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Superhuman Abilities Explained By Entrainment | Scientists Witness Eye-Opening Effects Of ‘QI Energy’ On Plant DNA and Cellular Growth

Consciousness could be the foundation of reality itself. While materialist science builds bigger and more powerful machines in the search for a unified field that governs matter, ancient traditions, largely lost to antiquity, are able to effect reality simply by using the power of the mind.

In the following article, Arjun Walia discusses a Chinese study that was able to conclusively demonstrate the mind's ability to affect reality. 

Chulin Sun is an adept Waiqi practitioner, which is a type of Qigong. An ancient technique for channeling chi or life force energy through the body, to be used in various ways, such as healing and telekinesis. There are dozens of different schools of thought and methods for consciously directing life force energy, many with their own terminology, method, and philosophy. But essentially, they all use the mind and will to alter the bodies energy fields, which in turn affects reality.

In the study, Sun was entered into a trance-like state, and by using the power of her mind, was able to germinate and sprout a seed, growing 3 to 4 inches in length within only 20 minutes of time. This process of germination and sprouting normally take several days.

What could be happening to cause this seemingly magical effect?

Modern science has lost touch the subtle energy formed by living organisms, but these fields can be measured using scientific instruments. The term aura is often used to describe one's energy body, the electromagnetic field driven by the heart and augmented by bio-electrical processes.

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Dan Winter is a scientist that has done an extensive amount of research into bio-electrical interactions, whose able to demonstrate how coherence, or the level of synchronization within the body, produces so-called ascended or super-human abilities.

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Now here's where things get interesting. I want to summarize some of my findings in relation to the question of how the mind affects reality.

The mind is the lens through which we experience all things. Our beliefs, impulses, and choices are stored in consciousness as thoughtforms, which when charged by focused attention, produce emotions. For example, if you really love admiring orchids, a type of flower, then when you see one, your first reaction will usually be a positive one. Conversely, if you hate the smell of gasoline, you will usually feel revulsion when smelling it. Our pre-existing biases, beliefs and choices literally shape what we experience subjectively, which is then expressed in totality as an emotional charge, polarized in either the negative or positive register.

It's a simple formula: Awareness generates knowledge as a function of choice, what we choose to accept as truth. This forms a mental thoughtform or structure, a geometry in consciousness. Attention or focus placed on an object, thing or idea, corresponding to a thoughtform in our knowledge, charges it with energy, producing emotions or feelings. The word emotion can break down to E-motion or energy in motion. Our beliefs, worldviews, and conclusions about life literally shape the metaphysical lens through which all emotions and feelings are generated, the mind.

And emotions are not just physiological, such as endorphins (love hormone) or norepinephrine (fear hormone). They also have an electromagnetic component to them, and it is this aspect of emotion (energy in motion) that enables our mind to alter physical reality.

Entrainment or Sympathetic Resonance is the method by which a coherent waveform imprints onto a less coherent one. It is the science of transmitting and receiving frequency, which is an expression of information.

Take five tuning forks tuned to middle C and line them up on a table. Strike one tuning fork so that it vibrates, and shortly after, all the other tuning forks will begin to vibrate too, even though they were not struck. This is what entrainment or sympathetic synchronization is. Almost every interaction in the universe, whether physical, mental or spiritual, is guided by the mechanics of entrainment, also described in hermetic philosophy as Natural Law.

Briefly, here's how it works. 

The geometry (shape) and material composition of an object determine its resonant frequency. Using a tuning fork as an example, the length of the forks and the material it is made out of determine what the pitch will be when it is struck, what frequency it will vibrate with. When a fork is struck, the whole object vibrates, this sends energy through the object, through the material and its structure forming sound; a frequency we recognize as tone or pitch.

When two or more objects that have the same resonant frequency are suspended in a medium where their vibrations can be exchanged, then entrainment or synchronization takes place. Referring to the tuning fork example, the medium used to transmit the vibrational energy is the air, traveling as compression waves or sound to the other tuning forks.

Now as a final example, consider metronomes synchronizing. Here is a video demonstration:

The metronomes initially are out of sync; they are ticking at different phases and beats per minute. But as the pendulum moves from side to side, it exerts a force against the swing that the metronomes are all resting on. The swing, in turn, exerts a force against the metronomes. As each individual metronome ticks, they push against the swing, which acts as a type of resonating chamber for the metronomes. The geometry and material of the metronomes, and the swing determine the resonant frequency of the whole system, which is the key to synchronizing them. This frequency potential is present even if none of the metronomes are moving.

In the beginning, the metronomes are ticking at different frequencies, and as they do so, the swing exerts a corrective force against them. The resonant frequency of the whole system begins to get louder or more intense (energized) as the correction process continues. Eventually, a quantum leap occurs, wherein the force of correction – the resonant frequency – is stronger or louder than the individual motion of the metronomes. At this point, a rapid correction occurs and they all begin to tick in unison.

The once disorganized motion of the individual metronomes is now holistically organized as a single moving system, the metronome swing-system, centered around the resonant frequency. In other words, when the resonant frequency of a system is charged with energy, that more coherent or organized vibration reorganizes objects that are resonant with it, changing their behavior and frequency as a result. This is essentially a physical example of the 100th Monkey effect.

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What does this have to do with Qigong and mind-affecting reality?

The mind is where our free will has the greatest power and influence. A Waiqi practitioner is able to create very clear and coherent thoughtforms that generate strong (loud) electromagnetic frequencies via coherent emotions. These energies radiate out from the body, able to intermingle with the electromagnetic fields of objects in close proximity; the seeds in the case of the Chinese experiment.

When the correct thoughtform is invoked, an emotional charge is generated in the body, sending out electromagnetic frequencies. If these frequencies are resonant with objects close to the body, such as a seed, that seed receives the coherent energy and begins changing its vibrations. It changes its behavior like the metronomes in the example above. And in the case of the Chinese experiment, the practitioner was able to germinate and sprout the seed in only 20 minutes, when it would normally have taken days.

In other words, the thoughtform and resulting emotional charge was literally able to create a time acceleration effect, which not only altered the seed sprout but even distorted the videotape recordings of the experiment in some cases. This suggests that the mind is able to affect the material world, and that time itself is somehow a function of consciousness. While this topic of discussion will have to wait for another time, the suggestion that time can be navigated by consciousness is not new.

Consider that when in deep meditation or dreaming, subjective time dilation effects can be experienced; it can feel like time has slowed down or sped up. Also, within the mind, we can review a memory faster than it was experienced or recorded by the body at the time.

Unlike watching a video, wherein one needs to absorb the whole sequence in order to cognize the data contained within it, the mind can recall past experiences as if by complete and instantaneous association. By this I mean, when recalling memories, we don't have to replay them moment by moment, instead, all the information contained can be access almost instantaneously. This suggests that the mind and consciousness are beyond space and time, unlike the physical body which is limited to a single directional flow of time.

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As a final thought, many of these seemingly fantastic powers of the mind are founded on the belief or recognition that they are possible. And by way of modern society, we've been indoctrinated to accept that psychic or psi abilities are science fiction, which literally prevents us from developing them.

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But we always have the power to undo false programming. As a matter of fact, reprogramming ourselves is the ultimate solution, to not only our current social problems on this world, but also the keys to unlocking our true potential as beings of consciousness.

The mind is probably the most powerful tool in our possession, but how many of us have really taken the time to learn how to use it? Once we do, humanity will quickly redefine what was previously considered impossible, and enter an age of light and life previously undreamed of. 

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- Justin

Source - Collective Evolution

By Arjun Walia

Why does the title of this article emphasize that ‘truly impossible’ results were witnessed? Because providing an explanation for what happened here is literally impossible right now, despite the fact that it happened repeatedly.
Extra ordinary human potential is something that has been studied for decades; and although a number of studies have been conducted which have yielded statistically significant results, there is still a harsh resistance by mainstream scientists to look at these topics.
On the other hand, many distinguished scientists are also recognizing and accepting the importance and relevance of this type of phenomena. Material science is great, but it’s time to usher in the reality of non-material science, something Nikola Tesla said would advance humanity immensely, with progress increasing at an exponential rate.
Quantum mechanics has questioned what we perceive to be the ‘material’ foundations of the world by showing that subatomic particles and atoms are not really solid objects, and has brought human consciousness into the equation.
“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”  –  Max Planck, theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918
Many scientists, including a large majority of our pioneering scientists, have been emphasizing the importance of factors associated with consciousness (like measurement and observation) and the influence it has on our physical material world.
These abilities have been demonstrated before under controlled conditions. One of the best known examples involves Ingo Swann who has his ‘remote viewing‘ abilities put under study. This effort began, supposedly, because the CIA had concerns about Soviet investigations into psychic phenomenon, as the United States had gathered intelligence showing that the Soviets were engaged in “psychotronic” research. You can read the publication as the results were published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration. (Puthoff, Harold E. 1996. CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing Program at Stanford Research Institute. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 10(1), 63-76. 
This is important to mention because human ability that defies the current known laws of physics has been an interest to various governments, especially western intelligence agencies.
But, it’s not just western intelligence agencies who’s interests are piqued by this topic. China is also very active when it comes to identifying individuals with certain extended human capacities. For example, a paper published in the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) in September 1981, in the journal Ziran Zazhi (Nature Journal) tilted “Some Experiments on the Transfer of Objects Performed by Unusual Abilities of the Human Body” (Shuhuang et al., 1981) reported that ‘gifted children’ were able to cause the teleportation of small physical objects from one place to another.
There are also some extraordinary claims from a publication titled “Exceptional Functions of the Human Body.” This study reports of highly accurate parapsychological effects, including clairvoyance, psychokinetic effects, and more. (source)
In a report published in 2010, by retired research chemist Dong Shen, an experiment is described involving mental teleportation of bits of paper out of a sealed plastic film container. What’s even more fascinating is that these methods were taught to others and the success rate was 40 percent.
It’s also important to mention that what Dean Radin, the Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, states:
Evaluating the details and credibility of these studies have been difficult because many of the papers appear only in Chinese. The techniques have not yet been reported outside of China, and the experimental methods employed in conducting such tests do not appear to be as rigorously controlled as compared to typical Western methods…
Despite this fact, hundreds of elite, specially trained researchers from a number of scientific disciplines within China’s universities have studied unexplainable phenomena cultivated by this supposed unique group of people with ‘Exceptional Human Functions.’
“The results of the Chinese Teleportation experiments can simply be explained as a human consciousness phenomenon that somehow acts to move or rotate test specimens through a 4th spacial dimension, so that specimens are able to penetrate the solid walls/barriers of their containers without physically breaching them.”  – Eric Davis, Ph.D, FBIS (source)

The Effects Of ‘QI Energy’ On Plant DNA & Cellular Growth

A study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine, as seen in the US National Library of Medicine, demonstrated that a women with special abilities was and is able to accelerate the germination of specific seeds for the purposes of developing a more robust seed stock.  As the study states:
Chulin Sun is a woman with exceptional powers (Shen and Sun, 1996, 1998; Sun, 1998). A member of the Chinese Somatic Science Research Institute, she is a practitioner of Waiqi. Waiqi is a type of qigong that teaches the practitioner to bring the qi energy of traditional Chinese medicine under the control of the mind. Chulin Sun can induce plant seeds to grow shoots and roots several cm long within 20 min using mentally projected qi energy (Fig. 1). This has been demonstrated on more than 180 different occasions at universities as well as science and research institutions in China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong) as well as other countries (e.g., Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.) (Ge et al., 1998; Qin et al., 1998; Lee et al., 1999). We took part in and repeated the qi germination experiments seven times, and five of them succeeded (Ge et al., 1998). This remarkable effect on seed development has drawn widespread attention (Tompkins and Bird, 1973; Lee, 1998), but the biological mechanisms that underlie this phenomenon are unknown.(source)
Pretty remarkable isn’t it? How does Sun do it? Apparently, she enters into a deep trance-like state, and from this place, she is able to advance the time required for sprouting dry seeds from their usual 3 to 4 days , to 20 minutes, generating a sprout growth of 3-4 inches. After a genetic analysis, scientists confirmed this to be the case.
The abstract of the study also states,
It was thought preliminarily that qi energy changed the structure of a germination-correlated gene site speeding up expression and advancing it in time.
This was preliminary thought because video tapes from the recording of this experiment showed time distortion. It was also reported that near-by-clocks will show the full time of the experiment as it passes, despite the fact that, in some cases, the camera only showed 1 minute of film time.  It’s funny, because these time disturbances are also commonly reported with these types of practices in Chinese folklore.
According to Danielle Graham, a founding editor and current Editor in-Chief of SuperConsciousness Magazine (also an American Institute of Physics experimental researchers) states that,
Those who study the physical effects of the EHF’s mind-matter interface often collaborate on their findings. The researchers agree they are observing repeatable, hyper-time-space-non-linear macro phenomena that violate the classical and relativistic models in which the nature of physical matter is currently understood…
It is commonly understood by these scientists that an EHF’s personal and individual evolution is directly linked to their individual skills; the greater their capacity to manipulate matter; the more spiritually evolved the EHF is considered to be…
While westerners who openly demonstrate mind/matter interface are publicly reviled and discredited, the known EHF’s in China are honored as heroes and celebrities; national treasures that are sought after as teachers, advisors and consultants. (source)
The study of phenomena like this have been happening for years and will hopefully continue into the years to come. The mainstream opens up more and more when it comes to these topics and it’s only a matter of time before, like many previously unbelieved phenomena, will become much better understood and self evident.


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