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Suppressed Science: Giant Ancient Egyptian Underground Labyrinth Exists and Could Rewrite History

One of the largest subterranean labyrinths in history was allegedly discovered at the base of Hawara Pyramind in Egypt, by a team of Geophysicists in 2008. They used ground penetrating technology, the same kind used by the oil industry, to detect an enormous system of underground chambers, so complex in construction, that only a highly advanced civilization could have built it.

Shortly after the discovery, the Egyptian government through the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, completely suppressed the find and made any mention of it a National Security issue. What possible justification could their be to hide this site from the public unless its release so would draw into question accepted views of history.

This is not the first ground breaking discovery that has been suppressed by mainstream academia. There are scores of honest truth seeking scientists and researchers that have had their careers destroyed for bringing to light artifacts and sites that would compel a change in the official view of history. Clearly, any institution claiming to research the truth, but fails to share it once found, has lost sight of it's mandate.

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I was able to find an interview discussing details of this find; how big it is, what could be there, how research teams have been suppressed, and more.

The fact that officialdom has worked tirelessly to suppress these ancient discoveries is prima facie evidence that not only are systems of science corrupt, but that our true history is being hidden for a specific purpose. When a people looses touch with their origins, they are much easier to manipulate into a false paradigm. The modern day view of humanities superiority by way of technological marvels has become one of the most widely accepted doctrines on the planet; the Church of Progress. But if evidence exists to suggest that our ancestors were also very advanced, even more so than today, this would shatter the belief in our seemingly advanced and superior modern civilization. 

- Justin

Source - Ancient Code

The Incredible Ancient Egyptian underground Labyrinth has been found and confirmed, despite being suppressed by mainstream history.

It can be easily considered as one of the greatest discoveries of Ancient Egypt, yet only a few know about the existence of the incredible underground Labyrinth of Egypt, believed to hold countless answers to history itself.

We have all known how special the Pyramid of the Giza Plateau are, and we have all been extremely fascinated behind the enigmatic origin of these Pyramids but there are places in Egypt that are equally magical and yet less known to society.

A recreation of the giant underground labyrinth

There are many discoveries beneath the surface of our planet which could potentially change the way we look at history itself. One of them is a forgotten world of underground chambers and tunnels that have remained unexplored for centuries. Mentioned in ancient texts and local legends, these mysterious chambers have been considered as a myth up until they were actually discovered.

The ‘Lost Labyrinth of Egypt’ is without a doubt one of those incredible ancient sites that are a lost jewel in today’s history.
This I have actually seen, a work beyond words. For if anyone put together the buildings of the Greeks and display of their labours, they would seem lesser in both effort and expense to this labyrinth… Even the pyramids are beyond words, and each was equal to many and mighty works of the Greeks. Yet the labyrinth surpasses even the pyramids. Herodotus (‘Histories’, Book, II, 148),

This mysterious underground complex of caverns and chambers is believed to hold the secrets to mankind’s origin, it is also believed to hold sacred ancient text from the lost civilization of Atlantis. It was described by authors such as Strabo and even Herodotus who had the opportunity to visit and record the legendary labyrinth before it disappeared into history.

According to writing by Herodotus I the IV century BC: the labyrinth was “situated a little above the lake of Moiris and nearly opposite to that which is called the City of Crocodiles” (‘Histories’, Book, II, 148).

The labyrinth (as it has been called by some in the distant past) is said to be an extraordinary underground complex which could hold the key to mankind’s history. It is said that there, we could find details about unknown civilizations in history, great empires and rulers that lived on the planet before history as we know it began.

“When one had entered the sacred enclosure, one found a temple surrounded by columns, 40 to each side, and this building had a roof made of a single stone, carved with panels and richly adorned with excellent paintings. It contained memorials of the homeland of each of the kings as well as of the temples and sacrifices carried out in it, all skilfully worked in paintings of the greatest beauty.”

Based on the descriptions of ancient texts such as those from Herodotus, and others who visited the magical labyrinth in the distant past, a 17th century German Jesuit scholar called Athanasius Kircher, created the first pictorial reproduction of the enigmatic labyrinth just as Herodotus described it: It has twelve courts covered in, with gates facing one another, six upon the North side and six upon the South, joining on one to another, and the same wall surrounds them all outside; and there are in it two kinds of chambers, the one kind below the ground and the other above upon these, three thousand in number, of each kind fifteen hundred. The upper set of chambers we ourselves saw […]

According to these authors, the underground temple consists of over 3000 rooms which are filled with incredible hieroglyphs and paintings, the enigmatic underground complex is located less than 100 kilometers from Cairo at Hawara. There, in 2008 a group of researchers from Belgium and Egypt arrived to investigate the enigmatic underground complex, with the aid of ground penetrating technology which was used to study the sand in hopes of finding and solving the mystery behind the enigmatic underground complex. The Belgian-Egyptian expedition was able to confirm the presence of the underground temple not far from the Pyramid of Amenemhat III.

Without a doubt, the expedition led by Petrie stumbled upon one of the most incredible discoveries in the history of Egypt, and they did not even need to excavate in order to confirm the finding.

This incredible discovery has been tucked away from society and no one has been able to understand why. The results of the expedition ere published in 2008, shortly after the discovery in the scientific journal of the NRIAG and the results of the research were exchanged in a public lecture at the University of Ghent, which Media from Belgium attended. But the finding was quickly suppressed since the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (Egypt) put a hold to all further communications about the discovery due to Egyptian National Security sanctions.

Louis de Cordier, the lead researchers of the expedition waited patiently for two years for the Supreme Council to acknowledge the findings and make them public, regrettably it never happened. In 2010, de Cordier opened a website, Labyrinth of Egypt in order to make the discovery available for the entire world. Even though researchers have confirmed the existence of the underground complex, mayor excavations need to take place in the future in order to explore the incredible finding. It is believed that the treasures of the underground Labyrinth could hold the answers to countless historic mysteries and the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The only question here is… why has this incredible and historic discovery been suppressed by governments?

It certainly makes you wonder how many more places like this exist on Earth…


Official website of the expedition:

Ancient Origins: The Lost Labyrinth of Ancient Egypt

You can download the report of GEOPHYSICAL STUDIES OF HAWARA PYRAMID AREA-Faiyum by the National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics HERE.

You can find out more by visiting the website or Facebook Page of the Labyrinth of Egypt


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