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Awakening Your Force | Science Fiction and Psychology - Star Wars, Ancient Tibet, and Jedi Training

Fictional works have long allowed humanity to explore what it labels impossible. The ability to move objects with the mind, know the future or possess superhuman strength are the attributes of godlike figures which rouses curiosity and stimulates the imagination. 

Humanity seems to be preprogrammed with an innate desire to imagine the fantastic, pushing the limits of what is considered normal. And in society, all of these things are labeled science fiction or fantasy, but as the following article by Jon Rappoport details, psi abilities are a well-established reality in scientific circles. 

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Star Wars is one such work that contains nearly all of the sought after superhuman abilities: precognition, telepathy, telekinesis, psychic attack, healing and more. In the above-linked article I attempted to describe the science behind these abilities, which corresponds to the data provided below. 

If the truth is, humanity has these abilities waiting to be discovered, why would Hollywood and the media allow stories of them to be told? As Rappoport alludes to, it is most likely to normalize the notions in our minds. 

The Psychology of Science Fiction

Normalization is a psychological term describing how a stimulus produces a diminishing cognitive response the more it is exposed to an individual. The first time we see something new, it grabs our attention as we seek to gain an understanding of what is observed. But the second time it is viewed, we have already defined it and as such it does not draw our attention as much. Eventually, the stimuli is taken for granted, and the mental definition that is created as a result becomes crystallized or automatic. Now the stimuli triggers no neurogenic or mentality creative response, the previous association is recalled. Language is an excellent example of this mental process, wherein new words are learned and meanings discovered become second nature. 

Now let's consider what effect science fiction has on the mind. Firstly, if the realities of innate psi ability are well founded, then to describe them as fictional or unreal creates a meaning structure within the mind that actually prevents consciousness from developing these abilities. Everyone is curious about psi abilities, and when their curiosity is met with a socially accepted definition of impossibility, that individual has to make a choice: will I continue to consider these abilities as possible? Or will I follow along with everyone else and believe they are impossible?

In today's world, an individual's capacity to maintain an independent mode of thought is countered by an enormous weight of social pressure. People tend to push their beliefs onto others, and if they are not accepted, all manner of social indoctrination ensues to force the divergent ones back into compliance.

Imagine a child who thinks they can move objects with their mind and see the future going to school and telling their friends that they can do it too. The children at school, who have accepted the social program that these things are impossible, will belittle and ridicule the other child who is foolish enough to consider such things real. The open minded child may even be physically attacked by their peers on the playground, all of which occurs when independent thought comes in contact with dogmatically accepted socialized beliefs. In the face of such treatment, most of us will abandon the divergent ideas and become one of the socially initiated. 

It's easy to see how an unquestioned social program can easily wash over collective consciousness and become a self-sustaining limitation. 

Racial Memory and Normalization

Since nearly everyone is curious about these things at some point in their lives, it suggests a type of racial memory or intuitive knowing latent within us that is yearning to be acknowledged. If no social program existed to squash these curiosities, a population of people may actually begin to develop them. Given that there are countless megalithic sites which seem to be created by fantastic means, I suggest that cultures have existed in history that organically developed these abilities simply because the social fabric allowed them to be explored. 

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Now we must consider the notion of a Cabal or nefarious group, that is fully aware of humanities innate psi ability, but chooses to keep it secret to manipulate the masses to service a hidden agenda. There is a very real possibility that if left unchecked, humanity would eventually rediscover their superhuman abilities. As such, this group devised a normalization campaign, which allowed these curiosities to be explored, but in a way which always labels them as fiction or fantasy. 

This is a master stroke for the powers that should not be on this world. In this way, the desires for personal empowerment and exploration of the paranormal can take place, satisfying this almost primal curiosity, but the end result is always a recognition within an individual that these things will never actually happen

Fictional works of this type have essentially become one of the most successful propaganda campaigns in human history. Billions of people every year become incredibly curious about the paranormal nature of reality, only to be indoctrinated in a closed-minded and dogmatic point of view, that all but guarantee's they will never actually achieve any measure of psi ability. But ultimately the choice to accept closed-mindedness is always ours, and we can just as easily chose to consider these things possible. With this more open-minded approach, we can investigate the science that exists proving these things are in fact possible. 

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As a final note, and in line with the science outlined in the above-linked article about psi ability, these powers are founded on the recognition that one can actually do them. Therefore, one of the best ways to ensure humanity never rediscovers these abilities is to get people to believe they are not possible. But if one is brave enough to research the scores of anecdotes, science publications and related papers proving these abilities are real, one will almost immediately begin having paranormal experiences, tapping into Jedi-like powers. 

My Personal Experience

I'll share some of my experiences on this score. Prior to my awakening experience in 2010, I was a devote atheist and scientism follower. I dismissed all psi ability as science fiction, and considered the world to be a deterministic and random place. But after discovering cures for cancer in 2010, I began researching everything I could find, including the science of consciousness. 

Shortly after I acknowledge the possibility of psi, I began to have an enormous amount of synchronistic experiences. I would see double number patterns such as 11 or 44 which I realized was happening with greater frequency. I began to pay attention to what I was thinking at the time when seeing these patterns, and oddly enough, it almost always had a correspondence to what was playing out in my life at the time, suggesting I was receiving some type of inner knowing that could not be explained by normal processes.

Now some five years later, I have completely shifted my thinking insofar as what I consider possible, and my present operating conclusion is that nearly all of my thoughts are somehow connected to all points of time and space. It was this latter conclusion that allowed me to begin paying attention to all my thoughts, instead of dismissing them as random mind chatter

I began having a huge number of precognitive intuitions, in that, when I focused my attention on a thought stream, they would almost always connect to what was happening in my life. For example, in many instances, a 'random thought' would pop into my mind while watching a video, and then that thought would be expressed a few moments later. It got to the point where I could piece together aspects of a plot or story from these random thoughts, before I was exposed to those elements of the film. The more I allowed myself to gain awareness of these random thoughts, the more meaning they would have as an interconnection with my experience. 

In the day to day bustle of life, it has been hard to continue exploring this aspect of myself because it requires meditation and self-awareness to further my training, so to speak. But even with a small effort put forth, huge leaps in understanding were gained. I think everyone has a chance in their own lives to achieve a great deal, if we are willing to explore them with childlike open-mindedness. 

In my view, the first step to activating these abilities is realizing we've already been using them for most of our lives, we've just mislabeled it in our understanding. An adage I am often reminded of:
"I warn you, whoever you are... 
Oh, you who wish to probe the arcanes of nature, if you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither shall you be able to find it outside. 
If you ignore the excellencies of your own house, how do you intend to find other excellencies? 
In you is hidden the treasure of treasures. 
Oh, man, know thyself and thou shall know the Universe and the Gods!" 
- Phrase inscribed in the ancient Temple of Delphi.
Today, we look to technology and something else that will allow us to gain access to these abilities. In science fiction, often it is some event such as a chemical spill or radiation leak that imparts superhuman attributes to the characters, all of which downplays humanities nature. So as the above phrase says:
"Oh, you who wish to probe the arcanes of nature, if you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither shall you be able to find it outside." 
If all it takes to start one's Jedi training, is to simply believe that it's possible, and look for how its already happening, then why not take that leap of faith in yourself? In doing so we open the door to self empowerment and simultaneously help to end the social indoctrination program that has limited humanity for eons. 

- Justin

Source - Humans Are Free

by Jon Rappoport

Let’s start here: there are pre-conditions for the popularity of the Star Wars films. New previously unseen Space, huge amounts of it. Heroes in that space. The capacity to perform paranormal feats. A Force that feeds into that capacity. A battle between the light and dark aspects of the Force.

Yes, a director could take those pre-conditions and distort and strangle them in the making of a film, but without those elements the Star Wars movies wouldn’t exist at all.

Drilling down further — The Jedi, in whom the Force is naturally strong, undergo training. This factor pulses in the audience’s subconscious, because it makes a kind of sense. If an individual can perform paranormal feats and control them… he needs to learn how. He needs to go to school.

He needs to practice, as an athlete does. Perhaps the paranormal isn’t just a child’s fantasy. Maybe it’s more than that. Suppose it is. Suppose these societies we live in, these civilizations, are built to exclude such possibilities. 

Suppose, in the glorification of technology, an omission has occurred — an intentional omission. Suppose a deadening “realism” is the arbitrary substitute for paranormal ability. Suppose this is a long con of immense obfuscation.

Read Dean Radin’s classic, The Conscious Universe, he presents a compelling case via a far-reaching analysis of paranormal laboratory experiments and their results.

When I first read his breakthrough book, I was floored. Far from merely recounting anecdotes of paranormal phenomena, Radin was proving that decades of well-formed and well-conducted published laboratory studies, in the areas of telepathy and psychokinesis, revealed that these human capabilities exist.

He had performed a staggering feat. He had shown the science was valid.

It remains for other branches of the scientific community to catch up, to admit their consensus about reality is provincial, distorted, and pathetically behind the times. They are now the Roman Church of old, denying Galileo and Bruno.

Two years ago, Radin spoke at a conference, Electric Universe, in New Mexico. He described his recent pilot study on time and precognition.

A small group of advanced meditators who use the “non-dual” technique, were tested. While meditating, they were subjected to random interruptions: a flash of light and a beeping sound. 

Measuring their brain activity, Radin found that significant brain changes occurred BEFORE the light flashes or the beeps.

A control group of non-meditators were tested in exactly the same way, but their brain measurements revealed NO such changes.

In other words, the brains of the meditators anticipated the timing of the unpredictable interruptions.

The future was registering now. This, of course, opens up another way of thinking about time.

Serial time, the idea that, in this continuum, we experience a smooth progression of moments, with the present becoming, so to speak, the future, is the conventional view. But suppose that is a grossly limiting and sketchy premise?

Suppose that, for those who can be aware of it, the future is bleeding into the present? It is making an impact “before it happens.”

If time is deeply rooted in perception, Dean Radin’s study indicates that this perception extends to the future. If people can register the impact of the future now, then our notions of time are up for grabs.

So are conventional concepts of cause and effect, which rely on chains of events moving like trains from the past to the present. We need to consider that causes can sit in the future and produce their effects in the present.

In which case, what is the future? It certainly is an expanded territory that extends beyond our normal notions of it.

In correspondence with me, Dean Radin offered further information about his study:
“All participants knew that they would receive a light flash, an audio tone [beep], both, or none. In one condition they didn’t know when these would occur or what type of stimulus. In another condition they knew when it would occur but not what. In all cases no one, including [the scientist] experiment[ers], knew what the next stimulus would be because we used a true random number generator to select it on the fly.

“The conclusion of the study was that the reported subjective experience of exceptional spaciousness, or timelessness, reported by some advanced meditators, appears to be objectively correct. That is, their subjective sense of ‘now’ appears to expand substantially, and our experiment indicates that this was not an illusion.”
I then asked Dr. Radin how closely correlated the light flashes and audio tones were to the brain changes in the meditators. His answer was stunning. 

The brain changes occurred 1.5 seconds before these interruptions. And the changes obviously occurred even though some of the meditators didn’t know when the interruptions were coming.

Radin’s remarks offer us a major point: these meditators were expanding their consciousness of the present moment, so that it included the future.

Such a framework of understanding travels far beyond modern ideas about the makeup and laws of the physical universe. It implies more than merely a holographic or pixel-based cosmos. It speaks to titanic capabilities on our part.

Of course, having sunk to a state in which we navigate in an amnesia about ourselves, we look at these ideas with skepticism. We pretend we are trapped in a container-continuum of space and time, as Einstein and others have fleshed it out.

Consider what could be the most astonishing extension of Dean Radin’s work: suppose that for those elements of the future that aren’t yet planned or on the drawing boards at all, people can still register their presence in advance. 

Then we would be talking about the human capacity to reach out into a vacuum, a nothing, and still “bring back” what is going to happen.

Back to Star Wars. Jedi undergo training to improve their ability to see into the immediate future, to know, in advance, what is about to happen seconds before it does — for example, in battle against an opponent. 

In this sense, that process mirrors what Radin has been researching and confirming. Is it any surprise that the movie audience feels a resonance with Jedi abilities? We are talking about more than just fantasy wish-fulfillment.

Another kind of training existed in early Tibet. Those “Jedi” utilized a method of visualization that, in its concept, challenges virtually all systems of spiritual practice. 

(Read John Blofeld’s wonderful book, The Tantric Mysticism of Tibet.) 

I’m talking about “deity visualization.”

The student is given a task: create in his mind, in every detail, the image of a specific “deity.” I believe these students were given a painting to study in this regard.

This was no brush-off exercise. The student, in isolation, had to create, all at once, with no missing parts, and sustain the entire (fully and extensively decorated) image. If he could accomplish this at all, it might take months, or even years.

If he achieved the goal, the deity would then naturally take on the persona of a counselor, guide, and friend. For the student, this would be a marvelous ongoing experience.

The teacher, watching the student closely, would determine when he was relying “too closely” on the guide. At that point, he would tell the student: “Get rid of the deity.”

This, it was said, was more difficult than creating it in the first place.

But if the student could achieve both the creation and destruction of the deity, he would then see, as John Blofeld puts it, that the universe is a product of mind.

This insight, not merely an intellectual conclusion, but an immediate knowing and experience, would enable the student to change, rearrange, and recreate physical space, time, and energy.

The early Tibetan school of the “paranormal” was undoubtedly the most original in the history of the planet. 

It also speaks to the idea that, through training, through the development of the faculty of imagination, the individual can regain and restore what was originally his, before socialization, indoctrination, and “realism” submerged his own power.

The Star Wars films reinstate the concept of the advanced academy, where students actually train to enhance their inherent capacities. 

Therefore, the movies are more than spectacles. They firmly suggest that training, if it existed, would be the key to outdistancing the programmed and illusory dimensions of the world people believe they live in.

The films reawaken the idea of individual power — not as some bedraggled tag-end appendage going extinct as a result of “higher social evolution”, but as a primary alive and electric core that has been stepped on and rejected by engineers of a mass future, in which individuals are supposed to be numbers and units and ciphers in a dimmed-out gray utopia, for the sake of some misbegotten counterfeit of universal justice and equality — neither of which, when the veneer is peeled away, is just or equal.

There, for those who can see, is the illusion.

The reality is the individual, alive and awake with his amnesia stripped away, and his power intact. Again.


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