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The X-Files "My Struggle" Part 2: The Depopulation Agenda, Partial Disclosure, Predictive Programing, and Reprogramming the Mind

Here is an analysis of the final episode of X-Files season 10. For those who have been following the show, there has been an unprecedented amount of soft disclosure in it, even within the quirky episodes. 

Before continuing on, be warned that spoilers are below.

The last installment of season 10 was no disappointment as David Nova details in the following article. 

I offered commentary on the premise of hiding truth within fictional works in the following related articles. 

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Predictive Programing, Worldview Shaping, and Reality Management

I have no doubt that there is a level of predictive programming at work in this show. But any effort to subliminally plant ideas into our minds can only be successful if we remain unconscious. Gaining conscious knowledge of any information, especially programming, is the best method for freeing oneself from it. 

The vast majority of our choices, judgments and beliefs are shaped from the subconscious mind, the storehouse of all our experience and programming. The conscious mind is where free will has the greatest power to effect change, and in the battlefield of the personality development, the subconscious and conscious mind fight for dominance over the emerging soul. But this need not be an endless struggle, it can be a dance of discovery and self-revelation. 

Human nature tells us that we are programmable, and unlike animals who are programmed almost totally by the environment, we have the ability to self-program. This agency of personal transformation is effected by a marriage between the conscious and unconscious mind, between the masculine and feminine aspects of our being. 

Observation of reality produces inescapable change. This change can be guided by the conscious mind, which has the ability to make new choices, even ones that go against well-established programs. When we experience catalyst, the subconscious mind activates the most appropriate programs for the situation, based on our past choices. For example, if we burnt our hand on a hot coffee mug one day, every time we see a coffee mug in the future, we'll be more cautious about grabbing it. 

Predictive programming, or subliminal conditioning, is founded on the basis that the conscious mind is distracted by something else, which then allows fully formed ideas to be downloaded into the unconscious mind. These thoughts then re-emerge via the subconscious mind when a trigger is observed focused attention. For example, in advertising one of the programs being transmitted is that of a low self-image, that we lack something, and therefore, need whatever product is being sold to us. 
You are not beautiful, happy or good enough to get what you want in life.
This idea lays dormant inside, like a seed waiting to grow. The water that feeds this seed is our conscious acknowledgment of the idea. In this case, when we look in the mirror in the morning, we may think to ourselves "I don't look as good as I want to." and in that moment our conscious mind literally breathes life into this subliminal program, which then becomes part of our identity, shaping our behaviors, choices, and worldviews. We actually start to confuse our beliefs with ourselves, we confuse our conclusions about reality with reality itself, and from this place of confusion, we are easily manipulated because we literally have been programmed with another person's thoughts or ideas. 

On our world, the social programs are some of most nefarious people on the planet, so don't you think developing the ability to program your own consciousness is a good idea? We can't escape the reality of consciousness programming, but if we fail to program our own mind, someone else will. 

The good news is, the conscious mind can always make new choices, it can always change our beliefs, but it must do so via awareness, contemplation and critical thinking. The ability to reason out why we believe what we do, to actually use logic to determine if our conclusions are accurate is essential to removing programming that holds us back. 

To be clear, that doesn't mean the path of freedom is paved with steps of purely intellectual work, quite the contrary. For our emotions and feelings are trying to catalyze the conscious mind into action; the feminine aspect of our beingness is standing with her light of truth (emotion, intuition and feeling) trying to rouse the masculine aspect out of his slumber. 

In light of this, here are my thoughts on the programs offered in this X-Files episode.

Programs in "My Struggle 2"

One observation about the episode I'll offer, which agree's with Nova's analysis, is that the plot of this show seems to be more about disclosing the NWO depopulation agenda more so than any extraterrestrial related content. It features the elite's worldview of humanity, as personified by the smoking man, that we are nothing but useless eaters and parasites, and that the slate must be wiped clean

So again we have an episode filled with more information related to the partial disclosure scenario. Granted there is a lot covered, but the overall picture being painted still fits a transhumanist or NWO agenda, one based on humanity's dependence on the elite. 

Notice that the fictional world created by the show assumes humanity is nothing more than a glorified modern day animal. The downplaying of consciousness and the human organism is maintained throughout the last episode but is also fairly consistent in the series in general.

For example, in the last episode, the Spartan Virus was designed to kill off anyone who had a suppressed immune system. Courtesy of denatured foods and nefarious medical practices, such as vaccines, most of the human population will die off. The thing that 'saves humanity' is not restoring the immune system of people via some kind of natural process, it is the 'alien DNA' the Skully character has been exposed to that will be used to create a vaccine.

In my view, the meta-message here is that artificial technology, not organic technology, is the solution to humanity's problems; hence the symbol of a vaccine savior. The theme of the show, as mentioned earlier, is that humanity have fallen to the level of parasites with respect to the Earth and how we treat it. The elite in the show want to get rid of the 'useless eaters.' The solution is not to honestly look at our problems and restore the balance as a result of making better choices as a species. Such as, growing better quality food using sustainable organic farming methods, which will simultaneously restore a symbiotic relationship with the planet while rejuvenating the immune systems of people in the process. Instead, the solution is to use vaccines, one of the most destructive advents of the modern age, to save humanity from itself. All of this provides a subliminal message to the mind, that human beings are doomed, and the only hope is more artificial technology.

While I do think it is good to see so much disclosure in a mainstream TV show, our work as truth revealers and an awakening community is just beginning. 

The Transhumanist Agenda and the Selfish Separate Self

In my view, this episode is part of the partial disclosure narrative now actively being rolled out to humanity. Part of this narrative, within my observation, is the transhumanist agenda, which is intimately associated with AI or artificial intelligence. Within this agenda, the elite don't want us to know about sustainable living methods, organic health restoration techniques, or the innate sovereignty and power of an activated consciousness, because all of this things make the transhumanist ideal seem short-sighted and idiotic.

The transhumanist agenda is founded on one major premise, that humanity is a 'broken' creature, doomed to extinction because of the evolutionary 'flaws' it has. The only way to ensure survival of the human race is to start modifying our biology and relationship with the environment, in other words, to merge with machines physically and mentally. Where we volunteer to have our bodies 'upgraded' and our minds 'uploaded' to an AI matrix. 

As dystopic as this all sounds, the whole truth is much brighter once taken hold of. And that truth is the transhumanist agenda is likened to a petulant child that refuses to grow up, wherein, some refused to acknowledge their own mistakes, which led to their disempowerment, and decided to blame their biology for their own shortcomings. We can describe this state of consciousness as the selfish separate self, one that foolishly places limited conclusions on a high pedestal so as to blind consciousness from the whole truth. 

It is this archetype of egoism gone mad, the selfish separate self, which seeks to oppress the whole of humanity to service self, and is currently being expressed as the partial disclosure scenario. 

Partial Disclosure

In my view, the 10th season of X-Files is a predictive programming tool to incept the partial disclosure narrative into the minds of the sleeping masses. This is just one possible motive for the series.

Some researchers have said that Earth-based alliances have agreed that something must change, but they've also decided that a partial disclosure plan is a way to do it. 

Instead of telling people the whole truth all at once, and releasing advanced technology to all people everywhere, they want to do it in a limited capacity over the course of 100 years. Many of these groups or alliances are still working from the selfish separate self, the ego gone mad, and as such they want to create a 'better' world with less oppression, yet one that still maintains the master-slave paradigm, the landlord-subject relationship. 

This episode tells us a lot of truth, and can be used to help start the awakening process for the sleeping masses. But if we want to actually address the problems of this world, we need the whole truth in order to do it. 

So keep asking questions, keep speaking your truth, and remember, when sharing it with others kindness and compassion are far better tools for opening the mind than intolerance and condemnation. 

For more of the whole story, see the following.

Full disclosure is the only option, demand nothing less.

- Justin

Source - Deus Nexus

By David Nova

After five weeks, The X-Files television series returned with another ground-breaking episode.  Yet is this disclosure, predictive-programming, indoctrination, or an urgent warning?
“My Struggle II” returns to the continuity of the first episode, which I examined in the post The X-Files Disclosure of 2016!
Both episodes, the first and last of season 10, were written and directed by series creator Chris Carter. The 4 episodes in between now feel like filler, the show’s standard formula on autopilot with a few interesting footnotes, an unusual amount of humor, and an extra dose of character irony.
However, Episode 6 returned with ‘deadly’ seriousness.
The episode began with Special Agent Dana Scully delivering the opening prologue instead of Fox Mulder. As this episode dealt exclusively with a medical conspiracy, it is essentially Dana Scully/Gillian Anderson’s episode.
“… I would also come to fear that the institution I joined and invested with my trust, (the FBI) was subject to the influence of dark forces, outside the bureau and sometimes within … tests which I now suspect are part of a larger conspiracy, a conspiracy of men hiding science for almost 60 years, secrets kept from the American people by a self-interested cabal intent on the consolidation of power. But questions remain unanswered, about their motives and their final objectives, when and where these men might play out their dark plans”
– Dana Scully
The last image shown with the words “dark plans” is a line of black police boots – the implication being martial law and the coming police state.
x-files-2016Scully recaps the extraterrestrial-illuminati-shadow government conspiracy of the first episode, leading us to their final objective, or rather their final solution. The entire episode deviates away from the show’s explicit extraterrestrial conspiracy, presenting us with the brand new conspiracy of planetary depopulation, a covert Nazi holocaust.
Curiously, the show’s tagline, after the opening credits, was changed from”The Truth Is Out There” to “This Is The End,” an especially cryptic message given that this is the last episode of the series, which ends abruptly without any resolution. There is internet talk, but no actual confirmation of an eleventh season.
After the commercial break, Dana Scully watches Tad O’Malley’s newest internet broadcast – and the wording is VERY interesting.
“Six weeks ago we went off the air due to threats, from outside forces bent on controlling content deemed dangerous to their cause. Today we’re back with facts threatening these forces yet again – the discovery of something so shocking you’ll want to sit down and prepare yourself for the truth, what may seem like science fiction, but is science fact, the legitament and verifiable discovery of alien DNA that’s in virtually every American citizen.” – Tad O’Malley
Tad picks up where the first episode of disclosure left off, admitting that he were forced off the air due to threats from outside forces. Is this Chris Carter’s sly way of saying the last 4 filler episodes were intentionally non-threatening, that Tad O’Malley’s actually represents Chris Carter returning to the airwaves to finish his disclosure? And is he telling us, the television audience, that The X-Files, which may seem like science fiction is actually science fact? Or is this merely a form of conditioning the public to certain information or disinformation? Notice that Scully seems hypnotized as she watches the broadcast, understandably because she’s shocked by what is being made public, as the camera zooms into a tight shot of her right eye. This may in fact be symbolic of mind-control.
I’m going to theorize that this episode actually has very little to do with extraterrestrials or alien DNA. What is in fact alien in Americans’ DNA are the contaminants and neurotoxins that we have been slowly fed over the years and decades from sources such as pesticides, hormones in animals, prescription drugs, genetically modified foods, unknown variables in our vaccinations, chemtrails in our skies, aluminum in skin care products, fluoride in our water, and God knows what else. (Related Post: Fluoride Officially Classified As A Neurotoxin)
“I was given a small pox vaccine as a child, as I’m sure you were. It was standard practice in America at the time.” – Dana Scully
“If you are suggesting that there was more in that shot than a vaccine…” – Agent Einstein
“It’s actually not that far-fetched, and within the realm of accepted science, something entering the germ line, something that would be passed down hereditarily.” -Dana Scully
Flu-VaccineI find it very interesting that Chris Carter is fanning the flames of vaccination fears in this episode, a very real and growing fear in this country, a public controversy that has even hit the mainstream media, causing several Hollywood celebrities to come forward/be used to tell the public to vaccinate their children. This is not an extraterrestrial conspiracy. And nowdoctors are linking Monsanto pesticides to birth defects in Brazil, and not the the Zika virus as is being pushed by the media. (Related Post: Johns Hopkins Scientist Reveals Shocking Report on Flu Vaccines)
In this episode, Scully first believes that somehow alien DNA has been introduced into every single American, and it will ultimately cause their immune system to fail. However, she later discovers that the alien DNA is actually a preventative cure, that will protect the chosen few from a global epidemic when over 90% of the world’s population succumbs to disease and death because their immune systems can no longer protect them. Tad O’Malley even discusses the implications of chemtrails on his internet show.
“Not one contagion, but a veriety of contagions. If the flu doesn’t kill you then something else will.” – Doctor
“What you’re describing is a fast-moving AIDS, without the HIV.” -Tad
“Our immune systems desimated by the same tampering to all of our genomes” – Doctor
“But with compromised immune systems, it’s the vaccines that are attacking their systems … You’re witnessing what may be the advent of a global contagion.” – Dana Scully
Later we learn that the Smoking Man (the show’s central villain) is behind this diabolical depopulation agenda. Agent Monica Reyes makes a devil’s deal with the Smoking Man, and she tells Scully all about it.
“The ultimate weapon, the ability to depopulate the planet, to kill everyone but the chosen” – Monica Reyes
“By tampering witht the DNA?” – Dana Scully
“Science acquired in the 50s, given to them by and alien race … Dana, you’re safe. You’re one of the chosen elite. We’re both protected.” – Monica Reyes
“But what about everyone else?” – Dana Scully
“It’s been in motion since 2012.” – Monica Reyes
GuidestonesAnd here we have the real agenda – the depopulation of the ‘worthless eaters’ from the planet so that the illuminati elite can take over and shape the world as they see fit. I was surprised one piece of this disclosure puzzle was actually absent from this episode – The Georgia Guidestones, the elite’s cryptic monument to depopulation and one world government. It was in the news a little over a year ago when someone mysteriously added a 2014 cube to the monument, which was later publicly removed and destroyed. (Related Post: Georgia Guidestones ‘2014 Cube’ Removed and Destroyed)
“They won’t know what hit them, but their fates were sealed since birth. They’re simply puppets.” – Smoking Man
“You think it’s power, what you’re doing, but it’s not. It’s sickness.” – Fox Mulder
“It’s sickness not doing it!” – Smoking Man
“Spoken like a true psychopath.” – Fox Mulder
“I didn’t set out to destroy the world, Mulder, people did.” – Smoking Man
“You cant justify your actions.” – Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder’s purpose in this episode is to confront his old nemesis, the Smoking Man, and basically present a sane argument against the illuminati plan for depopulation. We get a glimpse at the elite mindset, that the world is going to hell anyways because of an an out-of-control, over-population of unwashed non-elite masses.  To justify their end, the elite always seem to paint the un-illuminated population as mindless parasites on the ecology of the planet, when in fact it is the illuminated elite that consciously and consistently behave like alien parasites. (Related Post: Overpopulation: Fact Or Myth?)
“Aliens predicted all of this, they saw it happening to themselves.” – Smoking Man
“So you plotted your end game.”  – Fox Mulder
“I just changed the time table. Everyone still dies in the end.” – Smoking Man
Perhaps this show suggests that the illuminated elite were influenced by the deceptions of extraterrestrials or extra-dimensional entities peddling fear, playing to their egos, manipulating them into servitude, to destroy the human race. How blind must a man be to sell out his own species to another from the stars? (Related Post: The Illuminati as a Necrophilous Mindset)
“What are you offering?” – Fox Mulder
“A Seat at the big table.” – Smoking Man
“I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror, let alone you.” – Fox Mulder
We could start the world anew, Fox.” – Smoking Man
We’re left with a conversation which echoes a familiar exchange from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, when Darth Vader confesses to be Luke Skywalker’s father, and asks Luke to join the Dark Side of the Force. The relationship between Fox Mulder and the Smoking Man has always been similar, and Chris Carter seems to acknowledge it here. (Related Post: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Humanity Still Slumbering))
“Together, we can rule the galaxy as father and son.” – Darth Vader
“You have no idea how well we planned.” – Smoking Man
The episode postulates that a virus, the Spartan Virus, was concealed in the Small Pox Vaccine, which when activated, causes a wide spread failure of people’s immune system, leaving them susceptible to any simple virus or disease. Microwave radiation was used as a trigger. The result is a worldwide pandemic. Special Agent Dana Scully races against the clock to create an antidote from her own protected DNA. Will she succeed in saving the world, Will she succeed in saving Fox Mulder. The episode ends with a dozen unanswered questions and the surprising appearance by a black triangle UFO. (Related Post: Black Triangle The Cornerstone of USA Star Fleet?)


What do you think? Is this disclosure of a plan that has been foiled? Is this predictive-programming to bring it to fruition? Is this indoctrination to the elite’s deluded plan? Or is this an urgent warning of a coming cataclysm?
We’ve seen numerous viruses which have all been hyped as the next global pandemic come and go and fail completely – the swine flu, the bird flu, ebola, and now the Zika virus. There is no doubt that there are untold numbers of manmade viruses hiding in secret government labs all across the globe. There are terrifying news stories of vials of deadly diseases going missing. And yet we are still here. Perhaps we are being protected. Perhaps the next pandemic is just around the corner.
Never the less, there are positive and healthy ways that each of us can help protect and improve our own immune system. And a major factor in protecting one’s immune system is doing one’s inner spiritual work, working with the new energies affecting the planet. Whether we give in to fear or hold on to faith is a choice every individual has to make in their own heart. I choose to have faith. I also choose to use opportunities like The X-Files to shed light on dark places and hope that more people begin to wake up to the Truth That Is Out There.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.


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