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David Wilcock's: Wisdom Teachings – The Atlantean Mysteries

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Source - Discerning The Mystery

By Shem El-Jamal

This week, Wisdom Teachings continued with David Wilcock's talk on the history of our solar system, the Law of One, and the ways in which these teachings may apply to our present-day experience. This episode would discuss how the civilization of Atlantis came to be as developed and advanced as they are known by many to be, and how its people received assistance from the Ra group in becoming so.

David starts off by referencing the a passage in the Law of One which discusses just how many inhabited, 3rd-density worlds exist in our galaxy alone.
10.18 Questioner: How many stars, approximately, would be in a galaxy?

Ra: It depends upon the galactic system. Your own, as you know, contains many, many, millions of planet entities and star bodies.

Since the passage is a bit vague on its own, it may be difficult to decipher the exact meaning of this passage alone. Though within later passages, the text refers to humanoids as “planet entities”. If the text refers to planets and humans with this same vague term, it is quite possible that both the number of planets and humanoids falls within the magnitude of millions, as David mentions in his talk.

He goes on to explain how the human form is an intelligently designed form, and that it can be seen throughout the cosmos. This repetitive form is said to be a divine expression (a sort of fractal template, or the expression of the universal “logos”, in Law of One terms).

Wilcock mentioned a few interesting facts about the origins of the Law of One, and how strong the possibility is that these channelings are authentic. As he has said in previous episodes, it seems to have been channeled knowledge from a higher source. This source called itself "Ra", and had many similarities from ancient myths of the past. This source spoke on matters about which Carla Rucker (the woman channeling in trance) had no knowledge of. Carla was basically sleep-talking, but as she spoke, she mentioned numerous scientifically validated facts, many of which had not yet been discovered or disclosed at the time.

David mentioned the subject of an influx of souls who entered into the 3rd density of Earth due to the invitation of the Ra beings. This was also a result of the dropping of the quarantine (referenced in previous articles). This subject is described in the following passage from the Law of One text.. As described, these souls were invited to the Earth in a sense so as to provide the greatest potential for 3rd-density experiences, and to create a greater potential for future graduation to higher densities. (Notice the term “planetary entities” is used once again.)
"6.25 Questioner: Do any of them come here at this time in spacecraft? In the past, say, thirty years?

Ra: I am Ra. We must state that this information is unimportant. If you will understand this, we feel that the information may be acceptably offered. The Law of One is what we are here to express. However, we will speak upon this subject.

Each planetary entity which wishes to appear within your third-dimensional space/time distortion requests permission to break quarantine, as you may call it, and appear to your peoples. The reason and purpose for this appearance is understood and either accepted or rejected. There have been as many as fifteen of the Confederation entities in your skies at any one time; the others available to you through thought.

At present there are seven which are operating with craft in your density. Their purposes are very simple: to allow those entities of your planet to become aware of infinity which is often best expressed to the uninformed as the mysterious or unknown.”

According to this passage, one major goal of this 3rd-density experience is to become aware of the infinite, or the "great mystery". David goes into the concept of Free Will, in the fact that the Ra group will not intervene in the affairs of a developing civilization unless specifically requested to do so. As he goes into the subject of Atlantis, he explains that this is what occurred their during the last 25,000-year cycle. These Atlanteans specifically requested higher spiritual guidance and wisdom, and as they did, the Ra group responded by immediately, dropping the quarantine. However, when this occurred they threw open the gates, so to speak, and allowed 3rd-density Earth to be accessed by multiple “mind/boy/spirit complexes” (per the Law of Free Will). Due to the respect for Free Will, they also allowed those on the negative path to have access as well.
22.16 Questioner: Well, then, as the cycle terminated 25,000 years ago, what was the reaction of the Confederation to the lack of harvest?

Ra: I am Ra. We became concerned.

22.17 Questioner: Was any action taken immediately, or did you wait for a call?

Ra: I am Ra. The Council of Saturn acted only in allowing the entry into third density of other mind/body/spirit complexes of third density, not Wanderers, but those who sought further third-density experience. This was done randomly so that free will would not be violated for there was not yet a call.

22.18 Questioner: Was the next action taken by the Confederation when a call occurred?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

22.19 Questioner: Who or what group produced this call, and what action was taken by the Confederation?

Ra: The calling was that of Atlanteans. This calling was for what you would call understanding with the distortion towards helping other-selves. The action taken is that which you take part in at this time: the impression of information through channels, as you would call them.

22.20 Questioner: Was this first calling then at a time before Atlantis became technologically advanced?

Ra: I am Ra. This is basically correct.

22.21 Questioner: Then did the technological advancement of Atlantis come because of this call? I am assuming the call was answered to bring them the Law of One and the Law of Love as a distortion of the Law of One, but did they also then get technological information that caused them to grow into such a highly technological society?

Ra: I am Ra. Not at first. At about the same time as we first appeared in the skies over Egypt and continuing thereafter, other entities of the Confederation appeared unto Atlanteans who had reached a level of philosophical understanding, shall we misuse this word, which was consonant with communication, to encourage and inspire studies in the mystery of unity. 
However, requests being made for healing and other understandings, information was passed having to do with crystals and the building of pyramids as well as temples, as you would call them, which were associated with training.

22.22 Questioner: Was this training the same type of initiatory training that was done with the Egyptians?

Ra: I am Ra. This training was different in that the social complex was more, shall we say, sophisticated and less contradictory and barbarous in its ways of thinking. Therefore the temples were temples of learning rather than the attempt being made to totally separate and put upon a pedestal the healers.

22.23 Questioner: Then were there what we would call priests trained in these temples?

Ra: I am Ra. You would not call them priests in the sense of celibacy, of obedience, and of poverty. They were priests in the sense of those devoted to learning.
The difficulties became apparent as those trained in this learning began to attempt to use crystal powers for those things other than healing, as they were involved not only with learning but became involved with what you would call the governmental structure.

22.24 Questioner: Was all of their information given to them in the way you’re giving our information now, through an instrument such as this instrument?

Ra: I am Ra. There were visitations from time to time but none of importance in the, shall we say, historical passage of events in your space/time continuum.

22.25 Questioner: Was it necessary for them to have a unified social complex for these visitations to occur? What conditions were nec— I’m saying, what conditions were necessary for these visitations to occur?

Ra: I am Ra. The conditions were two: the calling of a group of people whose square overcame the integrated resistance of those unwilling to search or learn; the second requirement, the relative naïveté of those members of the Confederation who felt that direct transfer of information would necessarily be as helpful for Atlanteans as it had been for the Confederation entity.

22.26 Questioner: I see then. What you’re saying is these naïve Confederation entities had had the same thing happen to them in the past so they were doing the same thing for the Atlantean entities. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. We remind you that we are one of the naïve members of that Confederation and are still attempting to recoup the damage for which we feel responsibility. It is our duty as well as honor to continue with your peoples, therefore, until all traces of the distortions of our teach/learnings have been embraced by their opposite distortions, and balance achieved.”

So we have the Ra Confederation answering the call for assistance by the Atlanteans. These Confederation members observed the same issues among the Atlanteans that they themselves once had. I gather that they also received a similar type of assistance during their development, which was why they sought to help in this situation.

One interesting point to note (and David mentioned this as well) was with regard to the matter of priesthood. These Ra beings didn't refer to priesthood as that which involved celibacy, poverty, or much of anything we may commonly relate to priesthood. Instead, they simply used the term to refer to those who were devoted to learning. This means that by this definition, each person reading this and devoting their energy to learning all they can are in essence, priests. So congratulations. Keep it up.

Another interesting point that Wilcock made was that Edgar Cayce is partially known for channeling "Thoth the Atlantean". This character is also said to be the god "Tetuti" of the Egyptian polytheistic faiths. David made mention of the fact that in both cases, this character manifested as an avian (a humanoid with a bird head). This is of course, another correlation between the Ra group and the Blue Avian group being mentioned in recent times.




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