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The Mind and DNA | If DNA Is Software, Who Is The Programmer?

In modern times, humanity has been indoctrinated into a worldview that conceives of the body and mind as limitations and evolutionary mistakes. Materialism asserts that the universe is a random chaotic place, with life as a grand cosmic accident. Within this viewpoint, DNA is riddled with junk codes or processes, from a distant past that has no bearing on the present. 

But can humanity, who has only within the past 150 years gained a modicum of understanding about life, really be ready to decide which billion-year-old genetic code is important or not? I'd say this perspective is decidedly arrogant and foolhardy. 

As the below article suggests, DNA and biology are incredible coordinative developments. The likelihood that a biosphere could evolve complex life such as ours, purely based on random genetic mutation is slim to none. What is much more plausible is that DNA is a tool for consciousness itself to invest into the space-time realities of material motion. While modern science thinks of reality as random and material, the ancients conceived of it as a dream of consciousness, bound by divine laws of supreme organization and intelligence. No matter where we look, there is always sublime coordination at work, which even materialist science acknowledges as unity of principle. 
"Life is a dream. Reality is mind." - Frank O'Collins. 
Modern science asserts that the vast majority of the genome is 'junk DNA.' Because academia has failed to recognize anything but protein synthesis, all other genetic codes are viewed as inactive or completely worthless to the living organism. But is this viewpoint true?

In short, no. There is a wealth of 'fringe' scientific data emerging to suggest that so-called junk DNA is responsible for nearly all the peculiar processes observed in relation to the human organism. 

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For example, the electromagnetic effect on DNA and its orientation are well documented within epigenetic studies. Hearthmath Institute has compiled many observational data points to suggest that psychological processes, what the modern medical field deems as psychosomatic processes, alter the geometry of DNA within the chromosome, making genetic codons accessible to the cell for use. In addition, the microbial ecosystem maintained by our choices of diet and excise, also play a direct role in genetic expression. 

All of this suggests that the primary tool for changing genes is the mind. Our choices, beliefs, worldviews and resulting emotional expression have the most impact on genes than any other process known to man. In light of this seemingly built in mechanism for changing our genome, why would we resort to such barbaric techniques such as chemical augmentation or genetic splicing?

Well, in short, since the mind is the biggest tool for altering biology, then lack of mental mastery or complete knowledge, ensures we will fail to appreciate the innate power of organic biology. In other words, the transhumanist point of view, wherein consciousness is nothing more than a biological side effect, literally prevents humanity from recognizing its innate abilities. 

Within this limiting worldview, we deny the treasures of our own house, looking outside of ourselves to 'fix' problems in our biology caused by our poor custodial habits. 

If the body is an ecosystem of microbial life, that works with consciousness as a custodian for that ecosystem, then anyone seeking to splice and dice their DNA is a negligent and incompetent caretaker. Considering nearly every deleterious health condition is a result of poor habits, by way of the indwelling consciousness or mind, then the solution to lasting health is mental mastery; a mind that is possessed of key knowledge and understanding so as to use the body properly. 
To drive in the absurdity of genetic manipulation even more firmly into mind, consider a musician that desires to play the piano. In their initial efforts to learn, they may conceive of themselves as a virtuoso, but lack the skill to play the instrument well. If they do not acknowledge their lack of skill, they may belabor under a false concept that it is the piano which is the problem, and not their lack of knowledge. And from this dubious and self-deceptive stance, they may seek to alter the piano itself, in a foolhardy effort to avoid learning how to use the instrument properly. They may cut piano wires, or remove half the keys, saying they are 'junk' because they haven't learned to use them yet. In the end, the piano only has enough keys left to play a handful of simple songs, which the would-be musician happily accepts as evidence they are masters of the instrument. But one day, the musician goes to see a concert, wherein a piano is played without being augmented. And our musician is humbled by what they see, realizing that in their foolish pride, they failed to recognize their own mental infancy and ignorance as the cause of unmastered skill. 

I found this quote from the article to be highly insightful:
"If we now know that we can edit the code behind Life, don’t we necessarily need to redefine or begin to understand Life as the expression of Consciousness — instead of seeing ourselves as the source of such knowledge or insight?"
And this quote also comes to mind:
"I warn you, whoever you are...

Oh, you who wish to probe the arcanes of nature, if you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither shall you be able to find it outside.

If you ignore the excellencies of your own house, how do you intend to find other excellencies?
In you is hidden the treasure of treasures.

Oh, man, know thyself and thou shall know the Universe and the Gods!"
- Phrase inscribed in the ancient Temple of Delphi.
The allegorical message of the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens seems to be suggesting that the key to unlocking innate psi ability, and restoring balance to the universe is morality.  Perhaps the ancients were more wise then we would like to think?

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- Justin

Source - Collective Evolution



The animation in the following video depicts the CRISPR-Cas9 method for genome editing – a powerful new technology with many applications in biomedical research, including the potential to treat human genetic disease.
This is yet another indication that “DNA is software” – not metaphorically behaving “like” software but literally and objectively the same form of “being.”
What does this mean?
Well, for anything to be edited it must convey meaning; the concept of editing is simply revising the expression of something – thus its essence or meaning has been altered.
And this can only be accomplished within a consistently intelligently behaving system with predictable patterns.
You cannot “edit” randomness or chaos.  By definition chaos’ changes occur randomly and not predictably.

In the word processing software used to write this article I can copy and paste words and sentences to reconstitute the look and thus the meaning of a page of text.  And I do so predictably according to rules–that is editing.
In HTML if the syntax of the code is changed — for example if “b.jpg” is substituted for “a.jpg” — then a different image will be displayed in a web browser based on the underlying code.
I have shared this video before but it is monstrously important:

In the video, geneticist Juan Enriquez shows the genetic code on the left in the slide above and identifies it as Ebola.

He also describes how code acts as an “executable” – performing biological tasks in the same way that HTML performs various electronic tasks – turning pixels on and off on your monitor to display web pages.
He also describes how, by taking the genetic code for a nearly extinct animal and putting it into the egg of a similar species, the original species is “born” (again).
Again, in computer terms, this is copying and pasting. We do it every day but never think about it.
Enriquez also describes how an apple is also an “executable”–an apple is an “application” according to genetics. Enriquez says that when it gets sufficient “input” in the form of energy from the sun, its code executes and it falls from a tree.
But now consider this:
We did not write the DNA code. It is as old as organic life itself – Presumably over 14 billion years old.
Let that sink in for a moment.
With HTML or a word processor we KNOW where the code came from – it was conceived and written by teams of brilliant programmers according to the specific intentions of other brilliant THINKERS.
So what is the source of DNA? Who “wrote the code”?
There is no answer to this question – I believe we simply need to accept not knowing the origin of DNA.
But in terms of modern science, we need to rethink the implications and not take them for granted.
Geneticists like Enriquez, who change genetic code through sequencing, seem oblivious to the implications for all of science: that what they are changing is literally “cosmic intellectual property.”
Let’s go a bit deeper…

We also know that there seem to be ways of “reprogramming” your own DNA.  Neuroscientists like Joe Dispenza (Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind) have written extensively about changing habitual patterns through dramatic action, and thereby changing the deep “grooves” of your subconscious conditioning to create new patterns that serve you better.
More recently, Deepak Chopra and Rudy Tanzi have published Super Genes: Unlock the Astonishing Power of Your DNA for Optimum Health and Well-Being, in which they present concrete ideas for achieving similar results.

Again this focuses on the biological aspects of genetics for achieving human goals – wellbeing and so on.
But humans have had “access” to software for only a few generations; our science has been mired in the conditioned beliefs of materialism for centuries.  We now need to make a profound mental shift.
What is apparent in all of these comparisons of DNA and software is something extremely significant but so obvious that is overlooked constantly: Meaning (editing) implies Mind – but not just any mental function but high Intelligence.
So if Life itself is manifesting a property (intelligence) through its means of expression (DNA), must we not shift our orientation as the primary source of intelligence in nature from Ourselves (humans) to Life itself?
If we now know that we can edit the code behind Life, don’t we necessarily need to redefine or begin to understand Life as the expression of Consciousness — instead of seeing ourselves as the source of such knowledge or insight?
This is the Copernican revolution in psychology. We (humans and our science) can no longer consider ourselves as the source and center of all intelligence. Indeed our very sense of being (consciousness) arises from a space or source that is both mental (intelligent) and nonmaterial.
“Think” about it deeply. Like considering the “outside” when looking at the Milky Way at night, our human mental capacity is not up to the task of understanding this intellectually.
This is potentially another Copernican Revolution, but this time it is an evolution of Consciousness.
It must be felt – we are literally the product of an intelligence we can barely comprehend; in comparison to the consciousness that sourced Life, our materialist science is on the level of a Neanderthal.
Understand this – in reality, not metaphorically, DNA is software – the “program” behind life – and it must be an expression of  Infinitely Intelligence.
As Eckhart Tolle says, this intelligence runs all of our bodily functions without our conscious participation in perfect harmony (unless there is disease).  It “manages” our circulation, digestion, respiration, elimination et al. using a system of coded instructions that convey meaning (they can be comprehended and edited).
This understanding must dramatically shift our focus in terms of consciousness as not being a product of our biology (residing in the brain) but rather being as energetic and intelligent presence for which our current science cannot account.
This is because our science is a science of objects–and DNA is an expression of something completely different — as Eckhart says, “no thing” – it is a living subjectivity.  It is not the product of a noun–it is an always present verb.

Take it in:  if DNA is software – who was/is the programmer?


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