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Gaia Portal - December 17th 2015: Lichens are consoled and removed - with interpretations by Justin

The raw Gaia Portal update is first, followed by my extrapolated meanings in black.

Source - Gaia Portal

Lichens are consoled and removed.

Harrows are smoothed and patched.

Green pastures are viewed from the border.

Fields of Light are now the norm.

And now the analysis:

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. The meanings provided are not the only ones that can be gleamed; in my view all meanings have value, especially when shared and discussed openly. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Interpretations: "Lichens are consoled and removed." - Lichens are early stages of ecological life that grow on surfaces such as stones or trees in close a packed crust like formation. These organisms are typically the first to appear in an environment where no other plant or animal life is found, such as a mountain top. The organism is a union of fungi and algae that are aeroponic in nature, able to pull nutrients right out of the air. Lichen's grow over many years, slowly producing topsoil that eventually accumulates enough to host other organisms. They are considered a foundational type of life form for an emerging ecosystem. In the medical field, Lichens are a type of skin disease, often marked by eruptions of pimples packed closely together. Given the remaining terms and their usage in this statement, I suspect the second definition is appropriate, suggesting that a skin condition that has erupted into a disease is being consoled and removed. Generally speaking, most skin conditions are a result of imbalanced flora or microbial content in the body, which arises out of improper diet and exposure to toxins. For example, many people are vaccinated and given antibiotics at some point in their life, which destroys the body's delicate balance of flora, the internal ecosystem of the body. In the space left behind, the remaining antibiotic resistant flora overpopulates the body, fed by sugary food and refined carbohydrates. Unless one takes up a well regulated dietary protocol of fresh leafy greens, fermented foods, and sprouted nuts, the bacteria will completely take over the persons body, leading to emotional instability, chronic disease, and, of course, periodic skin eruptions or Lichen. 

Therefore, when the body has degraded enough to begin having chronic skin conditions, the imbalance of microbial life is already well established. Only by consoling the body, e.g. eating properly and becoming wise custodians of the living ecosystem with which we experience reality, can these lichens be removed. The metaphysical meaning of this statement, given the literal interpretation, suggests that when we are unwise custodians, whether of our body's or Gaia herself, lichens form on the skin or the surface. The surface represents that which can be seen; a pimple is very noticeable. Metaphysically, errors in thinking, false knowledge or lack of knowledge, when acted upon, leads to pain or discomfort, which, like the pimple, is on the surface and noticeable. All of this is suggestive of the universal process of notifying consciousness where more inner work needs to be done, so as to gain wisdom and evolve. And as the statement says, we can not ignore our own errors, be they physical or metaphysical, else we guarantee more pain and suffering in the future. For how can we console something we've chosen to ignore? Therefore, this notion that we can ignore the negative is unproductive and unfounded when considering the mechanics of consciousness. 

Finally, hu-manity, as defined by Gaia Portal are those embodiments of consciousness that are creating chaos as a result of lack of knowledge or ignorance, which within the metaphor discussed herein, can be thought of as lichen or those close packed eruptions on the surface of Gaia that are recognized as 'diseased.' And these beings lost in life must be consoled as well, so that they transform into harmonious embodiments; they become Hue-mans.

Essentially this statement is suggesting that we must comfort and console or forgive ourselves for the errors in our own lives. Instead of finding hatred and loathing for a pimple on the skin, we can see it as a sign that our body's are out of balance and be grateful to have the opportunity to recognize this and change so as to restore health. This physical example directly translates to consciousness, in that, we must recognize the limits of our own attainment so we can focus our attention on what needs to be learned to gain complete knowledge. Love is the answer and wisdom is the reward. 

"Harrows are smoothed and patched." - A Harrow is a farm tool dragged over plowed land to remove weeds, clots and covered seed. The term also refers to the act of causing distress or being distressed. For example, one may hear loud rock music and be harrowed or distressed by the sound. Keeping in line with the theme presented in the first statement of this update, those individuals which see lichens in their own lives, those eruptions of disease that are noticeable, are harrowed by the experience. Consider those moments in life when we become aware of an unintended occurrence, such as spilling a glass of wine on one's shirt at dinner, or discovering that we were late to an event because we mistook when it was scheduled. In either case, a discontinuity of knowledge existed within the mind, an error, which when acted upon caused chaos or an undesirable consequence. If we reject the truth about these situations, we deny ourselves the ability to gain awareness and this causes us to feel distressed or harrowed. But because these lichen- like events are being consoled any distress caused is being met with love and compassion, which smoothes and patches the skin of consciousness, making it whole for evolution. In other words, love and compassion towards oneself and others is essential for healing trauma, which eventually provides consciousness with the stability needed to face reality and learn from error.

"Green pastures are viewed from the border." - The adage "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" comes to mind when considering the phrase green pastures in this statement. The adage generally refers to the tendency to view one's present circumstances as undesirable when compared to another situation. For example, we may find our current job undesirable when considering the work a friend does at another employer because they receive an extra 15-minute break during their work day. Within the grand process of consciousness evolution, the pastures always are viewed as greener from the border of choice. This is suggestive of the point in one's personal transformation wherein they are finally able to recognize the errors of their ways and imagine a new and better way, the selection of a new path of least resistance. For example, an addict that consumes heroin in most cases does so due to a profound level of emotional instability and trauma, as a result of not being able to accept the truth of one's life experience. Until that truth is acknowledged, any deleterious effects of the addiction will be ignored in favor of the comfort the drug brings, a choice to accept the present situation as the path of least resistance. But eventually, the side effects or lichens experienced in one's life compel the addict to realize that a new path is better, even though one must pass through a gateway of uncertainty to achieve it. It is at this point when Green pastures are viewed from the border, when we actually begin to feel good about initiating self-change, which in turn heals the emotional cause behind the addiction itself.

"Fields of Light are now the norm." - Considering this final statement, this update in general seems to be discussing the steps one undergoes as a result of recognizing the truth in one's life. The preceding statements detailed how unattainment within, if ignored, leads to distress in one's life, but eventually we gain the courage to face the truth and begin imagining how to integrate these truths to gain empowerment. If a field represents evolving consciousness, then a farmer represents the conscious mind or self, which through acts of will tills the field and grows the fruit of wisdom; true knowledge. Wisdom is often symbolized by light, therefore Fields of Light are suggestive of individuals that are actively tilling the fields of their own consciousness, or as defined by Gaia Portal, Hue-manity. When we seek to understand the circumstances within our own lives and take actions to restore balance and harmony, wisdom settles within as life blossoms without. As each individual takes up this great adventure of personal discovery and wisdom attainment, Gaia consoled as the lichens of consciousness are transformed into healthy and balanced individuals.

PS - In December 2014, when Julian and I were discussing the idea of sharing these updates on the blog, he encouraged me to do more than just share the raw post. He said that we could offer our insights into what they could mean and in doing so create a venue for deep discussion and consciousness exploration. There were many times I wasn't sure if others found any value in these interpretations, but Julian and others continued to urge me on in this venture. This is just one example of the countless ways he helped me in my life path, for which I am eternally grateful. I want to dedicate these interpretations to him and his memory. I will love you always Julian, and know, that your zeal for creativity and loving service of others continues on. 

- Justin
Note about meanings: The meanings offered are my attempt to objectify the Gaia Portal updates, to give them a scientifically supported basis in reality. However, the subjective process of reading the update personally is incredibly valuable, and meanings generated in each respect are not mutually exclusive (in conflict with each other). I suggest reading the update, like a tool for divination as if it was written specifically for you; similar to a psychic reading. Your meanings may not match what I share, but that does not mean one is more 'correct' than another. All meanings have value, depending on the context which is applied to them, all perspectives have a place within the whole of what IS, and therefore can be part of an exploration of one's self. Our perspective is intimately connected to all others.



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