go. They have the huge gardens and caverns…
Courtesy of The inner-Earth nature preserve.
Courtesy of The inner-Earth artificial Sun above obelisk in nature preserve.
Courtesy of The inner-Earth agricultural area.
  • DW - Well, you also saw that library where the chairs were levitating.
Courtesy of Levitating chairs in the inner-Earth library.
  • CG - Right, right. And I mean, just your average person in the world right now, if they were to be pulled down there to the inner-Earth and saw someone sitting in a floating chair, they’re probably going to think, “Oh, this is an angel!” Or whatever their religious background is, they’re going to pull from that.
  • DW - That’s a very fascinating answer. So we’ve had a lot of fun with this. I hope you’ve enjoyed it too. We’ll be back next time here on Cosmic Disclosure. I’m your host, David Wilcock. We’re here with Corey Goode, and thank you for watching.
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