Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Benjamin Fulford Video Update - Recorded March 4th 2016: World War III Update

This video was recorded on March 4th of this year, but was released on the 19th. 

Today marks the first day of the Season of Sacrifice and there already appears to be a false flag attack in Brussels that took place this morning. 
Ben's update is timely in light of the fact that we are beginning this period of increased psychological warfare against the people. 

For other updates from Fulford click here.

He also discusses the Earth-based eastern alliances and their push to end the western financial cabal. This is related to the partial disclosure effort being discussed at this time. 

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- Justin

Source - Ascension With Mother Earth

Published on Mar 19, 2016

The White Dragon Society has put out an update by Benjamin Fulford on the current state of the secret battle for the planet earth. In order to raise funds to pay for staff and other expenses, the video is being made available at the price of ten US dollars. We ask those who can afford to do so to please pay for the video in order to support our work. For those who cannot afford to pay, the video will be made available for free viewing on March 19th, 2016. Thank you.




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