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COBRA Q & A with Rob Potter - February 18th 2016: Disclosure Packages On All Computers, Syria Vortex, NDE's, Cannabis, and more

Source - The Promise Revealed

Dear Promise Friends and Family,
I am feeling that the curve of spiritual development that Valiant Thor has spoken of through Dr Frank Stranges is certainly reaching epic proportions. The numbers of regular not so esoteric sites willing to examine the truth have increased dramatically in the last year.
They are really looking open-mindedly at the reality that we are not alone and that the Benevolent Space Family are really here and involved to nurture our inner realization and spiritual transformation within ourselves. This will provide the intellectual understanding to accept that we are not alone, never have been alone, on the jewel of orb we call earth.

Now many people the world over are standing up and stepping forward into service and creating alternative solutions to the world’s problems. Never before have so many been taking time to serve their communities. So cool to be alive during ths time of awakening. With love we can do this and heal our world.
The outer societal infrastructure changes that will certainly be diverse dramatic and become more prevalent in the near future are already upon us. As we grasp the understanding that will come from eventual inevitable open interplanetary exchange that is in process, we must realize our participation is critical. The financial system is just the tip of the iceberg that gets so much press because people are obsessed with money. I say be obsessed with The Spirit of Truth within and love for your fellowman. Please learn how to adore the Great IAM Christ presence within. Give a hug, smile when others are stressed out and have patience and compassion for each other always.
The Cobra interview this month and his post are a watershed moment as the RM is indicating through Cobra a more real tangible involvement to literally stop the Cabal in their murder and violence upon individuals within their ranks who wish to defect as well as the general populace and in critical places around the world. Cobra also indicates a overall more hands on approach to ongoing violations or humanity’s freewill. This will remain hidden for the most part but these actions will hasten full open “Disclosure”. Fasten your seat belts!

Remember The Children

This next information is very important and very dear to my heart. I will ask every single person here to BE THE CHANGE by donating at least $5 only {please make it more} to people less fortunate than ourselves. So many have sent me letters wanting to become involved and how can I join in changing the world. To all of you …… here is a way to get involved.

Because I am not a pastor I am not comfortable telling people how to choose their own mission or what to do on a daily basis. I regularly decline to offer guidance to those who ask me. Although grateful and humbled by their faith in me, for the most part I tell those individuals who are inspired by my writings on PFC and my work here to seek within how to find their own note in the symphony of transfiguration. However this cause is so heart rendering and so desperate that I am full throttle going to use my name on this site and your attention to heal this open wound upon humanity. Will you please help?

Innocent children the world over are suffering through no fault of their innocent selves. Through Hope Girl and Bethany I have met a true hero Christopher Kala, a 28-year-old former orphan who has through sheer determination, will and dedication out of love to his children has for 9 years built an orphanage in Moshi Tanzania from the ground up with occassional assistance from different people.

The governemt recently arrested him because he cannot pay fees for such an institution. (WTF?) Luckily the for him the 23 children he cannot feed every day followed the arrest crying and pleading for his release which was granted (some policemen do have hearts). The children refused to leave the police station until he was released.

Though he is out of jail,  the threat of incarceration still looms as bureauacracy continues to oppress the innocent. I decree that “One day every innocent child will be cared for by loving parents  and have a bed clothes, a roof and food for them to be malnourished and not go to bed hungry, SO BE IT!” 
I called this amazing man  on Skype to meet him and he was outside his village with a stick foraging for vegetables for his 23 children, a stick! Christopher, who makes us all look selfish by his selfless service every single day as he passionately pursures diginity, education and more importantly food shelter and clothing for his incredible 23 children. I am in awe of this man as I was scared to death to have my son when he was a toddler sometimes for only a week. Please watch this very poor quality video (sorry it was to a cell phone in Moshi) to meet Chris and his children. 
Chris and several others have built literally stone by stone a wonderful bastion of love to protect these beautiful children from the street, unsavory characters and the trash heaps where he gathered them from. Some of these children have AIDs from their parents who have died. He is fearless and works hard everyday for his jewels with joy in his heart. The interview with Bethany, the sweetheart who created the go fund me campaign to  help Christopher, will surely touch your hearts, as she shares her efforts for over a year. 
By watching you will know this is a real and desperate need. This situation is crying for our support. If you do not have time to watch then please just click THIS BUTTON and make a donation. I know there are thousands of people with enough money to make a real difference to these children by not only covering governements fees but to help them get FOOD! 
Please, please, please help me to allow Christopher not only to pay the government’s ridiculous “FEES” of 4,000.00  dollars, but let us help Chris be able to feed these children as well. I just know some person will donate a large amount to insure food for these children as well. 
May God pour his richest blessings on Christopher and all of you kind souls who will make this effort a success.
God Bless You All. Thank you

You may wish to listen to a wonderful interview with Hope Girl.
You will hear us discuss Christopher Kala and the orphanage briefly here as well.
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Also happy to announce we do have more Cintamani Stones are now available.

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Cobra Transcript

February 2016

Rob – As promised Ladies and gentlemen, here we are with another special edition of the Victory of the Light radio show. I am your host, Rob Potter. We have Cobra on today. I’m going to try a different tactic here today. Some people wonder why I have preambles. I’m going to read some of these questions here. I get paragraph, two and three paragraph questions and people sometimes wonder why I talk a little beforehand because I try to paraphrase and give a little background questions.

We’re going to read questions exactly as they are. And Cobra has just come out with another post, and we’re going to ask some questions about that .
I also I don’t have much of an intro this month for you folks. I simply want you to look at the interview I did with Christopher Kala, an orphan himself, who was raised in an orphanage.
I hope folks, after seeing that you people that ask how to help, you can help directly by donating 5 or 10 dollars to this man who is 28 years old and tries to feed 22 – 23 children on a daily basis. I was referred to him by Hope-Girl and this is a worthy cause.
We’re going now to start the questions.
Cobra, welcome to the show. Thank you, again, for coming on the show and I appreciate you taking the time every month to work with me here on the Victory of Light radio show. It’s an honor to have you once again.

COBRA – It’s a pleasure for me and I enjoy those interviews very much.

Rob – Thank you, very much. I’d like to go right into your post that you just made this morning before we get to the guest questions. I’m going to ask a few questions here and a lot of these questions people have might be answered in some of these things you just released.   It’s an important situation update as of today actually.

You talk about very soon we’ll be able to remove all the plasma and strangelet bombs. There’s going to be a similar technique to remove them and once these are removed once and for all, it looks like we can really move forward with the Event, is that correct?

COBRA – Yes, absolutely, as soon as these are removed, we’re very close to the Event. There are some other technologies, but I don’t think they’ll be much of a problem.

Rob – Yes. That’s really good news. You mentioned some fairy-type energies are returning to the surface of the planet. They pretty much retreated into the Inner Earth, a little physical and lower astral plane fairies, because of the energies. Some of them are returning and some of them in beautiful nature spots around the planet, correct?

COBRA – Yes, that’s correct.

Rob – Can you elaborate a little bit on fairies, sylphs and angels and things like that for people who are unaware. Are some of these physical or are they strictly only visible to those with sensitive sight in the plasma, etheric or astral planes?

COBRA – They are not physical beings. They are beings that can be visible on the plasma, etheric and astral planes but everybody who has at least a little bit of energy sensitivity can feel them. You can not see them. You can feel their presence if you go to the most beautiful spots in nature away from human populations, you would most likely be able to feel their presence.

Rob – OK. Thank you. You had mentioned in your thing, it says: “The dark are quite bold in their actions lately and the Resistance took some action on the physical plane.” Can you talk a little bit about the bold actions of . . . To us everything they do is bold and in our face and negative but can you speak specifically what some of these actions were?

COBRA – Yes, there are quite a few of those situations. The first one is the situation in Syria where you can see that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are challenging . . . actually, they are playing with fire, I would say. This is one of those situations.

Rob – Right. They have been kind of doing some war games on the border it looks like. I saw that they actually had bombed a hospital, I think it’s Syria, that is responsible for 40,000 people. Can you talk about that?
COBRA – Yes, I would say the negative alliance forces have attacked that hospital. They have framed it like the Russians did it, but the Russians did not do it. The Russian military is ___ strictly forbids attacking civilians and they are like 100% dedicated to removing the so-called “terrorists”, which are actually mercenaries backed by the Jesuits because all of this is Jesuit creation. The negative military faction in US, the Saudi Arabian, the Turkish people, all of them are puppets in the hands of the Jesuits, and the Jesuits want to create as much suffering as possible in the Syrian area because it’s a very important energy vortex.

Rob – Yea, I would agree. Obviously that’s a very major vortex. All of our historical prophesies kind of center around that area. One of the things that the Resistance responded to in your article here today is that they’ve actually put some criminal evidence against the Cabal into the computer system of major news agencies around the world and into the computers of private individuals. Now this is all done on the back end and no one really knows about it?

COBRA – Yes, it’s in the computer system. It is very hard to find it. You will need a really good computer expert that would need to check the computer to find it, but it’s there.

Rob – So it will actually just be automatically triggered and flash cross the screens like a news feed. That’s very exciting.

COBRA – It will be like a pop-up window, which will have a very attractive title, and people will click on this and they will see all kinds of evidence there. If the Cabal goes too far, this will be activated. This is in many computers around the world right now.

Rob – Eventually this will be activated anyway, but certain actions by the Cabal could activate it before.

COBRA – Yes. At the time of the Event of course all this will be active, but I’m speaking about time before the event. It can actually happen today or tomorrow if they go too far.

Rob – A little bit about evidences. Are these in general or are these some name, dates, facts and figures on individuals?

COBRA – It is very specific, very much to the point. It’s evidence about the Cabal’s crimes. It is disclosure related evidence with totals, with dates, with names, with everything. Secret space program, ET contacts, all that.

Rob – Wow, that’s excellent. I know Chip Tatum has evidence of, for years, on the Bush’s. Videos, films in his possession of George Bush Sr. and his boys snorting cocaine and running drugs, so this will be real hard evidence to fill in the evidence gaps. This is really cool. And it says now, the 2nd major action that “certain armed Resistance agents are now on the surface and will interfere in many cases when innocent civilians are being attacked with violence and abuse.” I presume this would be Syria-type of places or in other places as well?

COBRA – It can be anywhere on the planet. It will not be expected. Those Resistance agents will be in plain clothes. They will be anonymous and nobody will be able to identify them. So if people, if the dark people intend to do any of their dark actions of violence against people, they can expect somebody to stop them. But first they will not be able to stop everything, but they will start stopping things. This has never happened before.

Rob – Will this be the type of stopping things with the power of the super luminal beings and the Ascended Masters where the negative forces are literally frozen, unable to move and a non-violent process takes place or will this be a high technology of weaponry of the Resistance that will actually stop negative forces but not kill them?

COBRA – OK. I will not go into details here because otherwise the dark ones will start defending themselves. But it will be unexpected.

Rob – Very good. I hope that happens quickly. I have a question here. A lot of people have been researching the cintamani stone and they are saying that it’s an emerald green, so people are wondering about columbianite and moldavite. Are these cintamani stones and why is the cintamani stone. . . (I’ve noticed that it’s gone from kind of a gray transparent. It has a dark opaque. If you hold it to the light, sometimes it’s even lavender.) Can you explain the different colors if it’s from the same source? Is this from the different locations? Talk about that please.

COBRA – OK. Moldavite has green color and it’s coming from the Pleiades and it’s not the cintamani stone. Cintamani stone is coming from the Sirius star system and it has a beautiful lavender sometimes grey, sometimes brownish pink color if it’s transparent.

Rob – OK. A lot of the historical documents of the Buddhist and some of the Middle Eastern ages the picture’s depicted as being green. Is there a reason for that?

COBRA – Actually, they’re speaking about two different stones. One of them is cintamani stone and the second one of them is animati stone. The animati stone is a so-called fire stone or fire crystals that is moldavite.

Rob – OK. So some of the text and pictures are not explained. Okay. Thank you for that clarification, and there has been another batch of cintamani stones. Those will be up now. I will have some of the larger pieces, and pieces as well I’m sure will be coming out through other sources in the near future here.
Here’s a question: “I’m an Ethiopian, the so-called Ethiopian government, which has been in power for the past 25 years is controlled by psychopaths, sociopaths of the Nigerian people. TPLF is destroying me and other people from day one. Their main targets are the Christians and the Amhara ethic group. Government is committing genocide, ethnic cleansing of monasteries churches and the livelihood of Amhara’s. This guy thinks that millions have been murdered with no end in site. Can you ask Cobra why it is happening, who really the people in power are and when is it going to end?”

COBRA – OK, the situation is not only limited to a Ethiopia. The whole sub-Saharan Africa has a big problem of a lot of reptilian presence and a lot of Archon presence that have infiltrated those governments, and this has gotten worse since the Archon invasion in 1996, and only very recently there are some changes and some improvement in this area, and there is still a long way to go.

Rob – OK. Thank you. This is in response to your description of the absolute, and I’m going to quote this person directly, folks. “In the Course of Miracles it is stated that this world does not exist. It is a dream or illusion of separation from source and only the absolute exists. The outburst of the random function, the anomaly was corrected immediately by the absolute when it occurred, but we think we separated ourselves from the absolute in time and space. We think we live in this universe in separate bodies because we had the thought of separation and we feel fear and guilt. We are unaware where time is over and the anomaly was corrected. The Course in Miracles teaches that we exist only in the absolute as an extension of the absolute. With God and us as his only son of the Christ principle. We are not guilty. We are innocent in perpetuity as we were created. We see this world as a result of having a split mind and the holy spirit higher self for the divine within carries the memory of the absolute and assists us to heal this split mind. A Course in Miracles was said to be channeled by Yeshua.” Cobra, can you comment on this as being correct or what your information is about that?
COBRA – OK. I will not completely agree with that perspective. If you look from a certain higher perspective, the world can appear to be an illusion but only because you are not identified with this lower planes of creation, but those lower planes of creation like the physical plane, astral plane, mental plane still exist, because they are a dynamic interaction between the absolute and the random function, the contingency. So it’s a matter of perspective. So the Course in Miracles just describes a certain perspective of certain beings who have reached a certain level of spiritual development, and it is just that, a perspective.

Rob – OK. As is everything a perspective, I guess. Another question, it says: “Simon Parks, if you are familiar with him, he has indicated that the Adam and Eve story is true and not a myth. I would say, from my perspective of the Urantia book, it appears to be true, but needs explaining. Can you talk about the Adam and Eve myth or the reality of Simon Parks saying that there’re really were two beings that came here?”

COBRA – Actually, the humanity once created through spiritual engineering and genetic engineering and this creation myth is a reflection of distant memory of that event. So as most myths are, they are actually a reflection or memories of things that actually happened, but because of the time distance from when it happened, they get twisted and distorted to a certain degree.

Rob – OK. Thank you. Then a friend of mine asked a question that required a little bit of homework. I looked at the video and I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, but off the coast of British Columbia Canada, there was a smaller earthquake and a loud kind of sonic boom. According to one person, it was allegedly the destruction of a reptilian ship by the Andromedeans. Do you have any intel if that is correct or possible?

COBRA – From my sources this is not correct.

Rob – Thank you. Next question. Are Near Death Experiences (NDE) people describing an authentic experience of what existence is like after death or is this another layer of the matrix controlled system, another layer of the veil? People describe intense joy and love, beautiful music and also God or Jesus or past family members to tell them they want to go back to the body. Is that real?

COBRA – Yes, actually those experiences are genuine. People are experiencing bright light and loving beings around them. The only thing here is the guides who are loving and are suggesting them to come back or are giving them any kind of suggestion are sometimes manipulated themselves. They are well intentioned. They are good beings but they have been manipulated on the astral plane. The guidance that you received from the guides are sometimes correct and sometimes not. The ultimate source of guidance is ultimately within.

Rob – Thank you. Is it possible the event will occur if there are 144K people doing the meditation? In other words, before the removal of strangelet bombs, if 144K do the Event meditation, is it possible the event can occur?

COBRA – Yes, it’s possible.

Rob – The next question is: “Can the Event occur without 144K people doing the Event meditation and the time is right?”

COBRA – The Event will occur regardless of what we do. We are just doing whatever we can to speed up the process and make it easier for everybody. But the Event does not depend on what I do or what you do.

Rob – OK. “Ben Fulford was talking about the Illuminati group and that they worship the black sun. Can you ask Cobra what is the black sun?”

COBRA – Certain circles within the Cabal structure have the black sun as the symbol of the galactic center. They worship it, they are afraid of it and they respect it. And this is their final destination very soon.

Rob – Haha. OK. Very good. Ben Fulford also said that the human had to be revamped because of the corruption of their agendas. That’s an understatement. The person has mentioned that they are taking classes at a local college and the college is actually offering an Agenda 21 sustainability degree. Do you have any comment on that?

COBRA – No. It just reflects the state of the current educational system on the planet.

Rob – And for those that don’t know folks, Agenda 21 is a carry over from Global 2000 as Cobra has stated they had an agenda to depopulate and have complete world domination by 2000. And now Agenda 21 is an on-going depopulation agenda with different activities including foods to lower our potency for children to depopulate the planet. Next question. And I had quite a few people asking this. Someone posted it on my blog and about 10 people want to know the answer. “Could you ask Cobra about the cannabis and the endocannabinoid system in the human and the animal body?” I’ve never ever heard of that.  What is the true role of this ubiquitous and essential system?

COBRA – I can not answer this question.

Rob – OK. Is that because you don’t know what an endocannabinoid system is?

COBRA – Can you say this very slowly?

Rob – It’s about marijuana. “Can you ask Cobra about the endocannabinoid system in the human and animal body?” I think what they’re referring to is when people. . . there have been results showing that the body creates neuro hormones very similar to cannabis which can remove pain and other things like this.

COBRA – Yes, that part is correct. That part is correct.

Rob – Yea, I wanted to clarify that. I wanted to ask it as the person asked it and then I felt I had to do that. They said that this is the sense of communication system for all other body systems, and the nervous system. They said it seems to effect and interface between the light bodies and the physical bodies. Do you have any other information about cannabis and the interaction with the body?

COBRA – Actually cannabis does interfere with connection between the physical brain and the etheric brain, but that connection actually dissolves the membrane between the physical brain and the etheric brain and sometimes this is good and sometimes not. Because usually when people have this membrane dissolve they get very good contact with the astral reptilians and other etheric reptilians.

Rob – Yea.



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