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COBRA Q & A with Rob Potter - January 26th 2016: 9th Planet, Nibiru, Financial Reset, Earth's Center Is A Portal, AI and Free Will, Black Goo, Vaccines, and more

Here's the latest Rob Potter and Cobra interview from the end of last month. 

There were a few points I found interesting, one was in regard to the center of the planet being a portal:
There is a certain hyper dimension tunnel created between this dimension and higher dimensions that enable continuous flow of energy which is more than just the energy that can be mattered from the physical plane and this is one of the reasons scientists have sometimes problems in describing the energy momentum and the angular momentum of the body because there is some certain amount of energy that is not fitting in their √©quations, I’ll put it this way. It’s because is not coming from the physical plane. To put in the a different way; the center of the planet is a portal. And the energy is coming from that portal.
His description of a 'hyper dimensional tunnel created between this dimension and higher dimensions' sounds very similar to the Reciprocal System's Theory's description of time-space interacting with space-time. In the theory, motion accelerated beyond the speed of light enters time-space, and appears 'dark' or invisible from space-time. According to the below-linked article on the evolution of planetary geophysics, as described by RS Theory, the center of the planet is a fragment of a dwarf star that was once shattered in a supernova explosion during the solar system's deep past. 

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The energy from this explosion accelerated the fragment into time-space with a high rate of spin. As it slowly cools over eons of time, materialization occurs causing an expansion of the Earth's crust, as well as an eventual repositioning of the orbit of the planet when a solar shift event occurs. This latter notion of a solar shift seems to correspond with the 26,000 year galactic wave pulse spoken of by COBRA below. And it also corresponds with the narrative of Corey Goode in relation galactic tsunami waves of energy pouring into the solar system at this time. 

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One last point on this topic, in the recent Cosmic Disclosure Episode, Inner Earth: The Grand Tour, David describes how ancient myths and legends have two words to for major events that happen on the Earth. Cataclysm apparently refers to the Greek word kataklusmos, meaning deluge or flood; derived from kata (down) and kluzein (to wash). David goes on to mention that the second term is Conflagration, meaning a blaze or extensive fire that destroys much land and property. It is this same solar event that the above linked paper discusses as an influx of cosmic energies propelling the whole solar system into a higher rate of energetic expression. 

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Much more discussed below. 

- Justin
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Some Technology From The PleiadesIn my home somewhere on Maui
Robs Monthly Update Introduction
Hello Ladies and gentlemen.  Peace unto you who are listening and peace unto the planet at this time.  My interview with Cobra the special edition of Victory of the Light radio show and the question and answer is soon to follow. Cobra interview transcript is below scroll you wil see it.
Dear Promise Friends,
The Cobra interview was late this month and we apologize. Cobra postponed the interview a bit and we have just received the audio and transcript. The Cobra interview is below and clearly marked to read interview immediately go there.
Last month was some controversy that came mostly from other people. Cobra and I agree to disagree on certain subjects. In last months instance it was on The Office of The Christ and The Ascended Master Yehoshua. Ordinarily I do not comment however due to our intimate association I felt the need to clarify my views are not his on this subject. That is all!
Cobra and I are gentlemen and the mission continues. The mission is not about him or me; it is about liberation of our world through TRUTH and love vibration.
Many attacked me and I responded as usual with a defense of myself. If it was nasty I mirrored that nastiness. Admittedly not my finest hour but I am human and get tired of people doing nothing telling me how to run my website. In calmer moments I don’t respond.
I also received many people supporting me for not being true to my inner voice on this subject, thank you for your support.
Special Thanks to Rique Seraphico for his support of cobra and this monthly interview. He spends endless hours editing these interviews and he is going through a trying personal transition and our prayers are with him. You may help by purchasing his Cd through my website under music!
God Bless Danell Glade for her fine transcription of these interviews month after month.
Thank you for Editing Sam
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Bill Hamilton an old school researcher I met in the early 70’s bases on mars release in 2014.
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Vaccination Resistance

The Dengue and the Zika LIES

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This is a Website of superior court judge who is trying to do the right thing. It looks good but the caveat is she has many “titled” names and ends her now famous letter “In service to his Holiness the Poop”. God confers holiness by a sanctified life of an individual and is only recognized by a cacred presence emanating from one such individual.
Holiness is not a secular position voted on by other people in an organization that is riddled with corruption and hides the truth from those who innocently and ignorantly give their acquiescence to these “authorities” to lead them. Her proclamation looks good! Time will tell if it bears the fruit we would expect.
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Thank you all.
Victory to the light
Rob Potter

Here is Cobra ‘s Interview Transcript 

Rob – OK Ladies and gentlemen.
As promised, here we are again with   Cobra and I have a couple announcements before we start. A lot of people have been sending me multiple questions. Please ladies and gentlemen. Please keep your questions to maybe 3 or 4. I would really appreciate that. 
Also, if you could not ask just questions about youtubes or books or personal people. Again I have to remind you please read the book, look at your youtube and ask several specific questions. Many people are sending us very long information for us to do homework on and then to make a general comment. We tend to not prefer to comment on other’s work. Please keep that in mind. 
Also, last month there was some controversy in regards to some post with the Cobra interview and so forth. We had some difference in opinion and Cobra and I agreed to disagree. So we’re going to address that in just a second but there’s no problem with Cobra.
I absolutely support him. I know that Cobra is absolutely pure in his intent. I’ve defended Cobra constantly against attack from people and I am a supporter of Cobra. I have done 3 conferences. I have done a tremendous amount of work with Cobra and I feel that his information is absolutely tremendous and powerful especially within the bandwidth of the control matrix.
Never before have we had such clarity about the plasma scalar field, the forces behind it, the implant matrixes and things of this nature and I want to make it clear, very clear that I support Cobra. We’re big boys and we can agree to disagree on certain metaphysical information here and there.
A disagreement Does not change the mission. It’s not about me, it’s not about Cobra, it’s not about our differences or limited human views. We’re all coming together here in a space of love and peace and so I wanted to support that information and love. Cobra. . . You would agree with what I just said, right.
COBRA – Yes, I would just say that let us go beyond that drama and just carry on with the mission.
Rob – Absolutely. Thank you very much. Folks, we’ve had a lot of interesting things going on in the last few weeks. Cobra was away. We had to delay the interview. We’ve had many requests for when it’s coming out. We’re doing our best to get this out.
So Cobra, since we last talked, Alex Collier came to my conference and again we’ve talked about this before and it’s quite timely. Yesterday you made a post about the 9th planet which of course is the planet which you said the Resistance comes from and you made a wonderful post explaining about that people would see a blue methane gas water planet that if they looked closely within the gradient level of 10 pixels they’d be able to see actually the rectangular glass things, I guess windows that would look on the sub surface out into space there. So this is the Resistance Movement planet and this is good news. Also you mentioned that here where I am on Maui, the Chimera still control the deep underground space center complex and they’re actually will be taking away any evidence from major astronomical observatories on this planet and that kind of shuts it down folks.
That explains why we haven’t heard too much of that. Read that post of Cobra’s as well as keep in touch with his blog on the portal I wouldnt to bring that up but with information from Alex Collier I wouldn’t bring this up and you just made it clear on this post and answered one part of this question. I was wondering about the Nibiru.
Does the resistance have any information, and I’d like you to ask them if there are any other planetoid worlds or comets or anything dwarf, invisible sun as some people are saying, coming into our solar system and effecting our, you know volcanic activity, any type of things like that?
COBRA – OK. I know that answer already and they have been absolutely sure that there is nothing that will cause the orbit of the earth come close enough to disturb the tectonic activity on the planet or have any kind of catastrophic impact on the planet in the near future. So nothing like that exists inside our solar system right now.
Rob – OK. Very interesting. I did just have an interview with Randy Kramer that will be coming out soon a two part, the SSP guy. And he confirmed the information about the what is called, what he considers Nibiru and he says it comes every 3600 years. He said it will supposedly not arrive for another 1200 years.
According to Billy Meyers notes that I was reading they have bumped it’s orbit and it will not be a danger to the earth planet. You said anything that will cause a disturbance. Is it possible that there maybe another large something coming within in the solar system but would not cause tectonic damage that may effect weather or something like this.
COBRA – According to my understanding there is no celestial body that will disrupt life on earth. But what is happening and is already in the process of starting is the galactic pulse. The galactic pulse happens every 26k years and of course is already affecting whether systems on the planet.
Rob – Absolutely. There’s been some information that there may be some increased type of earthly cataclysm that may get humanity’s attention that would be a natural cataclysm that cannot be, you know, overcome by the Galactics. We have to have a certain amount of tectonic activity and it’s possible that some things could be happening. I’d like to mention that there was an earth quake off the coast of Malibu and off of Alaska recently. And the one off Malibu is right at that location. Can you tell us, was that earth quake natural or was there something going on with that underground Malibu entrance.
COBRA – Nothing was going on at that particular location that was not natural.
Rob – OK. So that is made that clear folks. Cobra says that there’s nothing coming in. The Nibiru thing is not correct according to cobra.
We’ve clarified that some of the people that were talking that were in a recent public announcement about this planet, it is not Nibiru, so no need to panic or fear. It’s not the destroyer comet. Cobra we’ve had some radiation spikes in the USA starting in November and private researchers have confirmed a lot of these. Is there anything that you can say about this? Is this Fukushima, is this possible wave that came from that or any information on the radiation spikes from November through December in the Western U.S.
COBRA – This was not just happening in the Western United States. it’s happening across the U.S. and it’s not related to Fukushima. It’s more related to certain, I would say, experiments that the negative military did and unfortunately some of those spikes are real. They are not extremely dangerous but it is still a concern. No reason to be afraid but at the same time, it’s good for people to be aware and it’s good for people to monitor that independently for any public institution. So some people have prior measuring devices to monitor radioactivity that’s a good idea.
Rob – Yes, that’s good. I actually bought a very small one. It’s like $50. you can stick it in your i-pone. It’s an app. I took it to the store here in Maui and went to the fish section to see if there was anything there. I didn’t get any readings but obviously maybe some gentleman nuclear power is the most abused and dangerous sources of I guess enemies to human health. Part of the original benevolent E.T. contacts required that the earth put away it’s dangerous nuclear technology.
So in your previous update you talked about a lot of positive financial system updates. Can you please comment on any progress that’s taking place or is it just bringing in the last three weeks any on going program with the Yuan becoming exchange currency of choice internationally?
We’ve had drops in the Dow, Baltic Index. Can you please comment. This is obviously an attrition situation. Can you give us a little more details on what is going on in the financial system and something hopeful we an look forward to.
COBRA – Yes, of course the same process is continuing in the last few weeks. There is a lot of preparations in the back ground to reposition the basket of currencies to give them more equal and balanced perspective when the reset comes. There is strengthening of the Eastern alliance on the financial front. There is the continuation of the attack against the cabal by lowering the oil prices because this will bring the Cabal to their knees. This is one of the major sources of their income and this is why the price of oil is dropping so fast to bring the Cabal to their knees. And along with that of course there is continuation on the political front and on the military front. So it’s an ongoing process which is slow becomes things need to continue carefully, not to trigger any unwanted responses from the Cabal, so we need to do it in the way that everybody can manage.
Rob – I was contacted by an individual who was very powerful in the trading of the platforms. A good guy and actually I think I spoke to you about this. He was invited to Bush’s ranch and they offered to give him this money and he refused that deal. He’s recently been set straight and he’s vested in some treasury bonds and I know you don’t think it’s necessarily going to happen. He’s working with the Chinese with the Mui-hai. I’m putting a link in the intro for people to read that basic phone conversation that he agreed to make public. Danell made the transcription so people can look at that. He’s very positive.   He said he never felt more calm that things were happening. He said Cabal members were calling in to their meetings and trying to disrupt them. Can you tell me. . . he told me that some people have been funded. I said really, who? He said Obama who just bought a giant piece of property, mansion, I think it’s in Qatar. I was like; Why would hey fund him? I said was the bad guys. Yea, the bad guys let this funding go through. Is there any funding of the positive benevolence groups on the down low that you know about.
COBRA – No, unfortunately that project you heard about is that the bad guys has released some of the funds to their minions to keep them in line. That’s all that happened. It has nothing to do with the financial reset. It has nothing to do with what we’re hoping for. This is a completely different story.
Rob – I’m going to do one last financial question, there might be another one down the line. There were some runs for people who were taking some of their money out of the banks. Do you see this as something that’s a good thing. Is the run will that foment panic or should people slowly take their money out of their banks. what do you think? 
COBRA – I said a long time ago to take your money out of the bank. It’s not safe there #1. #2 -If you keep it in the bank you are giving a free loan to the Cabal to continue with their control mechanism.
Rob – OK folks, that should put safe sales up and be sure you keep it safe if you do that. You can put Mylar around your money that will stop any cabal related machines that can read how much money you have in their house and believe me folks, they do have it. Those micro chips in the dollars, they can tell how much money you have in your cars as you drive through your little toll roads and stuff.
That technology is out there.
We’ll switch it up a little bit now. This is an exact quote from a scientist. He gave me his credentials here, but I just thought I’d ask it. “According to current scientific theories the heat source for the core of the earth is supposedly coming from accretion impact of from asteroids on the earth”. To me this seems a little bit of suspect. My question is; Is it true that the earth’s mass and eternal heat is a result of astral accretion or is there more to the story.
COBRA – Yes. Of course there’s more to the story. The original source of heat in everybody in this universe came from the original singularity. Original singularity is not something that just happened. The Big bang is not just a certain explosion that happened a long time ago. There is a certain hyper dimension tunnel created between this dimension and higher dimensions that enable continuous flow of energy which is more than just the energy that can be mattered from the physical plane and this is one of the reasons scientists have sometimes problems in describing the energy momentum and the angular momentum of the body because there is some certain amount of energy that is not fitting in their √©quations, I’ll put it this way.   It’s because is not coming from the physical plane. To put in the a different way; the center of the planet is a portal. And the energy is coming from that portal.
Rob – Than you very much. That confirms what Dr. Frank Strange has said on occasion when he went with commander Valiant Thor. They would actually transfer from the portal in the inner earth to Venus. Question here from one of our Egyptian 2012 crew JIm. “Are important vortex that are controlled by darkness fortified with entities, parasites, etheric technologies. If yes, can you please give us as much detail as possible on this?
COBRA – Yes, of course they are fortified with entities and technology and #1 technology are stranglet bombs on the plasma plane and this is what keeps those vortexes stable.
Rob – OK. I’m wondering, obviously some of these vortexes are coming down. Are these vortexes tied in to the natural nodes or ley lines of the earth.
COBRA – Yes, that’s all interconnected.
Rob – As the vibration of the planet changes and these new ley lines are being established on the planet, will some of these vortexes simply become non functioning due to the shifting of the earth’s vibration or did these vortexes artificially try to move with the new lines. 
COBRA – Only the negative vortexes will be dissolved. They will be annihilated so or they will transfer into the positive ones, so there will be no more negative vortexes on the planet when the time is right.
Rob – Very good. Alex Collier said that the frequency fence is down. I don’t know what that means. I haven’t been on the mainland and it’s pretty vibrationally clear here in Hawaii. Would you give us any updates on the plasma scalar field network within the physical aspect of the satellites and some of the more baser technologies in the control matrix on the earth. Has there been any major developments in the last month.
COBRA – There has been some developments on the physical aspect, yes there has been improvements but unfortunately the plasma aspect is not OK yet. Far from it.
Rob – Can you tell us; is the ELF wave situation which carries a disruptor field into every electrical line in the U.S. in the past, still in process at this point in time and is there still ELF waves in the mind control matrix coming through everybody’s electrical systems.
COBRA – Yes it is still so because I would say the plasma aspect of electricity are as some people call it, an invisible current is still there and it has not been taken care of yet.
Rob – OK, that’s unfortunate. Now I have another question and I wasn’t really sure exactly what he’s saying here. I mean you and I kind of agree on the A.I. that it’s a very advanced technology, that it is controlled and has a program and once the program and the technology itself is shut down it will no longer be a problem. Many people feel it’s this know all be all technology. So they wanted to know, here’s a question; Does the real A.I. play the role of the an Architect that constructs or creates the world we’re allowed to see by localizing the wave particles as it pleases through our subconscious and eyes.” In other words are we just seeing. . . in the spiritual aspects, the great Avatar Yogananda said: this is a dream and you’ll wake up into the reality of who you are after you pass over, but this life is a dream. Is that being controlled to that level that we’re actually watching a movie controlled by the dark forces is the question.
COBRA – No it is not controlled to that way. level. That is not true
Rob – What is controlled to a certain extent.
COBRA – The A.I. I would just say, I would say the software aspect of the technology that was created by biological beings, the Chimera. They created artificially intelligence (A.I.) as a tool to assist them in their control of the planet of this sector of the galaxy. The A.I. is not a problem. The main problem is the free will of beings that went on the negative side. The A.I. is just a problem, which can be hacked, and the RM doesn’t have any problems with A.I. They completely mastered that in their own environment and they can master it in this environment as soon as the critical mass of people who will use their free will to support that decision.
Rob – OK. Thank you. A further question on this. Alfred Lambremont Webber. I haven’t really followed it because it’s more negative bad news. I know the positive elements of our benevolent space family will be able to take care of it. It’s a little beyond the human technology at this point if it is real and you just talked about the physical aspect that we hope to be removing this.
The question is; what is the story with black goo. Is it real? Is there really goo? Some super soldier, some people have said that they recalled in some of their programs being injected with some sort of black substance. Did they have goo of nanite technology that they used? Is there any truth to the black goo theory? Could you explain that?
COBRA – Yes that technology did exist. It was dangerous at a certain point but it was taken care of. It was not always black in color sometimes it was deep green or brown. Many different sources of colors. It was actually bio liquid full of nanites and controlled by A.I. programs but it was something that Resistance movement has been completely able to destroy in their own environment again. This so-called black goo might only be a problem in certain very deep secret negative military programs at the moment and not anywhere else on the planet. And again at the time of the event this will be completely removed from anywhere.
Rob – Well that’s good news folks. The black goo is not really something that we need to worry about on the surface, not that it doesn’t exist. I mean obviously if this black goo could get out there, a lot of people would have a lot of issues with it. Did you have something else to say Cobra.
COBRA – Yes. This will not get out because as soon as if it tries to get out to much the RM will just, I would say, do certain things to completely eradicate from the planet. At this moment this black goo can only exist in conditions that are very very controlled, very particular conditions that are only met in certain places very much in control and command of the negative military. They can not just exist and thrive out on the open surface.
Rob – OK. That’s really good news as well. I wanted to talk about a little bit, we just did an interview with Len Horowitz. It’s not up yet. The brilliant Dentist that uncover the AIDS due to his intellect has become an expert in virology and following the Cabal’s vaccination plans. Unfortunately we’ve had some recent situations where children have actually collapsed within moments of taking vaccinations. Lots of continued weaponization of vaccines is happening.
For instance Dengue fever has recently been weaponized and they’ve shut down portions of Hawaii and it seems as though they are continuing this pandemic. We know that they’ve killed Andrew Molden, the man who proved that Autism is created by vaccinations and ladies and gentlemen, if your family is getting vaccinations, but if you’re so ignorant and you are refusing to look at the truth and you have damaged your child, there’s always forgiveness and you have a long road to hoe. So, NO vaccinations ladies and gentlemen. Cobra, can you talk a little bit about these continued plans and these programs. They never seem to get too far but they put a lot of fear in people. When will we see an end to these viruses that are coming out and the vaccinations? Are there still any microchips being put in there or what’s the story.
COBRA – No, no microchips there any more but vaccines are deadly poison. This is not something to laugh about. It’s something to fight against severely so people need to spread information about vaccinations about their side effects and raise their voice.
Rob – Thank you Cobra I recommend that people go to len howThe swine flu sight that I worked on with Len Horowitz, community action link, you can see some things that I wrote on how you can become involved in fighting the vaccination programs as well as being aware and approach this cautiously with intelligence and awareness.
Cobra sometime we have questions about different countries. We’ve had a question in regards to some changes in Poland there. People wanted to know is the leader there part of the Cabal. What’s the story in Poland? They mentioned a couple of different things. Can you tell us a little bit about some of the excitement that’s been going on in Poland recently?
COBRA – You see we will have to judge by his actions like everybody else. It is not so important at any particular moment is a certain leader is part of the Cabal or is connected with the Cabal. He will be tested by the circumstances because even those many political leaders that were not part of the cabal but succumbed to the pressure, they were not strong enough. So we will see what the situation will be in a few months there.
Rob – OK, thank you. Are there any major vortexes or inner earth entrances in Norway.
COBRA – Yes, of course there are.
Rob – Would you like to comment a little about them. Who’s there or what the situation is.
COBRA – There is a very strong Pleiadian energy in Norway and unfortunately there are some negative military bases that monitor and try to control the Pleiadian activity. They have been put in those locations precisely because of the Pleiadians.
Rob – OK. Thank you. I had another gentlemen who called me and I gave him some information that Fred Bell told me about this and people worry about judgment and things like this. I want to read this one question from this one individual who follows you and is. . was feeling confused and stuff. I’ll just read the whole question here and let you handle it. “I was reading Cobra’s interview on your page and came across a question you asked about homosexuality.
Cobra’s quote: in most cases manipulated sexual energy by the Archons because when the sexual energy has been traumatized and can not express in men and women relationships it can be expressed as this but it is not always like that. Is it possible that there’s a soul connection with two beings of the same sex which can express in a sexual relationship as well.” And then the person says “as being homosexual himself the only thing that upsets me is that he implies that     heterosexual are healthy like homosexual relationships are unhealthy and unnatural. Although he did say In most cases it’s not manipulated. I can’t get over the fact that after finally loving myself I have to hear that I might be unhealthy manipulated because I’m not attracted to women. Our souls have no gender and some ET there. I don’t know, I’m confused right now. It’s bringing me to tears. Can you please clear this up and ask Cobra to have a bigger discussion about this.” I’d like to preface this Cobra with saying, people need to love themselves and there’s no judgment and you know a lot of compassion and understanding needed and people need to stop judging others. Can you respond to this gentleman?
 COBRA – Yes, of course. I am not putting any judgment upon him. It is his personal choice from his personal decision. I’m not saying which relationship exactly is healthy or unhealthy about his relationships. It’s his own personal thing and I’m not going into that. But I’m saying that the vast majority of cases you have a male and female polarity of cosmic architect. This is why possible to have healthy male to female relationships. I also said that it’s possible for two souls of the same polarity, for example 2 men to have healthy relationships if there is a connection on the soul level.
Rob – Very good. Thank you for clearing that up. I appreciate that. There’s a lot of other programs out there that people are into; anger, violence, rage and hate which will need to address without judgment. People need to be cleared of some of these things. Here’s a question you kind of answered it but not everyone may have caught this. I saw you mentioned this that it does bring out some things.
We recently did get another batch of cintimani stones from the cintimani hunters and people are really enjoying them. I do have ways to get faceted ones. Here’s a question from someone. Most people have had very positive experiences. Here’s a question, some of us who have cintimani stones and are wearing them all the time, 24/7 are experiencing big emotional swings, ups and downs and angry fits.
Can you describe how the cintimani works to clear people’s emotional states. Is this one of the main things it does. The person, I suggested they just watch their thoughts and be in control of their emotion and watch it like waves on a beach coming and going. How do you suggest people who are having some intensified emotional reactions to the cintimani stones and can you explain how that happens?


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