Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Secret Space Programs Disclosure Petition | Help Spread Awareness and Open The Mind

This petition, hosted on the change.org site, has been making the rounds in the alternative media. COBRA's article is listed below, but Corey Goode also shared it on his facebook page.

I usually don't share petitions, due to their presumptive structure of appealing to an illegitimate authority, but in this case, I think there's a lot to be gained by using it as a vehicle to spread awareness. 

Let me take the time to offer a few points of clarity.

Firstly, we do not need anyone to release this vital information to the public, meaning, that without the permission and/or actions of an external authority, these technologies would remain hidden. A petition is pleading for an authority to do something we would otherwise be unable to do, and therefore, it is this later point I am saying is invalid. We need no such authority to grant us something that was already gifted from the divine. 

These technologies originally came from the people, and if the people are willing to rediscover them, they will be found again. 

In my view, information is a gift from the universe or he divine to the creature who wills it into their awareness via an open mind and heart. There are numerous cases of simultaneous invention that clearly demonstrates when one is ready to receive data, they will go through the experiences they need to discover it for themselves. 

While we may not be able to recreate every aspect of what the secret space program has accomplished when we seek for knowledge it creates an internal state of consciousness that allows the data already available in experience to be recognized, explored and used productively. An open mind and a willing heart are essential to innovation and discovery. 

But since most of humanity considers these technologies, at worst, to be unreal fantasies, and at best, out of our reach, then we have defined this idea of secret space program technology as something unattainable. In other words, our minds and hearts are closed off to these realities, and as such, the universe cannot assist us in their rediscovery. 

But we are in a tempest of change, and so long as we set aside an identity of victimization, the abundance of the universe is ours for the taking. 

"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come." 
- Victor Hugo
As such, let us use this petition to help revitalize the search for truth and empowerment, for necessity is the mother of invention, and we have the powers of creation on our side if we are willing to set aside self-limiting beliefs and take up the creative prerogatives vested within each of us. 

And as one final point, the needs we all face in life can help us pool our resources, whether, mental, emotional or spiritual, towards a common goal of a better world where freedom, prosperity, and abundance are available to all. 

PS - Some have said that the Logan Act would make any petition to a foreign leader illegal but in my understanding, the Logan Act applies to direct appeals to foreign leaders in opposition to US policy or interests. Since the truth embargo is not official US policy, I do not think there is any risk in signing the petition. 

- Justin

Source - COBRA 2012 Portal

A petition has been created for full disclosure of all Secret Space Programs and for release of all hidden technologies for the benefit of humanity.

The Light forces have asked as many people as possible to sign this petition as soon as possible, and make it viral through their networks:


You can sign the petition anonymously if you feel so guided. If we reach at least 25,000 signatures, I will try to get this petition to Putin's desk through my contacts.

Victory of the Light!



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