Wednesday, February 17, 2016

David Wilcock Update - February 17th 2016: Methane Poisoning, Preparing for Consciousness Life Expo, Rescheduled Ancient Aliens Taping

For those who may be interested, David Wilcock just posted this update about an hour ago on his facebook fan page

Note: if you are interested in a live stream of the Consciousness Life Expo events with David and Corey Goode, they can be purchased via the link here:

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Depending on my time constraints this weekend, I'll be watching their presentations and may have some notes to offer later in the week.

- Justin

David Wilcock Here it comes.... this weekend is the big event at Conscious Life Expo! I have two events on Friday, three on Saturday and one on Monday, so it's a very busy schedule. The main talks are Friday, Saturday and Monday at 8PM each night.

If you've been following my health story, then you'll know I seem to have gotten methane poisoning after returning from Boulder. It was hot and I slept with the windows open and the wind was blowing from the right direction to bring it in -- literally just a day or two before they capped the problem. So I got a toxic dose.

Yesterday was about 85 percent as bad as any "deathly illness" I've ever had. The main thing was the migraine headaches and body aches, coupled with coughing, fever and extreme dryness. I was fading fast by 7PM and crashed by 8PM, powering through until 8AM this morning with just one break.

In the "biting off more than you can chew" category, I was supposed to be doing a major Ancient Aliens taping for four more episodes tomorrow. Each taping of this nature is equivalent to a doctoral dissertation's worth of material to study and talk about. I could have pulled it off under normal circumstances, but in this case I needed to focus on our event this weekend.

I wrote them and rescheduled. It's the first time I've ever done that and they were cool about it. I always try to work no matter how I am feeling, but in this case I really needed to be loyal to this weekend's conference first and foremost.

I am happy to say that the migraines are basically over with. I have about 10 percent of the headaches I had yesterday. The absurd muscle pains are way down as well. My guess is that by tomorrow (Thursday) I should basically feel normal.

You sent a huge outpouring of support for me when I let you know what I was going through and I appreciate that. It does appear that all of this is "negative greeting" because of the enormous window of change that we are about to crash into. Corey Goode is getting hit really hard right now as well, and he will be there with me this weekend.

Since I know everyone is asking me about the article, I am probably going to just release a part of it since it is already so enormous. I'll just have to finish it later, because I definitely need to spend quality time on my slides so we will do this right. Now is the window where exceptional change can occur and I am not going to blow this chance!

- David


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