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Declassified KGB Nazi Maps Confirm the Existence of Subterranean Breakaway Civilizations in Antartica

When a group within a society or culture advances in production and social structure well enough to maintain itself independent of the parent society, it has the potential of becoming a breakaway civilization. 

According to several whistleblowers, most notably, Corey Goode, in the first half of the 20th century, occult groups within Nazi Germany began developing highly advanced technology through contacts made with several different groups. One was through the Vril society and their mediums who were able to make psychic contact with an Inner Earth group known as the Agartha Network. This Inner Earth group is itself a breakaway civilization claiming to have existed for 20 million years below the surface, witnessing oceans of time wash over the surface. 

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Unlike what some have put forth, according Goode, the Earth is not completely hollow, but more like a honeycomb, with the surface layer containing huge cavern systems capable of supporting entire civilizations. One of these is the Agartha Network, which provided support to the German's during the 1920's and 30's enabling them to produce highly advanced spacecraft capable of exploring the solar system. The Germans also built bases in Antartica that were already well established prior to the start of the war. 

This is an essential chapter of history to understand because after the war, this German group eventually infiltrated and took over the military-industrial complex of the United States. After this takeover, the advanced technology of the German group combined with the industrial might of the United States saw the realization of a Star Trek style secret space program, one that would eventually colonize the solar system and beyond, developing advanced technology and trading it with over 900 extraterrestrial races. 

According to Goode, there is technology and development so far beyond what the average person can conceive of that it could easily be confused as extraterrestrial. For on this history of the secret space program, see the below-linked articles. 

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The following article provides supplementary evidence for the existence of a German breakaway civilization, as well as the existence of the Agartha Network. Apparently a series of KGB documents was declassified revealing the existence of maps as well as instructions on how to reach Agartha, one of the maps refers to Asgard. 

In 1968, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Larry Lieber referred to Asgard as the mythical home of the Asgardians, where the comic book character Thor, of Norse mythology, hails. Jack Kirby is also known for his comic book The Face on Mars, which in 1958 stylistically depicted the now infamous face on Mars in a work of fiction. The Cydonia site on Mars was not discovered until Viking 1 made a flyby of the red planet in 1976, leaving researchers baffled. Although Kirby makes no claims as to how he was inspired, the clear suggestion is that the secret space program was actively exploring the solar system well before the 1960's, and was leaking information to the public for operational security reasons. 

Quite possibly the explosion of science fiction dealing with UFO's, the paranormal and extraterrestrials during the beginning in the 1950's was an elaborate effort to hide the truth in plain sight.

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- Justin

Source - The Event Chronicle

One of the most interesting questions that many people have pondered over the centuries is whether our planet is at least partially hollow and inhabited. Most of us are familiar with the legendary stories about the Nazis who explored the polar regions of our planet and even created secret bases in Neuschwabenland, Antarctica. These rumors are based in fact, as Nazi Germany sent an expedition to Antarctica in 1938, claimed the territory of New Swabia, and immediately began building secret deep underground bases below the ice. German Navy Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz stated in 1943: “The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer in another part of the world a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress.”

The Nazis continually shipped men and material to the South Pole throughout the war years and defeated a “post WW2” attack by Allied forced in 1946, led by Admiral Byrd, who retreated in disgrace after suffering substantial damage and casualties (see Operation Highjump). U.S. Admiral Richard Byrd, upon his return from a massive military expedition to Antarctica in 1947, stated it was: “necessary for the USA to take defensive actions against enemy air fighters which come from the polar regions”.

Secrets of Operation Highjump
Secrets of Operation Highjump
Posted by Occult on Monday, July 21, 2014

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Many researchers have also published material about Operation Highjump and Admiral Byrd’s journeys where extremely advanced airships (disc shaped UFOs) were seen flying around and even engaging him militarily.

Not long ago, a Top Secret map belonging to the Third Reich was recovered in which there are several secret passages depicted which were used by German U-Boats to access mysterious underground regions, as well as complete maps of both hemispheres and the mysterious kingdom of Agartha.

The possibility that the earth is hollow, and that it can be accessed through the North and/or South poles, and that ancient secret breakaway civilizations flourish within it, has spurred the imagination of people for many years following the official end of World War Two. These recently declassified maps have added fuel to the existing speculation.

We have also come across a letter, supposedly written by Karl Unger, who was aboard the German U-Boat 209, commanded by Heinrich Brodda, in which he states that the crew had reached the interior of the Earth and that they did not consider coming back.

The official Nazi instructions to reach Agartha by Submarine:

And here is the translation in English:

The stories above are backed up by maps made by famous cartographer and artist Heinrich C. Berann for the National Geographic Society in 1966. In this map, the Antarctic continent can be observed without its thick layer of ice.

But the most intriguing detail are the presence of underwater passages spanning across the entire continent and seem to converge at the exact location which is identified as the opening towards the Hollow Earth or Inner Earth.

Hitler was obsessed with mysticism and ancient history, and many of his followers knew that and supported him. The possibility that the earth is at least partially hollow, and that it can be accessed through the North and South poles, and that secret civilizations flourish within it, has gained popularity in recent years. It might just turn out to be true after all, that somehow, and somewhere, there is an access which leads to a completely different world, one that has been kept in secrecy for reasons that are just now coming to light.

The medium Maria Orsic was leader of the ‘Vrilerinnen’, the beautiful young ladies of the Vril Gesellschaft. In pre-WWII Germany, the sisters of Vril (light) conducted research into psychic phenomenon, advanced propulsion technology and saucer-shaped aircraft (vimanas).

Their Vril society, whose members included some who would later become notable members of the Nazi party, believed that many ancient civilizations owed their origins to refugees from Atlantis. They advanced the idea of a subterranean civilization ruled by an ancient parent-race who had mastered free energy. This Aryan breakaway civilization was said to have survived the antediluvian cataclysms which ended the ice age and continued to thrive below the surface of the earth.

Ancient Greeks, Tibetan Buddhists and Christians all located their iterations of hell in caverns under the mantle. Pilgrims used to journey to Station Island off the coast of Co Donegal where they believed there existed an entrance to Purgatory, while the old legends of Mexico describe a mountain cave near Ojinago inhabited by devilish creatures from “the way-down-deeps”.

The 18th-century Astronomer Royal Edmond Halley believed that unusual compass readings could be explained by the fact that the planet was composed of a hollow shell.

Source: Atlantean Gardens


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