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David Wilcock's - Wisdom Teachings: The Mars Migration | Short Summary

The author of a new blog, Discerning the Mystery, named Shem, recently began publishing short summaries of David Wilcock's Gaia TV series Wisdom Teachings. Shem also posts many other topics of interest on his new site, and I'll be showcasing some of that content in the coming days as well.

I am going to start posting these summaries as they are released, referring back to them in future posts as needed. 

If you haven't seen Wisdom Teachings before, it is a treasure trove of key information needed to understand the science, spirituality and exopolitical nature of what is happening on Earth and beyond. It provides the essential big picture perspective to satisfy that innate drive of cosmic curiosity. 

David also takes the time to provide supportive data for what presents, facilitating personal discernment, which I think is essential to a progressive evolutionary process. 

Shem also produces his own high-quality images, which I just adore. 

For other Wisdom Teachings summaries click here.

- Justin

Source - Discerning The Mystery

By  Shem El-Jamal

In this week's episode of "Wisdom Teachings", David Wilcock covered a variety of topics. The first was a short recap from previous episodes on the ancient war between Mars and Maldec. He discussed how this war led to a catastrophe that destroyed both worlds (both Maldec and its moon, Mars), and sent the souls of the inhabitants of both worlds into a sort of screaming, limbo state for thousands of years. After this time, these souls were then transported by the higher, Law of One beings to the Earth as neanderthals in order to work out their Karmic debt.

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Wilcock went further into the Law of One writings about how these higher beings (who called themselves “Ra”) plaid the role of transporters of souls from one world to another according to the needs of those souls. He talked about how the evolution of a planet and of every individual thereupon would determine the specific need of their next incarnation. One of the points he made this week was to mention the very strong possibility that each of us on the path of 'service-to-others' ascension are moving “from conscious awareness to conscious infinity”. What this means, I do not exactly know, and David did not claim to know either. Whatever the outcome will be, I imagine it will be worlds greater than anything any of us can presently imagine, and that it will make our present hardships seem completely worthwhile.

"Wisdom Teachings" is one of the best series on Gaia TV, in my opinion. It covers one of the widest varieties of topics from ancient civilizations, to alternative science, to modern-day conspiracies (including the secret space program), and much more. On top of this, David Wilcock adds a great deal to the series, as he is one of the most diligent and intelligent researchers in the field today.

Click the link below to watch this week's episode.

(You must have an account to view this video on Gaia TV. A free, week-long trial is available if you'd like to give Gaia a try before subscribing.)

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