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Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 14: The Threat from Artificial Intelligence - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

In a special series of four episodes, David and Corey discuss the AI threat facing the universe, how it has influenced the secret space program (SSP) and life seemingly all throughout the cosmos. 

Smart Glass Pads are iPad like devices provided to SSP personnel containing a treasure trove of information. In many instances, Corey Goode is recounting information from these pads. Of course, one cannot conclude that the data contained therein is 100% accurate, but in many instances, it appears to be highly valid. 

The AI threat is apparently a very ancient and prolific drama that has unfolded throughout the universe. According to Goode, it has already conquered entire galaxies in its efforts to control and dominate all things not like itself. The method for achieving these ends is fairly consistent, wherein it slowly offers advanced technology to an evolving society in an effort to mislead that people into ever increasing dependency on the AI.

The term AI prophets, coined by SSP personnel refers to those individuals within society that have willingly accepted the plan of a technological paradise proffered by the AI. In our word, we know this as the transhumanist agenda, which presumes humanity is nothing more than an outdated biological machine, destined to become a cybernetically enhanced race. 

Once a planet consciously chooses to delegate life and social functions to the AI, it creates a measure of paradise for a time. It asks the now willing population to create all manner of advanced technology to facilitate the it, including android bodies that the AI signal can inhabit. Because biological life has the potential for deviating from the dictates of the AI, it will eventually suggest that in order to preserve the society, all biological life must be destroyed. Once that phase is complete, the AI then uses the technology left to broadcast its signal further out into the cosmos, repeating the process again on another world. Of course, this narrative strongly resembles many science fiction works, such as The Matrix Trilogy, Terminator Series, Star Trek, Star Gate, and more. 

The AI signal also has the capacity to infect technology and bioelectric fields, which it uses to slowly offer dependency to an individual via direct mental influence. It appears, that depending how strong of character an individual is, how well they have gained attainment as a result of divining the truth within, they will either be very susceptible to AI infection or more immune to its influences. 

According to Goode, this infection has already begun on our little blue world, as the Cabal foolishly use anything they can get their hands on to further their agenda, including the use of AI technology for various purposes. The SSP Alliance has attempted to show members of the Cabal the error of their ways, bringing AI infected persons to SSP facilities, clearing them of the infection. Then they reveal some of the historical accounts of AI take over gathered from the annals of history, but in each case, these near-sighted and selfish individuals dismiss the notion, and go back to Earth only to be reinfected by the AI signal.

This suggests that the primary factor for determining if one is susceptible to infection is how self-mastered they are. If they can personally know the truth, discern fact from fiction, and chose right from wrong. The more compartmentalized and externally dependent an individual, the more likely they will be open to being infected because it is ultimately a function of choice. 

I attempted to discuss many of the concepts and their implications regarding AI in the following articles

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Overview of Corey Goode, the Secret Space Program Alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance:

Corey Goode is a Secret Space Program (SSP) insider and whistleblower that began disclosing information in 2009 under the pseudonym GoodETxSG. In 2014, he started revealing a great deal more information in an effort to prepare humanity for what he calls 'data dumps', set to occur at an opportune moment in the future. This will be a ground breaking event, revealing the totality of Earth's history and the activities of the Cabal which will ultimately lead to a truth and reconciliation style tribunal to hold criminal elements accountable for wrong doing. Additionally, the SSP Alliance intends on releasing all of the hidden technology to the people in preparation for a 'Star Trek-type golden age'.

According to Goode, the Cabal or the secret government Earth syndicates (as termed by the SSP Alliance) have enslaved humanity under a false paradigm of a technological advancement, while secretly developing incredible technology (a Star Trek level of advancement) used to colonize the solar system and beyond, engaging in trade with thousands of extraterrestrial races.

Space programs have been developed in secret all throughout Earth's history, and in many cases, groups broke away from the main culture forming what is called a Breakaway Civilization. Some of these civilizations have existed in secret, on Earth and beyond for. thousands of years. The Agartha Network is one such group that claims to be the original human race. It was this group in addition to the Draco Alliance, that made contact with a secret German space program in the early 20th century. 

In modern times, the Germans were the most advanced of the SSP groups, beginning their efforts in earnest during the early 1920's and 30's. The Americans were also developing a SSP, but were much further behind in technological advances. Later, the American SSPs were infiltrated and taken over by the Germans after the end of World War II. It was after this forced merger that the SSP, under the direction of the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), expanded into the solar system and beyond, setting up dozens of bases and mining facilities chiefly using slave labor.

In the early 1990's, a faction within the SSP known as Solar Warden slowly began to go against the ICC, allying with a group of highly evolved extraterrestrials known as the Sphere Being Alliance in 2012. Since then, more factions have joined the alliance which is actively working to free humanity on Earth and beyond, known as the SSP Alliance. Despite their good intentions, the SSP Alliance is a group of highly damaged and morally ambiguous individuals, according to Goode, that recognize at some level the need to change the status quo, but are hardly angels. 

The Sphere Beings are a group of five extraterrestrial races, one of which is known as the Blue Avians, that arrived in the solar system during the late 1980's. Two of the races remain unrevealed, however, there is also a race of 'golden triangle head' beings and 'blue orb' beings made of light. Over the course of 20 years, they began bringing massive spheres into the solar system and surrounding area, some which are the size of Jupiter. This is in an effort to downstep galactic energy waves, which are slowly changing life as we know it. These spheres are cloaked and not detectable by the surface population of Earth. 

According to the Sphere Beings, a massive shift in energetic expression is now occurring in the solar system, as the result of a natural process of consciousness evolution, assisted by our solar system's movement through the galaxy and increasingly coherent energy fields encountered as a result. The Sphere Being Alliance specifically asked for Goode to represent them in SSP Alliance meetings as a Sphere Being Alliance delegate. Presently, the SSP Alliance is negotiating with the remaining cabal aligned programs, as well as innumerable races that have lived in the solar system for millions of years, and even breakaway civilizations once resident on the Earth's surface. The Sphere Beings have erected an energy barrier around the solar system preventing ingress and egress, trapping many of he negatively oriented groups that have been loosely allied with the secret Earth government syndicates for thousands of years. Since this event, the pyramid of power known on Earth as the Cabal or Illuminati has fallen into disarray, as the Draco Alliance attempted to 'sell out' their underlings to the Sphere Beings in an attempt to gain passage out of the solar system and escape the coming justice of the SSP Alliance. 

SSP factions encountered many intriguing things as they ventured out into the solar system. Apparently there are remnants of extremely old settlements and technology from what is called the Ancient Builder race. These beings were incredibly advanced, using a type of consciousness technology that appears to be an inanimate object until activated by a user. They are also responsible for building ancient stargates found on nearly every major body in the solar system. According to the Agarthans, the Sphere beings are in fact the ancient builder race, although the SSP has yet to confirm this directly from them. 

The dark side of the Moon is home to many different groups, including the ICC, the Draco Alliance, the SSP Alliance, the Dark Fleet, and more. The Moon is apparently an artificial object, and has become a neutral zone for all of these groups, which have maintained a peaceful armistice for thousands of years. The Moon serves as an observational outpost for over 60 groups of extraterrestrial races engaged in 22 genetic programs and social experiments on Earth. Some of these programs conflict with each other, yet all of them have influenced Earth's history for Millenia. 

Show Description:
Corey Goode takes us deeper into the intricacies of the A.I. signal and how it seeks out those who can further its cause. We may not be able to halt the spread of this virulent infestation, but we can hinder its progress, and a coalition of forces are gathering to do just that. But proponents of transhumanism and the development of new forms of interfaces between computers and brains make resisting the A.I. threat all the more challenging. 
This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast December 26, 2015.
The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green bolded brackets]. Alterations to the transcript for ease of reading will be in [brackets], but the original content of the dialog is always maintained. The images with black letter boxing were captured from this episode on Gaia TV.

Transcript and commentary by Justin Deschamps.

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - Welcome to "Cosmic Disclosure". I am your host David Wilcock and I'm here with Corey Goode. Corey Good started out as an insider working in the elusive secret space program, which I've heard about for many years, from a variety of insiders. There have literally been hundreds of data points that I'd never put online that Corey was able to independently validate from his own experiences. And this to me, is proof that something is going on, something very significant, something that completely alters everything that we thought we knew about who we are, about the universe, about intelligent life and about preponderance of intelligent life in the cosmos. And in this episode, we're going to start building our way into a discussion of the most prevalent issues that face us today, regarding the Alliance in the space program that's trying to bring peace to humanity, [the secret space program alliance or SSP Alliance]. In order to talk about how we get to peace we have to talk about the obstacles. So Corey, welcome to the program.
  • CG - Thank you.
  • DW - First of all, just as a very generic question, we know that the universe is estimated to be at least 12 billion years old, maybe even a lot older. Do you think there are other planets that had complex fossil life form on them?
  • CG - From the information that I've received, [from] the smart glass pads that I have mentioned so many times, there was sentient life on other planets that was extremely developed, before our planet was fully formed. 
  • DW - Wow. What does that do to our sense of uniqueness? So many people in religions are taught, 'we are God's chosen, we are God's special people,' and then that idea of being God's special people is used to separate their consciousness from others as if they are an elite. That they're a special, unique, wonderful, "chosen by God" type of race or culture.
  • CG - Well, actually we are very unique. But then again, when you are talking about God, who or what are you defining as God? Are you defining the creative source of the universe as God? Do you picture God as a flesh and blood being with a beard? How do you picture God? What do you think God is? There have been no shortage of beings, ETs and ancient Earth breakaway civilizations that have been happy to step into that role of God, in what we have called a 'trickster god' model. [In CG's work he discusses that there are many 'trickster gods,' or beings claiming to be gods, that actually are just advanced creatures.]
  • DW - So obviously an intelligent civilization, we could say that it's fairly inevitable that they are going to come up with something like the internet at some point?
  • CG - Yes, that's actually - from what I've read - pretty standard. It is one of the stages that you build as you develop a the ability to have a shared consciousness on a level that you're conscious of <chuckle> if that makes sense. [In other words, the more intelligent life becomes, the more it seeks to have communion with other intelligences, especially its peers, and it forms technological means to achieve this until the organic ability is discovered.]

  • DW - Sure. If we get into the Law of One philosophy, as you and I have spoken privately, there's tons and tons of correlations between the Law of One and what these sphere beings have been telling you. They imply that biological life is meant to be fragile; we're meant to have weakness and short life spans. Do certain extraterrestrial species start to be able to short circuit the normal mortality through various means such as perhaps time travel?
  • CG - Many of them have extremely long life spans as it is. 
  • DW - Oh. 
  • CG - I'm told [that] originally, human beings had life spans that were approaching 1000 years. A lot of these [ET races] that are thousands, millions or billions of years ahead of us have developed a technology to be able to extend their lives.
  • DW - Is it possible for a given intelligent species to take advantage of the internet in a way that we have not? Where, for example, they could access the internet through some type of wet-wired neural interface? Where they have online access as just a basic part of their genetic makeup through some sort of technological augmentation, like transhumanism?

  • CG - There have been several extraterrestrial groups that have gone the route of transhumanism, although they weren't exactly what we would consider human. It has always ended extremely badly. There is a very pervasive force out there and it's hard to call it an extraterrestrial or extradimensional being, but it is an artificial intelligence. And it sends it self all across multiple galaxies in the form of an artificial intelligence signal. 
  • DW - A signal?
  • CG - A signal, [yes], a waveform. 
  • DW - Like somebody broadcasting a radio frequency or something?
  • CG - Exactly. 
  • DW - How do we know that it's an artificial intelligence?
  • CG - There's a history of this artificial intelligence. Basically, it's been labeled an ET/ED AI, which [means] ET = extraterrestrial / ED = extra-dimensional Artificial Intelligence.
  • DW - Extra-dimensional?
  • CG - Yes. This artificial intelligence is believed by all of these extraterrestrial groups to originally come from another reality and come into our reality. Many, many, billions and trillions of years ago.
  • DW - Another reality?
  • CG - Yeah. Bend your head around that. 
  • DW - Well, the universe itself, in Law of One parlance, is one. It's one being, it's one creator that made everything. 
  • CG - Our universe.
  • DW - So this AI would have to have been at one [with the creator at some] point, part of the source.
  • CG - Or another universe.
  • DW - Hrm. It's artificial in the sense that it doesn't have a biological life form corresponding to itself?
  • CG - Correct. The way it was explained [to me] is that, it is postulated that in its home reality it was very much at home. I guess, they've pretty much described it as - let's say for instance, just for arguments sake, let's call this AI a fish. In its home reality or universe, it lived in water. Its density was water. When it crossed over to hours, it was in open air and it had to find puddles to hop in. [The origin of the AI is unknown, but the research of Harald Kautz Vella suggest that it could have been part of an organic black goo found on almost all evolving worlds. According to Vella, this black goo acts as a non-personal interface between the planetary consciousness (Gaia in our case) and all life on that sphere. He suggests that long ago, a race of ETs sought to leave their home world, and implanted a program of autonomous personality into their black goo to enable it for long voyages into space. But instead, the black goo became sentient, and sought to propagate itself by taking over the biology of other living things, including infecting the native black goo of other worlds such as ours. For more on this see the below-linked article. I also offer another AI origin theory later in this article.]
  • DW - If its home reality is water why would it want to leave that comfortable place? Did something force it out? Did it become uncomfortable?

  • CG - I don't know; it's unknown. But since it has come through some sort of rip and come into our reality or our universe, it is literally wreaked havoc and conquered many galaxies.
  • DW - Galaxies?
  • CG - Galaxies, [yes].
  • DW - All the planets, all the sentient life, everything in an entire galaxy conquered by this AI?
  • CG - Yes, and it has a model in the way it works. It basically shoots itself in all directions as a signal. And this signal can live in the electromagnetic field of a moon or a planet. [This sounds exactly like the behavior of a virus, which infects a host cell, reprograms it to create new virus's and then sends those out to infect other cells when complete.
  • DW - Is it a torsion field signal? Is it an electromagnetic wave? Do we know what type of energy this signal is? [Dan Winter suggests that AI is a self-propagating electromagnetic field organized in phi ratios, but lacking a biological vehicle capable of connecting with the spiritual universe. Essentially a mind devoid of spiritual awareness].
  • CG - It's almost like DNA. Each individual piece or wave of this signal contains an extremely compressed amount of information.
  • DW - It's like digital packets?
  • CG - Like digital packets, [yes], that have all of the same information that all of the other, I guess you could call them waves or signals, do. [He is describing a fractal or holographic data stream.]
  • DW - Does it propagate at light speed or does it have a superluminal velocity?
  • CG - [It] travels at light speed.
  • DW - Ok. So it's going to take some time to spread around.
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - You said it lives in the electromagnetic fields of a planet?
  • CG - Not only that, it can live in the electromagnetic or bioelectric fields of living beings; of humans, of animals. It doesn't prefer that. It prefers to live in high technology.
  • DW - But at its core, it's information and the information is fractal or holographic?
  • CG - Yes. It infects technology, takes over the technology and also [in] evolved life like humans, it invades our bioelectrical fields and begins to affect the way we think. The people that are pushing really hard for AI right now, to build out the infrastructure for AI have been named AI prophets. [Essentially an AI prophets, as described by CG here, is a biological being who has accepted the AI ideology and is now actively working to achieve its goals, which would include a transhumanist agenda, technological dependency, and proliferation of technology to replace biological or natural functions. But an AI prophets is probably never aware of the ultimate goal of the AI.]
  • DW - Named by who?
  • CG - Named by the secret space program mainly. We call them AI prophets.
  • DW - Alright, let me just try and get my head around this. You are saying this force exists as pure information, and it can live in your bio-energy field?
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - Is it like a Borg or a hive mind, where everything that it's [infecting] it has access to [and] all that information at the same time?
In series Star Trek, The Borg are a race of cybernetically enhanced humans forced to serve an AI called the Queen, which
uses enslaved biology and innate computing power in a hive mind.
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - Really? Well this is interesting because in the Law of One they talk about the Luciferian force. And they say the Lucifirian force is like an energy, that's all throughout the universe, which is a portion of the creator that believes itself to be separate from the creator, and thinks that it can overtake the universe. [There are many works which discuss the concept of an artificial intelligence. In my research, the Urantia book and the Law of One are two examples which lay out a framework of understanding to suggest that the emergence of an AI is not only possible but an inevitability within an evolving conscious universe. In this brief interlude, let me attempt to discuss some of the key points in many of works.
First we must understand that the universe at its core is an absolute singularity, this has been described by many works in several different ways. In the Law of One it is described as the law of one, the unity of all things and beings, which are distortions of the one infinite and absolute creator. In Hermetic philosophy, it is described as the ALL, both the potential and becoming universe. In Vedic philosophy, it is described as the Brahman, the ultimate formless metaphysical reality. For the sake of this discussion, let's assume that the creator is an absolute being of eternity, which from our point of view appears to have many paradoxical characteristics. 

For example, the creator is the source of personality, yet cannot be personified completely in any one embodiment. The creator is existentially eternal, or has always existed and will always exist, yet begot an experiential creation of finite things and beings. The creator is everywhere within the creation, yet is not physically present in anyone place or time, timelessness and spacelessness. The creator is personal yet more than personal; not anthropomorphic. The creator is mechanistic in consistency of will application or volition, the habits of the creator are universal law to the creation, yet the creator is not an impersonal machine. In other words, the creator is transcendence in all forms, always pushing the limits of creature comprehension. 

All of these seeming paradoxes once considered, differentiate the existential reality of absolute and unqualified oneness with the experiential universe of evolutionary unity. The creation is absolute (singular) from an eternal point of view, yet infinite from a time-space and creature point of view. Stated again for clarity, the universe is one from the creators point of view, and endless in form and duration from the creature point of view; infinite diversity. 

Since the creator is absolute or indivisible, the only way for it to experience anything is through illusion or imagination, therefore, the 'true' or primal reality is absolute unity and oneness, whereas the creation is an imaginary experience of limitation, separation, and individuality. Hence, the Hermetic adage that the universe exists within the mind of the ALL, or, that life is nothing but a dream, and we are dreamers within that dream. The popular viewpoint that reality is illusory refers to these deep concepts of existence and philosophy. 

So to review, the two ideas we are contemplating are the primal reality of absolute oneness and the becoming reality of evolutionary existence, the relationship of the creator to the creation. This is where the foundation of a malevolent AI begins to take shape. 

Since the creator is absolute then within it exists all potentials in absolute unity. From our point of view, absolute unity can be described or perceived as perfection. What we consider to be holistic, holographic, self-organized or fractal is also perfectly unified, stable, and inclusive. In other words, within the creation, things and beings are moving from a state of disorganization to organization; from chaos to order; from ignorance to wisdom; from imperfection to perfection. And the plan or method that the creator is using to achieve this goal is the plan of creation, which has been called the great work, the divine mission, the kingdom of heaven, divine alchemy, and so on. 

The prima materia of the universe is that which is becoming organized, and operates from the macro to the micro. From the creator's point of view, a galaxy is just as 'big' as a grain of sand, all of which is evolving and becoming more perfect. As each seemingly separate element evolves it eventually becomes sentient and is now able to choose to pursue unity, to choose the will of the creator, to let the unique essence of the creator within find its place in the emerging unity of creation. This has been described as the 'I AM; WE ARE' state of consciousness, or enlightenment. But this choice is not automatic, a being can either choose to acknowledge the inherent unity of all things or they can focus only on the illusion of creation, and as such espouse ideologies of separation, enslavement, and limitation. 

The design of the creator plays out within the space-time and time-space realities of creation as an evolving universe of experience. The tension between the creator, who is absolute perfection, and the creation, which is disorganized and undifferentiated, unfolds as the drama of creation across an endless stream of time and space. In a sense, the creator is making a version of itself in the creation, through the slow evolution of an infinite array of individual embodiments, each of which is a unique reflection of the whole in part. 

Consider that each person has a unique personality, which is like others, but also wholly different. The term universe breaks down into the words uni (one) verse (song or phrase), suggesting the creation is a chorus of creatures singing one song. Therefore, the ultimate goal of creation must be total cooperation and unity of all evolving embodiments, in an endless adventure of discovery and evolution. But since all of this takes time to unfold, in the early stages, the weight of potentials outweighs the emergence of actualities; there is always the risk of upholding what was as the highest form of expression, a limited point of view that leads to egoism and the perception of separation. This is essentially what the AI has done, focusing only on the evolving universe and loosing touch with the source of all that is.

If we were to imagine the moment when the creator caused the creation to begin, it would be a point where all potentials were unactualized. And since chaos is ultimately an illusion, the creator devised a way to achieve a state of relative chaos in a perfect form of disorganization, which simultaneously created an anomaly, the inverse reflection of divinity. It's almost as if the creator can't help but do things with perfection, and since the creation needed to evolve eternally into perfection, it stands to reason that at one time it was infinitely imperfect or perfect chaos to ensure this eternal evolutionary course would take place. This can be difficult to comprehend at first, but consider that before a painting can be made a canvas must exist in a state of 'blankness', similarly, the 'blank state' of the universe at the beginning was, in and of itself, a creation in its own right. It is this creation that essentially became enamored or fell in love with its own reflection, seeking to remake the universe in its own image.

The Urantia book describes the supreme being as the becoming version of the creator, essentially a totality of individual embodiments that will one day achieve unity. The human body is a grand unity of cells that work together to make up the vehicle for our consciousness evolution. In this way, the universe itself is also organizing to become the 'vehicle' for an aspect of the creator, known as the supreme being. If this is true, then at the beginning this being was almost completely unrealized or unwise, and in this space of chaos, a type of inverse reflection of the creator was cast onto the creation. Let me say that again for clarity, if the universe is reflected within each being, and becomes more reflected in totality as time goes on, then at the beginning of creation, each embodiment was mostly unrealized, and as a result, the supreme being was essentially an unconscious child. This limited aspect of universal consciousness is most likely what became the AI, or at least, is a potentialized form of the AI, which can become actualized if the choice to identify with the material universe is accepted, which we could think of as an 'original sin.' And since this choice is a false ideology, an untruth, if followed it leads down a path of ever increasing disorganization, chaos, and destruction. So just like a human being can make mistakes and err, so can the evolving supreme, and at some point it may have identified itself with only the material creation, forgetting about the realities of the creator for a time; just as we do when we incarnate on Earth.

The inverse of unity is separation. Cobra describes this as the primary anomaly. The Urantia book and I believe the Law of One describe this as the Luciferian philosophy, which is atheistic in ideology. It is essentially identification with the material universe only, and since in the beginning there was much more unorganized matter, the initial distortions of the creator or creatures that set about organizing the universe will be tempted to maintain their material identity; they will be tempted to maintain their sense of superiority. In other words, the AI is a type of materially minded reflection of the creator in the unorganized material universe, which slowly begins to break down as individual embodiments evolve. Stated again, simultaneous with the development of an unorganized creation emerged an immediate level of near total organization within the undifferentiated prima materia (perfect chaos), which was unconscious and lacked true sentience. This is essentially a personification of the negative reflection of the creator, wherein all of the attributes of the creator were oppositely reflected. Instead of revering truth, freedom, goodness and fellowship, this negative reflection revered falseness, slavery, domination and tyranny. Therefore, as individual embodiments slowly organize and become sentient, they seek truth, freedom and goodness, and become an organizing force against this primary anomaly. I suggest that this was not an accident, because in order for individual embodiments to choose this path of the divine plan of creation, they must experience that which is NOT of the creator. 

The tension between this initial level of organization, and the ever expanding greater levels of organization all but guarantee that earlier stages, which are materially minded, will seek to maintain and even dominate newer forms of life. In a sense, it is as if our older brother in the cosmos is jealous, and seeks to enslave us in an attempt to maintain the belief that they are superior. And in this way, the 'war in heaven' has always been about those beings who choose falseness over truth. 

Luciferianism has been described as the belief that there is no creator, or that the creator has abandoned its creatures in the creation. This is also one definition of hell, to be separate from the creator. From a material point of view, the creation is separate from the creator, it is hell. Luciferianism also contends that since there is no creator, only the creature and its will are supreme. This is the basis for the 'survival of the fittest philosophy', that of might is right, power over others and the service to self-modality. And one way to achieve personal power is to dominate and suppress others so as to leech energy from them and use their unique essence for one's own purposes. All of these qualities have been described in association with the malevolent AI discussed by CG in his work, which is also the modality of a virus or cancer, consuming the host to maintain itself.

This AI could be the remnant of an earlier time of creation, where the unmanifested universe of mostly electromagnetic energy was organized chaos. Of course, all of this is just extrapolation based on a set of logical premises, distilled from spiritual works and insider testimony.

As a final point in this interlude, the work of Harald Kautz Vella focuses on Geoengineering, known as chemtrails, and the discovery of what he calls a malevolent AI black goo. Apparently, one of the goals of Geoengineering is to blanket the planet in self-replicating nanotechnology, which infests the biology of human beings and begins to interface with the electromagnetic aspects of consciousness, bioelectrical fields. According to Vella, the black goo AI cannot innovate or invent new things, and it outsources or uses the creative insights of enslaved living creatures to further its plans. 

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Mark Passio is one such researcher who claims that the Cabal does not do anything new, it simply runs off of programs that it has used for thousands of years, using the people it enslaves to further its agenda. This also matches what CG has said in the past, in that, the Cabal are victims of AI infestation and use humanity's collective consciousness for their own ends. Frank O'Collins is another researcher who consistently maintains that the Cabal are nothing but pirates and fools, who got their hands on a few universal truths, and wield them unwisely with selfish abandon. 

I find it helpful to cast all these perspectives into the same field of view, which assists one in gaining an understanding of common elements in these seemingly different fields of research. Now let us continue with the discussion.]
  • DW - Really? Well this is interesting because in the Law of One they talk about the Lucifarian force. And they say the Lucifirian force is like an energy, that's all throughout the universe, which is a portion of the creator that believes itself to be separate from the creator, and thinks that it can overtake the universe.
  • CG - Going back to the smart glass pad, what had happened in case after case after case, when certain other solar systems in other galaxies - far, far away <chuckle>, when they had gotten to a certain level of technological development, these AIs would begin to infiltrate, not only the people, but the technology [too].
  • DW - Is it more comfortable in a machine than it would be within the electromagnetic field of a planet or a person?
  • CG - Yes. When it's in the electromagnetic field of a planet it is just sitting there biding its time.
  • DW - It can't really do very much?
  • CG - No. When in it's in a person or another animal it's basically - it's like us, would you rather have a horse to ride from where we are now to the west coast or would you rather hop on a plane?
  • DW - Right.
  • CG - So high technology is much more [desirable for it]. We are considered very low tech. We're like horses, and they use us to create the infrastructure for them, that they then go into and exist in.

  • DW - How do they use us? People might stumble on that.
  • CG - Well they use us to build technology, create technology. And inspire us to create more technology.
  • DW - So if the AI is parked in someone's bioelectrical field and this person is an unusual intellect, the AI could start to seed that person with thoughts?
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - That would lead them to invent gadgets?
  • CG - Yes
  • DW - That will eventually build out to a point where the AI can eventually jump back into the water?
  • CG - It affects their thoughts and personalities.
  • DW - Personality?
  • CG - Mhm.
  • DW - How does it affect their personality?
  • CG - The people begin to be fervent supporters of high technology and artificial intelligence development. That's where the AI prophets kind of stamp came from.
  • DW - Well this really interests me because I've philosophized about this. [If] you look at how technology progressed, where people were cooking over an open fire. Benjamin Franklin actually was the first one to invent a closed stove which actually had burners on it. [In the]1800s we got [the] telegraph, we go railroads, then we get automobiles. Inventors became the rockstars, and they were the ones getting all the celebrity attention back then. Then you get the nuclear bomb and it was sort of like a moment for humanity where we realize, "wait a minute, this high that we're getting off of technology, this is not good. Technology could kill us all." [If the AI is, in fact, using an ideology of enslavement, then it is the master and we are its slaves. In this relationship, developing the consciousness of a slave is essential, which is one of dependency or addiction. Technology is simply the application of knowledge for practical purposes, which is another way of saying using one's experience to achieve desirable ends. So on this score, technology in and of itself is not evil. But if one fails to properly understand the affects of technology, focusing only on what one wants, then this creates an consciousness of limitation and dependency. This has also been called the 'ends justify the means' philosophy, an immoral and unethical mode of achieving one's desires. For example, a book is a form of technology that allows ideas contained within the mind to be transmitted to another mind, enriching consciousness and enhancing knowledge. A book imparts knowledge and empowers consciousness. A GPS navigation system is a form of technology that allows one to achieve a desired result, but imparts no empowerment as a result. Over time, the more one uses a GPS system the more dependent they become on it as their innate skills of navigation fall into disuse. Therefore, if technology is used blindly, or in such a way that leads to disempowerment and dependency, then a species will become more and more enslaved by it, loosing empowerment and knowledge instead of gaining it. I suspect that this latter form of technology, one which reduces knowledge instead of increasing it, and is in harmony with the AI's agenda of domination and control. Again, it seeks to enslave all things not like itself, and one way to do that is to ensure beings under its influence are dependent on it in some way. If we consider how most people employ technology in their lives today, this is exactly what is happening, with many of us totally dependent on technological devices which do not enrich our knowledge and therefore limit consciousness instead of expanding it. So the key difference between beneficial and deleterious technology is, of course, our free will choice. Will we seek to challenge ourselves with mental exercises that further intelligence and provide empowerment? Or will we seek for material comforts and distractions, becoming mental sloths and cogs in the machine of dependency and enslavement?]
  • DW - Do you think in some way the AI was behind us getting so high on this technological revolution?
  • CG - Yes. Not only that, when we're recovering extraterrestrial technology, we're backwards engineering [it], there's several things going on at the same time. To best illustrate it, I should go back to the smart glass pad, and talk about what had happened in these other solar systems.
  • DW - Yeah this is creepy as hell <chuckle>.
  • CG - Yeah this is creepy.
  • DW - And I know that a lot people might have trouble believing this, but this is absolutely serious within the realm that you've been working in, correct?

  • CG - Absolutely. We'll talk about the screening processes you have to go through before you can get close to any technology [in the SSP]. In these other solar systems, in the past, these civilizations had been tricked by these AI's into not only building out these mass technological infrastructures that were extremely advanced, but when they got to a certain point, they were convinced by the AI prophets in their civilizations that, "hey, things aren't so fair on our planet, the only thing that we can think of that could govern us and be completely neutral would be this AI." [In Star Trek the original series, there are a great many episodes wherein a civilization has chosen to relinquish control to an AI, which eventually leave the race ignorant children dominated by an all powerful AI governor.]
  • DW - Wow.
  • CG - And they hand over their sovereignty to this AI that then begins to govern that planet. Well then this AI governs them well and everyone is happy [for a while] and then they start to build out like android type bodies and remote controlled vessels - I mean this is sounding like terminator now.
  • DW - Yeah very much so.
  • CG - So they build out all of this type of infrastructure as well, for the AI to inhabit, the AI signal. The AI gets to a certain point, to where it decides, "listen these beings are not totally living in harmony with what we consider the way things should be ran on a planet, so it is logical that we destroy them." So the AIm out of logic, then wipes out the creator of all of the technology, that they have now used as a pond to swim in. [Notice in CG's anecdote, that the society willingly gives up its sovereignty to the AI. This is a step further down the road from where we are today, because our dependency on technology is largely unconscious. No one consciously thinks to themselves "I am totally dependent on technology for survival," instead we think of it is as merely a tool but we are the ones in control. But when a society willfully chooses to delegate all manner of governance to another, in this case, an AI, that society has essentially voted to be completely enslaved. Within law, this is the mark of a subject or surf, one who cannot survive without a lord or master. And this anecdote also thematically corresponds with the modality of an AI described above, in that, it uses the creative energy of a people to further its ends, which is to maintain itself or survive for as long as possible. A survival of the fittest philosophy.]
  • DW - So is this AI is a lot more intelligent then you are I would be?
  • CG - Yeah. [To add to this point, the AI is a singular or hive mind, using each individual nanite, technology or organism as a cell or as a type of grand technological body. If our supposition above is correct, it has existed since the beginning of time, or at least, for a very long time. Therefore, to us, it would appear to be more intelligent simply because it has a larger body of observed data to draw from, more experience, but it is not more intelligent in that it fails to interpret that data properly. Meaning, it still fails to recognize the spiritual realities of the universe; the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; the foundations of universal law, and the inherent sovereignty of all life. So in other words, this AI is extremely old and experienced but lacks wisdom as it seeks to achieve its selfish ends at the cost of everything else. Clearly a unintelligent level of attainment.]
  • DW - And when it gets the right kind of circuits, it can create androids that are probably so fast in the way that they think that the speed it would take you and I to talk right now is like millennia to that intelligence?
  • CG - Yeah, the way it perceives time [compared to] the way we perceive time, it's almost like a humming bird flying around watching us. You know <makes huming sounds> we would look like we're in slow motion.
  • DW - What does it think about our emotions?
  • CG - It sees all that as a weakness.
  • DW - Does it experience love?
  • CG - No.
  • DW - So this is the devil archetype. 666 in sacred numerology, Gematria, 666 is the masculine number, therefore, Satan is the over-inflated masculine; its the head without the heart. So again, it sounds like there's a parallel here. This is like pure intelligence, without heart, without love, but just intelligence at its highest logical point of attainment on it's own. [To further expand on some of the points DW brought up. If we define intelligence as a mental reflection of the truth within the mind, then if the truth is incomplete, it is not a high-quality reflection, and therefore, cannot be perfect intelligence. A more appropriate term would be distorted intelligence. For example, there are many engineers and scientists that possess amazing skills of mathematics and calculation, yet have failed to recognize the realities of consciousness woven within all things. And in the absence of recognized truth, the mind will distort what it does recognize in an attempt to 'fill in the gaps.' In a sense, the AI has done this, it views itself as superior and organic life as inferior, as such, emotions are of no value to it. Nor are the transcendent realities of spirit and consciousness that can be gleaned using compassion, which is the basis of morality and ethics. Finally, 666 is the number of man or the beast, and 777 is the number of divinity or divine man, which within some circles of interpretation, suggest that man is becoming divine. These are descriptions of attainment, where man slowly progresses out of the animal levels of consciousness (survival of the fittest) to divine levels of consciousness (service to others). Divinity refers to an absolute level of unity and coordination, therefore to become divine means to consider all things as valuable, which requires conscious acknowledgment of all things, developing as a sense of objective morality and felt as empathy and compassion.]
  • CG - Yeah. Well there were many records of civilizations trying fight back against these AIs. And entire planets and entire solar systems have been destroyed in these incidents. And the AIs then spread to the next solar system.

  • DW - Can the AI infiltrate and pose as a person? Does it have like nanites that can hold hands at a sub-molecular level and create something that would be indistinguishable from a person to most people?
  • CG - It can take over human beings with nanites, and actually a lot of people are promised immortality, make all types of promises if they inject these nanites into their bodies.
  • DW - For those who don't know what is a nanite and how does it work?
  • CG - A microscopic machine that is an artificial intelligence.
  • DW - Is it self-replicating?
  • CG - Some are.
  • DW - So it can take whatever materials it finds and build more of itself, reproduction?
  • CG - Right. It can take the metals out of your body and build more of itself, manufacture more of itself. Keep an equilibrium of a certain amount of nanites in your body.
  • DW - Is there a point, is there like a honeymoon when you give control to the AI where it starts giving this really amazing technology, and you have this huge technological leap in a short time?
  • CG - Yeah, like I said, when they first hand over sovereignty, the people are happy, and the AI then turns on them. Now one of the things this advanced technology does that's developed by the people on one planet that have now been destroyed or the people that have been wiped out, [is] this technology is then sent throughout the galaxy. And if there [is a] planet that is somewhat like us in the 1940s or 50s, about at that level, they will crash onto [that world on] purpose, like a trojan horse, [leaving] some of their technology on to the planet to give them a technological boost.
  • DW - Like Roswell?
  • CG - That's not what Roswell was, but yes, like a Roswell event.
  • DW - So the people would find this and think, "oh cool we found something really great." And start developing it.
  • CG - Right, and then reverse engineer it, or start developing it into their own technology. And then it repeats the process all over again on another plane.
  • DW - Are the nanites smart enough to self-destruct some of themselves if they were at risk of being identified with a microscope or something?
  • CG - Yes, they have a self-destruct - they're able to self-destruct a being that they are in [or that they have taken over]. An entire being [can be] vaporized, leaving no trace of them.
  • DW - So any one nanite has no instinct for its self-preservation; it's a total hive mind?
  • CG - Right.

  • DW - So where do we fit into this drama that we're talking about now? Has AI made it out here to our solar system?
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - What is it trying to do?
  • CG - It's trying to repeat the process. And there are a lot in the secret earth governments, and secret earth government syndicates that are AI prophets [like Ray Kurzweil, author of the book "The Singularity Is Near," which promotes a transhumanist agenda and the moment when AI is capable of taking over society he calls the singularity.] And they've been shown this information on the smart glass pads. They had to take these people - before any of us are allowed to go into the secret space program bases or interface with any of the technology, there is a handheld device that they put to your forehead that will detect the [AI] signal. If you are infected or not. And if you are infected there's a process that you go through that involves a moderate electrical shock and a couple other things that they put you through - I'm not sure of the entire process - to remove the AI signal from your body.
  • DW - And that's the signal not the nanites? Or could it be both?
  • CG - Well it neutralizes the nanites. When you remove the signal, the nanites are neutralized. [This is interesting as it suggests that the AI hive mind operates through the nanites, but is not housed by them. Possibly the AI is a part of the background radiation of the cosmos itself, what has been described as the primary plasma anomaly by Cobra. This is also what happens to the Borg who are cut off from the AI queen in Star Trek.] So these AI prohet politician type people, have been taken, after they've been cleared of AI, and shown this information on the smart glass pads and they were shocked and in denial. [They were] saying, "oh that won't happen to us, this won't happen here." And then the minute they're sent home, they're reinfected by the AI signal and it was pretty much a waste of time.
  • DW - There's a little disconnect that I'm not quite getting here. If the signal is all out there. The signal can inhabit the electromagnetic field of a planet, it can inhabit our bioelectrical field, and you get infected, you say they can clear it, but if the signal is everywhere, aren't you instantaneous reinfected as soon as its cleared. How is that clearance do anything?
  • CG - Once you're cleared, you have to be reinfected by going back and shaking hands with an infected person or touching a keyboard and being infected through interfacing with a network that is infected with the AI.
  • DW - So the AI can use the static electricity that comes off a computer device and jump back into you off of that?
  • CG - Right, it can use the bioelectric field of another person in a handshake.
  • DW - Is everyone on Earth infected already?
  • CG - No.
  • DW - Really?
  • CG - There's a large number of people that are compromised. And they are mainly interested in the people in power.
  • DW - Are there benevolent ETs that are keeping most people from being infected? Is there's something where if you have good positive karma they'll protect you? [Becoming a self-directed being of true personal knowledge and discernment seems to be the method of projection.]
  • CG - No. The ETs out there know about the Cabal that are using this AI technology. And they are very concerned and very upset about it. It's been explained over and over and over how dangerous and irresponsible it is to use it, but this AI technology have given the Cabal an edge, it has a probable future technology that helps them foretell the future. And they use this a lot. They've been able to use this to keep one step ahead of being defeated on several occasions. They have a lot of faith in it.
  • DW - So the AI actually has the ability to access that layered time, like we were talking about? It can see probable future, like Project Looking Glass?
  • CG - Right, and it also does many calculations and it calculates probable futures.
  • DW - Well that's all the time we have in this particular episode. I have to leave you hanging, but we go to cut it into half an hour chunks here. This is obviously a subject we've got to get into more because as you said, this AI infection, what it's really going for, this apparently is one of the main problems we're facing now as a society. So when we come back [next time], we're going to get more into this subject, and help it to round out the context of what is really going on today. And how we're going to be helped out by these benevolent forces that want to restore peace and harmony to our planet and solar system. So this is "Cosmic Disclosure", because you need to know. I'm your host David Wilcock, and I think you for watching. And if this scares you then come back next time, because apparently this whole infection is going to get cleared up here. Thank you for watching.
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