Monday, January 11, 2016

David Wilcock Comments on Benjamin Fulford's Update - January 11th 2016: Khazarian financial system and Mafiosi under systematic attack as world revolution unfolds

For those who are interested, David Wilcock left the following comment on Benjamin Fulfords weekly geopolitical update. 

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There were several articles released last week that claim major changes are on the horizon. Of course, time will tell what unfolds. 

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- Justin

Source - Benjamin Fulford

Comment by dwilcock on January 12, 2016 @ 2:02 am

There are some very provocative cross-overs between what Ben has to say here and what I have been hearing independently from my own sources.

Despite the seemingly compromised nature of the UN, I have independently heard that it will be reformatted with greater Alliance participation and used as a vehicle for re-establishing justice via tribunals.

There is no question that the Cabal is going to be exposed and defeated. However, it also appears that the degree of disclosure we will get is dependent upon us, not upon them. If we don’t work together as a group, we will only get a limited disclosure — of UFOs and Cabal matters — that takes place over a longer time.

There is great fragmentation within our community, and even among “truthers,” very few of them are aware of the degree to which this un-acknowledged World War III is being fought. Thankfully, this time there is far less violence and bloodshed, and the weirdest thing about it this time is how secretive the whole thing has been.

The Cabal’s defeat is a mathematical certainty at this point, and only a few moves are left. Ben also did not take enough credit, IMO, for predicting the capture of El Chapo in last week’s report.

I am going to be writing this all up, hopefully today but definitely soon. I needed time off for the holidays in addition to feverishly working on my new book, which is absolutely relevant to everything now going on.

If you want to hear my well-regarded radio show with Jimmy Church that discusses all of this, my part starts 32 minutes in, and this will be leaked in the new article as well:


[There is a youtube version of the above linked interview, found embedded in the article below.]

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