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Corey Goode - May 14th 2016: Latest Intel and Update - Corey Abducted and Interrogated, Ratification of Anshar-ET Treaty Requested, Cabal Try to Leave Earth but Forced Back

Corey Goode released a short yet informational packed update today. 

There are several major developments listed, and he intends on producing a more detailed report soon. 

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Probably the most shocking item in this update is that Goode says he was recently abducted and interrogated using chemical means, presumably by Cabal groups. They also used blank-slatting technology in an attempt to wipe some of his memories. In the process, he inadvertently outed three high-ranking figures in the SSP Alliance, one of them being Gonzales. 

Additionally, Goode revealed that the Anshar are concerned about all the people that are trying to reach out to them but are not actually making contact. Instead, they are connecting with "other beings," which seem to be masquerading as the Anshar. 

In connection with that point, a new channeler claims to be in contact with the Anshar, and started a blog for posting updates in early May. Quite possibly this individual is not actually making contact with the Anshar at all. 

Here is that website:

And one last comment I'll make is that if the Cabal tried to flee then they must not have much confidence in the partial or limited disclosure agenda, which Goode revealed recently they agree to move forward with. 

Goode has stated in the past that too much full disclosure related information is already out and that pushing for partial disclosure seems like a failed enterprise.  

If the Cabal is really running scared, getting beaten back by unknown allies, then this is good news. But, a caged animal can fight very hard, and most likely more insidious Cabal activity will continue, albeit in a more desperate and less effective form. 

And here are some highlights from Goode's update:
  • Goode met with Raw-Teir-Eir and Kaaree of the Anshar today. 
  • Huge sphere shaped craft in geosynchronous orbit over Antarctica, according to reports. 
  • High-level syndicate groups have been seen moving massive amounts of personal items and supplies to South America, which were then later transported to Antarctica. 
  • Goode was abducted and interrogated using chemical methods. He inadvertently revealed three SSP Alliance assets in the process, one of whom was Lt. Col. Gonzales. As a result, Goode lost touch with Gonzales for a period. 
  • Kaaree and Gonzales attempted to visit an Ancient Builder Race facility on Venus and were denied. 
  • Six large Tear dropped shaped cruisers were seen attempting to leave the Earth via Antarctica. They were confronted by dozens of other unknown craft, which caused heavy damage to the attempting escapees. 
  • Conflicts in the atmosphere and undersea continue to escalate between various groups. Several craft have been shot down. 
  • Ratification request on the part of the Anshar between the Anshar and all other major players to imminent. 
  • Anshar concerned that individuals on the surface are reaching out to make contact, but are not making a connection with them. Instead, they are connecting with other groups. 
Goode intends on posting updates to his report; check the below source link for those updates. 

I will add any more pertinent information to this post as it is released. 

- Justin

Source - Sphere Being Aliance

by Corey Goode

This year has been an extremely eventful one in regards to the meetings and changing dynamics between the various parties of the SSP Alliance, Anshar, SBA and myself. A larger update is under development right now, though I am being pushed to put out a very basic summary in the meantime. I am going to barely touch on these topics and then go much deeper into them in the coming days. I had a meeting yesterday morning and again this morning with both the Anshar and Raw-Tear-Eir. I will include a little of the most recent information below, but the majority will be released shortly.

Corey Goode

(Check back here for updates)

Update bullet points
  • Reports came in for approximately 6 weeks detailing “huge spherical craft” in geostationary orbit above the continent of Antarctica. These reports came from 5 different sources and described the spheres as being huge, metallic, shiny with one row of portholes going around the sphere. One speculated that these craft were of Russian origin.
  • Reports came in for approximately 6 months that high level syndicate groups were moving huge amounts of personal items and supplies to South American underground bases most noted in Brazil. More recent reports stated actual family members and high ranking syndicate members were pouring into these underground bases like ants before a storm. Gonzales later confirmed that these people and supplies were in many cases being transported to Antarctica via “Black Submarines” that were “EM Driven” and the “size of container ships”. The water filled subterranean rift systems are so incredibly enormous that they have no trouble on their journey. Furthermore, the reports stated that the rift caverns had been modified into massive arched tunnels in ancient times.
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  • Military abductions conducted by operatives of one or more unacknowledged programs occur. Chemical interrogation tactics are implemented. Body fluid and hair samples were taken, words and phrases were read off of a tablet to attempt to ascertain if I was a current asset of a known UNSAP [Unacknowledged Special Access Programs]. A tablet with a camera was held in front of my face and academy type military photos were shown to me. The camera monitored my eyes and marked a photograph when it was detected that I recognized the person. This incident caused the outing of 3 high ranking SSP Alliance individuals and caused a further rift between myself, Gonzales and the SSP Alliance. Because of the chemical interrogation and the attempted blank slating of my memories of the incidents, I didn’t remember the full details until I was informed later of the security breach.


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