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Signs of Change in the Vatican | War Waged Against Pope in the heart of the Vatican (Whistleblower) Evidence of a See Change in the Ruling Elite

RT News recently conducted an interview with a whistleblower named Gianluigi Nuzzi. He claims that there is a major cover-up taking place within the Holy See and that reforms and infighting between groups have been taking place since at least 2013. He also claims that the corrupt figures within the church have been fighting against reformists, of which, Pope Francis is a major player. 

According to an insider I am in contact with, who recently formed an alliance with light forces within the Vatican, a certain faction within the Holy See, close to Pope Francis, is actively trying to reform the Church and all of the connections to it. 

For those who do not know, the Vatican is the central hub of legal power on Earth, under Roman Curia law. The policies it has issued throughout the past 1000 years have touched the life of every man, woman and living thing on the planet. The conquest of the Americas, as an example, were made possible by the Doctrine of Discovery, a series of Papal Bulls which provided a mandate of imperialism to certain vassals, such as England, Spain, and Portugal. These Papal Bulls are still cited by courts in the Americas when dealing with Native American tribes who sue the US for violation of human rights. 

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According to this same insider, Pope Francis has been trying to reform the Vatican and doing his best to push transparency, end the slavery systems on Earth and restore the rule of law. But infiltration and reform is tricky business. From an outsiders perspective, which is everyone who is reading this, for the most part, it looks like Pope Francis and the Vatican are as corrupt as ever. And to be perfectly honest, I don't believe blindly what my insider is saying. 

But if I contemplate the logistics of infiltrating a Cabal group, it would stand to reason that slowly garnering trust of its members while making small yet progressive changes would be a wise course. At the same time, one would need to maintain the appearance of being corrupt. In other words, certain figures within the Vatican, including Pope Francis, could be sheep in wolves clothing.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've heard such claims before. And quite frankly, I'll be the first to say, without evidence, these statements don't mean much. And as I've said, we heard "the Pope is a reformer" story years ago, and not a lot has changed in the world since then. But cynicism won't change the truth, and if there is any merit to this claim, I want to keep an open mind so as to be able to recognize it for what it is. 

Perhaps the following testimony by Nuzzi is the evidence we've been waiting for to confirm these rumors. 

Again, I can't personally confirm with specificity what changes have actually been brought about, but when reviewing how the Pope has conducted himself in relation to corruption in the Vatican, as presented by Nuzzi, there appears to be changes taking place.

I also know from a lawful perspective that the Vatican system, which has taken over the world, was never meant to last forever. The legal system it uses was intentionally embedded with certain logical fallacies and errors that the people could eventually realize and use to end the rule of despotic elites. But without the people waking up, the system of corruption won't change itself. 

And that's what seems to be happening. The people seem to be waking up. In particular, my insider's organization has created a system of law so complete that the current Vatican system, based on fallacy, is rendered obsolete. 

They have been working on this system for over three decades and are only now beginning to finalize all of the various processes to bring about the restoration of law. I have been asked to make nothing public at this time, but what I can share is that the following testimony from Nuzzi draws attention to seemingly real changes taking place behind the scenes. 

As one last point of evidence for changes occurring at the heights of Earthly power, consider the testimony of Corey Goode, who claims to be a secret space program insider. In a recent episode of his online web series, Cosmic Disclosure, he revealed that the Earth Alliance is made up of many different groups who, over the course of the past two years (and well before this), have been infighting and battling with each other for control of the planet. 

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Goode's statements, in addition to Nuzzi's and the ongoing financial upheaval taking place leads one to conclude that there are, in fact, major developments happening behind the scenes. 

But as encouraging as all this is, we the people should not stop in our efforts to gain freedom and prosperity in our own lives. The world needs self-mastered, critically thinking and self-judging people who know right from wrong at a personal level.

The forces of light, who are seeking to reform the planet need the people to participate. The primary reason for the current situation on Earth is that we the people have lost touch with our powers of custodianship. The people are the ones responsible for ensuring the golden rule of law, to do no harm and cause no damage, is upheld. And for centuries, the people have let psychopathic elites destroy the human family and the planet as a result. 

In accord with these seemingly positive developments each of us can do our best to become masters of our own sphere of influence. Becoming wise in our actions, and kind in our dealings with others, while at the same time, standing for truth when faced with tyranny. 

- Justin

SourceA Tree of Light

In my last post I promised to give evidence regarding why I think there is a "sea change" occurring in the ruling elite, and why I think many sweeping and uplifting changes are set to occur. Indeed, I think that things are about to become better, not worse - my current prediction is that we are indeed heading towards a future in which slavery will be completely and irrevocably abolished, and war will be no more. This is what I mean by "sea change".

Take that with a HUGE grain of salt, but that is my current prediction.

So, while I'm working on that article I promised, I thought I'd share this following news article from RT that appeared in my email earlier today entitled War Waged Against the Pope in the Heart of the Vatican.

All I can say is that I know for a fact that there is indeed a heated battle taking place amongst the "ruling elite" right now, and that although there is a massive problem with rogue elements amongst the elite, many of them want to see the abolishment of slavery and are working to make things better. And believe it or not, I am certain this includes Pope Francis.

Now, I am not the Pope's biographer, but I have been studying the architecture of mass human enslavement for a long time. Among other things, I know for a fact that  many within the ruling elite have been brutally tortured from a young age, and that the price of admission to the highest echelons of "power" in the old status quo has usually been some type of regular attendance to occult rituals, of some variety or another, often involving perverse sexual acts and sometimes sacrifices. (Many of these rituals are completely bogus, as they are essentially predicated upon "tricking" the Divine, which is impossible to do, but that's a big topic for another time). So we need to keep in mind here that when we speak of "ruling elites", we are in many cases dealing with a certain demographic of people with their own unique experiences. Many of them have participated in gruesome acts and rituals - yet many of them live under constant threat and deceit and under the fear of absolute horrific torture. Lawfully speaking, one cannot be considered culpable for an action one was forced or tricked into committing.

Contemplate: what would it be like coming out of an Illuminati family! Think for a moment what life must be like for many of these people. Think of the extraordinary bravery of all the whistleblowers who have in many cases been privy to these rituals and have risked absolute torture to let the world know whatever bits and pieces of the truth they could share! So whether you feel this or that way about the Pope, about this or that "world leader", simply consider the possibility that many of them are waking up from decades of terror and abuse, just like you. Is it not sensible to posit that many within their ranks would like to see the torturing, the wars, the "endless debt" economy, etc. stop, just like you would like to see these things end too?

In the case of Pope Francis, I simply do not know his background. But as someone who has read tens of thousands of pages worth of law, and who has a rather detailed comprehension of the foundational conceptual architecture of the modern day slavery system, and who is applying this research in the field with extraordinary and talented men and women who are quite competent and interacting with the system in an honorable and self-determined capacity, I can tell you this much: Pope Francis's actions tell me that he is genuinely here to help. That doesn't necessarily mean that the world will transition into conditions of widespread peace and prosperity overnight, but yes it is true that there are good men and women in the ruling elite who at currently battling on behalf of a fairer world for All.

A few years ago, Pope Francis made a comment to the effect that both evolution and the big bang were plausible ideas, and the church is not against the path of scientific inquiry. In America, many supposedly within the church - people who claim to be adherents of Roman Catholicism - accused him of heresy, which is a remarkable demonstration of just how out of control the elite in America are, because to accuse a Pope of heresy is to voluntarily excommunicate oneself!! This proves that, far from many elite (especially within the banking system and in America) being cooperative, they are actually quite divisive and disruptive and unruly. So we need to make a sober and rational assessment of things based on whatever data we have, and the fact is that it is true that the current Pope has made tangible steps towards restoring the law under the Golden Rule. It is also true that there are a handful of rogue trillionaires backed by rogue corporate mercenary forces who would simply prefer to destroy the Earth before taking responsibility for their actions. (Chemtrailing is literally nothing more than a program designed to rob us of our future by slow-killing the ecosystem... that's all, nothing else! The psychopath nihilists who run that program are of the mindset that they'd rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven, and if they aren't allowed to reign in Heaven too then they'd rather see it destroyed.)

I have more data to provide on all these matters, but will need to take some more time putting together the full article I promise to write. Part of the reason why it takes so much time to make good on promised articles and projects is because things are changing and unfolding at a rapid pace. I don't just write about these things but am actively involved in the process of restoring the law, and I do the best I can each day. As always, I am appreciative of everyone's patience.

Again, no one reading A Tree of Light is being asked to believe anything... And, in any event, if you or I hang our hats on what the Pope does or doesn't do, then we haven't learned from the last thousand years of history. We ought to stand up ourselves and no longer consider it acceptable for others to be intelligent and competent "on our behalf" if indeed we are here to be of genuine help - we need more men and women who are dedicated to helping their communities on the ground level, because without that level of participation, then any "breakthrough" at the "upper level" is pretty much null and void.

Personally, I have many reasons to feel certain that things are about to change dramatically and for the better, because I am witness to the fact that participation at the "elite" and "ground" levels are both on the increase. Let's only hope this trend continues.

Thank You to all who are here to help. May you be blessed and supported in every one of your endeavors. I look forward to sharing more with you all soon.



War waged against Pope in the heart of the Vatican - whistleblower

Europe’s smallest country - the Vatican, led by the pontiff - is one of the most powerful states on the planet, a moral compass for more than a billion people. However, over the past decades, the Catholic Church has suffered a number of scandals and its congregations are crying out for change. Pope Francis came with the promise of change. But while addressing issues plaguing mankind, what kind of battle is he forced to wage in the Holy See? Are the highest clergy against him, or have they joined his cause? For centuries, the Vatican has been shrouded in mystery, its internal deals secreted behind closed doors. However, one person managed to get through and came back to tell his story. Investigative journalist, author of ‘Merchants in the Temple’, Gianluigi Nuzzi, is on Sophie&Co today.

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Sophie Shevarnadze: Gianluigi, you’ve mentioned that there’s an ongoing conflict in the Vatican between the old and the new clergy. You even called it a struggle between good and evil. What is this struggle about?

Gianluigi Nuzzi: Ever since Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Pope Francis, was elected we have been witnessing a so-called soft revolution. The pope is trying to make the Vatican more transparent. There are many problems with its financial management. The Vatican’s accounting records have always been shady. There are still cases of money laundering through the Vatican Bank. There’s the Vatican real estate that is being rented out for free. So there are many problems that the Pope is trying to solve.

SS: We will talk about this in detail, but first I wanted to ask you this – you think that this battle against corruption in the Vatican is Pope Francis’ cross to bear. Do you believe that at this point he doesn’t really have much control over the Vatican agencies?

GN: The thing is that, in the last few centuries, popes have mostly been involved in pastoral activities - not governing the state. Bergoglio is the first pope who wants to monitor the accounts and books, everyday income and expenditure of the Vatican and the Roman Curia. This is a revolutionary change – in 2013, a special commission on the Vatican’s economic structure - COSEA - began to investigate this. It’s inspecting the Vatican’s finances and running into a lot of problems.

SS: Can we say that the pope controls the Vatican’s agencies at this point?
GN: He is trying and he definitely has more control over the state than Pope Benedict XVI did, because Pope Francis has already made historic changes to the administration. He set universal accounting and bookkeeping criteria for all Vatican institutions. He fired those who had been stealing money, poorly managing the Vatican’s finances, paying 3 or 4 times more for simple repairs and purchases. He is the first pope to attempt this – monitoring all Vatican activities.

SS: Sounds like a good start, a very good start in fact. But you said that the Roman Curia sees Pope Francis as an outsider. Does it mean that there will be attempts to undermine his reforms, sabotage his orders? Will he face many obstacles?

GN: During his first year, in 2013-2014, many tried to get in the way of his reforms, refused to submit the information that his investigative commission, COSEA, requested. The Pope is trying to reform the Vatican system. There have been many attempts to stop this revolution, and I think the war between those who want to help the pope in his fight for transparency and against corruption and those who reject the changes, is not yet over. That’s what the conflict is all about. However, I don’t think the pope can lose, because it is not just the pope’s fight, the whole Catholic Church, believers all over the world are also part of this battle.

SS: Does the pope have enough power right now to achieve his goals?

GN: No, he doesn’t have enough power. The pope is trying to change the mindset and habits of people in the Vatican. He can’t do anything alone, he needs people. It is important to have the support of the people – Catholics all over the world. I think people outside the Vatican help the pope a lot more than those who live in the city-state. It is not easy to make people in Vatican adopt a different way of thinking. Their mindset is centuries old, and it is impossible to change it in two years. Benedict XVI tried to make changes, fighting against paedophilia, for banking transparency but he failed. His resignation was the first step towards real changes that the new pope is now working on.

SS: Let’s talk about financial transparency. As you said, a special commission - COSEA - was instituted in 2013, its goal is to achieve transparency in economic, financial and management aspects of the Holy See. Why is it failing?

GN: The commission ran into many difficulties. They had a hard time getting access to financial records, because Roman Curia embezzlers did not want to submit that information. Another problem is that cardinals don’t want to share power with the new agencies instituted by Francis. I am talking about the Secretariat for the Economy for example, established by the pope and headed by Cardinal George Pell. The Secretariat should have full authority over all areas of the Vatican’s economy. But at this point it doesn’t have full control, because old cardinals don’t want to hand over the reins of power.

SS: Recently there was a scandal because the head of that anti-corruption commission was detained along with one of his employees for disclosing classified information. Do you think these people deserve to go to prison or on the contrary should be treated as heroes?

GN: I am surprised that a country that doesn’t arrest anyone, even paedophiles and money launderers, arrests a person on the charges of leaking information to journalists. I am not at liberty to name my sources, they are protected by my professional code, but it is truly amazing that the head of the commission investigating the Vatican’s financial transactions is behind bars, accused of a crime that should not even be viewed as a crime - especially since transparency is now extremely important for any organisation and especially a whole state – the state representing the Christian Church.

SS: On the other hand, one of Pope Francis’s first orders instituted serious consequences for those who disclose confidential information. And why is everybody surprised now when these measures are being implemented?

GN: Because nobody is ever arrested in the Vatican.

SS: As the saying goes – there is a first time for everything…

GN: It’s true, but in my book you will find references to documents proving corruption, money laundering, certain privileges for influential groups, 700 square metre mansions. There are no matters of national security in those documents, no state secrets. It is very strange when a person is arrested in a democratic country for disclosing information about corruption, information that everybody wants to have. As you said, in 2013, Pope Francis initiated legislation that requires a prison sentence for those who leak classified information pertaining to the Vatican’s key interests. I don’t think the facts that I shared with readers in my book could be qualified as that. The book is about corruption, unlawful privileges, and poor financial management. The Vatican lives on donations, money that comes from charitable giving.

That’s why this turn of events is very surprising. This country doesn’t arrest people for corruption, paedophilia, money laundering. Just one priest has been accused of paedophilia recently, and they didn’t even send him to prison – he is under house arrest. There was also that Vatileaks incident, when the pope’s butler was arrested for giving me copies of documents. And now we have a third incident of this sort.

SS: You yourself are about to face court proceedings that have already been labeled a “modern inquisition”. Did you anticipate this reaction when you were writing the book and getting ready to publish it?

GN: Of course not. I didn’t think that a journalist doing his job would be prosecuted for it.

SS: Do you think a guilty verdict is possible?

GN: We'll see, they accuse me of publishing information, but it is my job. I am a journalist; I search for new information, something that the public doesn’t know about yet. It’s the first thing that a journalist does.

SS: As far as I know, there is no prison in the Vatican. If they find you guilty, where will they put you? Will they have to build a prison especially for you?

GN: No, I will run to Moscow and ask for asylum.

SS: I am sure we will help you. We already have a good track record on this. But still, if there is no prison in the Vatican, where do detainees go?

GN: I can explain that. But let’s go back to our serious conversation. If I am found guilty, the Vatican will send Italy a request for extradition.

SS: And where would they extradite you, to the Vatican?

GN: Yes.

SS: And then?

GN: And then everything will depend on whether or not Italy agrees to extradite me after studying the case and making sure that the charge does not contradict Italian laws. Italy protects freedom of press so I don’t think the state will approve my extradition.

SS: Gianluigi, the Vatican says that you obtained the information illegally and there are not just documents but also conversation transcripts among the leaked materials. Does it mean that somebody had wiretapped Pope Francis in order to get information?

GN: No. I have a transcript of the pope’s conversation during his meeting with cardinals dealing with finance. One person recorded this communication. I thought it was really interesting because at that meeting the pope criticized the Vatican’s financial management. Speaking of financial reports, he noted a lack of control over expenditure and asked all cardinals to work with the investigative commission.

There was one person at that meeting who recorded the conversation and let me listen to the recording. It’s amazing. For the first time we found out that the pope talks about the same things in his conversations with cardinals and in public addresses – he strives for transparency and fights against corruption.

SS: That is exactly the impression I got when I read the transcripts of the pope’s conversations with the commission on economic reform. But you say that Pope Francis hasn’t been successful in his fight against corruption. Why do you think this anti-corruption campaign is failing?

GN: I think success is a matter of time. Right now the pope is actively promoting this revolutionary change, but it can’t yield results in a short period of time. He needs time. He also faces opposition in the Roman Curia. There are people who don’t want to lose control and don’t share his view of the Church. There is a battle raging at the Papal Palace, this battle is unseen to us because we only get limited information. We know about a small part of what is actually going on.

SS: Your colleague Emiliano Fittipaldi explains that he published his book in order to inform the pope about illegal activities happening right under his nose. Could it be that the head of the Catholic Church will learn something new from the book or did you shed light on old problems that had already been solved or are in the process of being solved?

GN: The pope knows about most of the problems that I describe in my book, but my point was to show these things to the people, not political or religious leaders. There are facts known to leaders of governments, states, religious organisations, but not regular people. 80% of scandals described in my book were new information to the public. I think that a journalist writes for the public, for people who want to know.

In this case the pope has already started to work on these issues. He is changing the Church and that’s why there is a war in the Vatican right now.

SS: You also write about cases when some Vatican priests plotted against Pope Francis and even threatened him – what did it look like? What kind of threats?

GN: There have been cases of thieves breaking in and stealing documents - they later blackmailed the pope by sending those documents back to him. These documents described the Holy See’s connection with the Italian, American mafia. It was obviously blackmail. Sending documents back in order to remind the Vatican of its past.

There have been attacks on cardinals. Lies have been spread - for example, a couple of months ago newspapers all over the world were writing about the pope allegedly having some brain disease. This was done to make people think that Francis is sick and cannot think straight. But it is not true – the pope is not sick! There is this constant undeclared war that does not look very aggressive on the outside, but there is a lot happening behind the scenes to discredit the pope.

SS: I would like to talk about some of your revelations. You say that if someone wants to be canonized they just need to pay for it. Is it true? And if so, what amount of money are we talking about?

GN: I call it the “Saints Factory”. There are people who deal with canonization in the Church. The investigative commission requested financial records relating to these activities but never got them. They later discovered that there was a practice of canonizing people for as much as 750 thousand euros.

SS: And who benefits from that money?

GN: It is something I would like to know myself but I don’t. All I know is that this money did not go to help the poor. We do know that 400 accounts connected with this activity were frozen at the Vatican Bank.

SS: You also said that most of the Peter’s Pence offerings are misused by the Vatican. You even called it a black hole. What exactly do you know about the use of those funds?

GN: Turns out that out of every 10 Euros, six goes towards getting the Roman Curia’s financial records in order, 2 euros ends up in a bank account that already has 400 million Euros and only the remaining 2 Euros were at the pope’s disposal and were used to help the poor. This situation is very curious, because this money is collected all over the world with the sole purpose of helping the poor. And we discovered that this was not the case, as 80% of the funds went elsewhere. According to the Vatican’s laws, this money can be used to improve the state’s financial standing but nobody knew what actually happened. And in order to find out how the money was actually spent the Pope had to get involved personally. Thanks to Bergoglio, the situation has changed a little: now a half of every 10 Euros goes directly to the poor. I think that’s already something.

SS: In your book you also talk about an incident that was reported by the media all over the world. Some powerful monsignor illegally obtained his neighbour’s apartment- literally breaking down a wall - while the neighbor was away receiving medical treatment. Do some high-ranking priests feel complete impunity acting like that?

GN: Yes, I think it’s true. It’s the way things were before Bergoglio. It is unbelievable. Thanks to Pope Francis the situation has been resolved and that person who tried to seize his neighbour’s property illegally has already been stripped of power. Bergoglio changed things. Incidents like that used to happen all the time. That’s the way it was before Pope Francis.

SS: All these high-ranking priests – cardinals, bishops – used their connections to get luxurious apartments that cost them next to nothing. It’s what you wrote. Why are they able to get away with that? This luxurious lifestyle doesn’t really go with the pope’s ascetic habits. As we know he refuses to have a personal car, cooks his own meals, etc.

GN: It’s a mindset problem. The Pope is the only one who lives in a 30 square metre apartment, whereas his cardinals have 300, 400, 500, 600 square metres at their disposal. They don’t pay anything. Renting such apartments will not solve the problem. But it is a symbolic situation. When the financial reform commission presented the real figures it turned out that this real estate brings only 25% of the profit it could actually bring. The rent paid for some of Vatican’s properties in central Rome is only 25 Euros a year, 2 Euros a month. It’s crazy! Some apartments are rented to regular people, not the clergy, and people basically live there for free.

SS: Now, Pope Francis changed the leadership of the Vatican Bank and invited independent auditors to reorganise the institution and create a new financial department and the Secretariat for the Economy. Do you think these measures are enough to reform the Vatican?

GN: I think these are the first steps. And I also think that there is strong opposition and attempts to block the reforms.

SS: It is believed that Pope Benedict stepped down because of the 2012 scandals. Do you think your book’s revelations could discredit the present pope’s efforts?

GN: I think that Benedict’s decision was revolutionary and nobody expected it. It benefited the church. He basically lost all control. So it was the right decision to step back and let someone capable of continuing the reforms take over, as he himself could not do it.

The church collects less and less, the number of believers is also going down. Also rich Catholic countries that used to give the most (the US, European countries) are going through a tough economic crisis right now. It means that the economic map is changing. Europe used to be the leader, now it is being replaced by the East, Brazil, India… We’ll see.

In this situation it was necessary to find someone who could change things inside the church and restore its reputation. Francis began this process.

SS: But in the beginning of the interview you said that two years is not enough to change such a conservative organization like the Vatican. How long will it take to see results?

GN: We are already seeing some results. The pope stripped influential structures of a lot of their power. Now he is working on changing legislation. The Bank’s transactions are becoming a lot more transparent. It’s the same bank that was involved in laundering money from the mafia - from the United States - it used its funds to help fight Communism in Warsaw Pact countries – Poland and Eastern Europe in general.

Bergoglio changed the situation with the bank, replaced its leadership, put priests like himself who came from Church periphery into power. He changes people, laws, promotes a new mindset. I have no idea how many years it will take but I can tell for sure that his program is revolutionary.


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