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COBRA Q & A with Rob Potter - December 15th 2015: Event Update, Creator Discussion, Kuiper Update and more

Update December 27th 2015 2:19pm - The audio portion of this interview was released again. I have added it below. 

Update December 24th 2015 10:44pm - I did find the remaining portion of the transcript, which I have added to this post. The audio recording is still not working. 

Update December 24th 2015 6:38pm - Apparently the interview was taken down and the transcript is no longer available at the original link. I have not been able to find the interview elsewhere. If anyone does find it, or as a complete copy of the transcript, please get in touch with me via so I can update this post

Here's the COBRA interview for this month with Rob Potter. 

I don't have time to leave commentary at the moment. There are a lot of interesting items brought up that can be contemplated to help expand consciousness. 

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I was also recently interviewed by Rob on the 10th of this month. 

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- Justin

Source - The Promise Revealed



Dear Promise and Cobra Family
This month will be Transcript only. The reason is I wanted to clarify some misunderstandings from the text that I had in the interview. This morning Cobra and I did just that. I have redacted certain things from my original intro and  from the interview. I appologize for posting early and then taking this down as Cobra was forthright about his views and answers to me. We both do not want to create any drama between us as there is none. The mission is bigger than both of us.  He and I are clear on elements that we agreed to remove. I apologize for this but there will be no sound this month unless Rique can do more editing which I cannot afford to pay for this month.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another special edition for the Victory of Light radio show. I’m your host Rob Potter. I want to thank the Pyramid One Network and Bob Charles, as well as Rique Seraphico, for his great transcription on the voice modulation and the editing process, as well as DaNell, who does a wonderful job transcribing this interview and of course SR in Taiwan for his final editing of the transcription process.
I wish to thank Cobra for coming on here today and especially to give him a special feeling of love and embrace. I also want you to know that I do have a deep level of love and respect for Cobra.
So as you know, I’ve all moved to Maui. Things are going along great. I’m almost finished with my TV production classes, and I hope to be getting involved in a more powerful visual aspect of my work and sharing information and the words along with pictures and hopefully do some musical  integration that I really like.
Here is a good interview I did recently with Maarten Horst. Do listen carefully. There is a tremendous amount of information on many aspects of spiritual awareness here, so be ready to take notes Great Interview with First Contact Radio Maarten Horst
This link below is of a recent interview with Justin Deschamps of “Stillness in the Storm”, and we talk about Corey Goode and his contribution to preparing people for first contact.
This next link is a must-see website by a MAJOR Contactee, Bob Reynaude, who has never spoken in public about his ongoing mission for over 50 years. He was intimately associated with Gabriel Green and the information of life on Korrendor he shares is both fascinating and revealing. Please do take some time to familiarize yourself with “A love written in the stars” and many other aspects of his website, which is not well known by many. Spend 3 hours here on this website. It will help you understand a lot. I promise, you will be amazed.
This following link below from Bob Reynaude is in direct reference to Corey Goode’s meeting with the Omegans in his honeycomb Inner Earth article.  You will note these Omegans are a nasty race, which, through their arrogance, have done much to interfere with Earth. I feel they are sometimes called the Tall Whites by some, although not all tall white aliens fall into this category. Their relationship to the Kalrans and “the syndicate” is evidenced here in this brother’s mission. Bob is the real deal, and my mentor, Gabriel Green, received much intel from him throughout the late 50s, 60s. 70s and 80s and even into the 90’s until Gabe passed over. Meet the Omegans. They are the forces behind chemtrails, as the planes that fly have the Omegan symbol on their tail. Note he was releasing Cobra-like intel in the late 80’s
The link here below is to the NEW Weekly Event Meditation website:
I have met an amazing numerologist. She is top notch and extremely accurate, and if you want to learn how to read the energies of the day and what your life’s path is, what your names and birthdays are vibrationally attuned to in relationship to the world, she is the lady to see. Please do make yourself available and check out Ms. C at this link. Her prices are very reasonable and you will be amazed, and her help can help you understand yourself and your relationships to others.
The picture below is of a faceted cintamani ring. The picture shown is called the goddess and is very popular. We have different ring styles available as well. Not all stones turn out this translucent but many of them do, and we have only 23 left. All regular stones are sold out on my site until next year’s batch are found. If you want to enjoy a Cintamani Stone ring, click on the link below the picture.
Buddhist info on Cintamani
My upcoming events and appearances this winter at the end of February on Maui and the end of July in Shasta will be shared with a wonderful soul I am honored to call my brother and friend Luis Maertens.
The link below will take you to multiple Videos Pictures and Articles to learn of Luis and his mission to prepare people for contact. Some people in his groups are having physical encounters with the Confederation. Luis is a very heart-centered teacher whose many missions include preparing people and their light bodies for initiation and contact.Please see this link here for amazing evidence and confirmation of Luis’s work by the space family of light. It will blow your mind. 
Join Luis and myself in Maui in February or in Shasta this summer. You may see the link here: Solar Activations Maui February and Shasta July
See a photo here taken by our group of brief contact when I went to Bolivia this summer.
ufo contactos

This is another one of Luis photos here
ufo Brazil
This photo was taken by Luis Maertens who is the South American brother whose group contacts are very similar to James Gilliland in that there are multiple eyewitnesses and include close demonstrations and even landings and physical contacts.
This book, Secret Places of The Lion, will give the history of how the Great White Brother/Sisterhood works with the Confederation to see to it that certain positive actions are accomplished to establish needed outcomes in various timelines to counteract the Archon/ Cabal manipulations. These are done by supra luminal beings orchestrated by divine forces. These actions and incarnations insure the Victory of the Light by enacting divine revelations in the Earth’s history. These incarnations of certain group souls turn the tide of Archon manipulations to guarantee humanity is on the right track. The American constitution  was created by a group of advanced souls who completed their mission.
The Christ mantle and frequency is contained in the very seed atom of this planet and is that which has maintained and sustained this planet along with the confederation and Ascended Masters throughout history.  God is not to be misconstrued as an anthropomorphic being. I consider Yehosha as the highest representative of the always was, is and will be, to incarnate on earth.
We must realize that no one form can contain the infinite and yet we are all reflections of this infinite ever present creator. It is a paradox. Krishna and many other Avatars like Sai Baba, also have represented this highest aspect or truth to shed light unto this world. Some of the beings have held what in initiate esoteric circles is called the office of the Christ.
The truth of The Christ is still shrouded in mystery and one of the greatest secrets which I promise will soon be revealed to the outer world of men after the Event and to those who are ready at anytime.
I strongly suggest you study the works of Dr Frank Stranges, who was my mentor and friend. Dr Frank met the ascended master Christ many times on Victor One, on the Flagship of Commander Valiant Thor. Val was one of many Elohim present during Christ’s mission on Earth and afterwards. You may hear of these experiences through my inner circle portal here: inner circle sign up

I support Cobra and his Mission

I support Cobra’s understanding of the Matrix and his knowledge of the physical and non-physical  aspect of the AI network. I support his intent in the weekly meditations and his description of the compression breakthrough and many other aspects of his revelations and of his mission’s purpose.
 God works miracles in the creation in which we exist and in peoples lives and through the Christ the truth will be revealed openly on Earth as promised so long ago. The plan and mission of the adversary /Satan is to take God out of the equation and to deny the Creator and our intimate association with the divine through our IAM Christ presence.
I have my experiences with Christ and the messianic forces of liberation, which are divinely appointed to administer to Earth through this liberation process. This is not to be considered religious, only spiritual. I do not promote a personality cult revolving around one Avatar.
To obsess and worry with fear about what is going on with the cabal and false flag terror network, chimera, plasma fields, etc., is filling your feelings up with negative time invested in useless contemplation. Turn off your TVs please.
To follow the Golden Rule and to treat all we see and meet even reptilians as our brothers and sisters is a difficult task for sure but is love that will redeem our world, not intel on the cabal. Intel is important and relevant, but our monitoring our feelings as we process this information is equally important.
Rob’s Reason for the Event Delay
I feel another main reason the Event has not happened is the delay is allowing more people to turn towards Christ’s message of unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. Furthermore the heavenly forces do not just want to win and liberate earth. It is necessary to arrest those beings who are ill and implanted, who have chosen evil actions of murder and destruction as their daily bread.
Healing this evil once and for all is also very important for all of us so this situation is not repeated on other worlds. These beings must be given a last chance to turn towards the light through an real epiphany and to amend their ways. The healing must begin and it cannot happen if these negative forces are allowed to flee and continue their reign of terror. This is a major intention to heal the situation once and for all.
Our sorrow, our suffering, is great, but this will make the day of liberation and the return of light to this world even sweeter. Please rest assured all souls will be released and healed through the cosmic Christ consciousness. Our attachment to our material bodies is not good. We must hold fast to truth and surrender to the light the best and highest way we know how.
Recent Kuiper Post
Cobra’s recent Kuiper Belt post is an example of something that is completely new to him.The Kuiper Belt, the strangelet bombs, the toplet bombs, and all other forms of destruction will be as flecks of dust in the wind when the Spiritual forces make that long awaited day of liberation and first contact a reality. I had several people email me about yet another obstacle that has popped up in Cobra’s blog “The Kuiper Belt”. They were feeling, ‘Oh, no, again another obstacle?”
If your tired of waiting for the Event, go back to sleep. If you can, congratulations. Again, I have been experiencing guided contact since the age of 16, so imagine the kind of patience I have had to develop for 42 years. As a quadruple Aries, it has not been easy. My faith has been rewarded with ever new experiences to light the way. My working with Cobra came about after intense longing and prayer to be of service to the light.
I get people telling me Cobra is a mind-controlled agent of evil, and blah blah blah. For me he is genuine sincere and honest. He is a bit Spock-like in his delivery and scientifically oriented, not unlike Dr Bell in that way. I am a giant heart-based discerner with an above-average intellect, a photographic memory with a can of whup ass in my pocket when I sense deception. I do not sense deception in Cobra.
This changing of info on his blog which the RM is responsible for does put pressure on Cobra he doesn’t deserve. However, as someone who is simply reporting their directives, he is not to blame. The Planet X physical liberation forces are owed a great deal by the peoples of Earth. Cobra clarified to me that he , like me, needs to have enough evidence before he posts something. This is why some of his posts have contradicted each other. He at least posts the new intel correctly and immediately. So in my opinin his integrity to change things must be respected as he is honest to the truth.
The human lightworkers are even more in the dark and must be strong in faith and powerful in soul light to fulfill our mission.
The picture of CHRIST  below was captured by a true mystic Robert Van Den Boerke who has been having very wonderful amazing contacts and the phenomenon is to give people confidence in the knowledge and awareness that we can communicate with those on the other side and even receive messages. This picture is one in a series received by Robert showing Christ in his Glory as one who has Dominion on this planet. Christ is recognized by me as the highest possible frequency to incarnate on the physical planes. I share this to reiterate my personal faith in a living loving Creator who manifested as The Word made flesh. This is not about personality worship or a support of priesthoods who play themselves between man and God, for this is not possible unless you allow it.
jesus picture
This picture has created a divine revelation to the faithful to increase hope and confidence in the Christ. Please visit Robert’s site and thoroughly explore this special soul’s mission and purpose. Keep your feet on the ground and your soul in the highest level of love.
You may find powerful revelations of the life of Christ through the Astral view in The Aquarian gospel of Levi here: Astral version of Christs mission as recorded by Levi
To learn of the Universal Christ through Autobiography of a Yogi here: SRF AUTOBIGRRAPHY OF A YOGI WEBISTE
To read a book  and modern day testament of the order of Melchizadech and the Christ through Yoganadas disciple Norm Paulsen, a man I met several times and admired greatly, go here:
To read another amazing book which over 1/3 is dedicated to the life of Christ and the rest is the universal administration of the multi-dimensional universe, read the Urantia book here: urantia-book
Finally, one of the most unique descriptions of the life of Mary and Christ told by a woman who received physical visitations from both Yehoshua and Mary. Seek to find the 5 part series of “The Poem of The Man of God”. This link is a very expensive one but there are others you can buy cheaper if you search Amazon and ebay for this book. It is a very personal up close accounting by a sensitive who had PHYSCIAL VISITATIONS  FROM CHRIST AND MARY AND VISIONS OF CHRIST LIFE THROUHOUT HER WRITING OF THESE BOOKS. THESE ARE  TRULY WONDERFULL here: amazon site to buy poem of the man of god
To read a universal understanding of the manifestion of the OFFICE OF THE CHRIST from a race in the Vegan system from the planet Iarga go to Google Search and enter this : UFO CONTACT FROM IARGA GOOGLE SEARCH CHECK IT OUT  This book was written by a dear friend Wendell Stevens, the greatest researcher of genuine contactees in the modern day era.
DO note Robert Van Den Beoerke has a picture from the Iargan race on his site as well.
Please note, I also just wrapped an interview with Dave Schmidt which should be available Dec 24th on my VOL radio show and you will find quite interesting.:LISTEN HERE PYRAMIDONE ARCHIVE LINK TO DAVE SCHMIDT INTERVIEW
dave s and rob
Also note below a picture given to me by a friend who is intimately involved with the financial reset he said these could be real pictures of the new Treasury Reserve Notes. Interesting!
new treasury reserve note 2016
Without further ado here is the Cobra interview who is my brother friend and emissary of light.
Victory to the Light
—————————————————–BEGIN TRANSCRIPT————————————— 
Rob –  And here we are again with our emissary of light, Cobra.  I want to thank you for coming here again to the Victory of Light radio show.  I know it’s always a pleasure to share with you the planetary situation update and what’s going on.  Welcome, Cobra.
COBRA –  Thank you for your invitation.  It’s always a pleasure to do those interviews.
Rob – Yes, it’s been quite a scene.  It seems as though after the last interview we had the Paris and then we talked about it and now we have, of course, the San Bernardino false flag shootings and it seems to be having the desired effect.  There have been attacks on Muslims and various things of this nature.  Can you address a little bit to the mindset of how people can overcome this type of negativity and what we can do to heal this situation?
COBRA – OK.  It is important to understand that those false flag attacks have one single purpose: to keep people involved and enmeshed in this situation, to have the images of this and thought forms of this rolling in their mind, to have their focus on this.  It’s actually very effective through the use of the mass media.  They kill a few people or they stage a killing of a few people and this image and this message gets distributed to the mass media and very effectively lowers the vibrational frequency of the people and very effectually draws the people away from constructive action.  The only remedy to this is drop this from your awareness.  Just let it go.  There are more important things that are happening that have much more influence on the planetary situation and instead of focusing on those false flag attacks, it is much more important to focus on the goal of the planetary liberation and what you can do to assist in that process.
Rob – Thank you very much.  As a result of the Paris attacks and the San Bernardino, they, the cabal, has very actively been promoting through multiple agencies including Congress (like 9-11), a series of new laws to restrict movement and to deny visa’s and, of course, are creating all this type of negativity in terms of the lawful administration to tighten the noose of the NWO physically.  Can you allay the fears of people from direct information from the Resistance that none of these plans . . . I mean it seems as though they are going to be restricting people’s movements in and out of the country quite a bit now.  Can you comment on this for us please?
COBRA – OK.  I would not say that none of this will be successful, but I will say the majority of their plans will not be successful.  You see they are trying all the time to restrict movements, to trigger wars, to do whatever they can to implement their NWO, but I can say here, basically their plan for the NWO, their goal was to complete the process in the year 2000.  And obviously it didn’t happen.  They were planning on having a totalitarian world government completely operational by the year 2000. Now 15 years later, they still have not been successful and there is only one reason – the existence of the light forces, which means us, which means the Resistance Movement, which means various types of space brothers and sisters and many other positive beings that are preventing their plans daily.  So I would say that about 80 – 90% of their plans never see the light of day because they are stopped.  Some of the plans do get successful to a certain degree but never completely.  So whatever their plans are, they are mostly not going to be successful.  Of course, before the planet is liberated we can not guarantee or we can not say  that all their plans will be stopped, but most of them will be.  I would not focus so much on the fear of what is going to happen, on what they are going to do, but again, focus more on what can I do to speed up the process of liberation and ensure our victory.
Rob – Thank you very much for that.  I’ve recommended for many people to just turn off their TV.  I get a lot of panic requests and fear-based information from a lot of people.  I recommend you turn off your television.  Spend more time in nature and try to connect to your own inner self in a good way.  Speaking of that, we’re going to jump around here.  We’re going to go right to some other people’s questions.  I have a few more I’ll pepper in, but we have quite a few questions today.  A lot of people want to know how can they get a feel for their energetic bodies, the astral etheric or plasma plane while they are still in their body.  Is there any method that you can recommend?  I’ve recommended pyramids, crystals and lasers.  I think Cintamani stones have had some good effect on people.  Can you offer some suggestions?
COBRA – OK.  Basically the core of this question is that people would like to be aware of other aspects of their being, other higher dimensions parts of their being.  Actually, everybody is aware of that all the time.  If you have any emotions, you feel your astral body.  If you’re thinking, you feel your mental body.  If you feel any type of energy running through your body, if you are tired or hyperactive or whatever your energy mood is, you feel your etheric body.  So people are feeling those things already.  They are not aware of it, but what is even more important here is to be aware of the source of all this, which is your soul, your higher self, your I AM presence.  And you are also always aware of that simply by being.  It is the state of existence.  You are, and this I AM , or YOU are is your Soul.  So I would not give any particular advice of how to get in contact with that because there are many books out there and each individual person has an individual path to reach that goal.  I would say follow your deepest inspiration, your deepest vision and you will get there.
Rob – OK.  Thank you.  I’d recommend meditation and prayer, talking to the mighty I AM and to listening for the answers within.  Here we have another quick question.  It’s an opinion and not so much about Keshe here.  They say, he (Keshe) had put out a post from his technology that he was indicating that there was going to be some earthquakes.  Obviously, the Cintamani stone and the Great White Brotherhood and the net of the light forces are negating some of these effects.  It seems like they’re going to appear, but don’t.  Can you comment on the possibilities of upcoming earthquakes around the world and North American in particular?
COBRA – OK.  The situation the last few years didn’t change much.  There will be occasional earthquakes because the Earth energy grid needs to release certain tensions.  The light forces can, of course, absorb most of that shock, but not all of that shock, because the Earth as a living entity, as an energy being, has to carry all the stress of the Cabal and humanity combined.  Plus, the Chimera group and the plasma accretion vortex and all this is quite much of a stress to the planetary energy body.  And although there is much assistance here, some of this pressure needs to be released through earthquakes.  Most of the earthquakes happen in areas and in a way there is as little casualties and damage as possible.
Rob – Very good, thank you.  Another question that I kind of like myself.  You always wonder here, and, of course, as timelines you never know.  The question was as a human on this planet, will we ever be able to take back our missing DNA strands or they say use 100% of the brain, I mean, unite to our divine self?  Obviously, this is the plan.  Will this happen in our lifetime, or is this, depending on the age of course, is this eminent or is this more like a gradual change that will happen individually for certain people and for some people it won’t?
COBRA – The Event is the moment when this change will be initialized.  And, of course, it will take some time depending on the individual case.  Each individual being will go through their own process, but the process will start at the Event.  It will be a massive improvement at that time – a quantum leap you might say.  And there will be fuller subsequent quantum leaps later, but I would say the Event is the moment when you have this critical mass of consciousness present on the planet when you being as a race, as a collective to use our higher abilities to activate the dormant part of our brain and dormant part of our DNA.  And then this will no longer be an issue. It will be simply a very fast accelerated evolution.  The problem is the time before the Event when everybody is still suppressed artificially.  The Cabal and the Chimera are still suppressing the collective evolution of humanity.  This is the reason why people are feeling so unhappy with the present situation.
Rob – Yes, it’s definitely a drain on the soul for those who are in contact and see what’s going on here.  The next question is about Osho or Baghran Sri Rajneesh.  He certainly was a person to expose many programs and beliefs.  Fred Bell said that he was a kind of like a teacher and attracted what he called 6th Ray devotees – people who look to someone else for their liberation.  In a certain sense a lot of people carried his picture around.  I did notice a lot of open consciousness.  Someone was kind of wondering, he’s passed on now, I think we can have a comment, kind of curious about what you felt about his mission and stuff.  I know a lot of things were political there.  Could you talk about Osho?
COBRA – He was a soul coming from the Sirius star system.  His mission was to awaken the western societies to the reality of emotional processes, clearing of the emotional body.  He assisted to a certain degree in the liberation of sexual energy and integrating that energy with the energy of the heart and he was having a very important mission in bringing practical tools for the western society, how to deal with emotions.  This was a key part of his mission.  Of course, there were other aspects, and, of course, the Cabal was after him.  He was actually . . . he had poisoning attempts and he was actually killed by the Cabal.
Rob – Yes, I would agree with that.  He was really cool.  He actually created a thing in Oregon and basically brought in a bunch of people in a democratic process and took over the voting so that his group wouldn’t be harassed for what they’re doing in the city there.  There were some elements within his following that were purchasing guns .  He was in silence for many years so there were people that got carried away.  Some of his leaders were actually hoarding guns and some numerous Rolls Royces’ and stuff.
COBRA – (His answer was garbled and daneell could not transcribe it.)
Rob – OK.  This is an interesting one.  Someone says, “The last time you spoke about the food chain and the Archons and the Dracos and the other groups.  Could you address the Anunnaki?”  I’ve got quite a few questions on them and their influence.  They’re the ones who claim to be in charge of the Red Dragons.  The questions are:  “Are they still here on the planet?  Are they Archons?  Who are they?  Can you talk about their history?”
COBRA – OK.  I never met one so I can not answer this question.
Rob – From your intelligence, can you know are there any of the original Anunnaki, archons, draconians alive on the planet?
COBRA – My intelligence does not mention that name. They don’t acknowledge that name.  They know certain races and certain factions by different names, but they don’t acknowledge that name.
Rob –  Okay. Dr. Frank told me that some of those records were taken from older records and were manipulated.  My understanding, (I don’t know if this would fit in), but some of them were beings that were here interacting with humans and did kind of put themselves in positions of power.  You’ve obviously heard the story of Zecharia Sitchin where they claim to be our creators and they used us as slaves.
COBRA – Yes, of course, yes, of course, but my sources say that all these stories have been fabricated and there is a lot of misinformation.
Rob – Okay. That coincides with Dr. Frank Stranges’ information and understanding that there were elements of E.T. things here and certainly is trying to make these beings seem like they are our Lords and masters.  Next question.  Someone has asked a question and I didn’t ask specifically that question because I wasn’t really sure. I wanted more background.  He gave me a very long convoluted background on the people, but I want to pronounce their name correctly.  Could you talk about . . . Ben Fulford talked about, the HYKSOS, descendants of Abraham’s religion and their influence in history?  And are they still here?
COBRA – Yes, this is part of one branch of the Khazarians, or should we say forefather’s of the Khazarians.  Basically, we can go much further in history because that whole area that has been mentioned already around the Chechnya vortex.  The core of this area is the home of one branch of the Biblical man.  The same area was used as a portal through various Archon invasions to bring reptilian hybrids in humanoid bodies to planet Earth and these are the ones that we call the Khazarians.

Rob – You don’t believe there is one Creator, that there is multiple gods?
COBRA – I believe there is one absolute Source, but the absolute Source is not represented correctly in monotheistic religions.  Actually, monotheistic religions were misusing the fact of the distance of the absolute in order to control people.  Because Archons are quite skilled in using spiritual truth and turning them into the tool of control.
Rob –   I agree that it has been misused by monotheistic religions, but I believe that the one absolute source of Creator that you can have a personal relationship with that, although, anything you can say or think about it would limit that.
COBRA – That’s true, but I was just saying that monotheistic religions were created not with the purpose of connecting a person with the absolute but with the purpose of controlling people’s connection with the absolute.
Rob – My info from the GWB is that certain incarnations were brought here to actually bring the truth and the light as it was attempted in Egypt and in central America to re-establish a proper understanding of relationship to the one living God. Can you tell me what you think about Moses?
COBRA – Moses was a priest that was initiated in Egypt’s mystery schools.
Rob – OK.  Who initiated him into the mystery schools?  Were those positive light beings or negative beings?
COBRA – Yes. Positive, yes.
Rob – Can you explain how he was misused and what he did?
COBRA – He was misused later when he transferred some of the teachings of the mystery school in a way.  He actually wasn’t intending to do that.  The purpose of the Archons behind the scenes was, as I’ve said before, to put themselves as an intermediary between a person and their own spiritual experience.
Rob – What was his contact on the mountain when he brought back the tablets?  Was that positive or a negative contact?
COBRA – That was positive contact.
Rob – That was pretty powerful contact there.  I would feel that his mission was pretty successful to a certain extent.  Obviously, there is a human element and they didn’t accept the commandments.  I’m kind of curious how you say that later on in his mission, after he passed away, his teachings were misused.
COBRA – Basically, he had a very powerful spiritual experience, and he was also trained as a priest, and the Archons have managed to put certain parts of their teachings into his teachings.  The same thing that happened with most of the prophets at that time.
Rob – Yes, the teachings are always changed.  The prophet has a unique spiritual experience with superluminal light beings.  You opened up a big can of worms for me.  Can you talk about your concept of monotheism or one true living God or of people’s. . . I don’t see it as a secular religion, but as an individual’s relationship to the absolute Creator.  What are your views on that?
COBRA – Basically the absolute is not the Creator. Universe was created with an interaction with the absolute and the contingency. This is #1.  And what most religions do, they simplify the understanding of how the universe works and they put certain other elements into this that they act as a controlling medium for the people.  So the purpose of most religions was not to bring people closer to the absolute, but to distance them from the absolute.  And somebody who did not agree with that particular version of the truth was not accepted and was persecuted.
Rob – I would agree with part of that.  I’m kind of curious.  What created the contingency?  It’s kind of a thing.  Something doesn’t come from nothing.  You talk about the absolute. The Creator was created by.  Explain to me how creation was created and what your concept of the first cause is?
COBRA – Basically, there is no first cause.  Absolute was not created, it always was, is and will be.  Contingency was not created with a purpose. It was an outburst of a random function, an anomaly and those two things are logically opposite.  They are two very strong but opposite forces, and the tensions between those two created the Universe.
Rob – Yeah, okay.  I would agree with that.  The absolute always is and was and will be.  I guess that’s just a difference in terms.  I would call that the Creator.  Do you believe an infinitesimal reflection of which we all are of all that is and will be?  You don’t want to call it God. I understand that because it has a lot of connotations of individual anthropomorphic being.  Do you believe an individual can have a personal relationship with all that is, ever was and will be.




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SITS blog is a venue where Data we come across can be shared with all of you. If we look past personal bias, and distill the Absolute Data within each post, our natural intuition will assemble these nuggets together and reveal a greater truth.

We do not know what that truth is yet of course. We are discovering that together as a whole by sharing and discussing our unique perspective. Share your thoughts and we will all come to a greater understanding as one.

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