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Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth: Into the Hall of Records - with Corey Goode and David Wilcock

Here is Shem's analysis of the latest Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock. 

Shem offered more supplementary Law of One material to bolster the concepts discussed in this episode.

I offered an explanation of true karma in my own analysis in the below-linked article.

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Shem's summaries of Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock are also excellent companion pieces to the information discussed in this episode.

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- Justin

Source - Discerning The Mystery

We start where the discussion left off from last week. Corey and David talked briefly about the challenge to belief systems that these testimonies regarding Sitchin's translational inaccuracy represented. They discussed the feeling of disillusionment that may follow the revelation of such testimony. Corey discussed briefly his research into the history of the translations of ancient Sumerian texts. He said that each time he compared the translation to the actual, Sumerian texts, he found they were congruent. The scholars were correct in their translation. In fact, the original texts mentioned nothing about mining gold or much of anything else relative to Sitchin's version. Corey also found that the data within these ancient Sumerian texts were spot on with regard to the information he read from the smart glass pads during his visits to the SSP meetings. After this brief introduction, the discussion continued.

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Corey told of how the priestess gave him the Inner-Earth version of the history of the solar system, and the colonization of Earth. She told of a race called the “Guardians” (who were actually the sphere beings that recently returned to the solar system). These beings were the ancient builder race who inhabited the solar system billions of years ago. According to the Inner Earth accounts. the civilization they built was extremely advance. So much so that no other race dared come near to this system for fear of retaliation, as their defenses were completely capable of wiping out any threat. These were also the beings that the SSP called the “Ancient Builder Race”.

This Guardian race was also said to be the same race that built the Giza pyramids several billion years ago. The story went that these beings had an extremely advance society in this system during that time, and they eventually left this frequency to a attain a higher one. Though when they did, their barrier and defense system remained active. According to Goode, if I understood correctly, there were those of this race who remained in this system and began to fight one another in a civil war between those on a planet and those on the planet's moon, during which the planet was destroyed. The planet was called “Tiamat” (also known as Maldec). This is congruent with David Wilcock's research and working hypothesis that Mars was once the moon of a super-Earth type of planet that was destroyed.

The priestess continued. The war destroyed both planets, creating the asteroid belt and sending the moon out into an independent, solar orbit. (This moon would become Mars.) This also caused an influx of refugees to planet Earth. When this disaster occurred, it took down the outer defenses of the solar system, and as this happened, it sent a signal out into the galaxy like a beacon, which attracted all of the races that were avoiding this system beforehand. After these defenses went down, all of these groups had free rein. This beacon also brought what are referred to as the “genetic farmers” in, who brought more survivors of this disaster to Earth, and who also performed experiments of every kind upon these people.

The priestess told about how when the Guardians returned, everything changed. This is in reference to the recent return of these spheres to our solar system. She told of how the Inner Earth people wanted an audience with these Guardians, but the Guardians did not respond to communication (the same as when the SSP was ignored when they tried to contact them). This was not at all typical, as the Inner Earth people were used to communicating with these beings telepathically, but at this point, they simply ignored the Inner Earthers' requests for communication. Corey mentioned how he told the priestess of how he believed that some groups who had secret agendas were some percentage service to self. This confused her . She said that these Sphere beings/Guardians would have to be considered partially service to self as well, as they too had an agenda.

At this point David chimed in regarding the Ra/Yahweh beings from the Law of One. He told of how they said during these channelings that they could not ascend from 6th to 7th density until they assisted in our ascension on Earth. Here is what the Law of One says about this motivation.
14.19 Questioner: At what density level is Ra?

Ra: I am Ra. I am sixth density with a strong seeking towards seventh density. The harvest for us will be in only approximately two and one-half million of your years and it is our desire to be ready for harvest as it approaches in our space/time continuum.

14.20 Questioner: And you ready yourselves for harvest through [the] best service you can provide. Is this correct?

Ra: This is correct. We offer the Law of One, the solving of paradoxes, the balancing of love/light and light/love.

14.21 Questioner: How long is one of your cycles?

Ra: I am Ra. One of our cycles computes to seven five oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh [750,000,000(?)], seven five million [75,000,000] of your years.

14.22 Questioner: 75 million?

Ra: That is correct.

14.23 Questioner: In your service in giving the Law of One, do you work with any planets other than the Earth at this time, or just Earth?

Ra: I am Ra. We work only with this planetary sphere at this time.

This Ra group consciousness desires to help us achieve 4th density ascension, and is completely open with the fact that they desire to achieve 7th density. In these efforts, they work exclusively with Earth until this goal is achieved.


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