Friday, February 19, 2016

Benjamin Fulford Video Update - February 4th 2016: Liberation of the Planet Update

This interview was recorded on the 4th of February and posted on February 10th. 

Fulford discusses the 2016 US Election, a plan to devalue the US currency, ongoing activities happening behind the scenes, and more.

Richard Montalban asked Ben if there is, in fact, power vacuum left by the Earth-base alliances efforts to take down the Cabal, implying that there may be other forces at work, such an as extraterrestrial involvement. 

The answer to that question from, Ben, is below. 

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- Justin

Source - Operation Disclosure

By Ricardo Montalban

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Ben, are you sure the dark forces are gone, left a vacuum and that humanity is on it's own now?

I believe that good E.T. are with us now. Especially, with Russia and the Pentagon.
I really liked that analogy of the 3 power centers. London financial....Vatican Religious.....D.C. Military....puts it all into perspective.
It is clear that despite frantic attempts to start World War 3, set off nuclear bombs and spread epidemics that people have stopped dying in large numbers. We are dealing with a mop up operation now that the main forces of the dark side have been defeated and left. My understanding was that the so-called Norway spiral was the black sun leaving the planet in a hurry from a Thule society underground base in Norway. We just have to push a bit more and we should be able to liberate the planet.
Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン 090-3439-5558



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