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Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 13: Viewer Questions Part 1 - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

David and Corey take a detour and answer audience questions this week, in the process they discuss elements from previous episodes as well as hitherto unrevealed data points.

The notion of an energetic shift or ascension has long been discussed in the truther community. Some contend that the Earth is moving into fifth density, skipping fourth all together. Others have suggested that the shift is a result of humanity's consciousness while others think it is the result of higher energy fields the solar system is moving through. But possibly all these things and more will contribute to the almost undeniable shift presently underway. 

According to Goode, the secret space program (SSP) sent research vessels out into these fields in an effort to determine what effect they would have on an individual. The methods employed were highly unethical, as participants were unwittingly subjected to fields and experienced all manner of effects as a result. But in each instance, the effects varied depending on the individual, where they were in their personality attainment level. 

The Moon landings have also become a major topic of interest within the truther community. According to Goode, there were in fact Moon landings, but some of them were faked in an effort to maintain secrecy on multiple fronts. Wilcock mentions how one of his insiders said that the radiation encountered on the Moon rendered filming of any kind impossible. As such, the fake Moon landings were probably spearheaded in an effort to hide some of the stranger things found on the real Moon mission. 

The loss of World War II by the Nazis is a well established fact in modern history, but perhaps the Nazis didn't lose the war at all. Goode answers this question from an audience member, suggesting that they actually won the war, but in a covert way that has all but been wiped from history books. 

Finally, if the secret space program has access to replicator technology, why spend so much time and energy mining materials from the asteroid belt and beyond? According to Goode, there are limitations to this technology, and generally speaking, it is more practical to simply mine the material. 

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Show Description:
Corey Goode answers some of the most burning questions posed by you, the viewer. Find out what it means to ascend from third to fourth and fifth densities; what the astronauts may have seen on the moon; what would happen if the high energy wave emanating from the center of our galaxy were not being diffused by the blue sphere beings; and more. 
This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast December 22, 2015.
The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green bolded brackets]. Alterations to the transcript for ease of reading will be in [brackets], but the original content of the dialog is always maintained. The images with black letter boxing were captured from this episode on Gaia TV.

Transcript and commentary by Justin Deschamps.

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - Alright, welcome to "Cosmic Disclosure." I'm your host David Wilcock, I'm here with Corey Goode, and we are discussing the secret space program (SSP). And in this episode, I have a print out of questions that you have submitted, in the comment forums in the areas that we have at the bottom of each episode. We are reading them. We are interested in what you have to say; and we do want to try to keep this as a community discussions and not just as something that is relegated to whatever I can think of to ask [Corey] in any particular episode. So this is kind of a grab bag, we're going to have a series of different things to discuss and we'll see where it goes. [For those who may not know, Corey Goode is a SSP insider and whistleblower that began revealing information on many topics in 2009. In 2014 he started sharing a great deal more information in an effort to begin disclosure and prepare humanity for what is coming. According to Goode, the Cabal or secret government Earth syndicates have enslaved humanity under a false paradigm of a technological age, while secretly developing incredibly advanced technology (Star Trek level of advancement) used to colonize the solar system and engage in trade with thousands of extraterrestrial races. Various factions within the SSP have chosen to go against the Cabal and have aligned with a group of highly evolved extraterrestrials known as the Sphere Being Alliance. The SSP formed an alliance which is actively working to free humanity on Earth and beyond, known as the SSP Alliance. Despite their good intentions, the SSP Alliance is a group of highly damaged and morally ambiguous individuals that recognize at some level the need to change the status quo, but are hardly angels. The Sphere Beings arrived in the solar system during the late 1980's and over the course of 20 years, began bringing in massive spheres, some which are the size of Jupiter, in an effort to downstep galactic energy waves. According to the Sphere Beings, a massive shift in energetic expression is now occurring in the solar system, as the result of a natural process of consciousness evolution assisted by our systems movement through the galaxy and increasingly coherent energy fields encountered as a result. The Sphere Being Alliance specifically asked for Goode to represent them in SSP Alliance meetings. Presently, the SSP Alliance has been actively negotiating with the remaining cabal aligned SSP as well as innumerable races and even breakaway civilizations found within the Earth.] 
  • DW - So Corey, welcome to the show.
  • CG - Thank you.

  • DW - Ok, so the first question we have is from Banjoman1437: "When they say that our local star cluster is emerging into a higher vibrational place, do they mean that physically are star cluster is emerging into a part of the galaxy where there are inherent higher vibrations? Or do they mean, that we are ascending from third and fourth densities to fifth and sixth, which would be more of a holographic approach to the sense of place and location?"
  • CG - That was quite a loaded question but ahh <chuckle>. What I have discussed is, yes, from the center of the galaxy there are constantly an array of rays, different types of energies, that are constantly ebbing and flowing from the center of the galaxy that are buffeting the Earth and the solar system. [Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany recently disclosed that Sagittarius A*, the supermassive blackhole at the center of our galaxy, was ten times more active this year, than the previous 15 years of observation. In the below-linked article I offered an interpretation that suggests the consciousness of the galaxy itself is changing, which of course effects life in the solar system.]
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  • DW - The conventional science says the center of the galaxy's a black hole. But then you can't see it. They say "oh its hiding behind that giant star cluster in the middle."
  • CG - Right, but as we know, the galaxy is a giant torsion field. And it has pretty much an ecliptic plane, with part of the field, like a North and South [pole], [as] different fields rotating in different directions.
  • DW - Counter-rotating.
  • CG - [Yes], counter-rotating.
This animation shows the outerfield of a rotaing torus, which is a
fractal or embedded counter-rotation.

This animation shows the two counter rotating torui discussed by CG.
This field moves within the above animation in an embedded capacity.
  • DW - Well now, I did document in the Source Field Investigations book, that there are actually two types of stars in the galaxy and they do counter rotate. There's one type that goes clockwise and the another type that goes counter-clockwise. Science acknowledges that, but then they ever explain why that's happening or what that is. So that validates what you're saying. It's not like this is something you can only hear about in the space program.
  • CG - Right. A lot of this information is out there on the internet. And, we're rotating around inside this giant torsion field. Our solar system and, local star cluster - as they mentioned. And we're entering in different areas [in] a different part of our galaxy, and we have been since at least the 1930s [moving through] clouds of high density highly energetic particles. We're getting deeper and deeper into these bands of giant nebula-type clouds of high energy particles. And as our star's field interacts with those energies, it is bringing those energies into the star through it's torsion field or energy field. And that energy feeds out through the planets, feeds back through this cosmic web effect that we've discussed. So I hope that somewhat answers the question. [What CG just described is an entrainment or synchronization process, a universal phenomenon or over arching principle that is expressed at all phases of cosmic reality. In the following two articles, I outlined this entrainment process as a function of the local energy field of our planet, the Schumann resonances, as well as the consciousness component known in the Law of One as Harvest. The last article is a documentary discussing the mainstream science which conclusively demonstrates that the sun and galaxy play an in intimate role in evolution and human consciousness.]
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  • DW - Now you also said, in the interview you did with In5d, Gregg Prescott, that the people in the space program had gone out and sampled that cloud. Could you tell us that story? Cause that has never been put on [this] show, and I was blown away when you said that.
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  • CG - Right. They - for a long time - had been flying interstellar vessels out to do telemetry on these clouds, the larger more energetic ones that we're headed towards. In doing so, they learned a lot about the spectrums of them, the information about them. They had some incidents [with] people having bad things happening to [them]. I'm not exactly sure what all happened to them.
  • DW - So they flew into the cloud?
  • CG - I think the field of the cloud. [They were] close enough to the cloud [to affect the crew]. They weren't shield like we would be on Earth and in our solar system with the protective fields we have around us. [The magnetosphere on Earth, and the Heliosphere in the solar system.]
  • DW - I do want to point that NASA has openly acknowledged that we are moving into something they call 'local fluff.' Which is cloudy. So they've acknowledged it, but they don't ever say that it's going to do anything. [I found the following image and caption for 'Local Fluff' on the NASA website.]
The Local Fluff 
Illustration Credit: NASAGoddardAdlerU. ChicagoWesleyan
Explanation: The stars are not alone. In the disk of our Milky Way Galaxy about 10 percent of visible matter is in the form of gas, called the interstellar medium (ISM). The ISM is not uniform, and shows patchiness even near our Sun. It can be quite difficult to detect the local ISM because it is so tenuous and emits so little light. This mostly hydrogen gas, however, absorbs some very specific colors that can be detected in the light of the nearest stars. A working map of the local ISM within 20 light-years, based on ongoing observations and recent particle detections from the Earth-orbiting Interstellar Boundary Exporer satellite (IBEX), is shown above. These observations indicate that our Sun is moving through a Local Interstellar Cloud as this cloud flows outwards from the Scorpius-Centaurus Association star forming region. Our Sun may exit the Local Cloud, also called the Local Fluff, during the next 10,000 years. Much remains unknown about the local ISM, including details of its distribution, its origin, and how it affects the Sun and the Earth. Unexpectedly, recent IBEX spacecraft measurements indicate that the direction from which neutral interstellar particles flow through our Solar System is changing. (Emphasis added). - Source
[Here is an abstract from the last link in the above caption. It helps verify what DW was mentioning above.]
The journey of the Sun through the dynamically active local interstellar medium creates an evolving heliosphere environment. This motion drives a wind of interstellar material through the heliosphere that has been measured with Earth-orbiting and interplanetary spacecraft for 40 years. Recent results obtained by NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer mission during 2009–2010 suggest that neutral interstellar atoms flow into the solar system from a different direction than found previously. These prior measurements represent data collected from Ulysses and other spacecraft during 1992–2002 and a variety of older measurements acquired during 1972–1978. Consideration of all data types and their published results and uncertainties, over the three epochs of observations, indicates that the trend for the interstellar flow ecliptic longitude to increase linearly with time is statistically significant. (Emphasis added) - Source
  • CG - And we've been moving into small ribbons of it since at least the 1930's.
  • DW - Right.
  • CG - So these research vessels...
  • DW - So people get into the energy fields and they have behavioral problems?
  • CG - Behavioral or psychotic problems, [yes]. [In season 2 episode 26 of the Star Trek series Enterprise, the crew is sent to explore a part of space known as the Expanse, which is a highly energetic region filled with gaseous clouds and peculiar spacial anomalies. An ET race known as the Vulcans sent expeditions into this region in the past, suffering great losses as apparently the energy there caused the crew to experience psychotic breaks. When Enterprise ventured there, they encountered spacial distortions that almost destroyed the ship, but they eventually developed shielding that protected against deleterious effects. Later in the series, the crew discovers that the energy fields are the result of a massive network of planet sized artificial spheres used by an extradimensional race attempting to change this region of space for colonization purposes. The Spheres are thousands of years old and have begun to fall into disrepair, which apparently caused the spacial distortions. This sounds very similar to what the SSP encountered as they explored the energy fields mentioned by CG.] 
  • DW - Really?
  • CG - And they were even testing these frequencies and energy fields that they were encountering in these cloud ribbons on unsuspecting people, on research vessels and also certain stations that they had, that they were doing testing [on]. They would tell people they were doing one thing, while secretly, unbeknownst to them, [they were] exposing them to [these] energy [fields].
  • DW - Very unethical stuff.
  • CG - Oh yeah.
  • DW - So you had said in the radio show that people would be zapped with this, they'd create a semblance of the energy a simulacra of it, in the lab, and zap people in the lab. And what happened to those people?
  • CG - It varied on the person, on the polarity of the person. What kind of a person they were. If they were one of the soldier psychotic types, they would have a psychotic breakdown. If they had underlying mental illness problems, they would become pronounced. [Based on the descriptions offered by CG here, I suspect that the energy has the general effect of increasing awareness over all. Increased awareness, similar to what is experienced during psychedelic experiences, will charge the thought-form super structure (knowledge base) in the mental sector with energy, experienced as increased emotional sensations. The quality of one's knowledge base, how well it integrates all points of experience, determines the effect. In studies using psychedelic substances, individuals who have denied aspects of their experience or failed to understand them, usually experience trauma as a result of consuming mind altering drugs. Conversely, the more integrated and accepting one is, the more empowered and transformed they feel as a result. This suggests that these energies are similar in that if one has a psychotic tendency, these thought-forms will be excited, requiring expression in the form of a psychotic break, in this case. All of this has been described by many researchers in the awakening community when discussing so-called ascension symptoms. If this assertion is correct, then it helps one understand why raising our vibration and becoming more forgiving and loving is so essential because they reorganize one's knowledge base to be more holistic, which in turn raises one's vibration. I discussed this in more detail in the following article.]
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  • DW - To address the reset of Banjoman's question here, why is everybody want to skip over fourth density and go right to five? We're in third now, you don't get to hopscotch two at a time. What do you think.. Why do people say 5D all the time? What do you think is going on there?
  • CG - <flummoxed> How do we know how it works to be honest? We could...
  • DW - So did you hear terms like fourth fifth density in the space program?
  • CG - Yes. We could be transitional right now. We could be third fourth density right now. A lot of it depends on belief systems, and that kind of a thing. When you start talking about what density we're going into, how it's going to happen, when it comes down to it, we really don't know, we're just going to have to ride the ride and see what happens.
  • DW - So the core of the question was, 'is this sort of a holographic thing that doesn't matter where you're positioned, or is it position dependent?' And you're saying that based on everything that you heard, it is position dependent. We are moving into a physical location of fluffy energy clouds?
  • CG - That is what is occurring locally with us right now.

  • DW - Ok cool. The next one we have is from Dumitru: "How will we know when these high energy waves are hitting the planet?"
  • CG - Well, like I've said, [these energies have] been hitting the solar system since at least the 1930s. They've been hitting, and they come in sort of waves or patches.
  • DW - Would there be an observable solar effect? Like a solar coronal mass ejection, or solar particle emissions? That kind of stuff.
  • CG - I'm told that there are things that are observable from the sun that are energetic. But are not something you are going to see in SOHO data. But on the Earth for us, I would suggest being a people watcher. You're going to feel it yourself. People around you, you can tell by the way they are acting. As this energy has come in I've seen people that have become triggered in different ways. And people that are showing their polarity, showing what they're made of. More than any other time.
  • DW - And remember gravity was working just fine before the apple fell on Newtons head. And he said, "Oh there must be a force doing that." You don't see anything come out of a magnet when its going to go stick on the refrigerator. So these are energetic waves. Maybe in his mind he was wondering if there was some sort of...
  • CG - Aurora Borealis or something...
  • DW - Starry-looking clouds of energy that just start sprinkling into the atmosphere.
  • CG - Well at some point it's expected to be so strong there will be like Aurora Borealis kind of - I mean, at the peak of [the energy influx].
  • DW - The big surge could have very detrimental effect on the electrical grid.
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - We're there plans within the space program [to deal with the fallout]? Were they expecting that electricity would not be functioning the way that it does now? That machines would have to be redone after this shift takes place? [DW is alluding to what is popularly known as an EMP, electromagnetic pulse, a large solar flare or coronal mass ejection. All of these things produce high intensity magnetic fields which induce strong currents on conductors of all types, in this case, those found in electronic devices. When major solar events occur highly charged articles called the solar wind bathe the Earth and induce a stronger field strength on the magnetosphere, Earth's protective shield, known as a magnetic storm. These fields in turn affect everything within the magnetosphere, including causing the Aurora Borealis to move further toward the equator. And of course the human body conducts electricity, and as such, is powerfully affected by intense magnetic fields.]
  • CG - Yes. [There's] some operational stuff. They plan on taking advantage of that time period for several things.
  • DW - Right on. We pretty much answered this [question]. The diffusion thing I think is just a way of him saying, 'is it going to look like something or not' and it's mostly invisible, up until the big moment. 

  • DW - Ok now we have Susanonbay, and this is controversial: "When the astronauts actually landed on the Moon in 1969, [why] didn't they see any signs of other life on the Moon, if it was so inhabited at that time? Did Neil Armstrong know that something was going on? Or did he go to his grave believing that he was the first man to step on the Moon?" Now there's a lot of stuff that she might not be aware of that others have done to help answer that question. But again, the focus here is what you know personally, what encountered personally in your days in the space program and with the alliance now.
  • CG - I don't know what these astronauts knew. It has always been, from the beginning and even now, common for astronauts to be blank-slatted.
  • DW - Really? Even NASA astronauts were getting blank-slated?
  • CG - Yeah. And so there might be stuff that some of them have...
  • DW - And for those that don't know what blank-slatting is, could you just briefly explain it?
  • CG - They used to do it through chemicals, but now they can do it electronically through fields, affect your memory and give you a screen memory. I can't really speak to what they remember. [In the TV series Dollhouse a team of scientists devise a way to blank-slate an individual using electromagnetic fields and chemical injections. Once done, the subject can have a false personality implanted into their consciousness which effectively turns the person into a programable Manchurian candidate. Once the blank-slating has occurred, the process is irreversible, and the original personality must be stored in a database so that once the five year term is complete, it can be implanted back on to the asset. The program involves recruiting physically attractive people which volunteer to have their bodies used for all manner of covert operations, which involves being blank-slated and uploaded with a new personality many times over the course of the five year term. In many instances, the main character Echo, would take on the personality guise of a sexually promiscuous woman, which seduces powerful men in an effort to manipulate them or retrieve their secrets. Later in the series, Echo transcends her blank-slating and gains access to all of her implanted personalities, some of which, have advanced physical training. Given CG's disclosures related to this kind of technology, I suspect that this TV series a soft disclosure of a great many things in the SSP and elsewhere.]
  • DW - Well lets toss out a couple data points. Number one, Neil Armstrong totally shunned public appearances. [He] did not want to go talk to any crowds. There are quotes of him saying that he felt like they were all used, [that] they were duped. He became a severe alcoholic; he basically drank himself to death. And there are reports that he saw a domed or a rounded craft on the edge of a crater when they had the first Apollo landing and he was the first one to walk out there. And that he was basically saying, "somebody else has been here before us." So did you ever hear about that in your work, on the inside? That event?
  • CG - Well yeah I heard that the astronauts did go up to the Moon, that they didn't pick a good place to land. [The Moon] is a very diplomatically split up piece of real estate. They further angered [groups there] when they smashed a command module or something into the Moon, like a missile, and they were asked not to come back.
  • DW - <Laughs> Really?
  • CG - Yeah. That's what I read and was told. I don't know if all of the landings really happened, or if they did a landing [and] screwed it up so bad that uh <chuckle>... But they continued to do fly around. And there definitely were quite a bit of photographs and reports of what they photographed on the surface of the Moon.
  • DW - Well there's a lot of data and obviously this is not your bailiwick [ or topic of study] as much as others who have studied this, but the astronauts had a code apparently that was "Santa Claus" for extraterrestrial activity.
  • CG - Or what they thought was extraterrestrial activity.
  • DW - [In one mission,] they come around the backside of the Moon, when they go back into radio range and they [said], "ladies and gentlemen of America, I am happy to announce that there is a Santa Claus." And that was live and it really kind of freaked people out. Why did he say that? What's going on there?
  • CG - All the astronauts have seen something flying around out in space.
  • DW - Our director, Jay Weidner, he is sort of the Grand Poobah of lunar landing hoax. And his evidence is absolutely compelling, that there was apparently a set also built in which it could appear they were on the Moon. And it appears that the director Stanley Kubrick was involved with that after his work in the movie 2001. [Synchronistically, earlier this month, a faked Stanley Kubrick confession was released, wherein the actor says Kubrick faked the Moon landings. When Jay saw the bogus confession, he immediately appeared on a radio show to address the matter, clarifying that the video was a hoax, but that there was a substantial amount of evidence to suggest some of the landings were in fact faked. Unfortunately I could not find that show, but I did find a video wherein Jay covers the topic of Kubrick faking the Moon landings.]

  • DW - Did you encounter any direct knowledge about that, that they had an opportunity to do a [film] set as well as landing on the actual Moon?
  • CG - I know they landed on the Moon, but I wouldn't put it past them at all, they do that type of Hollywood deception kind of stuff even up until present time. It wouldn't surprise me.
  • DW - Well the insider Henry Deacon, who has incredible amounts of overlap with his space program background and yours, although you seemed to have experienced aspects of it that he never came in contact with, he did tell me that they built a set on Earth, as well as doing the actual Moon missions, because they were in a race with the Russians to get to the Moon. They did not want it fail. They had to fake that it succeeded, even if it did fail, so they wouldn't loose the publicity war. And he also said that radiation was spiking so much on the Moon's surface that a lot of the footage they tried to shoot out there was unusable because the radiation would overexpose the film. So by having a set that was local here on Earth, they could conveniently mock up what was happening out there. So we do have insider testimony that I've personally had vetted out these people's credentials, confirming that the Moon landings did happen and that they are faked. This is one of the things that skeptics have attacked Jay for, which is not fair. He's not saying that no body landed on the Moon, [he's saying] it was both. That appears to be what happened.
  • CG - I would buy that; [or] I would at least look at it closely.
  • DW - Well it's the government right? They always want to have a backup plan. They don't want to be embarrassed. They didn't know if this was going to work. They're sending these guys up there with crappy technology that was way behind what they were actually using. And let's not forget that NASA, in the 1957 charter - this is the Richard C Hoagland stuff now. NASA was chartered as a defense agency of the United States government that could classify information deemed inimical to national security.
  • CG - Right. All images go through the NSA before they hit us.
  • DW - That I did not know.
  • CG - Yeah.

  • DW - Alright, the next question is from a user name, well this is probably not his real name, Manticore. And here we go, "Corey you mentioned that the Lunar Operations Command or LOC, may have been started by the Nazis during World War II." - I think it was actually pre-World War II. "I'm curious, if they developed the ability to travel to the Moon during World War II, wouldn't they have had the technology to win the war? Putting it differently, how could they have developed the technology to travel to the Moon? Or, were they helped by the alliance or some other group?" Well those are really two different questions. Let's come back to the second one, we'll start with the first one. Which would be, "If the Nazis developed the ability to travel to the Moon during World War II, wouldn't they have also had the technology to win World War II?"
  • CG - Well you can look at it two ways. Maybe they just changed tactics, and they did win World War II.
  • DW - Depending on how you look at it yeah <chuckle>.
  • CG - They went to a high-tech, instead of a blunt-force, war of attrition that they were loosing and moving into a horrific technological war. They developed high technology, a breakaway civilization that was mostly made up of secret societies [which] predated the Nazis by hundreds of years at least. And these societies later on infiltrated the West and took over the military-industrial complex. Later on, [they] took over the government and banking anyway. So I really don't see how they lost [the war] in the end.
  • DW - Wouldn't you also argue that if they used this advanced technology in the war too much, that it would tip off the world that they had it, which could then compromise their operational security?
  • CG - Yes, and they had developed a breakaway civilization that they were wanting to keep secret. They also had an interest in keeping things status quo, keeping the Babylonian money magic system in place, being able to manipulate the world, as it [were], while they had their own breakaway civilization that had advanced technology. And they had high plans on colonizing the solar system, and they needed the industrial might of the West. So they found a way of making their enemy their tool. [This aspect of the SSP history is discussed in more detail in the following article.]
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  • DW - Wouldn't you also say that it's almost like a magic trick. With magic, the magician has his hand up here but at the same time he's reaching into his pocket for the next trick.
  • CG - Diversion.
  • DW - It appears that they lost. But hey, they got this awesome base in Antartica, they got this awesome base on the Moon, they're starting to build awesome bases on Mars, so did they really loose, in their minds, if they have these platforms that they work off of? 
  • DW - Ok so lets go to the second part of the question then, "To put it differently, how could they have developed the technology to travel to the Moon? Or were they helped by the Alliance" - which didn't really exist at that point - "or some other group?"CG - The Germans were brilliant and already well ahead [in the secret space program development]. Their scientists weren't doing what the Western scientists were. A lot of their scientists were from the Thule society, and these other groups. They didn't rule out the supernatural, only sticking to the quantifiable, like Western science does, and they were getting better results. Not only that, they were doing major expeditions, because they believed in ancient aliens and civilizations of Earth that were advanced and had advanced technology, and they were looking seriously into that past and were finding manuscripts that gave detailed information on how to reconstruct that technology. So they were getting pretty far on their own, and...
  • DW - Well apparently they didn't just believe in inner-earth civilizations, they made contact with them, which we've discussed. [See CG's article discussing a meeting between himself, Gonzales and the Agartha Network, which is located inside the Earth.]
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  • CG - Right, they were also doing quite a bit of, a lot of people call it channeling, but they were doing a lot of broadcasting out into the cosmos trying to make contact with beings. They did make contact with inner-earth beings and some of these negative non-terrestrial beings, and they received help from both.
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  • DW - Let's take the next question. This is from Alisback, "I would like to know where these people came from that are in these colonies? Are these all the people that were on the side of milk cartons?"
  • CG - Most of these people have been on these colonies for generations now. There were what we've talked about the 'brain drain' that occurred across the world, where they took scientists, engineers - everything you would need to have a new society, colony - offered them positions, and in some cases, just took them. There were a couple ways...
  • DW - Pete Peterson said that it started in the 1950's and that it amounted to - in those early years, 50's and 60's - it amounted to 60 million people. And that they cherry picked the best and the brightest scientific minds from all the different nations of the world. And these people were just told that they were going abroad. And they also seemed to preferentially picked people that had very few friends or social interactions. You'd have to write a bunch of post cards before you went, and then they'd send them out over an interval of several years time so that people got the sense that you were gradually fading out of contact with them.
  • CG - Right, and this brain drain happened in waves. And not only that, there were people in common era that were just being approached, and told, "hey we've got this job. It's a great honor to be offered this. You can help save the world", either that or "something is about to happen to the planet. You can save your family by moving to one of these colonies. Here's kind of like a brochure kind of thing, it looks like the Jetsons." Looks wonderful, utopic. But when they arrive there it's a totally different reality.
  • DW - Well and if people have seen the Mars Colony Inspection episode, remember where that guy asked you were you were from.
  • CG - Yeah, Texas.
  • DW - Who was up in the colony, you said Texas, and why was that so shocking to them?
  • CG - Well because that colony had been told that the [Earth] suffered a cataclysm and that the surface was not survivable. And not only did I say I was from Texas, I had a sun burn and I smelled like aloe. I didn't smell right. I didn't smell like someone that had lived on a colony or lived on a vessel or out in space. I smelled totally foreign to them.
  • DW - To get the other part of the question then, he's kind of digging for - are these people that are going missing, are they being abducted? Are they dying? All these missing people each year that are showing up on the milk cartons, are there people being pulled into the space program that way? Where it's involuntary conscription and abduction? And then they just get stuck up there?
  • CG - That is occurring. And also we've discussed the more disturbing aspect of approximately a million people going missing on the Earth every year that are used in a interstellar slave trade system that is pretty disturbing that our own people are taking part in [this].
  • DW - Somebody might want me to ask this, which we haven't quite gotten to, is - are they also recruiting people now? Are they pulling people out of the military?
  • CG - They're still pulling people from the military.
  • DW - But there are still people getting pulled in now both on this sort of captive level as well as on an official and invitation level.
  • CG - Right. A lot of people in the Air force and Navy are being invited, even into some of these 20-and-back programs.

  • DW - Ok, cool. Now we've got Sylviepollard, "Is it possible to still see suns, i.e. stars, when you're out in space away from any atmospheres of a planet or a biosphere.
  • CG - Yes. Just like our satellites that are telescopes are able to see stars, yeah you can see stars.
  • DW - I guess what she's referring to is that there was some speculation, maybe in the alternative community, that the atmosphere was actually causing stars to be visible...
  • CG - Right, I've heard that.
  • DW - And that the visible light only activates when it hit [our] atmosphere. 

  • DW - Ok, Mikepatterson2, "If they replicators can make gold, silver, or hundred dollar bills, then what is the point of mining asteroids, mining the Moon, et cetera?" Well they got a replicator called the Federal Reserve, right <chuckle>? They can make as many hundred dollar bills as they want.
  • CG - They've got different types of replicators. They've got the food replicators and material replicators.
  • DW - Ok.
  • CG - And the material replicators can replicate small amounts of minerals and different types of things like that. And even if you wanted a complex thing like a hundred dollar bill, if you wanted to have a hundred dollar bill in your pocket <chuckle> - they're in a time when you don't need money. But it is not really feasible to replicate large amounts of cubic tonnes of [things], not just gold, but of all theses different minerals that they need, to then take and put through the process of creating all these different technologies that they trade and sell to other secret space programs and societies.
  • DW - One of the insiders from Dr. Steven Greer's original disclosure project, "The 39 Witnesses," was a guy who talked about particlization. And that was the term he was told that they used for this replicator technology. And the use of that term implies that you are essentially molecularly assembling. You're assembling at a quantum level. Is that why you're saying that other than small amounts, it starts to become non-feasible?
  • CG - It's not practical. I mean, if you need 3000 metric tons of palladium for a certain part and it's in a meteor, with the technology they have, automated technology, they can go take it out and transport it where it's needed. The material replicators, you're going to be producing very small amounts. It's just an industrial...
  • DW - Well you seem to understand that, but I don't know if we do. Why are there only small amounts [produced using replicators]? Where is it drawing from to create matter, first of all? Do you have to like put in some kind of base material, similar in like [the film] "Back to The Future" where they were dumping banana peals into the core of the car? That kind of thing?
  • CG - No. It's creating matter out of energy, just like our sun. Our sun is a giant replicator. It's taking energy that's coming at it from, not only within the Cosmic Web, but from the cosmos, and that energy is interacting with its field and it is creating base minerals and chemicals that are coming out of it.
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  • DW - Like the expanding Earth hypothesis, where the Earth has gotten - you can take away the oceans and shrink the continents down and they all fit together into a globe that's only 55% of its current size. [In the below linked article, I discussed expanding Earth Theory and how it relates to Reciprocal Systems theory, which suggest that material accelerated beyond the speed of light actually condenses over long periods of time, expanding outwardly to form all manner of stellar bodies.]
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  • CG - The sun is producing steam, which is water. How is it [that] the sun is producing steam which becomes water? I mean, the sun is a giant replicator. And it's taking background energy of the cosmos and it's converting it into matter. So, it's converting energy into matter, [that's] all this is doing.
  • DW - Somebody would counter, "well then why couldn't you just build a bigger replicator. And if you make it large enough you should be able to generate large amounts of material quickly and easily."
  • CG - You can produce larger replicators, I'm sure, to produce larger amounts of materials, but it has just been more practical for them for the long term to mine the asteroid belt. It's something they've been doing for a very long time. It's very lucrative. It's paid for itself. It's done autonomously, remotely. Only a few people have to be at one of these mining stations to manage all of the remote equipment and it's transported where it needs to go.
  • DW - Well I want to bring up something that Jacob also said that was relevant to this question, the space program insider I was in contact with for several years. He said that you could make gold in a replicator but part of what the Draco really want with the gold is that there are actually some 200 properties of gold, and how they can use it for all kinds of weird advanced technology, including healing stuff and other stuff. And that were the gold forms on the Earth has a tremendous effect on its energetic properties and what you can use it for, that it is literally impregnated with the energy of the Earth's grid and you do not get that type of stuff if you make it in a replicator. [Dan Winter discusses the properties of gold and crystalline structures in his work, wherein he states that molecular compounds form atomic scale resonances which are harmonically inclusive with the star systems local to us in the cosmos, which a well discipline mind can actually tap into to receive information from a soul group or what has been called the Akashic. Essentially we can consider the electrical potentials contained within the cosmos at large to be projected down on to the Earth as a holographic image, which is then 'printed' into the molecular bonds of substances here over vast lengths of time. Gold in its monoatomic form, known as ormus, can actually reorient DNA such that it can become recursive in its braiding pattern, (fractal) enabling consciousness to increase awareness and tap into so-called ascended abilities. According to Winter, artificial quartz crystals made in recent times, do not have these electromagnetically inclusive resonances. When remote viewers attempt to access the informations stored in these crystals, they are unable to make any reading. I discussed more of the properties of monoatomics in the following article.]
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  • DW - Have you heard anything about energetic properties of materials where the natural stuff is better than the stuff you can make in a replicator?
  • CG - I've heard that the gold and minerals that were mined in the asteroid belt had the exact same energetic properties of that of Earth. But I have not heard that type of information.

  • DW - Ok, so the next question we have is from Camareneo, "so if there are all these different types of human extraterrestrials, then are they all in a conference room with you, and if so, I wonder how they are all able to breathe the same air."
  • CG - All of these different group breathe different type of air, or have different environments. But these groups are not flying from another star system for these meetings. They have embassies on our planet and in our solar system. I would imagine they are acclimated here or have some sort of high technological workaround for it. At one meeting, when there were new beings that we didn't even know where here, there were aquatic-type beings that you would think breathe only underwater that were present.
  • DW - Well..
  • CG - Is there anything further, or are we at the end?
  • DW - We're at the end. That's your questions for Corey Goode here on "Cosmic Disclosure."
  • CG - I enjoyed answering the questions.
  • DW - Yeah, its been fun. And, as always, we thank you for watching.
Click here for a Summary and Analysis of Season 2 Episode 14.

For Cosmic Disclosure summaries with David Wilcock and Corey Goode click here.


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