Friday, December 18, 2015

Facebook Censorship? | FREE ENERGY FULL DISCLOSURE: The QEG Chronicles Free eBook and AudioBook

My good friend and fellow activist Hope More recently published a Free ebook detailing the QEG Free Energy project that she has been working on for several years. 

That story is intriguing to say the least, but what could be more interesting is that Hope was recently banned from posting in any groups until January first, apparently for sharing the below article. 

Here is what she had to say:
"Facebook has blocked me from posting in any groups until January 1st. Would you find that interesting that this should happen at this time? After I've had a posting schedule of posting in 200 groups at least 300 times per week split out between random days, doing this for the last three months at least.. and now suddenly Facebook just so happens to block me from posting during a FREE ENERGY FULL DISCLOSURE POST. Well gee.

So if you guys could help, that would be great. Please visit my time line and share the FREE ENERGY FULL DISCLOSURE post to your groups, as I am now not able to. Its FREE and I'm just trying to get the word out to people who wish to hear." - Facebook
Of course, we cannot confirm that her group sharing privileges were suspended because of this post, but given the history of sharing outlined above and lack of notice on the part of Facebook, it raises the question if this was censorship. 

I have personally been subject to Facebook manipulation or outright censorship before. In April of this year, we shared an article summarizing a David Wilcock presentation wherein he revealed information about the secret space program. 

Within minutes of posting that article on our SITS like page, Facebook banned all articles from their social media site. No one was able to post anything from this site on Facebook for several hours. Facebook later lifted the ban, but no notice was ever provided to me as to the what happened. Since then, all the images we make for blog posts refuse to load on facebook, which limits the ability to have them be shared organically. I have contacted facebook hundreds of times inquiring as to what is going on, and I have never received a response. Finally, in September of this year, the Stillness in the Storm News Room was completely removed, again without any notice from Facebook, I had to remake the group which has since then remained active.

Whether or not these actions on the part of the social media giant are an attempt to censor information remains unclear, but given that Hope, nor myself, received no notice as to a violation of TOS, and that the information shared was controversial, it suggests censorship is a definitive possibility. 

The sensational aspect of this story aside, Hope's chronicle is a treasure trove of anecdotes that reveal a struggle to gain energy independence for the people of Earth. 

- Justin

Source - Hopegirl

This book is our written testimony of the events experienced by our family over the last two years of building a free energy device. We have written this because we feel that is is our responsibility to create a record of the events and to expose the truth to those who are ready to hear it. This book is free and will always be free. It is our gift in an attitude of service to humanity.

The book is available in PDF format and also as an audio book. We have uploaded to audio files to several different platforms to ensure that it is not taken down.

The complete book is ready in PDF format, and Chapters 1-7 are available in audiobook format on Youtube and FTW TV.

The remaining audio book chapters will be published in just a couple of days at the same links below.

To download the PDF please go here and enter your email address:

You will be sent a link to download the form, in this link you will have to enter your email address again.

The audiobook files can be found here on Youtube:
And also here on FTW TV:

A Free download package for the pdf eBook and complete audio book files will also be available soon. Watch this space for this link once it's ready.

Excerpt from the book:
I decree before God and all who read this, that no matter what, I forgive everybody for everything. I do not want to hold on to hate. I realize that we have much bigger problems that we need to face. And I am willing to take the first step and put petty differences aside and forgive others of their transgressions against me, my family or this project. The only reason why we have done this project is to try to help the people. This remains our only intention.

So yes, while the truth will set you free, at first it will piss you off. Disclosure can be difficult for some, but it is also a great cleansing. Once we all get past the initial anger, let’s hurry up and move onto the healing. We have become mental slaves to our own pride. There is no need for it anymore. I encourage everyone to “fess up”, and say you’re sorry to everyone you’ve ever hurt, so that we can all finally start to heal. We have a much bigger enemy to deal with. Perhaps we don’t need to work together all the time, but the least we can do is decide not work against each other.

Free energy is not impossible and we can obtain it, if only we can get out of our own way. I recognize that the powers that be have created a prison for our minds and we live in a very dysfunctional world. Many human beings suffer from a disease I call “waiting for someone else to do it”. But no one is going to do this for us, it is up to us, the people to roll up our sleeves and make this happen. And I believe we still can do it, if only we can remember one thing: in the end, when all of this is finally over, the only thing that will really matter is the way we treated each other.


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