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Are You Ready For Change? | 5 Signs 2016 Is The Year Of Consciousness

The shift is happening, right now. But why haven't we seen bigger changes?

Well, that's because the front lines of the shift is within each of us. We would like to think that grand cosmic events are what makes big changes happen, but these things just add to the overall conditions at any given time. Much like rain adds water to soil, which only grows a plant if a seed is present to activate the materials provided. Similarly, we are seeds of change in the universal garden of Earth, and we can only grow strong and tall by an act of will.

The Earth-facing solar quiet might be one such example of how the universe is literally waiting for humanity to become more proactive.

Over the course of several years, sun spots have diminished in complexity almost every time they turn to face the Earth, resulting in a statistically significant reduction in Earth-directed solar flares and coronal mass ejections. It's almost as if there is some kind of magical shield that protects the Earth from solar activity. Now, this activity still occurs, but it is usually in such a way that does not put the Earth at risk. 

What could be causing this strange phenomenon? I suggest that human consciousness is somehow affecting solar activity. We already know that magnetic fields have a huge effect on human consciousness, as revealed by Dieter Broers in his mind-blowing documentary Solar Revolution. But is it possible that the sun is somehow altering solar expression to ensure the Earth is not damaged in a civilization ending solar catastrophe? Given a lack of explanation in this regard, and the statistical data suggesting the Earth is dampening solar expression, I think this is a possible explanation.

And considering that humanity has created a society completely dependent on electrical technology susceptible to high intensity electromagnetic fields, it's as if the sun knows we are fragile, and as such, protects her children on Earth; waiting for them to see the errors of their ways and restore balance.

But we need not look to such grand celestial enterprises to confirm that as individuals, we play an enormous role in consciousness shifts. The Cabal or our would-be masters know that the human mind is an essential tool in shaping reality, as such they ensure an endless stream of value distorting propaganda is used against the masses.

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Mind control is all about using the powers of creation inherent within each being for a specific purpose. This simple fact has huge ramifications, as it literally suggest each person, by their beliefs and worldviews, adds to the collective reality we all experience. An excellent example of this is how science fiction works to indoctrinate humanity into beliefs that ultimately limit the development of innate psi abilities or psychic powers.

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But the biggest secret within the heights of tyrannical power on Earth is free will or choice. No matter how complex or oppressive a system of control is, it is always founded on our participation, our choice to accept what is offered. As such, when we lovingly accept the truth, instead of untruth, and allow it to expand our knowledge, we develop the consciousness space within ourselves to make a new and more empowering choice.

The whole of reality as individuals or as a collective is shaped by a tapestry of choices and resulting reactions; we are all collectively co-creating reality as a whole. And if we become lazy or indifferent to the subtle suggestions in our world, if we fail to use our minds as sovereign beings, it ensures someone with a less noble intent will use it for us. In this sense free will choice is inescapable, so why not choose truth, freedom, and goodness?

Why not make this year the year for consciousness evolution? The choice is ours.

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- Justin

Source - Collective Evolution

If you limit yourself to viewing corporate news outlets, you would never know humanity is becoming healthier, stronger, and more informed. Societal constraints bound by fear are losing their grip to rising optimism and the forces of evolution.

What coalesced as a paradigm shift in “entitled” Millennials is exploding as first-wave TransGenerationals (Generation Z) graduate high school. Looking out at the world as if they’ve seen it all before, the new attitude is, “I’m changing so fast, I dare you to try and define me.”

And they’re right. TransGens are asking themselves and each other “why” instead of parents and authority figures. Could we be witnessing a fractal leap in consciousness as we hit critical mass known as the 100thmonkey effect?

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Up until even the final moments of 2015, there was a palpable tension in the air. Corporate news issued dire warning after warning to keep us in a global state of terror. Have you noticed that corporate media reports mostly on extremism rather than what’s occurring in the mainstream world?

That palpable tension was also felt by many as an underlying current that things are about to break loose—in a good way. Not only will you witness the coming explosion of consciousness, but you’re going to participate in it.

Why 2016 is the Year of Consciousness:

1) You are coming to know your worth. The Internet is a miraculous tool for allowing you to share what you’re good at and get immediate feedback. Creative people are taking this feedback, refining their expertise and message, and cashing in. Once bound miserably to jobs that brought no personal fulfillment, you are turning what you love to do into products and services for others who share your interests.

2) We’re having fun playing together. If you think electronics have further separated us, we’re coming back together in a whole new way. Go for a jog in your neighborhood and some kid might point his phone at you, asking you for a shout-out on his YouTube channel. Social causes are bridging the gap between those in need and those with more than enough. We’re discovering that cooperation is a whole lot more fun than competition.

3) You’re driving consumerism instead of consumerism driving you. In won’t be in the news, but many corporations are in a panic as they attempt to reinvent themselves to remain relevant. We’re no longer blind to how products are manufactured and where we get our food. We now care about the animals, and the ground left behind. We’re asking you to care, too.

4) It’s about stewardship, not ownership. In debt for thirty years on a house or seven years on a new car? How about massive student loans? No, thank you. Like the crew of Apollo 13, we’re scrambling to construct alternative solutions, letting our inventions serve as new markets. The business of life needs to be dynamic, fluid, and sustainable whether we’re going up or coming back down.

5) A new trickle-up economy is emerging. If competition yields a loser for every winner, it’s collaboration that creates trickle-up. You finally understand that if I win, you win—and vice versa. We’re funding each other and buying locally. We’ve found our voice; we’re voting with our feet and volunteering. It’s just plain fun taking good care of one another.

Emerging is the sovereign being, where one first turns within for answers and then to one another to collaborate. Our history books are filled with celebrated sovereign beings ahead of their time. Now it’s your turn.

When you know your true value, you can write your ticket to freedom. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “No one is free until we are all free.”



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