Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Idaho Militia Begins Negotiation With FBI In Burns Oregon Over Hammond Family Wildlife Refuge Occupation

Last week, in response to the Bureau of Land Management's unlawful actions towards ranchers in Oregon state, a lawful militia occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Since that time, tensions have run high, as mainstream media reports on the matter as if the occupiers are domestic terrorists. Despite the incendiary claims of media, there have been no episodes of violence or lawlessness emerging from the situation.

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The FBI set up base in Burns Oregon, 30 miles north of the now occupied wildlife refuge.

On January 10th, a contingent of Idaho 3% militiamen organized and approached the FBI compound in Burns. After some initial posturing by the FBI, the militia informed them that they are there to act as mediators between patriotic protesters and the FBI, to ensure peaceful resolution occurs without unnecessary aggression by either side.

The FBI confirmed the only authority that can tell them to leave is Sheriff Ward, the local Oregon county Sheriff.

While there is no overt victory for the patriots gathering there, the fact that the FBI is recognizing the local sheriff as the highest authority is congruent with a constitutional framework. In the past, FBI forces have unlawfully stormed compounds, ignoring local authorities, and due process.

Another point of inspiration is the fact that a third party has decided to act as mediator. All too often, passions can run high to the detriment of those attempting to peacefully protest tyrannical governments. The powers that should not be would like nothing more than to incite violence so as to make an example of the freedom movement. However, if peaceful relations can be maintained, as it seems they will, then this will stand as an example of how a morally righteous cause can win over a stronger force representing tyranny and oppression.

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- Justin

Source - Freedom Outpost

As previously reported Pete Santilli a well known radio show host and activist bullhorned the FBI compound in Burns, Oregon. In protest he read the Declaration of Independence out loud to the FBI, the most powerful message that could have been conveyed.

On January 9, 2016 the FBI was surprised to see a convoy of approximately 20 vehicles roll into the same compound Pete Santilli had previously bullhorned. Who were these people, and why were they there? They were the Idaho 3% militiamen, our patriots. While the FBI seemed to be caught off guard, not knowing what to think at first, tensions soon turned into understanding and dialog. Tensions were obviously high, but both the militia and the FBI handled themselves in a professional manner, ending with handshakes and smiles.

VIDEO CREDIT : Embed Reporter Michael Emery of The Voice of Idaho 

Idaho 3% have made it clear they are there to ensure peace on both sides. They will not allow aggression from the federal government, law enforcement, nor the patriots occupying the refuge. Their mission is to help open dialog, and keep the peace between the patriot protesters, local law enforcement, and the FBI while the controversy of the land dispute is ongoing. During this meeting, the FBI was spoken to about the grievances of the people, the townspeople wanting the FBI to leave their town, as well as asked to open an investigation into the Hammond's case. The FBI took the grievances and stated they would deliver them to their chain of command.

Brandon Curtiss of Idaho 3% was interviewed by Mr. Santilli after this successful mission was accomplished. Mr. Curtiss exposes they have new evidence BLM and not lightning started the fires in which the Hammond's put out by starting a backburn. Yes, this is the same backburn the Hammond's are currently in federal prison over. Should that be found true, there is no doubt the unlawful terrorist BLM agency will be feeling the flames of justice burning, and searing through to their very core.

This compound will go down in history as the first time the militia have rolled into an FBI compound, requesting open dialog, transparency, and making it clear they are there to enforce peace for both sides, no violence will be tolerated. This is the "Shot Heard Around the World" without a bullet being fired. As MSM slept through one of the most historical days in the history of our union, we the people remain diligent in the fight to restore our republic.

I am thankful to all the patriots that are standing up for what is right in the face of government terrorismoppression, and tyranny. I am also thankful to the individual FBI agents on scene that appeared to be listening and allowing a dialog to begin between the people and their servants. While the FBI stated they do not want any violence, only time will tell if they are sincere or not. It should be duly noted the FBI clearly stated Sheriff Ward was the one who had the authority to make them leave, or continue to have them stay which is what Ammon Bundy has been saying all along. A special thank you to Mr. Santilli and other independent media that have been tirelessly covering the truth and recording history, without them I have no doubt this historical event would have never been known and history lost.

As Thomas Jefferson so eloquently stated " our attachment to no nation on earth should supplant our attachment to liberty"[ June 26-July 6, 1775 "Declaration of the Causes and Necessity for Taking Up Arms" ]

God Bless all whom are in Burns, Oregon you are in our prayers.
Here are some photos from the event.

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 25

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 24

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 23

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 21

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 20

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound19

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound18

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound17

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound16

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound15

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 14

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound13

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 12

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 11

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 10

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 9

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 8

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 7

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 6

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 5

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 4

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 3

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound

Idaho 3 Percent Roll Up on the Feds Compound 2

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