Thursday, March 10, 2016

ET's or Advanced Military ARV? | MoD Scientist is latest whistleblower after bizarre 'encounter with THIS UFO'

Here is another example of mainstream soft disclosure dripping out into the public, this time, courtesy of the UK news outlet the Express

Is the UFO spotted extraterrestrial in origin or part of the lower level secret space programs?

According to the anonymous whistleblower in the cited in the below article:
He believes it could just as easily be a top-secret technology created by government departments on Earth. 
He is calling for anyone who has seen a similar craft, or any advanced scientists with knowledge of high frequency radio frequency field generation systems. (emphasis added)
The craft spotted could have been an advanced ARV or alien reproduction vehicle, like what is depicted in the latest season of The X-files.

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The partial disclosure agenda of the Earth-based alliance groups and their lower level space program allies seems to be rolling out as stated by the secret space program whistleblower and insider Corey Goode

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The whole truth about extraterrestrials, the secret space program and the epic history of our solar system is much more replete than what has been leaked to the public thus far. 

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Full disclosure is the only option! Accept nothing less.

PS - I couldn't help but think of the 1980's film Flight of the Navigator when reading the descriptions of the UFO that looked like it was "forged out of mercury." 

Mercury-like spacecraft from the film Flight of the Navigator.

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Found on Sphere Being Alliance.
- Justin

Source - Express

A SCIENTIST working for the US Department of Defence has become the latest current or former high-ranking military personnel to break rank and whistleblow over aliens and UFOs.

YouTube•MUFONA CGI of the alleged UFO made for MUFON video and (inset) the source

The department's electromagnetic and laser systems expert, who has asked to be anonymous to safeguard his career, claims to have seen an extraordinary phone receiver-shaped UFO over woods in Ontario, Canada, during a hunting trip.

The man gave his account during a 40-minute interview with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the world's biggest alien investigation organisation.

He said he was part of a three-man team of hunters on the trip on August 28 2013 at about 9.40pm, when the "craft" was seen just 400 feet away for about six minutes.

The two other men have also not been identified.

YouTube•MUFONHe claims to have observed it through a rifle sight
YouTube•MUFONThe man gave a detailed account to MUFON

In a video interview for MUFON, he said: "We were driving down a logging route to the main highway when there was this craft at low enough altitude to see it through the windscreen.

"I would say it was at highest 150 to 175 feet in altitude.

"I grabbed my rifle scope out the pack, wound the window down and hung out the open side window to observe the craft."

He described it as of "brilliant brightness" giving off as much light intensity as stadium lighting.

He said: "I have been involved in operating systems in the past and this thing was coherent light, it was salty to the eyes to look at, like looking at a laser that had been passed through a de-fraction grading or something of that nature.

"It was not a focussed laser, it was a defocussed laser. 

YouTube•MUFONThe man described a flashing array of colours around the "craft"

"One of the witnesses next to me was worked up and said 'what is it?' and the other just said shoot it, but I said I can't shoot a round into something I can't identify."

The man said he made several mental notes on the object, estimating it was 170 feet long, 20 to 21 feet thick, with an outer diameter of about 60 feet.

He said: "It looked as if it was made out of a forged piece of mercury.

"It was brilliant in polish. There were absolutely no lines, no rivets.

"I'm a pilot so was looking for all things you would see on an aircraft, I was looking for lines in the fusillage that would indicate a door or landing equipment."

YouTube•MUFONTestimony: The source provided a 17-page statement
YouTube•MUFONMUFON is now investigating the case

The witness claimed that for most of the experience no cameras would work, but that after the craft got to a quarter of a mile away or more, it started to work.

He said they were able to record an electromagnetic signature from it.

But the man is not claiming it was definitely an alien craft.

He believes it could just as easily be a top-secret technology created by government departments on Earth.

He is calling for anyone who has seen a similar craft, or any advanced scientists with knowledge of high frequency radio frequency field generation systems.

He said: "The primary reason I am doing this is I am looking for help to try to find out how this vehicle flew."

The case is being investigated by the MUFON branch in Indiana, USA.


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