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David Wilcock's: Wisdom Teachings – The History of 3rd Density on Earth | Summary and Analysis

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The commentary Shem offered in regard to free will and the evolutionary process of expanding the mind using the "ways of mystery," resembles an analysis I did in relation to 'proof' in June of 2015. 

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- Justin

Source - Discerning the Mystery

By Shem El-Jamal

In this week's episode David Wilcock did not at all disappoint when it came to detail and depth of content. Once again, I found it difficult to keep up, and to mentally organize my view of the presentation as it progressed.  Though again, I found myself enjoying the challenge.

Wilcock started out by reviewing some important details from both the “Wisdom Teachings” series as well as the show “Cosmic Disclosure” (with Corey Goode), on various topics relative to this episode. He discussed the Mars Migration, the evolution of humans on planet Earth, the intervention of the Ra beings, as well as some of the research done by the Secret Space Program on the subject of spontaneous, planetary evolution. One interesting point that David mentioned was relative to these SSP research missions to star systems that had already undergone the energetic changes yet to be seen by planet Earth. He told of how the experiences of the people on these missions were varied. Among these crews, those on the positive path were able to advance in intuitive and psychic ability, while those who were on a negative path quite literally began to lose their minds. Wilcock likened this situation to turning up the thermostat in a room. As the heat would increase, so would the stress of those within that room. Thus, revealing everyone's true colors.

Another interesting point that David made was how much care the Ra beings took in respecting free will. At times, this care was to such an extent that they would refuse to give certain details about seemingly simple questions, and would instead remain ambiguous in their answers. Though this ambiguity may be frustrating for some, it draws attention to an important concept.

The Law of Free Will dictates that we are all creators of our own experience. If any higher being reveals too much detail of higher knowledge to a being at a critical stage of development (such as where we are now), that higher being could end up dictating the experience of the lower being to them. So instead of that being creating their own experience, the higher being, through their detailed answers, would create the experience for them, thus violating free will.

The fact is that the details are ours to fill in as we create our experience, and ultimately learn the lessons of our respective evolutionary state. It is natural for us to be greatly interested in finding the answers to our higher questions. However, these answers were never intended to come directly from someone else. Once again, the journey is ours.

Wilcock continued on his working theory that these sphere beings are, in fact, the Ra beings who speak in the Law of One text. He told of how they shared this same ambiguous manner of answering questions (a fact which was confirmed by Corey Goode's independent testimony), and described specific instances of synchronicity that both he and Corey experienced which did not exactly provide the direct answer, but gave very strong hints that these beings were, in fact, the same group. It turns out that this ambiguity has a certain, base principle within the Law of One.

David described the principle termed the “Law of Confusion”, by the Ra beings. This law allows free will to fully manifest, in that it allows an element of mystery to be maintained among developing, sentient beings.  For instance, if we knew all that we needed to know, there would be virtually no challenge in the experience. We would simply know, and do everything we needed to do in order to progress, but with this element of confusion, we are allowed to experience an aspect of trial and error, in which we are free to make any choice we want before we find our true answer and learn the principles of love and service to others.

Another interesting topic to note was that when the Ra/Yahweh beings intervened in the affairs of Earth humans during the second cycle, this was not a normal occurrence. This intervention had to take place because it was seen that humans were not progressing, and if help was not given, ascension and growth would not happen. Consequently, the rules of this Law of Confusion were bent. Here is what the Law of One text says with regard to this progression.

20.18 Questioner: The way I understand it, at the beginning of this 75,000-year cycle, then, we have a mixture of entities— those who have graduated from second density on Earth to become third-density and then a group of entities transferred from the planet Mars to incarnate into third density here. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

20.19 Questioner: What— Continue.

Ra: You must remember that those transferred to this sphere were in the middle of their third density so that this third density was an adaptation rather than a beginning.

20.20 Questioner: Thank you. What percentage of the entities, roughly, were— who were in third density here at that time were Martian and what percentage were harvested out of Earth’s second density?

Ra: I am Ra. There were perhaps one-half of the third-density population being entities from the Red Planet, Mars, as you call it. Perhaps one-quarter from second density of your planetary sphere. Approximately one-quarter from other sources, other planetary spheres whose entities chose this planetary sphere for third-density work.

20.21 Questioner: When they incarnated here did they mix— did all three of these types mix together in societies or groups or were they separated by group or society?

Ra: I am Ra. They remained largely unmixed.

20.22 Questioner: Then did this unmixing lend to a possibility of separation of group, then, or the possibility of warlike attitude between groups?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

20.23 Questioner: Did this then help to reduce the life span?

Ra: I am Ra. This did reduce the life span, as you call it.

20.24 Questioner: Can you tell me why nine hundred years is the optimum life span?

Ra: I am Ra. The mind/body/spirit complex of third density has perhaps one hundred times as intensive a program of catalytic action from which to distill distortions and learn/teachings than any other of the densities. Thus the learn/teachings are most confusing to the mind/body/spirit complex which is, shall we say, inundated by the ocean of experience.

During the first, shall we say, perhaps 150 to 200 of your years as you measure time, a mind/body/spirit complex is going through the process of a spiritual childhood, the mind and the body not enough in a disciplined configuration to lend clarity to the spiritual influxes. Thus, the remaining time span is given to optimize the understandings which result from experience itself.

20.25 Questioner: Then at present it would seem that our life span is much too short for those who are new to third-density lessons. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Those entities which have, in some way, learned/taught themselves the appropriate distortions for rapid growth can now work within the confines of the shorter life span. However, the greater preponderance of your entities find themselves in what may be considered a perpetual childhood.

20.26 Questioner: Thank you. Now, back in the first 25,000-year period, or major cycle, what type of aid was given by the Confederation to the entities who were in this 25,000-year period so that they could have the opportunity to grow?

Ra: I am Ra. The Confederation members which dwell in inner-plane existence within the planetary complex of vibratory densities worked with these entities. There was also the aid of one of the Confederation which worked with those of Mars in making the transition.

For the most part, the participation was limited, as it was appropriate to allow the full travel of the workings of the confusion mechanism to operate in order for the planetary entities to develop that which they wished in, shall we say, freedom within their own thinking.

It is often the case that a third-density planetary cycle will take place in such a way that there need be no outside, shall we say, or other-self aid in the form of information. Rather, the entities themselves are able to work themselves towards the appropriate polarizations and goals of third-density learn/teachings.”


So, at the beginning of the first 25,000-year cycle (also the beginning of the 75,000-year cycle) we have this mixture of humans on the planet. Wilcock mentions the fact that, galacticly speaking, this virtually never happens. It has been very rare that such a variety of humans find themselves on the same planet at the same time. The reason this was necessary at the beginning of this cycle was that there were very few civilizations that were successfully graduating from 2nd to 3rd density. This graduation procedure, according to the Law of One, works in such a way as to allow developing humans the opportunity to graduate for one 75,000-year cycle (or three 25,000-year cycles). This is the amount of time a planet can remain in one particular density. If beings do not learn the laws of their particular density after this time period has elapsed, they are “kicked off” of the planet and must continue their lesson elsewhere.

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