Saturday, March 5, 2016

Corey Goode Update | Intel, Cabal and Our Co-Creative Group Consciousness

Corey Goode recently posted an update in response to some of the rumors circulating that nothing is happening right now.

As Goode clarifies below, efforts are being made at many levels, but our focus at this time would be better placed on our own personal process, what we are creating with our choices affecting our consciousness.

We've been indoctrinated for most of our lives to feel disempowered and incapable of effecting any change. We've been taught to think what we do doesn't matter, but this is a lie. 

The truth is, our personal involvement is instrumental in the future that is unfolding before our eyes.

The work we do open our minds and hearts is essential to healing the separation consciousness that has divided us for eons. This inner personal work is the foundation for our cooperative efforts, the bedrock of a unified global force for full disclosure and true freedom.

Separation identity, based on fear, lack and disempowerment will prevent us from realizing the full potential of our co-creative consciousness. So in this way, our focus on healing ourselves dissolves the false programs of fear that prevent us from working together.

Do not lose hope or faith in your own power and potential, for a time will come when the universe calls on you to be the change.

Goode also took the time to create a new facebook page as a central hub for the Full Disclosure Project. There are efforts happening behind the scenes which will be more visible in the days to come. In the interim, take the time to do the inner healing work so as to prepare yourself for the times of unity and cooperation ahead.

The quality of our unified efforts will be determined by the consciousness we each add to the whole. Let us take the time now prepare for what is to come.

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- Justin

Source - Sphere Being Alliance

Intel, Cabal and Our Co-Creative Group Consciousness

So, where's all the new intel?

Why does a reduction in intel cause such wild speculation among so many (Social/Genetic Programming or just fear of the unknown?)...

Intel comes in as it comes in. It is not a faucet that you can just turn on and fill a curiosity container with. As always, just because things aren't appearing in print immediately on this website doesn't mean that things are not occurring.

We are at a critical point in choosing our path as a joint consciousness... Everyone is going to have to be their own savior figure... Only us acting as a group can make the needed course corrections to get us back on path. We are still in the window.

Getting upset that savior beings aren't going to swoop down from the sky and do the work for us just proves their point. Many of these groups (and beings) don't think we are capable of figuring things out and rising to the occasion and to become part of the solution.

It is time for us to get off our knees and our rear ends and participate in the process.

That is the whole point of the original "message" that they delivered to us. We still have a window of opportunity to make sure full disclosure occur, don't give up now just because the call has gone out to everyone to "put their own skin in the game" and stop waiting to be saved.

That is what many of these more advanced beings are waiting for us to do at this very moment. What WE do next determines our future... NOT just Elites and various Alliance Groups... Not ET's or ED's... It is going to be us as a community that is a major catalyst for full disclosure during the attempts of these groups to give us a partial disclosure.

Just because this is the plan that the PTW and various Earth Alliance groups are moving forward with doesn't mean that it is the plan they will get. No plan (No matter how well thought out) survives the battlefield.

We are the missing pieces on the chessboard right now. The last I checked a pawn can take a king. We need to fully formulate a plan, get various others to form their own grassroots efforts and get to work educating the masses (who are our true audience). We need to combine efforts with other efforts currently underway.

The CABAL is .01 % of the world population and is made up of a group of groups with different belief systems and that do not like one another but work together to RUN THE WORLD!



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