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David Wilcock's: Wisdom Teachings - Russian Pyramid Research Part 3

For part one and two in the Russian Pyramid Research series see the below-linked articles respectively. 

This episode of Wisdom Teachings delved further into the scientific research on the 30-plus pyramid structures scattered across the Russian countryside, and the unprecedented data which these studies yielded. David Wilcock continues his discussion on the discoveries made in the areas of material science, crystallology, geopathology, and discusses some of the amazing effects which this pyramid energy has on water and on human health.

The mechanics of pyramid energy may seem complex. However, they can be easily explained in a few terms. (Though for a more thorough explanation, I would recommend reading the previous article.) Basically, the universe is made of fluid energy. This energy is that of gravity, order, and can even be described as consciousness. This energy is flowing into all matter in order for this matter to exist. During Russian research, it was found that the shape of an object determined the way in which this fluid energy of gravity flowed into it. The shape of a cone or pyramid causes more energy to flow into the end of the object which is more massive (the base) than the less massive end (the point). This uneven flow causes this energy to flow upward from base to point. In this way, pyramids concentrate the natural flow of fluid gravity flowing upward from the Earth.

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Pyramid Research - The Details

As we have been discussing, this pyramid energy has some unprecedented effects on many different substances when placed inside for a period of time. The site, offers the flowing details of the Russian, scientific research on these effects.
4. Prof. V. I. Kostikov and Dr. A. C. Katasonov from the R&D Institute "Graphite," Russian Ac. Sci., studied the effect of a field of a pyramid on the resistance of carbon materials. The subject of their study was pyrolytic carbon receivable by precipitation of products of a pyrolysis of methane on a graphitic substrate with temperature 2100 C. The measuring was conducted by the four-sounded method on direct current at normal conditions. The size of laminas was 25 mm x10 mm x 1mm, spacing interval between potential contacts was 3 mm. The ganging current was by density 1500 mA /cm2.

Before putting in the pyramid the resistance came out to 5 to 7 microOhm*m. After a stay in the pyramid of a day, the resistance increased 2 times. These variations are abnormal for pyrocarbon. Even the neutron irradiation with the fluence ~1019 neutrons/m2 did not give a variation of more than 5 %. Besides they detected the decrease of the resistance of silicon of semiconducting purity from 105 to 104 Ohms*cm and loss of the high-temperature superconductivity by samples after the mentioned exposure in the pyramid.

5. A group of researchers from the All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute, Moscow, examined the rate of action of a field of a pyramid on an electrical field in a lengthy aerial gap between a rod and plain when the gap was affected by an electric pulse of positive polarity with duration 250 and 2500 microsec. As a kernel system the aerial gap ROD-PLAIN with interelectrode spacing interval 5 m was utilized. The system under test was the same; however it included seven chunks of granite put on the plain. The weight of each chunk was 100 g and they formed a circle with diameter 1 m on the plain; the center of the circle distanced 0.5 m from the center of the plain.

Before the experiment, the chunks were placed in the pyramid. 100 voltage pulses influenced the control system and the test one. The discharge voltage ranged up to 1400 kV. The pathways of discharges and the dots of defeat of the plain were logged. The results of trials, dots of defeat were plotted. It was authentically recorded that the amount of defeats in the kernel system exceeded five times their amount in the test system. The deduction: An outline of rocks that have stayed in the pyramid had powerful defensive properties from a defeat by electric discharge for the part of the plain, restricted this outline.

6. Researchers from the Scientifically Manufacturing Union "Gidrometpribor" (Russia), the director A. A. Golod, conducted a series of experiments associated with the pyramids.

a) Inside the pyramid were placed some plastic vessels with distilled water and the state of water was observed within three winter months. The water did not congeal, and saved all condition of fluids during all this time. The minimum temperature of air inside the pyramid was -38 C. The ganging of temperature of water inside a vessel showed that it corresponded to the temperature inside the pyramid (i.e. water did not congeal even when its temperature reached -38 C). Customary mineral water in plastic bottles behaved similarly also. When the vessel with water was shaken up or hit on it, crystallization inside the vessel started and the water quickly turned to ice.

b) Ring-type outlines from chunks of granite and crystal, which were under an exposure in the pyramid, have been circulated around Moscow and the Moscow region since the end of 1997. By the beginning of 1999, it has made about 40 such rings. Each ring contains from 50 up to 300 rocks with total weight from 20 to 200 kg. It is anticipated that the odds of an appearance of any epidemics will drop with each year that is well visible already in an example of the influenza in the last two winters. The younger the age, the more intense is the effect.

c) With the help of radiolocation setups working in the meter range and distanced on 30, 32 and 60 km from the pyramid, the Joint-stock company "R & D Institute TTR" (see below) conducted detections of space in the neighborhood of a vertical fulcrum of the pyramid. During the study the availability presumptively of a ionic formation by altitude up to 2000 m and width 500 m was revealed. This presumptively ionic pile permanently changed the altitude from 800 m up to 2000 m. With a sufficient confidence figure the circle of a diameter more than 300 km with heightened degree of ionization of air and with the center in a zone of the pyramid was detected. The facts of the break off of pieces of an ionized pile over the pyramid and its migration with an upward flow of the air also were noted. The pieces saved the configuration on large spacing intervals from the pyramid.

This is quite a bit of information, but lets try to break it down in a comprehensive way.

Graphite, Silicon, and Radiation

In this first study, we have the resistance of graphite to electrical current being tested. The control of this experiment was measured to have 5 to 7 microOhm's of resistance. After a day of sitting inside the pyramid, the resistance of this graphite doubled. This is 'impossible' according to the Western, scientific model. (Then again, here in the West, the scientific establishment seems to blindly reject any information having anything to do with pyramids, despite the fact that blind rejection is completely counterproductive to scientific research. Russian science demonstrated the true open-mindedness the scientific world needs, and these are the results of their disciplined work.)

Youtube - Egyptian Pyramid Anomalies

One particular tests resulted in high temperature superconductors loosing their superconductivity when placed inside the pyramid for a time. According to Wilcock, this is likely because pyramid energy affects matter in such a way that causes atoms to rearrange (such as in the case of a magnet brushing across a non-magnetic, steel nail). This rearrangement results in greater molecular integrity, which would mean stronger materials, as well as some materials being more resistant to electrical current, while others (such as silicon) become more conductive.

Another test the scientists performed was to expose silicon to the pyramid energy. Silicon is a natural, semiconductive material. Their particular sample resisted electrical current at 105 Ohms*cm, but after exposure to pyramids, the conductivity notably increase to 104 Ohms*cm.

After observing the apparent strengthening of the graphite, the scientists wanted to see if they could undo this strengthening effect. To accomplish this, they bombarded the graphite with a lethal dose of neutron radiation and observed the results. They were amazed to see that the pyramid effect caused the graphite to resist the neutron radiation and to maintain its integrity. This resistance to radiation suggests the ability of pyramid energy to strengthen materials against radioactive decay. According to Wilcock, this resistance to radiation may also apply to living organisms, though it may be difficult to test such possibilities in an ethical way.

Pyramids and Lightning

One interesting result of these tests on pyramid energy was that it seemed to prevent air from ionizing under conditions in which it normally would. To put it simply, the Russian scientists scatter small granite pebbles (a rock which was found to absorb and emit pyramid energy) over a metal plate. They then subjected this plate to high energy, electrical charge, which under normal conditions, would have caused the electricity to arc. However, with these granite pebbles distributed over the plate, electricity was 5 times less likely to arc than it was without these granite pebbles. These results suggest that pyramid energy actually has the ability to decrease the likelihood of lightning strikes.

Somehow, pyramid energy produces a more even distribution of electrical charge over an otherwise, conductive surface. During a lightning storm, lightning typically strikes where their exists a high-point of electric potential, such as a tree or a radio tower. However, with a pyramid present, it may be that this even distribution of charge prevents the high point from affecting the situation, and lightning would be much less likely to strike.

Pyramids and Water

One of the most interesting results of these experiments, in my opinion, was the effects which pyramid energy seemed to have on water. This was that this energy allowed the water to be super-cooled so that even when exposed to extreme freezing temperatures, it remained in liquid state. The water would only freeze after being subjected to significant impact.

As David Wilcock describes, these scientists conducted this experiment during a frigid, Siberian winter with temperatures reaching -38 degrees Celsius. They placed the control group of water bottles outside the pyramid, and of course, the experimental group was placed inside. After repeated tests, it was found that the bottle placed inside the pyramid did not freeze. This water remained in liquid state until it was impacted, while the water outside the pyramid froze as normal. Watch the video below for a demonstration on this phenomenon.

Video - Pyramid Power Effects Water

David Wilcock made the point that skeptics would try to say that 'this is just what water does'. It is true that under certain conditions, water of a certain level of purity may remain unfrozen at sub-zero temperatures. However, it should be remembered that these are professional scientists conducting these experiments. They are working for themselves at this point, according to their own personal choice, and have no reason to 'throw' any experiment (unlikecertain scientific establishments in the West). These scientists know how to conduct accurate experiments, and would not likely miss the obvious detail of a control group.

The water bottles in the control group did freeze, as expected, while those inside the pyramid staid in liquid state, even at -38 degrees C. This equates to the likelihood that pyramid energy was the cause of this unusual behavior of bottled water. As Wilcock describes, it is likely that the torsion fields within the pyramid prevented the water molecules from transforming from a 5-sided formation to a 6-sided formation, which is normally what happens when water changes to ice.

The subject of pyramid water is a particular interest of mine. Ever since I built two pyramids and began to test the phenomenon on my own, I am an avid believer that there is something to this technology. Both my friends and family members believe the same after drinking what should be nothing more than ordinary water. However this water seems to get rid of pain, as well as kill germs of various kinds. Since my last update from last week, I have also noticed my ability to sense energy a lot more easily, an ability to meditate and concentrate with greater ease, and various other improvements of health (though not all of these can necessarily be measured).



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